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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Boats/Rafts

    Hi, I am a certified (RYA Oceanmaster) sailor (not being a d*ck, just saying why I am qualified to help). You can only sail 33-45o into the wind, and that requires a Jib sail, although I believe the Chinese Dhow design is also pretty capable of it. Of course, by tacking at these angles, you can make way into the wind, but not sail directly towards it. It is very slow, and the waves are also against you, so it is uncomfortable sailing. Most sailors use tradewinds and currents, some of which change seasonally. With them you can go around the world, down wind and down current nearly all the time. A simple square sail would not even manage 90 degrees to the wind, on a basic boat without a keel. Anyway, I'll follow this topic and try offer more suggestions.
  2. Mushrooms

    Ah ok, I really know nothing on that level, only as much as I have needed to know to make my modpacks work (kinda ). I guess I need to read more about the plans for TFC2, I'm excited about it though Anyway, I hope that my suggestions were helpful.
  3. Mushrooms

    Exactly And the gem dropping mechanic is already there, my guess is that it wouldn't be too hard to convert it to truffles. Would just require a grass block, with correct shade (light) levels and area rainfall.
  4. Mushrooms

    Also, I should add, that mushrooms are very easy to dry, and don't need a drying rack (we slice and hang ours up on strings, but you can just lay them out on paper). My point being, is that they should have a very long shelf life, with little or no preparation (just slicing so they dry faster). This could be balanced by the amount of work that goes into getting them, and you would need to rehydrate them before use.
  5. Mushrooms

    @Kitty/admin - maybe both my suggestions today belong in the TFC2 forum or both here and there? Should I cut & paste them there?
  6. Mushrooms

    Yes, biome was the wrong word, sorry, the 'wetness' of the area would be a deciding factor, and the presence of trees.
  7. The Atlatl (Spearthrower)

    Ah, sorry, I didn't even know TFC2 forum existed! It's been awhile since I played. Thanks, I'll check it out! I Absolutely agree! Plus there are many stages between a basic bow and a composite recurve bow. The weapons mod I added to my server has a crossbow, so I am currently working on that to give some end-game range weaponry that works in TFC, and is hard to get. But you did give me a good idea - yes, maybe the damage would be about the same, just greater range. But also, you could argue that the spear would need to be very straight, to fly well. To straighten arrows and spears they used to use steam to make the wood soft, then harden again inside a straight tube, so the finished spear/arrow would be perfectly straight. So maybe, you would have to build all that equipment to make the Atlatl spears, and the arrows for end-game bows etc.
  8. The Atlatl (Spearthrower)

    Maybe it's just my playing style, but as they are at the moment, I don't think spears are worth the inventory space.
  9. Mushrooms

    I was thinking more to make truffles drop in the way that gems do, like random chance when you break a dirt block in the right biome (which would also fix the walia issue)You can eat them as they are, they are still a fungus, most people only use it as a seasoning because they are so expensive And that would be realistic too, as you do not find them in groups in real life, just single ones randomly, if you look in the right places. I found one growing on the surface luckily, about a month ago - 25g, sold it for €100 on ebay Was just luck though, normally they don't get exposed, must have been the heavy rain we had.
  10. The Atlatl (Spearthrower)

    And yes, it's great that the community gets some input with the updates. I was thinking more of the pvp aspects for this, although I do have MoCreatures (Naturally spawning orges etc using MobSpawnControl mod) and infernal mobs on my server, so the extra fire-power is useful - check out my other threads for some configs files I made to adapt them for TFC, although I'm still working out how to scale the mob poison effects. I also added Weaponmod which adds cannons that can be fired by the player, and muskets etc. TFC is great for such mods, as we have things like lead and other metals to add more realisim to the crafting.
  11. The Atlatl (Spearthrower)

    On a related subject, the smithing bonuses (which are a great addition, imo) do not seem to show on the armour stats. Is this just a display issue, or have the bonuses not been implemented yet for armour? (I see the bonuses for weapon damage)
  12. The Atlatl (Spearthrower)

