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More Realistic Ore Veins

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I think the primary ore veins should have excess material around them, to make it more realistic. For example lets take Native Copper.


The vein is usually just like by itself, not with anything around it.


But in real life, you have something like this: X=Primary Ore O=Secondary Ore -=Excess Ore

Overhead shot:







Also, the side shot:






In this diagram, The X represents the Native Copper. The O represents a secondary copper mineral, such as Bornite, Chalcopyrite, etc.. The - represents the lesser and more rare and excess copper minerals like Ajoite, Antlerite, etc..The farther away from the Native stuff, or the "Good" stuff, it becomes harder to extract the primary element from that mineral, and the farther you get it also occurs in smaller quantities. I hope this is clear enough for you guys to understand! 


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Maybe a somewhat easy way to depict that in game, instead of having to introduce many more ores would be to have the center of the vein to be formed of rich ore and as it goes farther it would change to normal and finally poor.

I am no mineralogist and not really sure how mineral behave in real life, that's just the way I imagine them, but I could be totally wrong.

The way I imagine, when you are mining for ores you remove 1 cubic meter of material and after crushing and washing you have a percentage of the ore you actually want. The closer you get to the center of the vein the more of the ore you will get. Again, no idea if this is the way is done.


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I seem to remember reading another thread somewhere that postulated a change in grade as you get closer to the centre of an ore vein.
It's quite a nice idea


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