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  1. Food: given we have all these crops and meats i wish you did more with it than just ways to preserve and slap them together in a bowl or between some bread slices, why not make it more... unique with alternate dishes, and food types some examples... Roasts: like a sandwich the main component is a piece of meat that can be boosted with other ingredients Soup: this one would require hot water and an empty jug, water-sack, or bowl, soups would supply thirst and fill you hunger pie: with dough, a bowl, and whatever you want to toss into the crust you can bake a pie (it needs to be cooked after prep) pickles: by jarring and sealing veggies in jars you can make a food item that wont decay or could go years without decaying Jams: same thing for fruit and can be crafted with bread for a quick snack Jerky: instead of putting a modifierto brine soaked, salted, and dried/smoked meats, you make jerky through a few step process of salting and drying Baking: maybe later down the road instead of a campfire or grill we bake bread in a oven, and you have many variety of breads, from simple flour and water flatbread, to yeast grown loafs which take longer to make but are more filling than the flat counterpart oil: either from seeds or olives you can use oil and even infused oil to add flavor points to the various taste types of foods Structures: much like the cellar mod for TFC 1 we have structures that can be made early or much later for different purposes Smoke house:a structure made after obtaining your first saw this building would house hanging racks and a smoke box to smoke your meats in a sterile and protected environment a crucial structure needed for making jerky. The smoke box would be the heart of the smoke house and would need wood to keep burning and keep the meat smoked until dried into jerky Fish farm: a in water pool walled in with net blocks made of straw or wool string that allow for fish breeding, not like maricultures fish breeding and moreso fish farming, the fish wouldn't need to be fed but would need time to feed and grow, the farms core block would hold outputted fish and other fishy resources glass kiln: a structure around the size of coke oven and with the sole purpose of making glass items, glass blocks in greater number and making greenhouse glass for a more developed concept of the greenhouse structure, it would require stone blocks reinforced with iron and coated with fireclay before being baked in a pit kiln or kiln you'd need about twenty five blocks and would need a glass blowers rod and toolset made from iron to craft glass items past blocks, probably using an interface like the anvil but with glass based actions instead of the ones we see on the anvil. Greenhouse MKIi: with the materials hard earned from the glass kiln this structure would allow for growing crops during the colder parts of the year but only in small amounts, with space for only nine crop plots you could grow anything but the greenhouse would only provide the heat for plants to grow, you'd need to supply water in via sprinklers and adhear to crop rotation or fertilizer but the food grown would allow for familaiarizng animals during winter or selling food supplies to other players in servers that joined during the winter/ early spring/ late autum (note the greenhouse size is subject to change and the green house glass itself is the main component to the structure but requires other blocks to be a complete multiblock Butchery: while not a full fledged structure and moreso a series of blocks the butchery would allow for thehard work for greater reward process of animal processing with the table and tools. I won't go into great detail of the butchering concept I have here but in short proper use of the table would yield more meat, potentially larger hides from the kill, more feathers (from chickens and pheasants) more fat (from sheep, cows, and bears) and maybe even milk from female cows or dear provided you have a bucket in the butchery interface Cellar (not the cellar from the cellar mod): all wines and spirits need to be aged and fermented, this structure would house aging barrels that would take in fresh wines and spirits and ferment them over the course of one or two months this could be adjusted in config if need be Alchemy gardening: for the next entry after this but the ability to grow various flowers, mushrooms, and even some vegetables that allow for use in chemistry,to get plant seeds that aren't normally grown for food simply use a knife on them Chemistry: later down the road with resource investment you could dabble in alchemy and chemistry but you'd need the proper tools and materials Potions and poisons: while not true to the mine-craft potions you could still manage a few poisons and potions to aid the wanderer (only a few examples) Medic's flask: either thrown of consumed the contents will heal the affected over a short period of time cheetah elixir: while under this brew's effects the user is granted astounding speed but their water supplies drain at a much faster rate Camel potion: the reverse of the cheetah