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In-Game Wiki and related bits

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This is a slightly different suggestion than it might appear to be.  An in-game wiki for the purposes of gameplay would be a nice thing, as, at the very least, it could contain patently up-to-date recipe information, and remove the need for Not Enough Items, or similar add-ons, thus reducing the problems that can arise with multiple mods interacting.  That is not the gist of my suggestion, however.


Without quibbling over definitions, this mod hopefully will contain a great deal of content, much of which may be entirely alien and unfamiliar to the modern player.  Some of it may be counter-intuitive, while some of it, to someone unfamiliar with such low-tech means of survival, may be unbelievable.  I would propose an in-game wiki whose primary purpose is to offer brief (or possibly not so brief) explanation and/or information about the item, block, process, or concept.


As I think back to my childhood, and certain games, such as Age of Empires, which included manuals that contained a great deal of information about the civilizations involved, I recall that said games were something my father (my mother was largely uninterested in anything to do with the computer) highly approved of, even if the educational aspect was not very deep or developed.


Such a thing could also have benefits beyond education.  Aside from such non-gameplay related information, instead of revealing exact mechanics, brief descriptions could be given of the benefits of a given technological upgrade compared to previous methods.  If one were upgrading from, say, a pit-kiln to an actual oven-style kiln, it could be explained that such a thing allows more control over the firing process, and allows higher temperatures, which would allow both higher-quality (if a quality system existed) and different materials to be fired.


Such a thing could also allow a bit of record keeping, based on what the player has discovered/unlocked within the Wiki, allowing some sort of gauging of the player's technological advancement in different areas, such as metallurgy or farming, which in turn could lead to information on historic societies at those levels of development.  Someone who has recently achieved the ability to work Iron could have information given about the rise of ironworking, the reasons for it in different areas, and the times at which various regions or societies developed it.


I understand such a thing is unlikely to be added and even were it to be added would likely be a very low priority.  I do think it would open up gameplay options for certain players and servers in terms of roleplaying, where being able to emulate a given society or culture in terms of what they did and did not have, especially on servers where active trading between communities is a thing.  Such a thing, for multiplayer, would help add some depth and atmosphere, I think.


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I think tfc is enough complex to need guidance, so I think this might be a good solution. It reminds me a bit of the book of Botania, where things are unlocked over time, and kind of provide a bit of lore, which may be a good point in a tfc more "magical". On the other hand, we should keep any kind of number hidden, to motivate the players do their own research. A good Idea would be a "notebook" about the alloys you create. That way we could keep a neat investigation in metallurgy. This same concept could be applied to a lot of branches of the new tfc2. Love this idea.


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The biggest issue with this is the massive amount of work that it would take to create, and spending time on that means we wouldn't really be able to spend time on much else. For a bit of perspective, the average "big" wiki page such as the one for the forge or barrels, takes on average about 8 real-life hours, if not longer to write.


With an external wiki, players are much more understanding when they come across incorrect or outdated information. For something that is actually packaged with the mod and therefore has the most "official" of seals on it, that is not the case. An in-game wiki will hands down always be their primary source to go for for information, and it reflects badly on the mod if that source gets outdated or is incorrect.


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