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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Živeo TFC najbolja igra na svetu !


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  2. I used to listen to heavy/death metal a lot (e.g. Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth) but in the last few years i've mellowed somewhat. Indeed, Rush is amazing. So is Iron Maiden and Blind Guardian. 


    Personally I like to listen to heavy metal a lot but sometimes some orchestral music is good so I can take a break sometimes, but either way I love both heavy metal and orchestral music.


  3. I switched from windows 8.1 to linux almost 2 years ago, I used linux mint with kde 4 for a while and I switched to manjaro a few month ago. So far so good, I think I'm gonna stick with it for a long time, I love the rolling-release concept and the dev team make a great job at providing stable updates.


    As desktop environnment I tried Cinnamon, openbox, gnome 3, XFCE, enlightenment, awesome wm (actually more a window manager than a DE, it has great performances and customizability but too keyboard-centric and the customization is too time-consuming) and kde. I'm definitly a kde fan, compared to the other I tested, it may be more resource-consuming but it's rich ecosystem is really worth it IMHO.


    What I love in linux :

    [*]The possibility to customize the look of almost anything

    [*]You can configure it to behave as you want and don't need to adapt to how it behave (now I feel frustrated when I use windows)

    [*]Great ergonomy (due to the above)

    [*]When I install a software, there is not a bunch of hidden options trying to install bloatwares...

    [*]The power of the shell (being a developper, having a modern capable shell is a life saver)

    My current desktop:

    Posted Image



    Wow that looks like a awesome desktop  :) and yeah Manjaro is really good I like it and consider it the friendly version of Arch Linux done right in my opinion. However some updates may break your system as I have seen happen to some people but it is not nearly as much as on Arch Linux and happens rarely which is one of the many reasons why I like Manjaro Linux. So thanks for sharing your experience and opinions, always great to talk to people about Linux and I agree about your points why Linux is awesome. Love the Minecraft icons by the way they look awesome!  :D 


  4. My first distro was SuSE. After that I used Ubuntu, Arch, Debian (for a bit), tried Slackware, Frugalware, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, something raptorfoot (i don't remember the name, but it was a Gentoo port) (Chakra?) and SteamOS. My favourites are Kubuntu (it has some painful ideas, but works right) and Arch.

    For some games I have Win 8.1 too.


    Apparently OpenSUSE was the noob friendly distro back in the day and then Ubuntu came along. At least that is what I heard, but personally I think it is now for Intermediate to advanced users since Ubuntu is considered the go-to distro for new users.


  5. Favorite: Debian


    Currently using: Xen, Debian, Gentoo, PFSense (based on FreeBSD, also a Unix derivative like Linux), Open WRT. And a bunch of embedded distributions in a variety of appliances like Blu-Ray player, AV Receiver, set top box, etc.


    Used: Debian, Gentoo, Xandros, Suse, Red Hat, Busy Box, Raspian, Mandriva, Fedora, Mint, Clear OS, Arch Linux, CentOS, SlackWare and about a dozen others I can't remember the names of right now.


    For the most part Linux = Linux depending on the place in the family tree. So for example all distribution based on Debian have a lot in common, but they are all based on GNU Linux. The biggest branch is Debian, followed by Red Hat. Here's a distro time line:

    Posted Image



    Here's a closer look at the Debian branch:

    Posted Image



    I have seen this kind of timeline before and I like how detailed it is and provides a easy to see history of distributions themselves and other ones based on them.  :) There are "some" distributions in that chart I have never tried before, so I guess its time to fire up Virtualbox.  :D


  6. I have used Red Hat Linux and Solaris, but only at work. Linuxes are very common in companies which do microelectronic circuits development. Mostly because of stability. Also they allow great automation (scripts, data pipes, redirection, etc), and many microelectronics software is made for Linux.

    But since it is not my own home computer system, I know very little about setting it up, installing additional programs, etc. Because all that stuff is provided and controlled by a separate department and ordinary users are not allowed much. And also they (OSes) are much older then modern home ones, because companies prefer proved by time stuff, again for stability.

    About personal usage: I plan to replace Windows Vista on my old notebook (Dell Inspiron 1525) with a Linux. I selected LinuxMint with Cinnamon DE for this. Also considered Ubuntu.

    I am ready to do it for a month now, but lack of time for making backups and unstable behavior of 7-year old Vista still prevents me from starting :)))

    The notebook is for "office" tasks.


    So EastAPOLO, how would you compare LinuxMint and Ubuntu? I heard that LinuxMint is a bit more user-friendly and better for people new in Linux world.

    Would you agree?

    What are disadvantages of LinuxMint in comparison to Ubuntu?

    Would you strongly advice against LinuxMint?


    And - what types of tasks do you perform on your linux, i.e. what kinds of software are available from the repositories? I guess movie players are already embedded into Ubuntu/Mint. What about sophisticated DVD/CD writers and grabbers, which can set writing speed, or EAC analogs? Stuff for working with USB flash drives, like for benchmarking them, making bootable. Backup software? Torrent clients? Do major companies, like e.g. Intel, make their software for their e.g. SSDs for Ubuntu/Mint too? E.g. Inted SSD Tool, for updating SDD firmware?

