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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. This is amazing! TFC and TC are my favorite mods, I can't wait to see this finished! Best of luck to you!
  2. My hardcore playthrough

    So I set out on my adventure in hopes I would find some trees to make tannin, Pine trees, and I really wanted to find some horses! I headed North because it's really hot at my base and I had a good feeling about going North. I brought some ceramic vessels and some salads (I had some bowls but no bread for sandwiches yet). About 1000 blocks or so into my adventure I found something. Sheep! I was super glad I found them and that there were male and female sheep. I marked their location on my map and decided to come back for them after my adventure. I had found some pigs closer to my base which I will wrangle up later. I intend to eventually build a barn to house all my animals. A little farther I came across something else that I had been looking for. Woohoo Pine trees! I love the dark color of Pine logs and the light color of the planks. I grabbed a few saplings and chopped down some trees to take with me. Still no tannin making trees though, so I kept heading North. I was determined to keep going until I found what I was looking for. I really want to get started on some leather working so I can make a leather water sac, a quiver, and a set of leather armor. I will feel a bit safer playing on a hardcore world with at least some leather armor. I then came across a beautiful Pine forest. The trees were so thick and it looked really awesome. I kept on going, I have played a lot of Terrafirmacraft but I never get beyond the stone age, therefor I have never done this much exploring for something. I had walked almost 5000 blocks and was starting to think I should head back. Then I found this. Hickory trees!! Which means tannin making trees! I was relieved to finally have found what I was looking for. I picked up some saplings and some logs and started on my long journey back to base. I never found horses, which is a shame. It would have been a big help to be able to ride on horseback instead of walking. With a very full inventory of logs, saplings, and new crops, I finally made it back to home base. Even though my home isn't much, it's such a nice feeling being back. I unloaded my inventory and made some tannin to finish my leather. Yay a quiver! Unfortunately I didn't have string wool which is needed for the leather water sac. My next order of business is to make a quern so I could make bread for sandwiches instead of having to make bowls for salads all the time. That was easy enough. I then remembered the sheep that I had found about 1000 blocks away, I completely forgot about them. So the next morning I set out to retrieve them. I built a quick fenced area and grabbed my one rope I had. I decided to just bring back two sheep, one male and one female. One Sheep. Then on my way to get the second sheep I ran into something that could easily have ended my playthrough! I didn't even see him and almost walked right into him. He chased me for a bit but I got far enough away. Bears in Terrafirmacraft scare me more than the mobs at night do! I have died many times in other worlds by bears. Finally I got my second sheep! It is now mid August and I really want to get started on a house. I am going to need a lot of smooth stone so I figured I might as well do some mining to get it and some copper while I'm at it. I have never really mined before so this will be interesting. I am nervous about cave ins though! Hopefully this doesn't end my playthrough! More to come soon!
  3. My hardcore playthrough

    Hey guys, I was working on a story playthrough a while back and my computer pretty much died and I lost all my minecraft worlds. I just recently got a new computer and decided to start up a brand new hardcore world. I will be taking screenshots and documenting my playthrough in this post so I hope you guys like it! I am using some mods that, imo go well with TFC. I was inspired by some of these mods by watching Etho's TFC let's play. -Decorations mod -Leather Water Sac mod -Merchants mod (Might not use this mod, it looked interesting though) -TerraMisc -TFC Cellars mod -Better Foliage -Carpenter's Blocks -Custom NPCs (This mod is just to add/adjust certain recipes) -Decocraft 2 -Journeymap -NEI -Optifine -Fastcraft -Railcraft -YeGamolChattels (aka the woodworking mod ) -IvToolkit (Required for YeGamolChattels) -Shaders I created a new reandomized world and this was where I spawned. It was a pretty hot climate and the stone type was limestone, which was perfect for flux. Looking around a bit, there was Sycamore, Aspen, and Ash trees. Aspen is one of my favorite trees because of the color of its planks. Since the rock type was Limestone, there was quite a bit of malachite scattered about so I picked it up and marked the locations on my map. I spent a few days just exploring and scavenging what I could. I am really picky when it comes to places to