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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. Recycling Anvils

    I think I hear Vechz silently shedding a tear of black liquid sorrow in the background.It is amazing. If only you could make double ingot piles, it'd make for a more interesting monument. [Conquest of the Kobolds, assemble the largest piles of double ingot piles]
  2. Recycling Anvils

    Don't care.
  3. Recycling Anvils

    But some people like to recylce what they've made into something more useful. Best not to limit what you can melt down, especially if it doesn't have a durability/damage bar. Besides, an alloying table is better for cooling those hot irons, more space, don't you know.
  4. Underground Ecology

    Again, remember, it is better, faster, and more efficient to pump clean air into a mine, than to pump dirty, or stagnant air out of a mine.
  5. Is these things in seeds common!?

    That is amazing, that'd make a great place to make a base, or in a smp server, a little outpost, or village. I'd definitely want interesting geology, sometimes, so as to not detract from the apparent reasonability of the mod, but not to make these too rare, so there can't be a few places that are found on something of the sort. [so a wall city, a canyon wall city, a cenote city, caldera lake city, abyssal plateau city :>>> ]
  6. Underground Ecology

    Again, that is if you either have a small entrance to the mine, or a moderate mine just small enough that you don't need pipes. That being said, piping is important from the shift from open air quarries, or small mines, to exploring the depths, and moderate to larger mines. Gauges, not really necessary, unless you find some sort of early age apparatus, when it comes to TFC, it'd be fine if you carried around little 'nonaeric gas' cards, or indicators, and if they were in your hot bar, they'd become 'activated indicators' meaning you've hit an area that in unbreathable. The one thing I'd suggest about these indicators is that they be one time use, so having a stack of these things in your hotbar would be a waste if you do walk through an unbreathable patch as they'd all activate.
  7. RedPower Compatibility

    In addition, TFC is all about what survival should be, which doesn't rule out the utility for inter-circle interactions of the more, violent approaches, past simply skirmishing, and marauding.-That being said, it doesn't rule out the need for these items to be add-ons placed in the mods folder.- However, if there ever were movements towards redpower compatibility, we must first work out how would TFC do redstone. [Don't rule out redstone, it is a part of vanilla minecraft, so the problem of redstone has to be done, eventually] Now about siege weaponry, since it came up: TFC deals with world entities in a manner past simply making a one block device, or a boat, or in one 3x3 crafting space. So siege weapons should be made like any normal bloomery, or even firepit, probably like how you construct items in Arthur's Gold at least, and especially be able to haul it around without having to break it down block by block.
  8. Multiplayer and inter-server travel.

    Actually, it has nothing to do with currency, just supply/demand.
  9. Enchants!

    Isn't that pretty much adding perks/boons/stats, instead of captioning it like an enchant, why don't you make it into a prefix, like "sharp," or "vorpal" if you get that far, or simply add a plus # as a suffix, it is less obvious that you sharpened the sword, but you personally know this, all the plus # would to is mean that someone along the lines made it better. [so adding a pommel for faster swinging, a guard would add blocking strength, and sharpening would add sharpness, so you'd get a -Material- Sword +3, instead of spamming prefixes, or captioned text] It seems more preferable, but not all of these things should be named, namely the protection the boots provide, that should be obvious. Jeweled swords, seems more like a vanity item. Of course wearing full plating is conducive of slowing, it should be innate, rather than obvious like an enchant.
  10. Enchants!

    I'd much prefer something with a larger "Ingredient Input" Dialogue, so you can risk stranger/more powerful enchants, at the cost of materials, and tools, I'd really like it if enchanting were more based on something other than heat, we have enough in metallurgy.
  11. Kimberlite could be a stone with a higher chance of spewing gems, but it could be an ore, you could refine in some form of tumbler giving a few or several bottom level gems of a few types, or a couple of moderate to high level gems.
  12. Underground Ecology