    Sure, I understand where you are coming from, and balancing is a separate, and complicated, issue. I realise that it is not a high priority subject, but I just wanted to put the idea out there. Of course they are not needed, but maybe some people want them? If so, then it would be time to talk about how to balance them into the game, but I'm sure it would be possible.
  13. The Atlatl (Spearthrower)

    I think the damage would be mitigated by the armour bonuses, and the fact that the spear can be thrown back at you if you miss. Even if the damage was doubled and you were naked, it would still not be a one hit kill though, for a copper or bronze spear, and past that stage, it would be fair to assume that people have a lot more than 1000 hp. Perhaps it could require leather to make it, so it is not as easy to make. Or maybe just give a 33% or so bonus to range and damage, so it is not OP. Edit - Sorry, was not suggesting it should be a one hit kill in the game, just that it should increase the range and damage.
  14. Including Ships and Boats Mod by cuchaz

    Also, on this subject, I customized the Ships Mods recipes on my server to use brass instead of redstone, as brass is needed for many essential nautical components (except for the tiny boat, which you can use gold for - gold has similar properties to brass, and is fairly easy to find in a newly generated world, or by panning). The other parts I changed to single or double sheets of metal, starting at copper and ending with iron for the largest ships. I also added the Sails Add-on for Ships Mod, and added a recipe to turn 9x jute fibre to be turned into 3x grey sails, and the helm is now 2 brass and 4 planks. I use custom NPC's to add recipes (thanks Etho! )
  15. Mushrooms

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum? Yes Hi Kitty. Although I work as an Archaeological Anthropologist (part of the reason I love this mod - thanks for all your hard work, I will donate more when I can), I am also an amateur mycologist - I gather and grow my own mushrooms. I currently have shiitake, oyster and golden oyster spawned maple and apple tree logs growing on my balcony, and I have some ideas to make mushrooms 'work' properly in TFC. Rain - Mushrooms should start spawning the day after rain, and continue spreading in the way that they currently do for 2-3 game days after the rain, then die (this should fix the problem of out-of-control mushroom growth in tropical latitudes, and is pretty close to how mushrooms grow in the wild). More rain stops growth for 1 day, then restarts the timer. Plains biomes that are wet enough, should also produce some mushrooms, but only 1 day after the rain - this may not be implementable, due to the mushroom growth light requirements (but it might work, if you can make them spawn after rain, the light should just stop them spreading). Truffles - In regions where there is enough rain, you should have a small chance of finding a truffle when digging dirt in a forested area. They should only be found in surface dirt (with grass) - they don't grow below 1 meter, as far as I know - plus this would solve the potential problem of people trying to farm truffles from dirt in the same way that people farm flint from gravel) Both pigs and dogs can be trained to find truffles, but I'm not sure if it would be possible to implement that. Perhaps if you feed that pig or dog a few truffles, so it gets the taste of them, there will be a small chance of a truffle popping out of the ground, if you walk the animal on a leash around in forested areas (although maybe you must be quick to grab it, before the animal eats it). You could give truffles a perfect taste profile, to increase their value - truffle infused cheese would be awesome Farming Mushrooms - Placing a stick and a mushroom in a barrel will give you mycelium plugs. Ideally, the sticks should be boiled in water first to sterilize them, the barrel should be sterilized too - maybe by filling it with alcohol or boiling water? (Without sterilization there is only about a 25% chance of success). These plugs can then be inserted into a log, which needs to be placed in a shady (but not pitch-black) area. It must also be kept damp, and will start producing mushrooms (in the right conditions) after 6 months or so after the log has been seeded. Perhaps in drier areas this could be achieved by emptying a bucket of water on top of it occasionally? Or it would just need to be a wet biome. Logs then should produce mushrooms on all outer surfaces twice a year (spring and autumn). A single log can last up to three years. Edit - Some mushrooms require hardwoods, others prefer softwood. I propose calling the brown mushrooms Shitake (they prefer hardwood, especially oak and maple), and the red ones... Idk... They look like Amanita Muscaria, which are toxic (although hallucinogenic if prepared correctly). Oysters like softwoods and birch, but you would probably need a new texture for them. Anyway, you know the code better than I do, but if I can help create some believably on this subject, then I am happy to help, just ask.