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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. TFC1 1.12+ port

    If you are interested, I can offer my help for the following. 1. Setup of the translation file as for TFC 1 and submit all the .lang files to git, as I did until TFC 1 translation were taken out of the mod.I would also like to participate to discussion related to item naming pattern and improvement of the .lang file. I can offer a point of view on French and Japanese. 2. Wiki edit. I have a good knowledge of wiki code, with 4.5k edits in wikipedia, setup of localhost wikimedia instance for personal use and 750 edits on TFC wiki, however, I might be the only known banned user on the wiki. If given edit right, I would mostly work on structure and cleanup, and someone with admin power would have to delete content flaged for deletion, or I can do it given admin rights (and I am open to discussion before doing too much).
  2. Submit Questions for FAQ

    Will you accept multilanguage file in the release ? The previous team decided to stop distributing translation. They had their reason, but for many non-english players, that mean adding additional steps to play the game in their language. If you accept multilanguage, I might do the multilanguage translation file like I did for TFC 1. Will you think about simplifying the item naming scheme (in the .lang file)?2728 lines of text is long to translate. One option would be to add the metal/wood/stone/gem/... types in the tooltip and not in the name of the item. If you have a better idea, please ask "foreign languages" speakers for their opinion. For example, buildingan item like "Oak Plank" as using "wood type" + "item type" would not work in languages like French, where the pattern is the opposite, it translate as "Planche de chêne" or "item type" + "wood type", also, there is a word between the two, "de", that mean "of", but it change to "d' " when in front of vowels, for example "planche d'érable", so the item type would be "Planche de" or "planche d' " depending on the cases. So understanding the limitations of different languages can help making a system that work for many different languages Will you accept that TFC addon authors contribute to add some of their addons content to the main mod ? Playing TFC1, I usually had something likea dozen TFC addons, so some of the most popular options and the one that fit the most the spirit could be integraded if the addon authors can contribute. I agree that there is many features of TFC 1 that do not need to be ported (chisel) as there is other mods doing similar thing, but would you put a list of such features that will not be implemented and suggestions of available mods to reproduce the mechanic (I am sure that people can help finding alternatives).
  3. Ideas for Random Terrain Adjustments

    What I would suggest is hinted in this post : Depending on how island gen work, I would simply suggest more geographic climate. For example it could be a new climate with region specific tree an animals, for example Australia with (eucalyptus, kangaroo...), Africa (baobab, elephant...), Asia (bamboo, tiger...), and they could have humid/dry variation.
  4. Weapons, sheats, and ranged weapons

    I somehow agree that asking bioxx to do everything is a bit too much. But it could clearly be done in an addon mod, like I said more than once, exactly likeone of the TFC mod added some slower weapons with higher damage. As for having 3D models for weapons, I do not see why it would "not fit with the mod", just because other items are not 3D. The same excuse could be extended to say that a mod using only 3D models does not fit with other mods that do not use it. But that is far from being an issue as block and items texture or model can easily be changed with a ressource pack. I'll try to do some basic tools and might end up releasing a modpack. Absolutely no offense taken, we both share our opinion and of course people do not always agree.
  5. Current survival strategies

    TFC is overwriting Pam's normal generation, so the garden are rare, but they exist.
  6. Weapons, sheats, and ranged weapons

    I do agree that making every type of weapon that ever existed is a bit too much. However, the question is, what is the real difference in the game if there is 17 or 50 weapons ? I do not think that it will break minecraft to have 50 type of weapon. There is still much unknown thing about weapon damage system, metal tier added value (damage/resistance) and how bioxx want to emplementit. But of course, 50 weapons x 10 metals sound crazy. That could be reduced by selecting what are the valid metal tier for different weapons. For example you could say that a katana can only be made of steel and higher tier. Maybe some weapob could only be made of copper/bronze. As for the waste of time, I am sure that people would be happy to help providing texture for weapons, even 3d texture (as done for animals), to get 3d model like in Kaishi's mod or in modpack like zori3d pack, or even create addon to add the diversity we want, even if it is "redundant", as it is really bothering Minecraft players (honestly, how many power generation mod, pipe mods, storage mods, ore doubling mods are there ? and still, people use more than one of thes in modpacks).
  7. Weapons, sheats, and ranged weapons

