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First off, an image with the seed so I don't screw it up:


So that's: -3066559145316214044

You want a newbie-friendly area which has everything you need to skip copper tools and go straight to Bronze, with exposed Kaolinite, cliff faces with Copper, Bismuth, and Gold veins exposed to the surface, and with virtually every surface ore represented? Oh, how about some food while we're at it, like Bell Peppers, Green Beans, Tomatoes, a couple of Fruit Trees, and even a few berry bushes. Grains are also represented with Wheat, Barley and Rice. Then let's talk native animals. Granted, YMMV whenever we talk about animals, but I personally found Cows, Sheep, Pigs, and Horses in the explored areas. There's also several fresh water lakes, and there's also plenty of coastline as well. I also ran across Jute in my travels, although some of it was inaccessible on a cliff face.

As far as Geome, a large part of it is Dacite, although in the central part of the continent along the northern coast there's an area where Gneiss extrudes to the surface in some truly exquisite formations, and also some Gabbro as well, which gives you the Sphalerite needed to start your Bismuth Bronze production up and running.  As you go to the south and west, you'll encounter Conglomerate as it smooths out into plains, then south of that it will (eventually) become Marble! I didn't see any surface Graphite, however there's Marble and Gneiss both present, so hopefully there will be some below ground in that region. And of course, Marble is a flux stone. There's also several places where you can find surface Hematite, which means it's probably underground somewhere under there. Which means you've got everything showing, except Nickel and Graphite, necessary to boost you all the way to Steel. And since there is Gabbro present in a couple of places, odds are pretty good that you could find some Nickel somewhere.

Since I've hit my data limit here with that one image, I'm gonna go ahead and link the album that has various points of interest

A Finely Crafted Link

This area seems to be too cold to house chickens, unfortunately, and you'll likely have to travel some distance to the north to find them. However, all the other husbandry animals are present, at least I found them in my experience, and there's plenty of Pheasants in the woods to get feathers from in the short-term.

In short, you've got everything you need to kick-start yourself in surprisingly short order to at least the Iron age, if not pushing all the way to steel. This would be an excellent starting map for the newbie who is still trying to get used to all the many and varied changes that TFC has to offer. It doesn't hurt you for food or fresh water, it's got plentiful ores, it should have sufficient animals to tame... it really has it all.

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sounds too good to be true! :)



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On 6/21/2017 at 2:25 PM, Another Guy said:

I can't find any Sphalerite or Gabbro on this seed.

One of the images in the OP has Sphalerite listed at the northeast corner of the continent at coordinates -106, 173, -12,407

Gabbro is found in the same area.


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