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Water Table and/or Wells

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I know there was a lot of discussion on similar ideas for TFC1, but I couldn't find where it had been brought up directly for TFC2.

I was replying to the immersive deserts suggestion and got to thinking: exactly how would you be able to not only survive, but thrive in a desert since fresh water doesn't just lie lazily about in the sand?  Finding an oasis would be cool, but I don't think that's something you could expect to just happen across.  So why can't you do just like in real life?  Dig a well!

And I realized that this was a bigger question than just desert survival, which is: Will TFC2 have a water table?

Off the top of my head, I see a few ways this could work.

  1. Pockets of water could generate within the stone layer.  That way any well you randomly dig will not be guaranteed to be any good, but maybe a dowsing rod could help you find a good location for a well using similar mechanics to the TFC1 pro pick.  Dowsing could be tied into whatever magic system gets put into TFC2, or it could be every time you use it, it eats away some of your XP and perhaps requires some minimum XP to use in order to keep people from being able to find the perfect spot for a well on the first day?
  2. A certain Y-level could simply be chosen as the water table.  Digging below that level without pumps or something would cause air blocks to be replaced with water blocks.
  3. There is no physical water at all at the water table, but there is a well multiblock structure that must have an empty shaft that goes to a certain depth in order to fill wooden buckets with fresh water.

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I like the second proposal, because you could also make it highly variable in which y-level you will meet water. Maybe even variable of weather? So your searching proposals would work with this smoothly.


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a tricky issue.  I think something like this could make mining more interesting and difficult at depth, requiring water pumps.  My question is how it would work when caves and ravines intersect this aquifer?  Would there be water there, in the ravine or cave?  If not, you run into an issue where the player breaks a wall of the cave or ravine and now water is spilling all over.  What if they place a block of wood or whatever in the cave or ravine.   Then they remove it, and suddenly water is there?  If not, these blocks could be used to 'clean up' water that appears while mining, without use of pumps.  To avoid that I think you'd have to specify whether a block generates water during world creation.  Naturally created air blocks - cave, ravine, whatever - won't generate water ever.  Even if a block is placed then removed.  But the surrounding stone can.  I definitely wouldn't mind mine pumps being a thing (more use for engines and mechanisms) especially given that sea level is only going to be at 50 or 60 or whatever in TFC2.  So super-deep mining won't be a thing anymore.   Seems like we could use something to replace the difficulty perhaps.

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