settle down, I had an idea of how I wanted to build my homestead so I was looking for a decent spot. After many days of living in dirt hovels, my inventory was getting quite full and I wanted to start planting crops to get a steady source of food. I then came across a spot I would be happy to set up base at. It had a nice pond of fresh water, and a huge mountain not too far away. There was only Ash trees in the immediate vicinity but that was alright because I grabbed some saplings of the trees that were near spawn. There was a small outcrop of clay by the pond which I dug out a bit and will spend my nights there until I build a real house. I unloaded all my stuff from my inventory and planted all my seeds I had picked up. I eventually want to expand my farm and maybe make it go all the way around the pond. I also want to monitor the nutrients in the soil but I only have a stone hoe so I can't do that just yet. I had quite a bit of copper so I decided to make some tools. I made a Saw, Chisel, Pickaxe, and Prospectors pick. The next thing I wanted to do was build a cellar to store all my food and prevent decay as much as possible. Since I am in a hot climate my food decays pretty fast and I had a lot of food from when I was exploring. I dug out a spot by my farm to build the cellar. I wanted to build it as fast as possible so it's not a very big cellar, but it will work just fine. After spending a couple days gathering all the necessary ingredients, I started construction. I was finished in no time and I covered the top of the cellar in dirt. So far it has 2 shelves which holds all of my food, and maybe in the future when I build the tool for it, and if I find ice, I can harvest the ice and make the cellar even colder. I made some barrels and started the leather making process. I had killed a couple Deer so I had some medium hides. I wanted to make a leather water sac, a quiver, and maybe some leather armor. I then realized I didn't have the right trees to make tannin. I was going to have to go on a grand adventure to find some tannin makin trees! I also really wanted to find Pine trees because I really like Pine. I crafted a long bow using some Deer sinew and made some arrows too. I grabbed a barrel with some ceramic vessels and I was ready to head out on my adventure. Here is my home base so far. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed! More to come shortly!
  4. Sorry I never uploaded a part 3, my computer had a hard drive failure and I lost pretty much everything. I just recently got a new computer and I kinda want to restart this because I had fun writing it out.
  5. Thanks! Ya the foliage doesn't look as good in the screenshots but in game it's pretty nice.
  6. PART 2 (I installed 2 mods, Better Foliage mod and Finger in the Wind mod which displays the temperature in the top left) Lymerik squinted his eyes open as a ray of sun light pierced the dark sky. "Uggh finally it's morning..." he groaned as he sat up from the cold ground. The sounds of monsters in the night kept him from sleeping for more than a moment. "I think I'll go exploring," yawned Lymerik as he rubbed his eyes. The crisp morning air was refreshing as he took a deep breath in and stood up, brushing the dirt off his clothes. "Oh, that's right!" exclaimed Lymerik, "I have to fire the clay jugs and vessels I made last night!" He stuck his head out of his makeshift shack to make sure the coast was all clear. The only sounds were the birds chirping and the gentle wind blowing. "I guess it's safe, now that the sun is coming up." said Lymerik as he took a step out of his shack. "Alright, I need to make a fire that will burn for a while and stay hot," confirmed Lymerik as he gazed around at his surroundings. "I can use my knife to gather some straw and I'll get some logs too!" he exclaimed, determined to accomplish his goal. He was hopeful that his plan would work, so he set out to gather the materials needed for a pit kiln. He spent a good portion of the morning gathering straw and logs for the pit kiln. Once he had enough materials, he dug a hole and placed his clay jugs and vessels in it. Then, he stuffed the hole with straw and laid a few logs on top of the straw. Finally, he set the kiln ablaze! "I sure hope this works!" stated Lymerik as he watched the fire to make sure it stayed lit. He looked up at the sun, it was almost midday. "Well, time for some exploring!" stated Lymerik. He loved exploring. He remembered back to when he used to go exploring with his brother. He used to get into all kinds of trouble exploring with his brother. Lymerik set out in a direction and started walking. He made sure to keep in mind the position of the sun, so that he wouldn't get lost. The giant trees that towered over him didn't seem so menacing anymore for some reason. Maybe he was starting to like this forest, it was a beautiful forest after all. "I might as well make the best of my situation I guess." proclaimed Lymerik as he closed his eyes and felt the warm sun on his face. Suddenly a loud snort startled