    Please don't waste your time on details, just coarse info.


    Update: Lol, InsaneJ added his post while I was typing mine :) InsaneJ, if you could give some advices about my questions and concerns, it is also appreciated of course :)


    Heptagon_ru I think Linux Mint is better then Ubuntu and the reasons why are, It
    includes proprietary software like codecs for video, making you not have to install it
    yourself like in Ubuntu, It includes a traditional desktop like in Windows where
    Ubuntu's Unity is more optimized for touchscreen/tablets but still usable on a PC. A pro for
    Ubuntu in my opinion since it is similar like Mac is that its great for you if you like Mac and it has
    a company behind it and generally looks nicer like in Windows. Both of them have a great
    community to help you with issues and since Linux Mint is based off Ubuntu they are very similar and include the same software in their repositories.
    “What about sophisticated DVD/CD writers and grabbers, which can set writing
    speed, or EAC analogs? Stuff for working with USB flash drives, like for
    benchmarking them, making bootable. Backup software? Torrent clients? Do major
    companies, like e.g. Intel, make their software for their e.g. SSDs for Ubuntu/Mint
    too? E.g. Inted SSD Tool, for updating SDD firmware?"
    Sophisticated DVD/CD writers and grabbers, yes, depending on what your expectations are
    I would recommend one called xfburn. Benchmarking USB flash drives I think there is
    software for that, but personally I have never used one, and making them bootable,
    yes, backup software, yes, Torrent clients, yes. For the SSD Tool for updating SSD
    firmware and things like that it depends if Intel or any company supports Linux, so what I
    would do is go check on the company's website or just google it if anybody else has
    the same SSD you do or any issue. You can try checking the Drivers Manager on Linux Mint or Ubuntu and see if your SSD has any proprietary drivers it needs and if it is supported before checking on the internet. Hope this helped.   :)  If you want more information check out the links I give which is a really detailed article, two Youtube channels that give you good information about Linux, and the Ubuntu Forums for these type of questions where people are really experts.
    =========================== What I use on Linux================================================================
    Everything I do on Linux and need already exists especially for typing Word documents, watching videos, making videos with a video editor, etc... Only thing I would complain about is the lack of support of Games on Linux and some Windows programs I rely on which you can try to get working in Linux with Wine, sort of like a Windows emulator. If you type on google Winehq or just Wine on Ubuntu or Linux Mint's package manager you will be able to install it. One example of a Windows program I rely on is Notepad++ I got it working using Wine no problem, works like a charm and installs.

  7. Favorite: Linux Mint


    I personally used Ubuntu Linux which was my first distribution and it is the most popular/widely used version of Linux that most experienced users will recommend to beginners. So it was a good option. Now I have used or tried Linux mint (based on Ubuntu), Arch Linux, Gentoo Linux, openSUSE Linux, Manjaro Linux (based off Arch Linux) and Debian Linux (What Ubuntu is based off of). Even though Ubuntu is based off of Debian it has its own software repositories and makes things a lot more easier in my opinion to install then in Debian if you don't know what you are doing. If you don't know what a Linux Distribution is the definition is as follows  "A Linux distribution (often called a distro for short) is an operating system made as a software collection based on the Linux kernel and, often, on a package management system." My main OS that I use is Windows 7 but if I had to use Linux only it would be Ubuntu for how easy it is to use and all the software it has that is easy to install with the click of a button.... or two. :)  One last thing to note is Linux has different DE (Desktop Environments) to choose from compared to Mac OSX or Windows where it's only one. Remember I am not a expert but I try to help as best I can.  :) 


    Wrapping that up I want to ask what is your favorite Linux OS or which one have you used before if you ever used one? 


    Posted Image




    Posted Image




    Posted Image




    Posted Image




    Posted Image




    Posted Image


  8. Oh, right, Rush. Had listened them some time ago, have few discs somewhere :) Thanks for reminding and albums advice :)


    Sabaton. Amazing. I enjoy tasting music that other people love, but usually it doesn't fit me, people are different :) . But Sabaton is great!

    It combines glorious heroic style (which is present in e.g. Manowar songs, but is overused there. And in old Nightwish.), great rhythm (which invites to shake head), frequent changes of style - melodic guitar solos, beating sawing (idk the term, when guitars make rhythmic zhig-zhig sounds :), like buzzing solos), strong vocals fully fit into the music and sometimes without music, persuasive but not excessive drums. It also feels like it is something new, i.e. the sound doesn't repeat all usual heavy metal templates, despite surely it is heavy metal.

    And I realized I have heard their Prima Victoria already, but as a cover by Van Canto.


    And since most of the songs are about war, they would be a good background for war games. :)


    Btw, EastAPOLO, just wondering, considering your signatire ("It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. - Bill Gates"), have you also heard about "survivorship bias" ( If you have not, I hope it will be interesting for you. I liked that military example.


