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      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. Hi there everyone. As I develop and update a server for my friends and myself, I've been developing some compatibility patches for various mods. I'll be sharing the ones that are based on open source code. There are also a few supporting mods to allow TerraThaumcraft and my other mods to function. TTFCAPI (Taeo's TerraFirmaCraft API) A mod focused on expanding and bugfixing TFC, as TFC is no longer in development. Its a prerequisite for all my other mods Unfortunately, it will most likely be incompatible with many TFC modpacks that also alter how TFC functions. I've done my best to maintain compatibility with other addons, but there is only so much I can do. I welcome DM's from other addon devs or concerned players to address incompatibilities where they arise Features include Added potential treasure drops from fishing. Included is a registry to add more items. Loot is weighted and changes based on enchantment of fishing rod. Breaks cap on magical damage, balances and fixes enchantments/potions.Config options are available to adjust values Climate based ore generation option for addons (ie only generate your ore in volcanic areas with a pine forest) API for easily adding more wood types (WIP) Moss stone (this probably should go into TTFCMat) Registry for items that should not fit in chests Added an interface for generating surfacedebris for addon ores Fixed tree generation to properly generate trees (config option available to ignore my fix) SmartMoving AND multiplayer capability for back items. Other players can now see the barrel on your back, and it follow you properly if you have smart moving instead of hovering in one spot Fixed the ProPick to properly report addon ores with multiple metadatas Javelins and arrows can now hold enchantments. Javelins will also retain their enchantment when picked up Added capability for desert plant types fixed some crashes from being in other dimensions. Still working on fixing the inventory desync TTFCMat (Taeo's TerraFirmaCraft Materials) A Mod focused on adding world generation for other mods prerequisite for many of my mods Features include Smeltable redstone dust (for those mods that have redstone alloys) Applied Energistics 2 world generation (Meteors and certus quartz) Big Reactors world generation (Yellorite) Project Red world Generation (Electrotine ore) Tinkers' Construct world generation (cobalt and ardite ore) Tungsten and Bauxite ore generation nether quartz generation in the main world tfc style ingots for all previously mentioned mods (smeltable, stackable) nuggets for all metal types and nugget moulds (amount of metal per nugget is configurable) fixeda crash when some types of TFC metals were poured into a crucible TerraThaumcraft Other compatibility patches in the works Witchery Forestry (w/ magicbees and extrabees support) Mekanism Immersive Engineering Tinkers' Construct Thaumcraft 5 backport Mine & Blade Battlegear BetterStorage IronChests Special Mobs Mo'Creatures Artifice Ye Gamol Chattels RailCraft DOWNLOADS
  2. yes, a small mod using ChestExceptions.getInstance().addException(Item) will add what you want. Be warned, the code it uses is supposed to be used for ingots only, but as far as I can tell it won't hurt anything to put other Items or itemblocks in there. As for the trees, each mod handles its own tree generation, and that would have to be disabled and only called when appropriate. Also, for example, the thaumcraft trees will only generate on vanilla grass, so I had to trick its generator into thinking TFC grass was vanilla grass. I wish it was simpler. climate based ore gen works the same way. You provide it a block and list of requirements, like "volcanic" and "not humid" or whatever, and it will only generate the ore in areas that have those features. There is also a fishing registry that adds items to the fishing loot table, kinda. I implemented it for the fishing golems, but it should work for normal fishing as well, I'll admit its not well tested.
  3. The Api has some unimplemented parts, and the bow revamp is only partially finished, but it does what I need. It's mostly an api for addon/mod developers, so there isn't an .ini option for everything. I assume you're referring to the registry to keep things out of chests, for developers its done like this For yourself... well I could add an option to the config file to enter in a list of items, However, you also mention the ore and tree generation, which would much harder to make into a config-file style change. I assume you want certain trees from other mods to also generate?
  4. Thats a fair question. The answer is: not really. It's taken much too long for me to finish it, and people have lost interest. Especially when you combine it with an Alpha for TFC2 being out and Azanor reappearing to start Thaumcraft 6, I don't think anyone wants this. Maybe I'm wrong and there are people checking this thread for replies every day, but I doubt it, lol. It's not dead, I still work on it from time to time, but it's not a priority, for the reasons mentioned. I'm sorry for the disappointment
  5. alright, well I've done as much as I can to clean up that error. I'm currently working on incorporating your inventory slot fix, as well as a less intrusive way to handle my inventory code, which should be able to be turned off in my config file. After that, I'm going to take another look at that time sync issue that was causing issues for you guys, as well as cleaning out my build environment to hopefully get rid of that spammed error.
