Solved: Underscores error TFCraft-0.79.29

By ciekma in Support,
I'm trying to make TIC-compliant mod using eclipse, after gradle setup and importing files from TFCraft-0.79.29 source release, I got following java error: Underscores can only be used with source level 1.7 or greater located in, line  90:          return (rvmeta & 0b1111_0000) == 0; I'm using jre7, aftr switching to jre8 problem persist, any ideas how to deal with? EDIT: I simply changed compiler compliance level to 1.7, but not in Preferences, just in project properties - now it works OK. EDIT2: to force build with 1.7 compliance add following lines to build.gradle: sourceCompatibility = '1.7'
targetCompatibility = '1.7'
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