Lymerik. His eyes jerked open as he jumped back, surveying the land for the origin of the snort. "It...It's a pig! No, 2 pigs!" declared Lymerik, shocked that he had found wildlife. "There's pheasants too!" his stomach spoke for his actions, he quickly readied his knife. Just as he was about to lunge at the pig he stopped himself. "No, there's only 2, this is a bad idea. I have no way of storing the meat right now so it will for sure go to waste." contemplated Lymerik as he rethought his actions. He sheathed his knife and decided to wait a while before butchering the animal. "I guess I'll have to live on seaweed for a while, at least until I come up with a way to store meat." said Lymerik as he continued his exploration. After a short walk, he came to a clearing. He noticed a different kind of tree in the distance. "Aspen! I know that tree anywhere." exclaimed Lymerik. He glanced back up at the sun. He still had some daylight left so he decided to chop down some trees to take back to his home. "Since I'm here I should stock up on some logs." said Lymerik as he took out his axe and started chopping down an aspen tree. As he was busy chopping, he began to think about all the useful things he could use the logs for. "Hey I might even be able to build myself a proper house!" thought Lymerik excitedly. He was so busy chopping down trees, he didn't notice how late it was getting. "Oh no! The sun is almost on the horizon! I have to get back!" panicked Lymerik as he turned and ran towards his shack. He quickly made it back, which reminded him about his pit kiln. He saw that the fire was out and he nervously checked inside. "I really hoped this worked!" said Lymerik as he checked the pit kiln... To his delight he saw his fired ceramic objects sitting there just waiting for him to pick them up! "Yes it worked!" yelled Lymerik excitedly as he picked up his jugs and vessels. It was getting very dark now and Lymerik quickly ran down to the water to fill his jugs up. He could now hear the growling of the monsters from the darkness. Lymerik ran as fast as he could back to his shack, and sealed himself inside. As he caught his breath, he eagerly drank the fresh water from his brand new ceramic jug. "This will really help me survive!" Lymerik thought to himself, proud of his invention. He slumped to the ground, his eyelids heavy. He hoped tonight will be better than last night, but the monsters will be sure to keep him on edge...
  7. I'm glad to hear that! I didn't think anyone cared for this story but I will continue this, so expect part 2 soon!
  8. Hello! I have always liked these kinds of posts but they are hard to come by. So I am attempting to make my own! I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you want me to keep going with this. It helps me keep motivated . Also I hope this is in the right section! PART 01 "Uggh... my head...." groans Lymerik as he rolls over on the grass clutching the back of his head. He strains as he opens his eyes, it's as if he has not seen daylight in days. Finding the strength to sit himself up, he gazes around at the enormous trees that tower over him. "Where am I?" he questions, still holding his pounding head. After a few puzzled moments it all starts coming back to him. "That's right... I was hit with something." affirms Lymerik. He remembers being held prisoner in the dungeon of Vaelmoor, the kingdom he resided in. The king had decided to exile him on account of treason, and attempting to overthrow the king. At least, that's only the king's version of the story and everyone knows you can't argue with the king. "He was a loser anyways, I couldn't be happier being exiled!" Mutters Lymerik in a sarcastic tone. They must have brought him here by boat while he was unconscious. "Who knows how long I've been lying here for." he says to himself while looking up at the sun. "Hmm, it still looks like it's early in the day. I better look around since I will be staying here a while." Lymerik turns to the edge of the dark forest. The trees loom over him like giants and a wave of dread overcomes him. With a deep breath, he steps into the foliage. The gloomy forest felt alien at first. After walking around and exploring a bit, Lymerik got his bearings on his immediate surroundings. Luckily, he stumbled upon a small pond. He recalled that cattails grew in fresh water, so he knew the pond was safe to drink from. He picked up some sticks and a handful of rocks, which would definitely come in handy. "Hmm.. I think these are basalt rocks," pondered Lymerik, thinking back to his father's old rock collection. He paused for a moment, inspecting the stones. "I should try to make some sort of tools to help me survive, otherwise I don't think I will last very long." He spent some time crafting a few makeshift tool heads, including an axe head, shovel head, and two knife blades. "They're not pretty, but they should get the job done." He exclaimed as the fastened each tool head to a stick. No sooner did he finish making his tools, he felt his stomach let out a growl. "Darn