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New smithing system and armor/weapon types

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I have a good idea (in my opinion) for a way to change up the smithing/forging system with weapons and armor.


To make a tool with an anvil, you will still need one made from an equal or greater than tier of metal. But now, you will also need a hammer of equal or greater tier to get full durability and efficiency. Also the type of hammer will contribute to this too for what is being forged. Types of hammers may be ball peen, doming, chaser,  ect.


And there should also be three types of armor: Chain Mail, Lamallar, and plate. Chain mail would have really high slashing resistance, but little crushing with almost none to piercing. Lamellar would require sinew, jute fiber, or leather in addition to metal. Lamellar would have higher piercing resistance, but less crushing and a little slashing. Lamellar would balance things out more, though. And plate would have everything pretty balanced out,  but would overall be better. The biggest disadvantage to plate would be resources and weight. 


That brings me to armor layering and weight. You can always layer armor (as in put chain mail under lamellar or plate) to get higher protection. But wearing to much armor will slow you down. wearing full steal chain mail and plate would protect you a whole lot, but you will move 15% slower and take up more thirst when sprinting and jumping. I also think that wearing very heavy armor will not protect a whole lot against fall damage.


And now, weapons. The weapons in the game already have good variation, but maybe there should be some that do less overall damage, but do multiple types of damage. I'm talking about war hammers (piercing and crushing), Spears (piercing and slashing), and battle axes (slashing and crushing). And when forging blades, I believe that sword forging should be elaborated to make better swords, knifes, spears, and axes. This would involve fullers, bevels, grinding, cross guard making, pommel making (because weight should effect sword attack rate), heat treating, and oil quenching. Maybe even add tang forging to determine weight and grip. Also different handles would be cool to add more to grip. I think grip should be related to strike force and defense. 


That is my idea for TFC2. Please let me know what you think, as adding a complex combat system integrated into the forging system. I think adding so many different types of armor and weapons will let players develop their own play style and preference. I hope everyone likes this. I would really like to see this in game.


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Some good ideas there - As for smithing requiring a hammer of equal or greater tier, there's one problem with that - how do you make the hammer, if it requires a hammer equal or greater to itself to craft? That is, after you're past the early tiers where you can cast a hammer.   Are hammers the one exception to that rule?  Or maybe the hammer requirement is 1 tier lower, or greater.


I definitely support the idea of multiple armor types.  I don't think layering armor is really necessary though.  Assuming there will be a clothing system for warmth, I think it'd be better to have one set of locations for clothes only (to deal with climate), and one set for armor only (to deal with combat). 


In general I think armor should require more smithing.  Right now making a chest plate costs 8 ingots, 4 plate smiths, 2 other smiths, and 4 welds.  I separate plate and other smithing acts, because plate smithing is used so often it becomes memorized and a bit trivial.  However the acts where you form the armor are used far less, so they matter more.  To me, ideally there would be several steps where you have to have the base unfinished armor piece in the smithing slot, with another piece beside it.  So you have an unfinished breastplate, plus a piece of chainmail there beside it.  You smith those together to make the next stage.  Welding pieces on is too easy, imho.  It takes no smithing at all, just one piece of flux.   If there were multiple types of armor, they could take more smithing acts the better the armor.  So maybe for a breastplate, you smith the base breastplate, and then do like, 3 smiths attaching a piece of generic armor plate, and 4 smiths attaching a piece of chainmail.  Then you've got like 8 smithing acts just attaching things to the breastplate.  Never mind the smithing acts to make the generic armor plates and chain mail.  If those each take 1 act, you could have 15 total smithing acts for one breast plate, which would make it a serious accomplishment.


There would be the issue of the fact that irl, I think that chainmail takes quite a bit more work than lamellar.  However, for game purposes I think it'd be best if the work went up purely based on the relative benefits of the armor, rather than real-life work.


The problem with the above is it would require many item ids for the many stages and I know the devs sort of lean towards conserving item ids.   In that case, maybe the breast plate has the two stages it currently is, but gets crafted in the crafting grid with other plate and chain and maybe leather sections, for a couple other intermediate steps.  This method could involve up to 8 other chain or plate pieces per stage of breast plate, but only require a couple extra item ids.  (double plate -smith->stage1breastplate -craftgrid-> stage 2 breastplate --smith->stage 3 breastplate -craftgrid-> stage 4 breastplate -smith->finished breastplate)


I like the notion of heavier armors affecting the player adversely, and I'd add slowing down the weapon recharge rate (in the 1.9 combat system) to the adverse effects of heavier armors.  It'll also weigh a lot more presumably, and I think it's the intent for weight to slow players down on a sliding scale in TFC2, so probably that would not an intrinsic function of the armor itself, but simply the weight of the armor will tend to make the player slower by adding to their overall encumbrance. 


For weapon improvement, in the past I suggested two methods:  case hardening, and pattern welding (in regular suggestion forum, due to being from before we had a TFC2 forum).  I think having a variety of weapon improvements would be good for separating professional smiths better.   Some of those sound a bit overly detailed perhaps, for a system as clunky as minecraft's.  But I'd love to hear more detail on how they might work. 

Dual damage types seems a bit op unless the player has a way to choose which attack (and hence damage type) they're doing with any given attack, so that they don't get both damage types in one attack.  Otherwise why even have damage types and resistances if any given weapon is 66% likely to have an appropriate damage to pierce the resistance?

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Well, how the weapons that do two types damage stay balanced, they simply do 50% damage of a normal weapon. Some real constructive critique hear. I appreciate it. (no, that wasn't sarcasm. I only do obvious sarcasm) And I like the idea of having clothing and armor on separate slots better than my idea of armor layering. And yeah, armor should have more steps like you said.


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Support, it allows for more customization and use to players


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