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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    You move slowly when swimming, carrying to much weight, and walking on sand or gravel. Try walking on something harder, and don't carry so much just in your inventory, put it in vessels and barrels to carry it.
  2. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Glad it worked out We now have an IRC. I will be in there as Dex, so feel free to hop on and ask questions.
  3. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Fr: Vous devez regarder dans la direction le ruisseau d'eau coule. Voici quelques peintures pour vous aider. En:You need to be looking in the direction the water stream is flowing. Here are some pictures to help you.
  4. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Glad you enjoy it I know of three ways to counter ships failing when built. The way I created was to use a block that was not effected by physics (think something similar to a ballast), the second is to support a main row of blocks during construction, then to simply not update them when you dock it later on, and the third, tbh, I don't know. These latter two construction options were created by players on the OPS, therefore I havn't had much time to look into them. The bug with air blocks will be fixed, enviromine sometimes likes to add my blcok configs to the items section, which makes them effectively useless. I may or may not add OpenBlocks, but it is something I will look into.
  5. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Actually fixed the OPS, now running 2.8.0
  6. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    The pack updated, and the server did not, fixed now . Update 2.8.0 Forge Version: Added Revamp Added Dynamic Lights (Only on client, don't need to worry about lagging a server with lighting updates) Added Buildcraft (requires TFC diamonds, look for kimberlite with your pro. pick. Now slightly rarer than kaolinite, looking for feed back on whether or not this is to common. Quarries do not chunkload) Added Ropes+ Added NEIAddons Removed Archimede's Ships (replaced by Ships mod) Removed Memory Cleaner Fixed Respirator recipe Fixed other recipes Nerfed Rolling Machine recipe to push BC and RC items further back along the tech tree Disabled BC engine, must use RC engines or EA power (converted with an ELN) to power BC machines. Iron Saw is not craftable, allows use of MultiParts Added some basic physics info to the HQM book, do /hqm quest or grab a book from NEI to see it. Upped public server slots to 30, due to 22 players being online at once))
  7. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Does it look like minecraft/resourcepacks/TexturePack/assets/ ?
  8. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Try unziping the resource pack and placing it's folder in the resource packs folder.
  9. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Update 2.7.0Forge Version: Flan's Mod, jamioflan, http://flansmod.comAdded Chisel 2, TheCricket26, Craft Heraldry, Vazkii, Memory Cleaner, viniciuslrangel, Stalker Creepers, atomicstryker, Tubes, Schmoller, fruit tree leaves falling offFixed gravel causing ravines to fill inFixed tweaked physics for a few other blocksTweaked properties and masses for shipsTemperately removed RoW until the memory leak is fixedFixed Railcraft crashesTFC fresh water now works in Railcraft boilers, fixed a few things in that regard, and will expand upon those later on.Added wooden biplanes. That pretty much maxes out how far forward in history I want technology to go.Added bannersUpdated several modsAdded piping system (Tubes)Did not fix leaves breaking off of trees (not falling), this makes it easier to trim larger trees to prevent crashes. [P.S. Trim your trees before chopping, makes it easier on the server]May have decreased lag (User dependent).Fixed issue where two items would be thrown on drop item press, throwing items now works properly.Added more building blocks.Probably other things that I have forgotten.Official Public Server Updated
  10. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Yeah, it's Grue. It is fixed for the next update update, at least it was only for one day. Dynamic Lights will be added as soon as I have it working. Rocks float because item physic registers them as floatabe items. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to fix this. I will look into it.
  11. Thank you for this, I will be using it in my pack, Technofirma.
  12. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Great, thanks. Glad that there is a modpacks forum section now, definitely shows off all the work you and the other devs have done in ways of mod compatability
  13. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Ok, thanks. I have edited the title of the post to comply with the new rules; however, I have some questions concerning rules 3 and 5. This pack is distributed via the FTB launcher, therefore, am I still required to provide a download link? Also, before any pack update is made, FTB requires all pack authors to submit proof of permission to distribute any mod, therefore, is it necessary for me to post a listing of permissions on here as well?
  14. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    You should be able to remove all other mods, but you will need minetweaker can mod tweaker in order for the recipes to work. You will also need to remove all unneccary scripts from the scripts folder, or at least the error throwing lines.
  15. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    I will update ItemPhysic in the next patch, as for the rain issue, do you have particles turned down? All blocks have physics, until I specify which physics class to use, they default to the weakest non-sliding physics class. I will fix the leaves, expect it in the next patch. I change sand and gravel physics due to a small bug I encountered in which the blocks would float mid-air and not obey any physics at all. I will try to strengthen their physics a bit to be a bit less destructive. I am working on adding Chisel to the pack, Minetweaker is being difficult, though. No idea about the leaves, they probably still think they're attached to a tree, they don't lose/change NBT data when falling with Enviromine. Glad you like it, will be fixed next update. Updated OP with server information, and a list of YouTube series using this pack.
