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79.26 seed with good trees/pretty

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Im having such a hard time finding a seed. Its not even the ores or anything, i make a seed and i always has ash trees in it. Im using a shader and the grass seems a bit lighter, and the ash trees have such a bright and gaudy texture and conflict so much and the planks themselves are bad as well. UGH!


I need a seed to fit at least these requirements:

-No ash/acacia/willow trees near starting rock type biome or immediately surrounding it (preferably nowhere, acacia/willow demolish my fps using a shader...and just eff ash trees)

-Aesthetically pleasing - Hugely important to me over most else


My ideal seed would include:

-Aspen or birch with a normal tree mainly (normal in reg minecraft, not like white elm/douglas fir)

-Has douglas fir like tree nearby however

-Near/in fluxstone

-Has Gabbro in a surrounding(or in) rock type(playing technode and might need diamonds)

-Has Metamorphic AND Sedimentary rock types nearby

-Mostly i just want it to look good so i can enjoy playing it :)


Im going to sink all my free time into playing technodefirmacraft and set up my mods/shaders, spent almost 2 days configuring them and adding recipes/changing oredic. I just want to have a great time playing this and the last thing i need is a seed that looks good!


Edit- im getting sorely unlucky, sycamore has the same color leaves, wood looks great tho....i just looked for awhile....17 tries in a row where i got sycamore or ash (mostly ash) as soon as i boot up the world! 17!

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Ill take anything at this point without ash trees/sycamore. If you could post a xyz spot where a small hill meets a lake, or a sweet river.

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Hey, thanks Terex! Ill be sure to check it out, if not outright go with it. I tweaked my shaders (sildurs) a bit, i tried SEUS and the sun was messing up and the water was greenish and seethrough all the way to the bottom, i can't tell from your pictures, but did you change anything with the sun or water, besides adding TFC/stream water ids?

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More screenshots in this thread (taken at a later date):


I use the latest SEUS 10.2 preview 1 shaders. I tweaked the water IDs to render properly (use NEI add on to find out the IDs). In gbuffers_water.vsh:

if (mc_Entity.x == 8 || mc_Entity.x == 9 || mc_Entity.x == 700 || mc_Entity.x == 701 || mc_Entity.x == 702 || mc_Entity.x == 703 || mc_Entity.x == 704 || mc_Entity.x == 705 || mc_Entity.x == 706 || mc_Entity.x == 707 || mc_Entity.x == 708 || mc_Entity.x == 709 || mc_Entity.x == 710 || mc_Entity.x == 711 || mc_Entity.x == 712 || mc_Entity.x == 713 || mc_Entity.x == 714 || mc_Entity.x == 715 || mc_Entity.x == 716 || mc_Entity.x == 426 || mc_Entity.x == 427 || mc_Entity.x == 428 || mc_Entity.x == 429 || mc_Entity.x == 430 || mc_Entity.x == 431) {iswater = 1.0f;}

Also, i tweaked the shadows to render properly because they flicker a lot by default. To remove the flicker, you must edit the gbuffers_terrain.vsh file and reduce the amount of waviness of the tree leaves by the wind. 

First remove all lines with reference to Biomes o plenty to avoid ID conflicts:

//Leaves	if   ( mc_Entity.x == 18.0 		|| mc_Entity.x == 1962.0f //Biomes O Plenty: Leaves		|| mc_Entity.x == 1924.0f //Biomes O Plenty: Leaves		|| mc_Entity.x == 1923.0f //Biomes O Plenty: Leaves		|| mc_Entity.x == 1926.0f //Biomes O Plenty: Leaves		|| mc_Entity.x == 1936.0f //Biomes O Plenty: Giant Flower Leaves		|| mc_Entity.x == 161.0f //Biomes O Plenty: Giant Flower Leaves		 ) {		materialIDs = max(materialIDs, 3.0f);	}	

Then edit float speed of leaf waviness to 0.05: 

#ifdef WAVING_LEAVES//Leaves//			if (materialIDs == 3.0f && texcoord.t < 1.90 && texcoord.t > -1.0) {		float speed = 0.05;

I also edited composite1.fsh to reduce the sun's brightness during the day. It is really bright by default.


Edit the value 0.9f to 0.45f for good result (second line below):

//Apply lightmaps to albedo and generate final shaded surface	vec3 finalComposite = final.sunlight 			* 0.45f 	* 1.5f * sunlightMult				//Add direct sunlight						+ final.skylight 			* 0.045f				//Add ambient skylight						+ final.nolight 			* 0.0002f 			//Add base ambient light						//+ final.bouncedSunlight 	* 0.005f 	* sunlightMult				//Add fake bounced sunlight						//+ final.scatteredSunlight 	* 0.02f		* (1.0f - sunlightMult)					//Add fake scattered sunlight						//+ final.scatteredUpLight 	* 0.0015f 	* sunlightMult						+ final.torchlight 			* 5.0f 			//Add light coming from emissive blocks						+ final.glow.lava			* 2.6f 									+ final.glow.glowstone		* 5.1f 									+			* 0.025f 									+ final.glow.torch			* 1.15f 							+ final.heldLight 			* 0.05f								;

I think that's all i did. GL!

Edited by Terex

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