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  • This page is relevant for the old (beta) TerraFirmaCraft for Minecraft 1.7.10 and before.

    Gameplay FAQ:

    Why can't I punch trees?

    • The progression in TFC is very different from vanilla Minecraft. There are no wooden tools, and you will instead make stone tools from the rocks you find laying on the ground. More information on how to get started with TFC can be found on the No-Nonsense, A Stone Age Guide wiki page.

    How do I expand my crafting grid?

    • The exact same way you access the 3x3 crafting grid in vanilla Minecraft, by making a crafting table.

    Why can't I breed my animals? I keep getting a message saying the animal won't let me do that.

    • TFC adds a familiarity system to animals, meaning that they must be familiar before you can breed them. More information about that mechanic can be found on the Animal Husbandry wiki page.

    Why aren't Sequoia, Kapok or Acacia trees dropping saplings?

    It is a design decision to make getting kapok/acacia saplings impossible, and for sequoia trees to not drop saplings. This is partially a balance issue (I know I could let you have small trees if I wanted), but it also has two other reasons behind it.

    1. It introduces a concept to lumber that is lacking, scarcity. You might have all the wood you could need for a while if you start in a jungle biome but you'll find out sooner or later that it all goes away and you'll never again have purple planks unless you find another jungle.
    2. It also raises awareness to the very real problem that we face on earth of our jungles being wiped out by systematic logging. (I'm no tree-hugger, but this sad).

    Help! My game crashed! / I found a bug!

    • That isn't a question, but there is a support forum post explaining how to report bugs or get support for when your game crashes.

    General FAQ:

    What is the current status of TFC?

    • TFC is still considered to be in Beta. As such please be aware that there are still bugs being found and ongoing development and implementation of content, features and documentation.

    Is there a list of already known bugs available?

    • A list of known bugs for the current version of TFC can be found in the Support section of the forums HERE.

    Is it safe to update my world to the latest version of TFC?

    • TFC uses a version system of Major.Minor.Bugfix. As long as the only number that has changed is in the bugfix section (e.g. 0.79.18 to 0.79.20) and we have not explicitly stated in the change log that it is not safe to update, then it is safe to update your world. Although, creating a backup of your world before updating is always a good idea.
    • As we do not write the addons for TFC, and often do not have access to their code, there is no way for us to know if your installed addons will still work or not after you update. The best way to find out is to make a backup of your world, then update and see for yourself if it works or not.

    Is this mod compatible with X mod?

    • I have no idea. This mod uses forge and tries not to edit base classes when it can help it. However it does a lot of things that no API can help with so it must edit some base classes. As long as you aren't using anything else that edits base classes, there should be no issues usually. You will probably run into problems with recipes in those other mods. If you need to use some item that is disabled, there is an option in TFCOptions.cfg to enable vanilla recipes which will often times allow you to convert TFC items to their vanilla counterparts.
    • Generally speaking, mods that add custom world generation, weapons, armor, or mobs will not be compatible with TFC without some additional configuration. Any dimension other than the overworld will not work with TFC, and your game will very likely crash if you visit it.

    Can I put TFC in my modpack?

    • TFC is licensed under GNU GPL v3. You can use Terrafirmacraft in your modpack, public or private. If possible, please link to the mod's website, so people know where it came from.
    • TFC is a mod for Minecraft. Therefore, all distributions must comply with Mojang's EULA. This includes restrictions put in place stating that you are not allowed to directly make money from distributing TFC. Server donations are fine in some situations, but must also comply with Mojang's statements regarding server monetisation.
    • We do not support the use of the Technic/Tekkit launcher. If you wish to use a Technic Pack, you are not allowed to advertise it on our forums, and any issues such as bugs and crashes that happen while using a Technic Pack will not receive support on these forums.

    Is TFC trying to be as realistic as possible?

    • No, the aim of TFC is to bring some much needed believability to Minecraft. This means that sometimes realism is compromised for the sake of game-play while still trying to present a world that feels like it could actually exist.
    • Believable does not mean that everything has to be accurate. The idea behind believable is that it gives us much leeway to change facts as we see fit to provide a desired gameplay outcome. A great many things are possible in the real world, but that does not mean that all of those things are beneficial to providing a progression based gameplay experience.

    Aren't you making things too complicated?

    • That's really up to the player themselves to determine. Doing even simple tasks can take a while in TFC. We believe this adds to the sense of achievement.

    What about feature X? It's not very believable!

    • TFC is very much still under heavy development. There are whole sections of the mod that aren't even implemented yet. If something doesn't seem to make sense, I ask you you look past it for now and wait for the final product to make your judgement.

    Are there any 'forbidden topics' or TFC specific rules I should know about?

    • There are a number of things that we ask you to not talk about or ask for which are documented in each forum in Sticky posts. An example of this is that you not request or suggest that NPCs be added to the game which is mentioned in the Suggestion forum. Discussion of this was finalized a long time ago and design decisions/balancing issues irrevocably settled so asking when told not to is considered a form of trolling and will be dealt with.
    • We also ask that you do not post numbers in regards to the mechanics of TFC. One example of this would be the numbers behind smithing, and guides on how to always very quickly get a perfect durability tool. Numbers like these cannot be unseen once learned, and will quickly ruin the fun of these mechanics for a lot of players. You are obviously welcome to do research and figure out these numbers and details for yourself, we just ask that you do not make this information public on our forums or IRC channel. As Dunkleosteus once said, "TFC is like a magic trick: it's fun and exciting, and you may really want to know how it works, but once you find out, the magic is lost, and it won't ever come back."