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Anyone still playing terrafirmacraft?

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I was bored recently and downloaded terrafirmacraft. Its pretty interesting so far but every posts i see so far are posted ages ago.. wondering if anyonr still playing now..

Also, I have a few questions I would like to ask, hope someone could answer them.. :)

1. Is there a world border? I'm currently at Z:-8500~ and I tried going down south but couldn't find anything, I turned on cheat and started flying and even ported till -11000 but it's just all huge oceans.. there seems to be a lack of land and its just one huge ocean.. flew for 10mins and find nothing..

2. Are there nether/the end in terra? If so how do u reach nether? I'm trying to use nether to do fast travelling as it's just so far..

3. Are there any mods for fast move? Since I'm playing alone in this huge giant world running seems to take forever.

4. How do you level cooking? I've been cooking meat in the pit but it doesn't seem to level up at all..


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1 no border unless you are on a server who has a border set up. some times the oceans are just really big in TFC

2 no end or nether

3 there are a few mods for 1.7.10 that can help with this. how ever you will need to make them compatible with TFC most likely using minetweaker to create custom recipes. (archimedes ships, star gates, train craft, just a few examples that could work)

4 Making sandwiches i believe levels cooking

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