    Kaishi's Weapon Pack is a mod that offer various weapons with different speed and damage values. Same general idea as here, it can give an idea of how it'S possible to achieve. I like the idea of adding variety to the choice of weapon, even if at some point it is almost only for the look. That being said, instead of reducing the number of weapon by damage type, I would have a tendency to increase it and to include non-european-medieval weapons. There is many kind of weapons that were made everywhere in the world, for example, just looking at sword, you can have blades like scimitar, katana, dao (chinese), etc. and much more variation of weapon if looking at mace, lance, and other type of weapons. Yes, even if they are almost the same with just a slight speed of damage difference, people will get their weapon of choice based on different consideration. I would get a katana anytime, even if not the "ultimate best" as it just what I like the most. 3D weapon model lik eKaishi's weapon can clearly make the difference between a mace and a morning star for example. I am really looking forward on what and how weapon/armor will be implemented if TFC 2. Even if not in TFC 2, there could easilly be a TFC2 addon to add many weapons.
  8. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Desert vegetation look really good. Not sure if entended, but I found several 1 hex lake in this seed just have to follow the river next to spawn, there is at least 7 in this island : -2106250991069264680 Worldgen seemed to be much smoother on world creation. not sure if intended, but leaf of kapok do not have the "better leaf" type of texture
  9. Worldgen questions

