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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. I have made this suggestion on TFC+ forum, it would work here too: Time ago Imade some new/modified versions of TFC stones. Some were kept unchanged,some were slightly modified and some were totally re-made. I have tried to make them grid-like pattern-free. Andesite Basalt Chalk Chert Claystone Conglomerate Dacite Diorite Gabbro Gneiss Granite(Not sure if I like it, but still gives me more the idea of granite (don't judge me for using vanilla granite)) Limestone Marble Quartzite Rhyolite If you liked the idea to replace these textures, I could make all the other variants, dirt,sand and gravel included... thought im not really expert in texturing and the result could be horrible. i will be trying at least.
  2. I'm really annoyed with this... I have: Minecraft Forge 1.10 Eclipse IDE for Devs MCP 931 And lots of ideas... Thanks to everyone who will help me.
  3. For what I understand, in vanillathe damage depends almost linearly on the cooldown: so if you manage to hit the enemy with a weapon that has 4 secondscooldown 2 times in 4 secondsor 1 time in 4 seconds the total damage nearly is the same. So WTH is the point of all cooldown mechanics??? Annoying players? When they first implemented cooldown the eqution was not linear but exponential. I think that was a way better solution, as it would really give a reason to wait for the cooldown to end. The equation shouldbe then d*(t/c)^2 with d being the weapon damage, t the time passed, c the weapon cooldown time. This way a sword that deals 200 damage and has 1.25 seconds of cooldown will deal: 8 damage if used every 0.25 seconds, wich in 5 seconds will deal a total of 160 32 damage if used every 0.50seconds, wich in 5 seconds will deal a total of 320 72 damage if used every 0.75 seconds, wich in 5 seconds will deal a total of 480 128 damage if used every 1.00seconds, wich in 5 seconds will deal a total of 640 200 damage if used every 1.25 seconds, wich in 5 seconds will deal a total of 800 Also, you shouldn't be able to use the weapon until it is at 50% cooldown (to avoind spamming to keep away the enemy or similar behaviours) Another suggestion, the swing speed should also depend on the material of the weapon and on the skill of the smith. A broze mace is way heavier than a steel or wooden one and a skilled smith would make more balanced swords.
  4. Counting Thread

  5. World Gen

    Honestly, thats not the problem. There are around 100 blocks or more above sea level, wich is enought to put some decent mountains in it. The problem is in the generatorthatputs most of the terrain near sea level and the only mountains are almost at the maximum height, with a lot of ugly overhangs at the sides.
  6. World Gen

    For me the only thing needed is: less overhangs (no cave-ins)and more variety in mountain shapes
  7. I'm busy these days, i dont think i will do that for a while, if you want you can try.
  8. [TFC2 0.2.4] Unlimited Chisel Works TFC2

    i feel bad for you that TFC2 has stopped development, thought your efforts could be good for TFC 1.12+ as i think it will have the same problems TFC2 had with the chiesel
  9. Shield Concept Art and Discussion

    Well that was the point when i designed them, i think it's intentional... Well i didn't remember this but, actually i got it lucklyright: to me the blue steel looks appropriate for blocking piercing (a large, well defined surface)while the second alternative ofred steel looks perfect to block slashing.
  10. More dangerous and complex animal behaviours

