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Crayfishing/Crabbing/Lobster Hunting?

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Crustaceans; They're very tasty, but people have allergies as well to them, and yet they're so attractive for food, pets even and just to look at. Terrafirmacraft can have hunting and trapping for these, and there are at least three varieties to catching them. You'd need to be able to break open their shells, which can also work as decoraitons or jewelry! (Not magical, just something pretty.)




Admittedly a sword wouldn't be tremendously useful at catching a crab or crawdad, but a knife wouldn't be so bad. Bare-hand catching would only work with some things like beach and freshwater crabs, or crayfish, especially since they are small to get already. You will have to crack the shells off of them or store them quickly so they won't pinch you! You look for holes in rivers, lakes, ponds or near the coasts and you dig around (Right click) and you can get a little crab or crayfish!




Pods/Cages/Other traps can catch a variety of things, not just crustaceans, but let's focus on those for now. Baiting them with other fish would work as something to make them be caught faster, or a more plentiful amount (Up to ten or twenty for small creatures (Weight of 2/160?) and you won't need to kill them since they'd still be in the trap while you carry it home. Crack the shells off one at a time by crafting the knife with the trap. Set them in a lake or oceanic area with a bit of rope and a fence post, come back in half a day or a full day, and check it out.




Not a trawl, just a small net. Low durability, but if you dive down you can get stuff like lobster, bigger crabs or a bunch of shrimp! If you see them swimming around or crawling in some cases, you can just scoop them up and take them away to the fire and enjoy a lobster roast!


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seems like fun, heck you can catch crawdads [crayfish] on a fishing line too.. if there could be some sort of mini-game instead of just right clicking would make it better too. and crayfish you can dredge in water with a net, is a lot easier then hand catching. also freshwater shrimp if any of this gets added. 


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There's already a thread like this called "fishing nets and crab pots"

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