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(WIP) Ancient Alloys

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I'm working on a ancient alloys mod that adds in more basic alloys and some "lost" alloys that are practical and interesting. Currently I am working on

Arsenic Copper: a basic but strong allow that is a early game alloy (low tier)

Arsenic bronze: a form of bronze featuring an exceptionally high strength and durability (medium tier)

Mokume Gane: not really a  tool material, but one of my favorite alloys (medium tier)

Cupronickel: a strong copper nickel alloy (medium tier)

Crucible steel: a highly strong steel made from pig iron and wrought iron  (medium tier)

Tamahagane: the famous high grade Japanese steel that is difficult to manufacture (High tier)

Bulat Steel: an ancient and strong steel originating from Russia (high tier)

Bintie: an ancient Chinese steel (high tier)

Toldeo steel: an ancient roman alloy that is known for its excellent composition (high tier)

Noric steel: an ancient viking steel made from bog iron (high tier)

Wootz steel, an incredibly strong alloy (high tier)


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Would be so cool if you added Damascus Steel.Its one of the alloys that even scientists cant produce the original one.


Edited by ByHajl
Corrected my wrong word. (Damactus to Damascus)

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Tamahagane is actually not a particularly good steel, nor is it a single steel type.

Once Tamahagane is formed, using almost exactly the same process that every other people have done by melting ore, draining the slag, and beating the resulting metal into submission, it is sorted into Shingane (soul-steel, a mild low-carbon steel with high ductility), and Hagane (blade-steel, which is the high-carbon steel). Hagane is forged in almost exactly the same manner as wootz steel. The trick that Katana makers use, and the reason they have the slight curve, is that they will fold the Shingane around the back of the Hagane (much like folding a taco, actually) to reinforce it. You see, the high carbon steel can hold a very fine edge, but it can be brittle. The low carbon steel is able to absorb the impacts without fracturing.

tl;dr: Just use Wootz to represent Tamahagane, it's almost exactly the same methodology to produce. They both use a blend of high and low carbon steel to offset each other's weaknesses. To effect this mechanically in TFC, instead of welding two identical types of steel to form the billet to make the blade, weld one high carbon steel to one low carbon steel.


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