    Personally I haven't heard of it (survivorship bias) but it looks pretty cool especially the military example when comparing it to Bill Gates. I love reading about World War 2 or wars in general and learning about them and the individuals involved and what they did. Mostly why I like Sabaton and as a Sabaton fanboy I am glad you like them.   :)  I have listened to Nightwish and Manowar and I agree that Sabaton changes their music a bit with unique sounds and not many repeats taking inspiration from other bands. If you listen to their Carolus Rex Album they have such a nice choir/symphonic mix I think its called and it sounds beautiful, I think you would like it.


    Your idea about their music being used as a background for war games sounds awesome! especially that Nightwish and Manowar mix that they have is great!  :)


    Oh and by the way I listened to Van Canto the Primo Victoria cover and some of their other songs like Metallica Master of Puppets and I think they nailed it! It was awesome. I got to go to a Sabaton, Delain, and Nightwish concert (3 bands in one concert) which believe it or not Sabaton stole the show I mean it turned into a mosh pit when Sabaton came and you couldn't move where you were standing barely at that point. Of course Nightwish had the best effects and symphonic music in that concert in my opinion then Sabaton and Delain considering they were the main band and Sabaton/Delain were support bands.   :)  So I hope to go to a Van Canto concert one day as well and have a great experience and sorry for my rambling I talk too much lol.     :D




    PS: Have you seen this?   Such a good song by Manowar in my opinion.  m/ !!!!!!  :)



  9. Rush :)  their old stuff is heavier - new stuff is more "progressive"(Perhaps more rock than heavy metal but I don't care they're a great band)


    Never heard of Rush before gonna go check them out, love hearing new or old bands I never listened to.  :)


  10. Not sure about all the styles definitions, but:


    Accept and U.D.O., mostly old albums.  Also Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween and a bunch of others.


    Thanks for your favorite band names, will check them out.



    Judas Priest   :)   Awesome band!    I would say I prefer them to iron maiden but all of them are great bands.






    Rammstein (German)



    Listened to Rammstein before love the band, and Sabaton even made a cover of one of their songs called

    Feuer frei. Rammstein is awesome especially when performing live in my opinion.   :) 


  11. I like a band called Sabaton they are a Swedish Heavy metal band and they are pretty cool in my opinion. My 2nd favorite is a German Heavy metal band called Powerwolf but Sabaton for sure is number one for me. Whats your favorite heavy metal band?     :)






    Posted Image




    Posted Image


  12. Any luck?


    Well, I abandoned this seed. Too hard... It has sequoia trees (a lot), some basic ores, but I find bronze hard to make, getting to the iron age is a real pain. Also, no animals nearby, besides pigs and a few pheasants/deers.


    (Sorry for late reply)  I think next time If I find a map like this if it does not have Cassiterite or Hematite (Common Ores needed) I will not share, but I am currently playing on a map that has Cassiterite and this time if it has all the other ores that people need I will release it so this not happen. Also all the maps from now on will be tested in creative mode (since I load a bunch randomly) and if it does not contain commonly needed ores and I will be looking thousands of blocks left and right so in case I don't miss it, it will not be released. With that said If you look on my comment that said "Thanks. I'll try to find the Cassiterite and Sphalerite and if I do I will post the coordinates." I tried for over a hour going through thousands of blocks left right with a Prospector's Pick to detect something (in creative mode) but I did not find anything, which is why I never had any luck and as you said you didn't find anything either. So I'm very sorry about this and will try to find a better map that has all the commonly needed ores especially to advance in the iron age.


  13. Hello! 


    I was trying to find a seed with A biome that has Basalt. If you happen to find a see like this, then please give me that seed. I would really enjoy to play on it!





    These Are Some Of The Thing I Would Like In The World (not all of them have to be fulfilled)


    Close Copper







    Thanks once again!


    I think this seed will fit your needs although it does not have basalt it does have Close Copper, Animals, Mountains, Food and Fruit Trees. There may be bushes but personally i didn't look for one since i found the fruit trees.  Seed:  -3572562090599243824


    Also here are the pictures so you can get an idea of how it looks like  Pictures:

    I hope this helped! :)


  14. This is a very nice seed, when you spawn in it it has animals, tons of "flat" land, and many resources like Copper all around. Also you get big Sequoia trees to the left and right sides of the flat land with many other trees that have other resources you might need. There are fruit trees nearby and specifically the one i found was Cherry Tree so you can get fruit early on and plant more fruit trees. I hope you all enjoy this seed!   :)


    Seed: -3572562090599243824



    Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image


  15. I had the same issue as jonO, So I think i'll give that seed a try also.


    Awesome! I hope you both like this seed, I have started a survival world using this seed and so far its been awesome. Oh and I'll be soon putting this seed on the Seeds category on TFC Forums and some other ones that i found, so be sure to check those out.   :)