  6. Happy New years everyone Interesting. Best I can tell, some gravel tried to fall into an ungenerated chunk, causing it to generate, but something went wrong when my generation code asked TFC what the climate was there. Since my generator works based on climate information, this caused the crash. Not sure how their climate cache works but maybe this is an edge case. I'll see what I can do to make my code more resilient in this instance.
  7. hmm, thats two people with the same error, yet that debug message hasn't existed in my code for 2-3 releases. There must be something wrong with my build environment
  8. I talked to Azanor about how I was handling things because I was concerned as well, it should be ok. I am actually using ASM to replace these classes altogether, because doing it surgically is difficult to implement and debug. Its something I want to get to, but right now my job is taking all my time. I work in automation and we're developing a new piece of equipment. I hope things will slow down after the christmas holidays so I can get back to this project. I'm itching to play again.
  9. yes, thats true, I needed to do so toremove the hard cap on magic damage, as well as make armor enchantments work. As your fork gets more in depth, I imagine these conflicts will come up more often. We'll have to figure out some way to make our stuff work together. If you don't care for the changes I made to the armor code, Ibelieveyou should be able to delete the EntityDamageHandler from my jar without any negative consequences.
  10. if I follow what you're saying, some enemies are dropping gold ingots and gold armor, but they are the vanilla kind? Which enemies?
  11. I whipped together a quick little addon that I figured I would share. On my server we play a lot with the Ships mod, and we've found it very difficult to transport animals. If you try to carry them loose on the ship, a lag spike can knock them off or even get them stuck in a wall. So I made animal crates. HOW TO MAKE Any planks will do HOW THEY WORK Right click an animal with a crate to store them in the crate (This makes the crate very heavy, you'll have to put it on your back)Place it on the ground like a normal block, and shift-rightclick it to let the animal out. This destroys the crate.If you want to pick up the crate, simply use an axe to break it. If there is an animal inside, it'll stay in there.The crate when in your inventory will say what is insideWhen placed in the world or right clicked the animal will make a noise to tell you what's inside.Now you can load your animals up on your ship and sail away! Or it gives you a quick and easy way to get a single animal across harsh terrain on your back (Although I already used the Udary mod for this purpose, never hurts to have options) FUTURE PLANS This is just a simple mod I whipped up to fill a need, but I have a few ideas I'll likely implement in the future Metal Cages - Always needs to be carried on your back, even when empty, but doesn't break when openedVisual cues - Labels and potentially glimpses of the animal inside the crate, so you don't have to pick it up or hit it to know what's inside.Multiple Small Animals - Chickens and bats don't weigh much or take up much space, may make it possible to carry multiple in a single crate.Download (WARNING: Don't release the animal when the crate is beside other blocks, the animal may suffocate) This code is released under the MIT OSS License. If you want to use it in a modpack go ahead.
  12. I'd likely do something similar to what bunsan said, creating a damage handler that checks if a player is taking damage, if they're wearing a certain kind of armor (ie the IC2 stuff) and then doing the calculations based on damage type. You'll have to decide how much resistance each type of armor has to the damage types. The real trick, I think, will be finding the right priority for the damage handler. You can't just have it be first and then cancel the event when you're done, because other mods will likely want to see that event, but if you go last then the damage has likely been modified a time or two already in ways you may not be able to predict (ie thaumcrafts runic shield). Tricky. This is why I modify source code instead, lol. I guess another option is to make a TFC compatible version of the armor and swap some recipes around or give players some other means of quickly swapping the old stuff for the up to date stuff
  13. can you explain why your fix adds 3 extra slots to the container? Just trying to understand what your patch does.
  14. alright, had a chance to look at this today. Yep, I replace the entire InventoryPlayerTFC class with my own just to add a couple lines to it (to allow other players to see your back item). Completely overkill but super easy to do. I should be able to fix this though, make it less drastic. yes they are! But to avoid disappointment, I should advise you to not hold your breath Time absolutely flies when you have as many projects as I do, and while I feel like I'm making steady progress, it may be months before you see anything of worth. Currently my focus has been a free standing addon for TFC (freestanding as in it's new content and not a compatibility patch). It has proven to be quite challenging, to the point that I've been reading research papers spanning decades to try and find the best way to accomplish my goals. Anyways, Mo' creatures is pretty high on my list, so you may see it sooner than the others.
