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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. 7 hours ago, jose.rob.jr said:

    If we try to open a TFC chest in an undocked ship, it closes the save.

    A tiny ship with a chest is enough to test it.

    This is a known issue with the ships mod. For block interactivity, it only has hooks for vanilla systems, which TFC isn't using. You'll find the same issue for barrels, anvils, and cook stations. There is nothing I can do to fix this issue.


  2. On 7/11/2016 at 6:40 PM, Mixxs01 said:

    Mobs still don't spawn in NightTime, i removed the Peaceful Surface, and nothing, still no Agressive Mobs...

    On 7/14/2016 at 0:41 AM, shipmaster said:

    I'm getting the same thing, mobs wont spawn. Either they are spawning so little that its broken to do anything that requires mobs (Bloodmagic) or they are not spawning at all. On a private server with a lot of people no one has seen a single hostile mob without use of spawn eggs spawners or those damn eldrich guardians. Its not that mobs are disabled they just wont spawn naturally. Was there anything added since the last patch that edited mob spawns?


    Also as feedback, using peaceful surface does not seem like a good idea unless there is a second script to make bears and other hostile animals more plentiful. Otherwise there is hardly any challenge at all as long as you avoid caves.

    I'll look into this. Some users said that in order to get them spawning again a new world was needed. My only other suggestion would be to leave peaceful surface in, and change it's config for "night" to true, and if that doesn't work, setting "disabled" to true might work.


    7 hours ago, jakubboss2000 said:

    Would you add  railcraft or traincraft i realy need something like that .

    Railcraft is already in the pack, and last I checked Traincraft wasn't updated to 1.7.


  3. 23 minutes ago, Mixxs01 said:

    It's Only for me or the mobs aren't spawning?? i tried flying in creative in a dark night and the monsters didn't spawn... If it's some config/mod can someone tell me how i Active the mob's spawning back??

    OBS: if my english is bad, sorry, Isn't my first language. 

    Remove peaceful surface; with it installed monsters will only spawn in places that receive no sky light (underground, in caves, etc.). All other mobs should be spawning on the surface.


  4. 48 minutes ago, jose.rob.jr said:

    Can you share a transparent png file with the Technofirma logo to be used on video thumbnails on youtube?

    Here is the logo, don't know if its transparent or not. If not, you can just remove the white background.






  5. On 5/22/2016 at 8:22 PM, drkoaeg said:

    I think in SpecialAI is the FragileTorchMod already realized.

    Dynamic Surroundings has BetterFootsteps implemented, but can't be used at the moment in tfc, so you might want to add this seperately.

    How about AccidentialCircumstantialEvents mod? It has very cool mechanics that can be implemented with this.



    More fun quicksand looks interesting, though it does not seem to be updated, I will keep an eye out though!


    2 hours ago, CuencaGuy said:

    Sorry for the previous blank comment. It's something I started a while back and now couldn't edit it or type anything. If someone can delete it, that would be nice.

    Edit: I hid the comment. Not sure if that's just hiding it for me or hiding it from everyone.

    As to the new version of Technofirma, I'd like to see magic essentially removed from the mod. TFC goes on the premise of making things more "believable", and that is what drew me to it. I enjoy most of what Technofirma adds to TFC, but I would be happy without magic. Weird dungeons, etc. are, for me, much different than the experience I'm looking for in a pack like this. I have enough dangers (bears, riding a horse into a ravine, etc.) and interesting things to do anyway.

    I've never used Pneumaticraft, but I dislike it because the flowers don't blend at all with the rest of the world. They stick out like a sore thumb. The little I know about it makes it sound interesting if we could do without the awful-looking flowers. This is another reason I dislike magic in the pack...the strange-looking trees and other oddities distract from my experience.

    Also, no Buildcraft planned in the new pack?


    Recent versions of pneumaticcraft have removed the flowers from the mod, that is why you won't find any in Technofirma currently. The plastic is now made from oil.