    Hi, I would like to confirm some impressions that I have about worldgen. The world is made of island. Each island is surounded by ocen and fit inside of a large square area in the world. Each island is made of a single type of stone. Each islandhave a specific climate Climate have an impact on various features of the island. Each island have several features that define the landscame(similar to vanilla biomes) for example forest, desret, spire, etc. For example, a tropical climat coulg have a jungle feature. Each hex in the map will spawn to match all these parameters There is a single feature by hex. A lake hex will completely be a lake, a spire would not appear between two hex. Based on the match of the feature and climate, the hex will be populated by a specific set of plant (flower, food, tree) and animals So For example, if someone would like to create a "biome mod" for TFC, he could, for example, create a new climate. For example we want to create a new climate that we will call "Canada" The possible feature of Canada are lake, plain, tundra, boreal forest, temperate forest So depending on the combination fo climate/feature, different thing could spawn, for example ; canada-lake - it can spawngoose canada-plain - it can spawn bison, grass, wheat Canada-tundra - can spawn caribou, moss, snow canada-boreal forest - can spawn pine, spruce, fir canada-temperate forest - can spawn bear, pine, spruce, cedar, oak, birch ... hex with river can spawn beaver It could even be more "fantasy" based, for example it could be a "volcano" climate that can only be made of metamorphic stone, with feature like "hell marsh" (same as TFC2 Marsh, but wilth lava instead of water), spire, desert, volcano mountain (mountain with lava on it), and possibly spawning "fiery" and "hellish" monsters.
  10. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    OI think that there is two things. 1 it seems more comlicated to code than it was for tfc1 2 Bioxx said he would try to rely more on other mods integration. An there is an awesome mode in latest MC. Chisel and bits. So, do TFC 2 need a chiseling feature ? no, as we have easy access to chisel and bits
  11. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    -4205902502606840852 660 -6617 teleported in a location without portal on the other side 82 -828 the portal is on the beach, half in water
  12. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Sharing my point of view on 1thing that was changed. Hitting with fist cause no damage. The issue it that you will do damage with anything else but your fist, So a stick, or sand is more effective than fist. Fist are nobody's wepon of choice and being unable to even push the mobs down a cliff using our fist is getting frustrating when in emergency you want to punch and end up needing to change item slot to get something that can push back enemies. Issue: 1. About the stone shovel head looking like the hammer head, it is actually not using the right texture. this is indeed the hammer texture. 2. Found my first bear... do not attack them... they have lot of health. He looks good... and dangerous! 3. Vanilla shovel does not improve diggint speed of sand and dirt. To help cross-mod compatibility, it would for any shovel to have a shovel effect. 4. Vanilla hoe does not tilt grount (same as point 3), it does not need to have the TFC full set of intended features, just ground tilt. 5. Started a fire with firestarter under the rain... nothing.,, but it should stop the fire. 6. However, tree do not catch fire. 7. Catched a fish, and he disappeared from my inventory... but a Pam's fish stayed... could it be the decay implemented on vanilla food that is causing the food to disappear, and the pam's food that do not have a decay value are fine ? Took items with decay from creative and it disappear after a couple of seconds. 8. Most likely related to the armor slot being mixed. Pressing does not place item in hotbar.
  13. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    portal seed is " -8693636195619970853" hope none of the other mods I install are impacting (chisel and bits, map, grave, and other non world gen mods). Yes figured out that lake are not salty. I see, I missunderstood the changelog Send a pull request to add missing localization lines. Hope it's ok.
  14. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    0.1.2 First try : single hex island Second try : spawn next to a white boulder. End up being a portal. Jump in, died,it was black in the other side. Tried again in creative, got in a dimmension with a floating path full of mob, including hostile and sheep. Took next portal... died. Tried several time and it look like I am spawning on the other side at the wrong level and end up too hight and fall on the ground to my death, or too low and fall in the void. Made a fire, look awesome. My axe is not taking damage when chopping tree... started to take damage, but I have a full row of stack of 64 log As its seems that the Pam's garden and fruit tree no longer generate, there is no food, as it seems that punching grass does not drop seed. EDIT: found a garden, but it's super rare. When you can figure out what water is not salty, drinking work perfectly. Not sure if ore and clay are spawning now, but did not notice any yet by walking on the surface. I understand you do not like githbub bug tracking that much, but do you have a list of bug to fix so at least people don't report the same thing again and again ? I personally think that fithub bugtracking is a nice feature and it can be used in different way. For example if I report something, I test it on new release and close the issue if fixed. EDIT : "" lot of "" "tile.ore" "tile.plank2" "tile.stair" "item.plank" Edit : look like shift clicking Pam's food create a seed but leave the food in crafting grid, can make infinit seed from one food piece. Duplicate still in inventory after reload.
  15. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Really happy to try it. Here are things that I saw. Might not be "bug", some might be intended. I found a vanilla oak tree that have normal minecraft leaf instead of the "better leaf" leaf of the TFC trees. As only TFC leaf get thas style, and not all tree like with better leaf mods, it's making the game a bit strange as thetrees from other mods, (like pam's fruit trees that are oak disguised as fruit trees) have different leaf. I also do not like better leaf so I would personally prefer to have an option to disable it, but it could also be nice to have it apply to any leaf of any mod installe along TFC. Drop rate of stick from leaf look like a 1:1 rate, and did not get a single sappling (but a stack of stick). At first the leaf quickly decay, then somehow stop to, leaving a bunch of floating leaf block in the air. When used with JEI, the tool selection interface is not going over JEI, so making it impossible to highlight a tool plan. Found a nice river, but I think that the places where the river is going down is somehow steep, oftenlook like a waterfall. Also, then the river connect to a lake, I noticed some missing water block that is causing chaotic flow. Sorry if it's a vanilla thing, but breakin the bottom of a 2 tall grass only break the bottom block. Pam's food are only replenishing a little bit of hunger and at the rate I found the pam's garden, will starve a lot before finding the quantity of food required. (If you survive the night as the tools don't do much more damage then fist). If there is a plan to add as many tool level as in TFC 1, could it be an option to name the tool "Shovel" instead of "stone shovel" and put "stone" as the second line, like for rock and wood type. Can also be done for tool heads. Flowing water is not breaking small stones on the ground. Technically not a bug, the sand gravity is not working super well with 2 high sand wall naturally generated in desert, as well as top layer of sand on top of a desert cliff, it can literally triger a landslide when a single block is updated. I know it's a sensible issue, but the hex sometime look strange. It almost look like the hex pattern is fighting a circle pattern. Looking at a shore, it's like a sawtooth wit the hex pattern, the other shore is like waivy with clear circle lines. On the other hand, I saw an AMAZING cavern on the shore! Sorry it it's too much. If it is i'll refrain from posting that many observations.
  16. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    Found all the trees except pistachio and hazelnut, and no peanut yet. That is a nice addition, also like the new drop from TFC trees, more reasons to punch the leaf.
  17. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    Of course, tomato soup without tomato makes no sense. But what is realistic to me is to make beef stew without carrots, or to make vegetable broth without garlic (celery would actually be an option in vegetable broth). What I mean is that there could be mandatory ingredients like beef in a beef stew, and 5 extra ingredients, but would require only 3. I am saying that without knowing what is the exact mechanic of the meal making, but based on tfc, there is ingredients that are impossible to eat or to add to the meal and sandwich, like raw meat. Instead of a wiki, why not an ingame guide ? many mods offer a guide book, like Botania or Tinkers' Construct For anything related to localization, I can help you to setup the localization system I created to translate TFC (that was use until TFC team decided to remove all translation from the officialrelease), it can even auto translate using google translate (even if that's not always that good ;)).
  18. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    For real? I honestly have not played TFC for ages! lol I did not remember that there was so many! I just assumed it was added by this mod (no using waila or wathever thing show the mod the item come from, so I did not realized)
  19. Cooking with TFC (WIP)