  16. Version#: SSP/SMP(Single/MultiPlayer): SMP SuggestedName: Tree Choppin' Crash SuggestedCategory:Severe Description: When chopping a tree with an ax that does not have enough durability to cut down a tree [who's leaves enter another chunk]*, the server will crash. (Most commonlyexperienced chopping sequoias) Haveyou deleted your config filesandare still able to reproducethisbug?:Yes *Ifyou answerednoto the above question,deleteyour config filesandtryto reproduce the bug. *Thisquestionishere because many bugs are causedbymistakesinconfig files.Allbug reports should have an answer of"Yes"tothisquestion. Doyou have any mods other thanForgeandTFC installed?:Yes Ifyes,which mods? Admin Commands Toolbox, Archimedes Ships, AsieLib, Bibliocraft, Carpenter's Blocks, Code Chicken Core, Computronics, CoroUtil, Enhanced Server Moderation, Enviromine, Iguana Tweaks, Item Physic, IvTooolkit, Minetweaker, Modtweaker, Not Enough Items, Electrical Age, Open Computers, PlayerAPI, Quadrum, SmartCore, SmartMoving, Thut Mods, Weather 2, Ye Gamol Chattels, TFC Lanterns Addon, TFC Leather Water Sac addon, TFC Merchants Addon, TFC Udary Addon, colorchat, and worldedit (Forge version) Ifyou haveOptifineorCauldroninstalled,can you still reproduce the bug after uninstalling them?Yes *Ifyou answerednoto the above question,uninstallOptifine/Cauldronandtryto reproduce the bug. *BothOptifineandCauldronedit thebaseclasses of forge that TFC uses.Becauseofthis,we cannot officially support any issues that happen onlywhenthese mods are installed. *Inthe majority of cases,TFCisnotcausing the bug;Optifine/CauldronisandTFC candonothing to fix it. *Allbug reports should have an answer of"Yes"tothisquestion. *Ifyou refuse to uninstallOptifine/Cauldron,andcannot reproduce the bugwhenthe mods arenotinstalled,donotbother making a bug report,asit will be lockedandignored. link of theCrashReport: * Does not appear to be the cause, happens with any tree, seemingly at random
  17. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    RoW is Rails of War. There is currently a bug where it has a memory leak. I will be updating the pack as soon as this error is fixed. As for that crash, that appears to be a crash between TFC and Fastcraft, probably due to this memory leak consuming all of the servers memory. You can disable/remove RoW until it is fixed, or you can wait for the update and restart the server when it begins to lag.
  18. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    That is for end-user config. The proper water will be replaced depending on your location. As for wool, I know of no way to add other blocks as "sails"
  19. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    You can config in water. The reason you crash when opening a chest on a boat is due to the interactive blocks being used. Ships mod only intercepts vanilla GUI/tile entity code. I asked him if he would add support for TFC, but he said that he would not, due to the amount of work it would take to add compatibility of this one feature for every mod. He did, however, say that he would one day make an API, at which point the TFC devs, if they wanted to, could add compatibility for ships mod. Here is the config for ships mod to make it work with TFC: (I ask that you do not distribute this file, as I made it specifically for my pack, Technofirma) As for stairs/slabs/detailed blocks, you just have to assume that they are all permeable, and that they are max-wait, otherwise the system can be easily exploitable. Note, you will have to use a recipe mod to add a way to collect wool blocks, which are used for sails. and you must change the other block recipes to allow them to be craftable.
  20. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Update 2.6.0Forge Version: Railcraft: CovertJaguar, Ships Mod: Cuchaz, Fastcraft: Player, FPSPLUS: abendenz, Rails Of War: neitan, Streams: delvr, Hardcore Darkness: Lumien, now include Fastcraft in this pack, you must make mod authors aware of the use of Fastcraft when submitting crash/bug reports!I also have added FPS++ to help with FPS lag, but (this goes for Fastcraft as well), results may very. Disable it if hurts more than it helps!Upon the loading of an old world, Streams will prevent you from proceeding. If you do not want to reset your world, simply disable the Streams and Farseek modsThe ships mod by Cuchaz will most likely be replacing Archimedes Ships. If this continues as planned, I will slowly be phasing AS out. This is due to the multiple duplication bugs and exploits that AS creates; however, Cuchaz's ship mod also comes with some issues. His ships are interactive in-world entities of which you can walk on, and interact with blocks placed on them. This works by intercepting certain tile-entity calls and rerouting them. This does not work with most mod blocks that have a GUI it will crash you (well minecraft's internal server, or any server you are connected to). Even with this arguably worse flaw, it does allow for realistic physics, actual propulsion, and items actually be transported on ships. With AS, you could not use chests (duplicates players inventory), you could not use barrels (infinite source of oak barrels whenever a ship is docked/undocked), and you could not use placed vessels (occasionally crashed). Personally, I like to transport more than just logs and the occasional player on a ship, and as a means of transport, AS was very buggy and exploitable. I hope that this crashing issue does not become a problem, for now, it is up to the individual server owners if they want include it (enabled by deafualt). You also cannot dock them in any direction other than that which they were originally facing (basically, build a ship facing North, park it facing North). If requested, I may post a quick and easy large-ship construction tutorial ('cause physics OP).Railcraft is currently WIP in terms of this pack, I am awaiting TFC water support, but portions of it are usable.Rails Of War adds those trains that you saw before (and many more). They are fueled by vanilla coal, and therefore I have added a coke-oven recipe (cook TFC coal into vanilla coal). Currently, only the tracks can be crafted. This mod is "not survival ready" which means that all of the recipes you see for it are from me, for the purposes of this pack. They are subject to change, derived from feed back. I have set one blocks length of track to be worth 4 steel ingots. This is because when I compared the models from the ingot pile to the tracks, 4 ingots appears to be the amount used. From a game-play perspective, this is a very unrealistic value. To have a single track going 100 blocks it would take 400 steel ingots. TBH, that is far to much (especially for TFC, can you image getting that much steel legitly? *shudders*); however, I am at a loss on a balanced recipe for this. As always, I am open to suggestions.Various other tweaks were made, fixed air quality, and other stuff I don't remember...(waited far to long on mod updates...still waiting for a semi-surprise one)TL;DR: Thing happened, reasons were given, you really should read that massive wall of text.Official Public Server's map has been resetFor servers: I now include all of the neccary files to start a Windows server, simply run launch.bat and enjoy! (Must accept Minecraft's EULA)
  21. [TFC 0.79.27] Technofirma Mod Pack