    Buildcraft should be on that list, if it isn't that's a mistake on my part.


  6. So, with Terrafirmacraft 2 in development, and the update to Minecraft 1.9 hanging over my head, I have decided to redo Technofirma from the ground up! Since I am doing this, I'm curious to know what you like/hate about the current version of the pack, what mods you like/hate/ignore/use, and what mods you want to see added in future. This information is useful so I can refine the pack and make it better, keep in mind I do have an idea about how I want Technofirma to be, and can say "no" to any mod/feautre change that I don't agree with (the power of tyranny!).

    Edit: a (not very organized) list I whipped together of mods I am considering/will be adding/want to add:
    Please note that this list is just mods that caught my eye, or were in the current version of the pack that I wish to keep in future.

    Also, please note that TFC2 is not complete at this time, and that this is just for me to plan ahead (since the current problem is that I just tacked things on as I went)!

    Your feedback is appreciated, 
    thank you,


  7. 11 hours ago, CuencaGuy said:

    Did it work to remove Thaumcraft? I've tried to do it, but I'm having issues.

    I disabled Thaumcraft, Thaumcraft Mob Aspects, Thaumcraft NEI Plugin, and Technofirmacraft as well as removed all of the Technofirma ores from TFCOres.cfg. I removed any scripts I could find, but I could not find any BlockPhysics.cfg. The launcher claims that Block Physics is part of the modpack, but I don't see that mod anywhere in my folders. The log report doesn't show any errors...the game crashes on the loading screen with the error that Forge Mod Loader found a problem and couldn't find Thaumcraft: any


    Edit: So, I got that taken care of mostly. The problem was that I also needed to disable Warp Theory. Then I got a crash where it said it tried to set the air on fire. This seemed to relate to the Dark Server Utilities mod. I disabled that mod and was able to load the game completely. Will disabling that mod affect anything else?

    Yes, unfortunately it will. You can reenable it after going to config>Darkserver>Common.cfg and removing all the blocks/items from mods that you have disabled.


  8. Okay, so 2 things.

    1. Is it possible to re-enable sleeping? The sleeping being disabled worked well when I was playing on a server, but it is a pain in SP.

    2. So, unless I misread the config, when you set water shards to only generate in rock salt, you also restricted them to spawning below a certain level (I don't recall what it is at the moment, and I changed my copy of the config. 60 or 70 maybe?) Anyway, Rock Salt is sedimentary, and thus does not generate at that level.

    Edit: While I am at it, I just remembered something else, so...

    3. I can't figure out what the prereq for the Thaumium research is. I haven't read to far into this so I probably just missed something, but if you have a quick answer that would be helpful.


    1) the config option can be found in the IguanaTweaks config file

    2) All shards spawn at that level, mountains tend to bring them to the surface. I'll look into changing it if it is an issue

    3) In terms of TFC tech tier, you should be at least iron to start TC. Once you are, just start scanning everything :)


    Pack 2.20.0 has been released, check patch notes for details.
    OPS has been updated and reset

  9. For the metals with melting points beyond that of TFC, I think keeping them specific to mod machines is fine. 


    As for ores...I think you got all the ones I need. The crafting of gears/rods would be useful, could begin to unify those items into one thing instead of multiples of the same item


  10. Is there any way I can disable Thaumcraft?


    Remove Thaumcraft, all TC addons, Technofirma, remove all Technofirma entrees from the TFCOre.cfg, and remove all scripts that pertain to TC, and remove all of the TC blocks from BlockPhysics.cfg



    Sent an update request to FTB, if all goes well it should be up soon.
    Added ore spawn info to NEI (from lashtear)
            By searching for the name of the ore (e.g. "copper"), the rocks that it will spawn in will show in NEI alongside it.
    Added Presence Footsteps
    Fixed some exploits
    Changed shard spawns
    Removed Better Sleeping
    Disabled sleeping
          Spawn is set by right-clicking a bed

  11. Thanks, but most of that is already integrated on the pack itself or on the FTB Launcher. I did try the ones that are not but it had absolutly no difference.