  15. I'm not terribly surprised. A lot of my patches are very hamfisted, and I try to make them a little less so over time. I'd like to remove all the code injection altogether if I could. I noticed that if you open the inventory screen for an armor rack like in bibliocraft that the armor is screwed up, but I've never tried to fix it. I'll have a look at your fix when I'm home and see what my code could be doing to effect it. Or, with your permission, I could incorporate it into TTFCAPI.
  16. well, to say I'm confused is an understatement. I've gone through every single time I call my log output, and that error message doesn't exist. I've got a bit more work to do on my current build of TerraThaumcraft, that will require an update of TTFCMAT as well, but hopefully that new version will not have this bizarre problem for now, I guess it would be best to roll back to before you updated and got the crash from the time error
  17. well.... it can't. Which version of TerraThaumcraft are you using? The particular line of code that causes that doesn't actually exist anymore as far as I know
  18. well, I could get the same crash on my test bench, but it was intermittent and unrepeatable. Grab ttfcapi 0.8.9 from the mega link, I've made it so IF that failure happens, it wont cause a crash but merely give a warning. If you find your server logs full of "null pointer exception in world time" then let me know and I'll look into it deeper.
  19. I do have a cluster for each type of ore, which will be fine, but its the dusts from things like macerators that are the problem. I don't have control over the specifics of the recipes these mods use which is usually "Item with this meta in -> other Item with other meta out", ignoring nbt tags, stacks of items, etc. Trying to play within other people's code that makes assumptions that don't apply in this case is quite difficult, and a large part of my work on these crossovers. That crash is caused by the code I got from Wormzjl to fix the mismatched time in other dimensions, I'll see what I can do, I'm not sure what could be null in that situation to cause a npe like that.
  20. yikes. So how do you account for the fact that players can choose the yield of each type of ore in the configuration, and that most of those mods assume a 1:2 dust to ingot ratio when a small dust would be worth approx 0.2 of an ingot, when doubled at default settings. What Ive come up with so far is a recipe for combining the various "qualities" of dust into a generic dust, and then being able to split 200 units worth of that dust out at a time, in order to solve those two problems. But that results in a third problem, and that is that not all automation mods include a way to automate generic crafting table recipe, so portioning dusts may not always be viable
  21. yes, you're right, the shape is already a furnace, the extra furnace in the middle is kinda pointless My major struggle right now is getting ore purification working. Right now I have a cluster version of every ore chunk, but I'm really not liking having "Rich copper cluster" and "poor copper cluster" as distinct things. Its not too weird for "clusters", but the main problem is I'm basing this off the "ore dust" I'm adding to TTFCMAT to allow for compatibility with the dozens of mods out there that grind ores down to get double yield, and it REALLY doesn't make sense to have Rich Copper Dust and Poor Copper Dust and not being able to combine them. But compatibility there may be a pipe dream if I can't figure out a convenient way to combine the dusts together in multiples of 200.
  22. I've been going through the recipes in the Thaumonomicon one at a time and working to replace the recipes. I'm having a bit of trouble with the Alchemical Furnace, however, as it needs a furnace as part of its recipe. Neither campfires or forges (the most similar analogues both in terms of theme and material cost) are craftable, and I think using a metal grill is likely too expensive compared to a furnace. Any ideas in terms of a replacement in the recipe? Maybe restructure it altogether into something different?
  23. the sapling rate and growth rate is the same as all the other trees, I believe, so it should be no easier than a redwood. But I can add a config for them. I've already added a generation rate option that will be available in the next release.
  24. this is all good feedback, clearly I hadn't done the math on the enchanted cloth. Sounds like its time for me to visit recipes in more depth. I hadn't focused on them before because there are so many scripting tools like minetweaker out there to allow players to make their own recipes, but its probably best that I do something on my end as well. I'll look into the wandcaps, I'm not sure how they all balance out but if there is room between the existing caps to have a meaningful upgrade I'll add the other metal types as for the greatwood trees, I think I'll just add a config option or two to allow you to manage their spawning as you like. I actually made them more rare than in vanilla by making them rely on climate and the presence of other trees, but if you'd like them to be more rare I'll give you that option, as well as the option to disable the saplings.
  25. I should mention that ore generation may not be what you expect. Infused ores are linked to the climate in the area, so you could set water infused ore to be 100% and still never see it if you're not in a climate that allows water infused ore