    Glad you enjoy it! I experimented with MATmos it the past, but did not include it in the pack is due to the only know content pack being MSI Converted, and I have not received permission to distribute it. Version 2.6.0 has been pushed to FTB, awaiting for them to update. I will post the changelog when they do. Note: the public server for this pack will have the map reset when it is updated to 2.6.0
  22. [Solved] Railcraft and minetweaker3

    I have notified CovertJaguar of this, at some point in the future boilers and whatnot will register TFC fresh water as vanilla water.
  23. Ore Dictionary Change

    I would also like to add saltpeter to the list of the things to change. When the player mines the ore, they receive saltpeter powder, however when a machine (like RC's tunnel bore) mines it, they get the saltpeter item, which is named in the ore dictionary as oreSaltpeter.
  24. Mods that Compliment TerraFirmaCraft

    Enviromine works, to an extent. It's temperature system completely ignores TFC's (I asked if they would add compatibility, they said no). Air quality works, just make sure to add the TFC blocks to the config and edit them accordingly. Sanity is troublesome, but it could be configured to work. Note I have not tested the armor system, I have almost everything disabled except for air quality and physics Mo'creatures is extremely off with TFC. Not only does health/damage need to be tweaked, but the mobs will spawn everywhere due to TFC using only a handful of biomes and assigning temperature values to them (ie, desert creatures in places that never get above zero). Also, if you plan to release this pack to the public, you will not be able to distribute Mo' creatures, I had a lot of trouble with this in my own pack, not many things that can be done though to fix this. Another option is Project Zulu, but it also has the same mob spawning issues.
  25. Remain Cauldron compatible for Minecraft 1.7.10

    @Djakuta having a server with extra mods helps to prevent "unwanted" players from joining. I operate a public server for my pack, without Cauldron, and we've only had one instance of theft (no griefing) and that has been dealt with properly (banned after discussion). Overall, things have been doing just fine. Most griefers do not play TFC on account of how long it takes to actually grief someone, and towns can be formed by players agreeing to work together. Another solution is to put some kind of puzzle at the beginning, most people won't bother it (a little bit of roll play is always nice). That said, having server admin tools would be nice, some Forge mods do replicate functionality, when they work.