elixir, this brew slows your loss of water, but at a small speed loss Garlic brew: the aggressive beasts seem ignorant of your presence... or they hate the smell Animal magnetism: the friendly animals seem to like you, while it wouldn't be enough to familiarize them, they will follow you without the need of a rope or food... watch out for bears! Bug spray: thrown or used to poison arrows the spray will render spiders in more pain Holy water: while not blessed by any cuboid deity the zombies and skeletons don't like the water on their skin, and as such are easily made short work of Nutrient bottles: a lesser form of fertilizer that only resupplies tilled farmland a specific nutrient type, and more easily obtainable than the all purpose fertilizer Fertilizer solvent: with some modifications to the formula the fertilizer in this state can be dissolved and sprayed over crops via irrigation to keep the soil rich in nutrients and speed up growth remedies: unlike potions these herbal supplements are semi-permanent effects that last till death, but they only provide small bonuses, like speed. slower metabolism, ect. bottle sunshine: this brew is rather complex and requires the collection of sunlight during the day but this chemical can be used to grant plants growth at night as sort of caffeinefor plants though the mixture is complex and if done wrong might be disastrous The still and more: Unlike my prior entry of the still this has more to it and info about it Pump: either power by the torque of the wind, water, or your own two hands this is the starting point for water, or even lava to enter the pipe work systems Pipes; available as any metal the pipe will be the way you will ferry fluids from one point to another en-mass note you will need blue steel pipes and plating on the pumpto carry lava tanks: weather to store fluids for later, or provide a buffer vat: a redesign of the tank the vat allows for two fluids to mix or for you to incorporate solvents into the pipe systems contents, note adding salt will not render all water in the line as saltwater, only the water entering the tank and exiting it (you will need to have a chiselto pull out any blocks made from this process like obsidian) Still: only available in copper and bronze variants the still can be used to separate salt from water, the minerals from spring water into fertilizer, begin the process of making various booze that need to be aged, and more Sprinkler: placed over your fields and this device will spray out water over crops even miles from the nearest puddle or river, secondarily with fertilizer solvents you can boost plant growth and re-enrich the soil Tap: used to extract the fluids from the system into a bucket, barrel, or vessel bugs: not the type that make coders want to rip their hair out as fixing some makes more of, but the bugs around us all, well some of them. Bees: yes a broken record by now but implemented in a way to whereits more balanced, sure you could build a beebox and try to start tending to a hiveafteryour first saw but you'll end up taking a lot of damage and reducing your hives effectiveness as workers die to protect the hive itself. Bees and their benefits would come after an pretty long process which I will explain. Step one make a beebox: a not so easy feet as you need copper to make a tap to get the stuff needed make syrup which is itself a taskand a half, a box needs to at least be two block pieces tall and be on a beebox stand and have a thatch block ontop as a roof, while you have the box bees won't miraculously call this place home even with syrup tempting them to check it out. Step 2: gear up, bees aren't cute little buzzing fuzzballs that are happy to see you face to face with their hive, they hurt and in large numbers can kill so suit up in a proper keepers suit, made from wool and hide, don't forget the hat and a smoker will make things easier. Next you need to find flowers, bee hive blocks would only spawn in hard to reach places off the ground like in trees or on cliffside inlets, there are always bound to be bees around naturally spawning flowers. Step 3: approachthe hive block... whichwould emit a damage aura if the player got too close, this is negated by the suit... by breaking the hive it will yield you a honeycomb, a handful of bee larvae, and a queen, the first and last item are key here, the second a snack or a jumpstart on honey production. Step 4, collect some flowers and take your hive spoils home, ensure you place the honeycomb and queen into the hive, any larvae you may have can also go in to add an intial boost to your worker count allowing for more honey off the bat, place your flowers and wait. Step 5, with your suit on and smoker in hand right click the occupied beebox with it to open the interface, which allows for you to extract honey comb and larvae note don't take all the honey comb and return five or tenlarvae to the hivethis ensures the hives continued survival and survival through winter. Step 6, honey comb could be eaten outright out separated into wax and honey, the former useful for candles or other wax base items while honey a sweetener