    Also forgot to point out that i can run vanilla TFC or other lighter modpacks with very good performance, i only have performance problems with that modpack.


    I'd try using MultiMC, if you aren't already (FTB launcher isn't the best). Also make sure your using the latest Java. You can also disable these to help improve performance:

    Better Foliage

    Chunk Animator



    Better Rain

    You can either turn down the settings for Weather2, or remove it


    Dynamic lights

    whichever minimap mod you are using

    Stellar Sky



    I just picked up a server and had them install this mod pack on it. When I log into the server the game freezes after about 5 seconds and says not responding. Has anyone had this issue? I can run the game just fine on single player.

    Also does anyone happen to know which mods in this pack are client side only?


    The freezing issue is rare, and seems to only happen in certain chunks. I may need to move spawn, hopefully that will fix it.

    Client side mods:

    Better Foliage

    Chunk Animator



    Better Rain

    You can either turn down the settings for Weather2, or remove it


    Dynamic lights

    whichever minimap mod you are using

    Stellar Sky



    Could you please release the compatibility stuff for buildcraft and electrical age? (I haven't read this thread sorry if I repeat anything.


    Buildcraft was just recipe conversions, you can grab the Buildcraft.zs script from the scripts folder. The EA version Technofirma uses is custom, and therefore I am reluctant to release at this time.


  12. ok, this pack looks awesome, and ill do a series on it on outube. One little issue though: I took a peek at the server, and found out that spawnburg is completely destroyed. also, it is very unfriendly to new players, since there is no way to get to a random location, and just traveling in a boat is impossible in TFC.

    I was wondering, is there a better server out there? even whitelisted servers will do.


    Spawnburg was a user created down, that got hit by lightning. The person who made it I believe is restarting it elsewhere. Next update, the desync issues will be fixed with boats, so travel by boat will be possible. For a time, there was a Polish server. I do not know if it is still active though.


  13. Forge plans ... Plans for things to make in the forge.--- OOPS, Anvil. :)


    For example, there is a recipe for the iron end-caps for Thaumcraft wands.


    That is from a custom mod made specifically for Technofirma.



    The Official Public Server's IP has changed. It is now


  14. What about a method of naming alloys that a player has made? For instance, Steve makes a new alloy out of material X, Y, and Z. Rather than the name being procedural similar to "Alloy XYZ," Steve gives it a name of his own choosing. This would also make it easier to trace products back to their creator.


    Personally, I think the idea for procedural alloys is a great idea, and has a lot of potential.


  15. May I ask a couple of questions

    1) Why did you remove TFCUdary -- was there an issue?

    2) What is the method used to add Forge Plans




    1) I removed it because it is slow to update, has caused several crashes, and not all that useful. Also, I got tired of having to remove it just to re-add it.

    2) what are "forge plans," and what am I adding to them?


  16. Saplings aren't dropping at all. I even hacked in a scythe so I could break leaves faster while testing this and I can't get any saplings at all. I thought maybe it was just super bad luck, but I've been punching leaves for several in-game days and still haven't gotten even one. I also thought that maybe I broke something while trying to optimize my fps, so I deleted everything and re-downloaded the modpack, but still no saplings. Any idea what's wrong or how I can fix it?


    Sapling drops have been disabled. The current plan is for tree farming to be after iron, this will be in effect next update. 


  17. You can disable the following to help improve FPS:

    Better Foliage
    Chunk Animator
    Better Rain
    You can either turn down the settings for Weather2, or remove it
    Dynamic lights
    whichever minimap mod you are using
    Stellar Sky

  18. I'm having a hard time finding any berry bushes. Can you confirm that they are still spawning normally? I have traveled thousands of blocks and monitored the climate and found nothing but the same environment. 


    They do spawn, you've just been very unlucky.