    As a sort of balancing for the breathing helmets, the flora that you put into the helmet has to be occasionally changed because it could overgrown, or start to make spores. If that seems a bit finicky, why not make it that you have to replace the compost you have in the diving helmet because it is depleted by the plant. If that doesn't work, make it work like a respiration enchant, without the need for the enchant. Considering that the toxic gas goes up, you'd have to have the filtration farms on top of your base, and pipe the air down, or let it cascade down if your base is that small, if you don't want to pump the air from the surface.
  13. Underground Ecology

    Considering you have to go underground for extended periods of time to mine, wouldn't you have to pipe air underground regardless? Considering that there are a lot of reasonable suggestions that as you dig deeper the stone gets harder to mine-not because of the stone, but because a height-based scaling system-wouldn't you spend more time underground, mining and or caving? And considering how laggy simulating toxic gas/smoke is, isn't there a possibility that it wouldn't matter, because it wouldn't be implemented? If I recall, mining operations in the real world pipe to the extremities so that the fresh air piped in pushes older, more toxic air up and out of the extremity tunnel, or floor, up the shaft, and out of the mine entirely. So you only need to extend the pipe as you mine, instead of needing a perfect-equally distributed outlet system. Anyways underground ecology would be nice, especially if some of the flora is a sort of weak/moderate air filter, deceasing the necessity of piping, especially if you figure out how to make a robust farm of these filtrating flora. When it comes to fauna, I'd really like a dog-sized blind salamander instead of the cave toad, or the death worm. [since the death worm seems a bit difficult to make without destroying all soft material deposits underground]
  14. Enchants!

    Fury's Wrath, ripped from the Bloody/Small Ruby in Hammerfight: It seems to give you a regenerative effect as long as you attack people, it charges up every time you strike an enemy, causing a more powerful regenerative effect. Its balance is that the regenerative effect decays, and isn't so powerful in the end, but the good thing is that you can get a good effect if you keep attacking. It is kind of sadistic, because as its name implies, it is a barbaric-berserker enchantment, in your wrath, your fury powers you: in this case with regeneration. Anger, is not fury, not as potent, and not as strong a word to use in this case. Anyways, considering what it does, it is good for when you are expecting damage during combat, and the regenerative effect should linger a bit after you stop; though considering how powerful even a low level regenerative effect, this shouldn't be a cheap enchantment, and there should be a gap between level one, and level two/so on. Ghost Warrior, ripped from the Wraithlike/Small Emerald in the same game is quite different. It charges up when you attack enemies, but instead of the charge decaying, it allows you to more or less dodge attacks momentarily. [in the game, making you a ghost warrior so you phase through the enemy attack] The charge takes some time to power up, but enough that it requires you to think tactically when you use it, because using it literally drains the charge. The enchantment is only good at a moderate level, and above, and as the level increases the amount of charge up per strike. Icy Sapphire ==> Breath of the Abyss In Hammerfight, this slowly powers up on it own, but it is not entirely powerful as a sort of 'charge up'-'one strike' power. It is only powerful if you do charge up a considerable amount, and don't let up on your attack, causing the frost to form quickly, and substantially. The strong down side is that the frost melts very quickly, and you can really only get a really good frost build up is if you wait to charge up and wail on them, or you just flat out flail at them mindlessly. Even then, it is difficult to break a weapon/armor piece from the enemy, because usually their equipment are pretty well-made, or made of some non-brittle material. Fiery Topaz ==> Fire-Summoner This enchantment is pretty lame, but good for those that are covered in armor, or simply if you want to burn the forest down. As opposed to the Breath of the Abyss, the charge is completely depleted when you strike, and I only recall that it was worth setting the other person on fire. [in Hammerfight, this doesn't help much, though] Luminous Amethyst ==> Glow This is probably the weirdest of the effects from the game of Hammerfight. It has the same problems of Fire-Summoner, in that one strike depletes it very quickly, if not completely. As it charges up, your weapon arcs with electricity, and over time, it drops sparks that float in the air, and linger on the floor, that very minimally damage enemies that have anything conductive on them. It is only good over time, and the weapon charges very slowly because of this at the lowest level, and it has a chance to arc lightning, but only at the very end of the charging, and it drains the lower level enchant quite a lot. On higher levels, there is a chance that the energy of the gem gets so much that lightning actually arcs straight from the weapon, through the sparks over a bit of distance, but this is a very short lived effect; the reason why, is because around this time, the weapon can deplete itself completely, and causes a shock wave that is pretty damaging if nearby the epicenter.
  15. Enchants!

