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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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Old high tier steel and meteoric iron

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Before you get your twist in a twist, and start typing on the keyboard... " Hey that's already been suggested. maybe you should search the thing first."  (this applies to other players not the mods and admins of this site, just to let you know you guys and gals are doing a wonderful job...)  

Anyways!  back on topic, Id like to start by saying I support the idea of meteoric iron.  I have distaste in blue and red steel, and I'm well aware this game is shooting for believably, not realism...  (took me awhile to wrap my head around since I'm just dumb..." BUT,  after I thought and pondered about the old steel types.  Which I'm almost sure the Devs are going to change since TFC2 says " a whole new rewrite of the mod."  So what to consider changing the old metals to.  What would be the most plausible option for the highest tier tool,  and better help,  I have a LOT of experience in metal working, and materials science (metals)  well not official but more of recreational. 

Im just going too put this out but meteoric iron seems like the best substitute for the old blue, black, and red steel. 

Why? well honestly seems more believable too me.

-stays in within time line

-Its a mine able mineral / native metal

-plus there is multiple types of them "ores"/ meteorites (alloy comp)

-space metal has unique characteristics such as atomic crystalline structures that are hard to replicate on Earth.

But then I realize this problem and why I think dunk said no to this.

How could this apply to metallurgy? Since the basis is to mix and alloy metals together it would seem worthless to just have a whole new separate metal on its own.

 but isn't that what iron and steel is?

Well, the metal ages go copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, and I know you guys probably want all mixing of the metals, but I think the better idea would be to have just  Copper/Bronze(maybe bismuth bronze/Iron/Steel/Meteoric Iron, and this can apply to tools.  NOW  I'm not saying mixing the metals is bad and needs to go, I'm saying that just because you have gold, silver and bismuth does not me you should add it in a big pot and get a super metal.  To me? not believable,  BUT to have certain metals such as stated in order above^ is believable. And the metallurgy idea could be different instead of a giant mixing pot of metal. not so sound mean D: 

Also I'm not saying trash all the rest ex. gold, brass, silver, platinum.  But to re-purpose  than for something more practical from that era so it stays in format with the game/mod.  

Now I'm aware the mod has black bronze,  and bismuth bronze is there as a substitute.  but this is just a personnel opinion.  Keep bismuth bronze, kick black bronze, but that probably wont happen. just wanted to say it :P  


The metal melting process and mixing alloys in a whole beast itself and I have no clue if the Devs are keeping the old system or a awesome new one. fingers crossed*

So in conclusion, I think the best option for a last tier metal would be meteoric iron, as in itself is practically just space stainless or kovar  metal.  I read what other people thought and it seemed positive but I don't know if anyone would think differently on my point of view. I'm not all sure how it would all work since that's a whole process in itself.


And I would just like to say I LOOOVE the idea where I can smelt my metals and mix them, I do this in real life for fun and some income.  I really do enjoy it and Id like to see the other metals become more practical in their own aspects.  I love this mod and it is truly amazing! I wish I could help more in depth  with metals in the game with my extensive knowledge but anyways Thank you Guys!

Thanks for reading- Spinach depth


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There's a few issues at play here.  You didn't mention procedural metals at all, so I don't know if you've seen the metal tiers post.  In this post Bioxx moots the idea of metal after steel being procedural.  In effect randomly generated, and even suggests the possibility of them being named by the first player to discover them.  This system was never elaborated on though, and Bioxx has recently stated he's still not set on procedural metals. 

There's also the question of keeping it 'real' vs full on fantasy.  Personally I'm fine with named fantasy metals.  In the past I would have agitated for mithril, adamantium, and maybe other historical fantasy metals (and meteoric iron of course).  I would have suggested they be y-limited, so the player was forced to dig deep to find them, with tougher monsters appearing at great depths.  However now that we know the plan is for the new world to have sea level at 60-ish, like vanilla, that's no longer a very practical suggestion.  It could be that perhaps some are found only in a certain new fantasy stone, that hugs the bedrock.  I think it would be interesting if such stones required powder kegs or other special technology to mine, beyond pickaxes.  But it wouldn't be as epic a journey to get to them as in TFC1. 

To me, it seems like there's more interesting possibilities in having a more structured format, having several higher tier metals, each with their own interesting system of refining.  I think the worst idea would be to have procedural metals use the same format of melting down and combining lower tier metals - in this I agree with you Spinnach.   that process just gets super-grindy.   It depends on the goals of the devs though.   I think it would be great for steel to be the gateway to coal-fired steam engines, and further tiers of metal would require powered blowers or other technology that uses said engines.  Perhaps even an arc furnace at some point.  As long as it's not just melting metal and hammering ingots.

Beyond that, I think TFC2 needs to have an alloying system that allows for extraction of bad mixes (assuming the alloy system is even remotely similar to TFC1).  Nothing leaves a sour taste in a player's mouth like losing a ton of work to an accidental mis-click ruining a batch of high tier metal.  Even in the early game, it's really, really frustrating to mix up a batch of bronze, then add a bronze ingot and it ruins your batch.  That's highly illogical, and needs to not be a thing in TFC2.  I think ingots should track exactly what is in them, and if the player messes up, they should be able to melt down their mistakes and extract the constituent parts - albeit using a possibly very complicated, high tier, tricky device.  If they can't stack with different composition ingots, oh well.  I think it's worth it to not frustrate the player.

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Hm I see, a lot more I didn't know about.  I haven't played for awhile so I have quite a bit more to catch up on I guess.  That kind of disappoints me. with the 60 Y being sea level.  so the ground isn't that deep?  I like spelunking and the more deep it it and having less boundary is amazing to me.  

And about procedural metals, I can see why people would want to name their own differently in each world.  But now this game is starting to stray away from how I liked. not to sound like an ass. I just in my opinion prefer preset names and metals. I like minecrafts format so much when I got it 6 years ago.  But now its complete shit.  


But even though I might disagree with some of the new changes doesn't mean I wont play it.  


And besides I still think it would be cool to have craters you can find mysterious metal in the center or hunt for it in an impact site. hahaha thanks for the response, much appreciated :)



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