    First, mosters should spawn only deep underground andin specific conditions/places. The main feature would be a more dangerous andmore complex animal AI: All animals should be scared when hurt. Wild animals should get scared when the player suddently appears near them (like, they didnt see you uintil you popped 16meters from them). Wild animals should get scared when the player runs or jumps. Wild animals move or run awayand get at least 32 blocks away from fire and 8 blocks from torches when held. Domesticated animals should get closer, but notmore than 4 blocks from a fire. Scared animals should try tu run away from the player and they could run over the player when it is the only way to escape. This would deal damage based on size of the animal. Animals with horns or hoofs would deal more damage. Cave ins could make animals run awaytoo, maybe from far away. Most animals should be capable of running faster than the player. Any aggressive animal should run away when below 25% health. Specific animal features: Wolves: Usually move in packs and will attack when hungry. Will attack if scared if not alone. Any wolf will counter attack if hurt. Lone wolves can be familiarized by leaving meat on the ground near you. A tamedwolf could attack you if not fed for a long time. Only their puppies will become actual tamed dogs. Speed should be slightly higher than player's. Bears: Will attack a lone player if scared. 2 players could get close (less than 1 meter)and have a 50% chance of scaring away the bear. 3 would always scare the bear away. If you get attacked by a bear you would have 2 options: counter attack, if you think you have good enought weapons, or shift and watch the ground and hope for the bear to think youre not a danger anymore (75%chance?). Running speed should be higher than that of the player. Boars, wild pigs: Females aggresive when piglets are around but will not chase you far away. Run speed same of the player or more. Deers: Get scared twice the distance away as for other animals. Run away much fartherat maybe twice the speed of the player? Sheeps and cows: Move in herds. If one member is scared, all the herd will get scared. Males could attack when scared. Move faster than the player. Chickens: If one chicken is scared, all nearby chickenswil be scared. Run as fast as the player. Dont move in groups but tend to stay close(16 meters?)to the rooster, maybe? Pheasants: Should be able to flyplease stop slaughtering pheasants. Horses: Same as sheeps and cows but peaceful (thought don't get ran over by one of them). (Scared is a status effect) Then, If the devs want to, we could have some more basic animals: Bisons (alternative for cows and ships), lions (replacing bears and wolves in the predator niche), gazzelles (replacing sheeps), gnus (replacing cows) and of corse goats (to provide some milk everywhere). Fishes (we already have the bass for the lakes and sawmps, lets add salmons for the rivers, cods for the ocean). This would work well with Dunkleosteus' TFC+ fishing.Sharks could make the deep sea a bit more dangerouswithout making the coasts dangerous. I think this work would be totally worth the efforth. It doesnt even look really THAT complex to me... Of course after 1.0, but maybe working with this in mind before could make the workeasier for the devs after. Tell me what you think. EDIT If you still think dangerous animals are too dangerous by running faster than you, they could be made more rare and spawn only in a given territory. This territory would be primarly a zone you should avoid in early game, and will be recognizable by, for example,scratches on bark signaling the presence of a bear in the territory. Or maybe wolves howling during night. Things like that. I think this could improve a lot the early survival experience. Predators should be more a thing to be feared and avoided than a thing you should actually fight. And you wouldn't have all these out of place mobs in the surface.
  11. TFC1 1.12+ port

    Oh thanks that's just what Ineed
  12. TFC1 1.12+ port

    How is development going?
  13. Shield Concept Art and Discussion

    Wait I have done more accurate designs. I'm not that good with metal textures so you can use these any way you want. Now, black is metaloverlayand white is wood (or banner). Red is invisible overlay. Wood: Exterior Interior (Yes it is identical) Copper: Exterior Interior Bronze: Exterior Interior Bismuth Bronze: Exterior Interior Black Bronze: Exterior Interior Wrought Iron: Exterior Interior (We already have it thanks to @eagleyes005) Steel: Exterior Interior (Identical too) Black Steel: Exterior Interior Blue Steel: Exterior Interior Red Steel 1: Exterior Interior Still sure red Red Steel 2: Exterior Interior not about steel P.S.
  14. Shield Concept Art and Discussion

    We could have 2 textures for every shield, one for the interior and one for the exterior... the model would be generated by the interiorand the front of the shield will have another texture, or viceversa. By the way, eagle i like your textures but i dont think we need stripes of metal everywhere, an umbo should be enough for most shieds Here is how the overlay textures would actually look:(they will be 16x32 for this shield of course). I was thinking... we could stillput banners in the front face of the shield, covering the wood. Of course the umbo and other metal parts would cover the banner but a lot of decoration options would still be there.
  15. Shield Concept Art and Discussion