I forgot I haven't eaten anything," groaned Lymerik as he surveyed the forest for something edible. Nothing. "I have to find something to eat, think Lymerik think..." He sat down placing a hand on his forehead. There's no luxury food here in this forest like there is in the kingdom. He knew that there could be some wild greens growing somewhere in the forest. Determined, Lymerik stood up to venture out for some needed food. After what felt like hours of searching, he was still empty handed. His hope for a decent bite to eat was quickly fading. "Oh come on, there's gotta be SOMETHING around here I could eat!" cried Lymerik, as he arrived at the edge of the water again. He slumped down in a pout when something caught his eye. Seaweed. He sat there, staring at the seaweed as it swayed calmly with the waves. "Well, maybe seaweed isn't so bad? It has to better than starving to death..." complained Lymerik as he hesitantly got out his makeshift knife. He had never ate seaweed before, and he didn't enjoy the thought of eating it either. At least it was something to put in his hungry belly, and it meant not starving to death. He leaned over the water to make sure not to get his only clothes wet, and used his stone knife to gather some of the dark, green, slimy seaweed. He had a few handfuls of the stuff when something alarmed him. A deep grunt bellowed inches from Lymerik's right. He jolted up and quickly turned to see what it was. A big hefty brown bear was walking right towards him, and it didn't look very friendly. Lymerik panicked and tried to run but he stumbled over his feet and fell, scraping his knees on the coarse sand. The bear let out another deep roar, this time sounding more enraged. Lymerik picked himself up and ran for the forest. He knew that he wasn't supposed to run from a bear but fear made his body move on its own. Luck was on his side it seemed, as the bear let out one final snort and walked away. Lymerik ran until he couldn't anymore. He collapsed to the ground, exhausted. After a few long moments of catching his breath, he noticed some certain yellow flowers on the ground. "Goldenrod flowers, that means there is clay nearby!" he exclaimed as he took out his stone shovel. His older brother was a blacksmith and he had showed Lymerik how to make pottery out of clay. "If I can somehow fire some pottery it would be extremely useful for my survival!" said Lymerik excitedly. His hope was returning, thinking of all the useful things he could make with clay. He gathered as much clay as he could hold. Looking up at the sky, he realized that nightfall is almost upon him. "Darn I gotta build some kind of shelter or I'm going to be screwed out here." said Lymerik as he started looking for a suitable spot for a shelter. He took out his axe and started chopping down some trees to use for lumber. He always built forts in the forest with his brother when he was younger so he had a good idea of what he was doing. Nightfall ascended quickly, and Lymerik used what he had to build a small hovel in the side of a hill. He knew it wasn't the best, but at least it will shelter him for the night. He used dirt to blend the logs in with the hill and barricaded himself inside. For the very first time this all felt real to Lymerik. He was completely on his own, exiled, and it scared him. It was dark. Very dark. He fashioned a firestarter with some sticks and made a small campfire in his shelter. He huddled close to the fire. The warmth comforted him and when he closed his eyes, he could almost picture himself at home. He brought himself back to reality and realized he had been so busy that he hadn't eaten yet. Lymerik took out the seaweed and was just about to take a bite when he got a brilliant idea! He can cook the seaweed on the fire! He tossed the slimy seaweed on the fire and waited for it to cook. He used some of his sticks to make some simple torches to light up the darkness a bit outside too. The smell of cooking seaweed filled his nostrils. The smell would have made him gag any other day, but he was starving and would settle for just about anything right now. He took the cooked seaweed off the fire and waited for it to cool down a bit. Even though it wasn't the most pleasant meal he has ever had, it sure did hit the spot. Cooking it did make it a hundred times better than eating it raw. Lymerik wasn't tired yet so he decided to be productive and work on his pottery. "Tomorrow I'll have to make some sort of kiln to fire this." He muttered to himself as he started shaping the clay into a jug to hold water. "Making a couple jugs for water would be a good idea, and I should also make some containers." He spent what seemed like hours working with the clay. As he was finishing up with the clay, something made him feel very uneasy. He looked outside, into the darkness. Something was out there, he could hear it. Low guttural moans were emanating from the darkness. Lymerik curled up against the wall as the sounds grew louder. He had a feeling he wasn't going to get much sleep tonight.