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Coconut palms

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The coconut tree is one of the most important cultivated plants in the world. It produces harvest year round. It has spread throughout much of the Tropics and can be found on nearly every tiny island in this area.

It is known in many cultures as the tree of life due to it's nearly limitless uses:

-the outer husk of a ripe coconut, called coir, can be used to make stuffing for mattresses and clothes, and white coir from unripe ones can be spun into string or rope. The dry husk can be crafted with string to make simple sandals that reduce fall damage a tiny bit, and used as firelighter and fuel.

-the shell itself is useful as a dish or a container for both food and beverage. An intact coconut shell could be used as a jug. The shells can be piled on each other to create low walls.

-the fluid inside is watery in unripe nuts, and can be used to quench your thirst. The milkier substance in ripe nuts is more nutritious but when drunk in too large quantities acts as a diuretic and a laxative. Considering the understandably strict rules on such mechanics, it shouldn't be too disgusting for the player's hunger and/or thirst bar to decrease faster when a certain limit is reached.

-coconut meat is high in fat. It helps survival drastically. 

-the large leaves can be used to make roofing, baskets and sails.

Coconuts are found in two varieties: green unripe and brown ripe ones. For clarity, the green ones are found in the trees and the brown ones on the ground. When left alone, both the ripe and unripe nuts slowly regenerate. 


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I think on islands, banana fronds are used more then coconut when available. 

you didn't point out that coconut 'water' but coconuts got what plants crave. it's got electrolytes.


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In lines of most plants having multiple uses coconut palms can also be used to create alcohol and sugar.


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