    Yes. Maybe without the vertical metal stripe in the interiorit would be better. Not sure. I was thinking.. Couldn't we render all the models from the textures like almost minecraft item does and then add the handle or the leather strips, instead of making a separate model for every shield? This would be much easier. We will have flat shields, for it isn't a problem. This way we could also make 2 versions for every shield, one with the handle, one with the leather strips. The first would be faster to draw, the second will reduce knockback more than the first.
  16. Shield Concept Art and Discussion

    of course yes, they're here for that
  17. Shield Concept Art and Discussion

    I made (front) shapes for all shield tiers, not textured or modeled yet. I designed the shields, i didn't really like 16x16shields that were being designed here (thought, good textures were being made, sorry).I think shieldsshould be bigger than 16x16, like vanilla. Wooden:16x32 Copper:16x16 Bronze:20x20 Bismuth bronze:16x32 Black bronze:16x32 Wrought iron:16x32 Steel:16x32 Black steel:16x32 Blue steel:16x32 Red steel 1:20x32 Red steel 2:24x20 Unsure about the red steel. What do you think is better?Are they too fantasy?In any way red steel is designed to go to the left hand so it will have to be mirrored if the player is left handed. EDIT: Ok this thing is more complicated than I expected. Anyway i want to clarify that these are now not meant as textures or models but just as design ideas. just the shape of the shield.
  18. Different stone types have different hardnesses

    I posted a link to this suggestion before in another topic, but i decided to make a separate suggestion to see better what people think. This is how i would do it. 1 is the relative actual hardness of stones in TFC: Chalk, Rock Salt, Schist: 0.5 Limestone, Shale, Conglomerate, Chert: 0.75 Claystone, Marble, Phyllite, Slate: 1.0 Dolomite, Gneiss, Rhyolite: 1.25 Quartzite, Dacite: 1.5 Gabbro, Andesite: 1.75 Basalt: 2.0 Granite: 2.25 Diorite:2.5 These multipliers should work for blast resistance of the blocks and for their tool's durabilty, too. We could have different textures for every stone type for tools, or simply a tooltip that indicates what's the tool made of. I think all this would make gameplay ever more interesting, I did experiment this with customzed Iberia mod and it is really good. EDIT: i don't know what the heck happened with the fromatting please help
  19. I know, but telling before is better. And some suggestions if accepted before the mod is complete could be easier to implement rather than if the mod is already complete.
  20. I have been testing textures: -Andesite has been modifiedand can now be rotated/reflected in any way; -Basalt can be rotated/reflected in any way; -Chalk can be rotated/reflected in any way; -Chertcan be rotated/reflected in any way; -Claystone can be rotated/reflected in any way; -Conglomerate has been modified and looks good rotated/reflected in any way; -Dacite can be rotated/reflected in any way; -Diorite Has been modified and can be rotated/reflectedany way; -Gabbro has been modified andcan't anyway be rotated 90 or 270 degrees asit looks bad; -Gneissmust notbe rotated 90 or 270 degrees as it looks bad; -Granite has been redone and can be rotated/reflected in any way; -Limestone must notbe rotated 90 or 270 degrees; -Marble has been modified and can now be rotated/reflected in any way; -Quartzite can be rotated/reflected in any way; -Rhyolite can be rotated/reflected in any way;
  21. Simple "playability" changes.

    I don't see how this is a problem... You should expect lìfinding less people in dry climates and deserts. Anyway, Idon't think we need this. Sure sometimes clay is hard to find, but life is sometimes unfair, too. Thought some things should be tweaked and changed in the world generation, i think i will make a suggestion sooner or later.
  22. Well honestly i wasn't expecting that... But im not sure, we should test the rotation for all stones and with bigger grids. I think im'g going to edit them a little (that ugly 2x2 square on the diorite!!!). Anyway LOL here in Italy we call that ice cream Stracciatella... However,the diorite textures is one of these that i like most, i think it's subjective with the diorite if you like it or not.
  23. I know, but it is really complicated to make textures that don't look bad by doing that. With vanilla stone it's easy because it only uses 3 shades of gray. Thought you could try doing that, if you think you can. I will be doing cobblestone, bricks and other textures if the devs say that they agree on changing at least some textures: Andesite, Basalt, Chalk, Chert, Claystone, Comglomerate, Dacite, Diorite, Gabbro, Gneiss, Limestone. Also i think some of these textures look more vanilla than most TFC stones. If devs don't agree I think i will be doing just a texture pack.
  24. A call for Artists

    Uhm i realize now that giving textures the way i did it's a bit complicated, as you have to rename them when downloading, is it a problem for you?
  25. A call for Artists

    Do you like these? Banana Cherry Green Apple Lemon Olive Orange Peach Plum Red Apple