and ingrident for mead larvae will turn into workers while in a hive but are just a source of easy protein outside the hive Silkworms: obtained via a special moth trap silkworms are vastly simpler than bees in regards to obtaining and benefiting from them, though require some semi advanced items to get, first off you need a lantern to make moth lure and trap which is essentially just a source of light in a wooden box that tempts moths to enter and lay their eggs, when day comes you might find this to be the case, collect these eggs and move them to a terrarium if you have one or just right click the eggs to a leaf block much like exnihilo the leaf block will slowly become infested and silkenand may even spread to adjacent ones over the course of a few days, once ready Break the leafblocks to collect silky leaves, more eggs,a chance at a sapling and sticks (chances are boosted with scythes for the latter two) the eggs won't last long if left in a chest but can be eaten, the silky leaves can be crafted with a spindle to get a some silk string out it. Metal and glass works: with some ideas mentioned above there would be new recipes for the anvil and glass kiln -Anvil Tap: unlike the tap for the water network this tap would allow you to tap, various trees for sap, tannin, syrup, and water, the resource varies per tree and it's a slow process to collect the material one ingot yields two taps Pipe: made from metal sheets and results in batches of four the pipes are the main component to the waterwork system (iron pipes are needed for the glass blowers rod) Sprinkler tube: made from a sheet and results in batches of two the sprinkler will irrigate farmland when water is fed into it only made from copper, bronze, iron, or steel -kiln Glass tube: a key crafting component for alchemy station parts bottle: the vanilla bottle that can be made from a bottle mold filled with molten glass from a vessel or made from a quick process in the glass kiln glass block: made from the kiln and one of the easiest items to make in kiln glass pane: just as easy as glass and at a sixth of the cost greenhouse glass: while easy to shape its complexity comes from the fact it's a glass alloy made of three parts sand, and two parts quartz dust Lantern glass: useful for making alcohol fueled lanterns and putting a nice cover over torches to make them more homely
  2. Various items

    yes i do think on the greenhouse material costs should be further up the chain, probably around the same point you'd be making a crucible for your forge using fire clay you'd need to make a glass kiln then with that a special sand blend to make greenhouse glass, which you use either as blocks or materials to craft the doors, roof pieces, and walls, secondarily you probably need a saw or another tool to make the proper supports to build the frame Still: there are various things you can make booze with, wheat being one of them, most grains/starches fall under this category. dullng and sharpening; stone tools could still break but any metal tool should simply dull out, though not being at mac durability might still put incentive into making new tools after a while
  3. Various items

    So i came up with a few ideas while playing with friends and id like to express some of them, some of these might be alternate versions of what has been posted but variety is a good thing Greenhouses and bamboo: simply put if you can grow plants in a hot enough biome year round with fertilizer why not add that to be an option everywhere? with the right materials one should be able to make a greenhouse to keep the plants within nice and warm and in doing so have some supplies year round, this could be good for MP servers with a currency and trade system so farmers can sell fruits, veggies, and grains during the winter the second bit of this entry the bamboo, is an overhead irrigation method, using bamboo tubes to carry water from a distant source to your farms, additionally you could use this too keep the plants in the greenhouses hydrated Still: this is a evolution of those evaporation pan of the Udary mod, simply allowing you to make salt without the sunlight and create salt and fresh water with some fuel and a copper still, additionally the still could be used as a means to make youngbooze, and fertilizer from spring water Dulling and sharpening: simply put a sword or a pick,shouldn't shatter into bits once the durability runs out, maybe a much like energy for an RF tool once it hits zero the blades, or tool heads dull out and need to be re-sharpened, a whetstone/grindstone would be are repair tool Charcoal burner: A pit of charcoal in default TFC is a bit... inefficient later when you have the bloomery, forge, and blast furnace.when compared to a coke oven from rail craft or IE maybe once you have the materials a more specialized charcoal cooker that makes charcoal in better ratios? as a by product you get tannin or creosote? additionally if boats are a thing maybe you use creosote treat wood to make workable raft blocks, what i got so far i might post more if i can think of them and these ideas are at least liked or ajusted