    Really likes the addon. The guiless interactions are extremely well tought. I wish that TFC used that for some mechanics (like the egg box, or even tool casting can be imagined without a gui) I see that there nice ideas in development. Here are some things I would think of to possibly improve it. - Edible pumpkins, maybe have a way to plit the pumpkin in edible pumpkin or lantern. - Possibility to add a knife on the table, so the knife can be in the hotbar or on the table. - More flexible recipes. What if I do not have onions or potatoes ? impossible to make stew? That makes me sad. - Is it needed to have so many sandwiches ? I mean, is it only the name and item ID that chane ? I do like the different texture depending on the bread used, but the name of the item could be sandwich and I think it would be fine, as the tooltip can tell the content. Also, for a translation point of vue, as you use two strings to define a sandwich, for example "rice" "beef sandwich", when translated it some languages, that logic makes no sense and is unusable, at least in French and in Japanese. It might not seems that imporant, especially if not translated, but I think it can be a nice thing to think about. Maybe there is a logic that I do not understantd.
  20. TerraFirmaChisel is an "addon" that have two main goals. To make Chisel 2 more compatible with TFC and to add new blocks variations to TFC using Chisel 2. This is not exactly an addon, but scripts and a ressource pack, using MineTweaker 3, ModTweakder 2 and CustomItems. Download and install - Go to the github repositoryand click on the "download zip" button on the right. - Open the .zip file and open the first folder inside. - Unzip the 3 files to your minecraft folder (it will ask you to confirm as there is already folders with the same name, but it's normal). For the first install, if you get a message saying that there is already a file with the same name, make sure you do not delete an other file you need. When you update, you should overwrite everything. - Go select the TerraFirmaChisel Ressource Pack and make it the first one (it will use these texture in priority over other pack, otherwise you might end with duplicate texture). - Of couse, install the required mods Required mods - TFC (of course) - Chisel 2 -MineTweaker 3 -ModTweakder 2 - Meta Mod (CustomItems) New blocks - Jet block (from Extrafirmacrafr) Blocks variation Plank - Clean planks - Blinds Credits Alice - Clean planks (based on Faithful plank) Credits Faithful, byDead91, maintained byziat007 - TFC planks Summerfield, byLithiumSound and maintained bylipki - Blinds - Blocks of Metal Blockhead -Jet block Modpack You can freely use TerraFirmaChisel in you modpack, you can use parts or the whole thing. If you use it, I appreciate if you let me know and link to this post in you mod list, then I can link to you pack here.
  21. TFC translation

    You can do it HERE For instructions, check the links in the first tab. This translation file is not "official", as it is not done or maintained by official developers, but Bioxx accept the files and include them in the next release. And as Bioxx said "It's not a glamorous job but if you guys can complete the file for me, that would be a huge help. Additionally, if any of you are not native english speakers and would like to translate TFC to another language, its now possible."
  22. [TFC 0.79.22] TerraFirmaChisel (Beta)

    EDIT: I'm actually just gonna go ahead and finish this because I'm tired of waiting. I am sorry, I have not been active for a long time. I do love these textures and it would be great to add them. Do you have a downloadable file or can you submit them to my github repository ? That way i can just accept it and it will be available for everybody to use. I can check to code the new blocks, but if you know how, feel free to help. To be honest, I think that raymondbh option is interesting as he is able to create connected textures (I can easily imagine pillar textures that would benefit of it), thing that I do cannot do using these scripts.
  23. Future of Chisels and planks in TFC2 just make tfc2 compatible with it, it will save you the time to implement this function ?
  24. [Solved][79.9] NEI knapping dupe bug

    Version #: 79.9SSP/SMP (Single/MultiPlayer): tried is singleSuggested Name: NEI Knapping dupeSuggested Category: ExploitDescription: 1. Open a knapping gui (stone or clay) 2. Click on an item in the NEI menu to see the recipe 3. press escape to close the NEI recipe 4. The knapping interface is resetted, even if you just pulled an item out of it and it was empty.5. Repeat step 2 to 4 as many time as you want to have knapped items for the cost of only 1 item knapped.Do you have any mods other than Forge and TFC installed?: YesIf yes, which mods? NEI
  25. TFC rewrite suggestions

    I want to know, is it still considered as "highly insulting" to propose to have some discussions about the rewrite of TFC ? If the game is rewritten, I think it would be the best time to talk about the good and bad points of TFC and how we can improve the game in general. I do not say that the developers have to do whatever the players want, but at least in could start a reflection and maybe make the game overall better. I guess that people will still say that it would not work.. but I am still curious to see if we can have a discussion with logic arguments on some changes we would bring to the game. My goal is not to destroy TFC, but to improve it.... Anobody would like to try on a basic starting topic ?