    [[Ripped from Hammerfigt]] Shattering Blow- Causes intensive knock back, it is a low probability chance to occur during critical hits, and sprinting [critical-sprint attacks have a greater chance, since they stack] Problem is how much it damages the tool, but more likely drains stamina. [swords can do this if they cleave, but it is distance restricted, you have to be close to the target to cleave] Ideal Strike- Low probability non-critical strike, with better chance to land if sprinting. It is a sort critical hit that can cause intense bleeding [blade weapon only, since cleaving is bad at cutting] Problem is how unlikely it is to get get a perfect cut, so it may be restricted by distance from target. Devastating Blow- Another low probability strike, that only occurs with blunt weapons, it causes a debilitating strike that damages the tool used, and armor of the enemy, if not, crippling them. Precise Shot- [Don't know if possible, it's another low probability attack, with increased chance with crits, and standing still] Overkill- [This is a pretty misnomic enchant, pretty much, it stuns a mob, or makes someone drop their weapon] Fury's Wrath- causes regeneration from harming others, you need to land quite a few blows before you get the actual regeneration effect which degenerate rather quickly, but lingers Fire Summoner- An enchantment that causes the player's tool of question to wicker and heat the area around them, over time, the tool will have greater fire affects so long as the player doesn't put away the tool, or strike anything with the tool, if fully charged, it can case fire to a small area. Breath of the Abyss- it is an enchantment that charges by player movement, and cases the area around them to cool, the charge degenerates quickly with each strike, and the stronger it gets, the more it makes the enemy weaker to blunt weapons, but slower, it can also decrease the durability of items/armors due to frost. Glow- [it is another elemental-charge weapon, it is more convoluted than the prior two, so I'll skip a large part about it] Ghost Warrior- [How would this even work?]
  16. Enchantment system

    I'd like to have that artificing table, seems contrived, but it'd work if the "ingredient" input dialogue were relatively small, like 3x3, next to a rune slot, and a target item slot, with the tools/catalysts at the bottom. [so some anvil, with a 3x3 instead of a weld slot] I am excited, for whatever it becomes.
  17. Enchantment system

    Then use cheap materials for testing purposes. [Tools take damage, but last a while, ingredients involve gems, dye, metals]
  18. Enchantment system

    Well, is there another way to make runes-apparently the buzzword for magic in all cases-more skill-based? If so, is crafting runes [which I'll dub 'artificing'] going to be like a scribing table had children with an anvil? [Making an "artificer's table"] What are the 'tools' [Cut infused gems, lenses, and chisels?] and 'ingredients' [dyes, valuable and semi valuable metals, raw gems, and cut gems?] going to be, and the 'actions' and 'rules' for crafting. Pretty much, i'm seeing metallurgy based on skill, enchanting, based on experimentation, now. If you don't like rigorous refining based on skill, go onto enchanting, and screw around with your gems [dyes, tools of choice, and son on].
  19. Enchantment system

    I'm saying that is a side effect of randomized runes, EU, not that it is anything that seems useful for its purpose, other than making things harder on the player. At this point it'd be better to have a set of runes, that anyone can look p, and a set of enchantments that the runes could have, and between worlds, the same runes could have different effects. -No randomized hubbub -People can look up runes -Forced trial-and-error experimentation due to runes not having the same effects between save files
  20. Enchantment system

    Avoiding things, like looking up runes.
  21. Unstable Metal's

    You don't get much irradiation from mining pitchblende, it's until you make yellowcake that it's a problem [or refine it into a coherent metal]. other than that, back when there were wars over what minecraft should be, I'm going to stick to my guns, and do late mideval magi-tech.
  22. Whats the difference between a sword and a mace?

    I wonder how you make a stone mace, since there are four iterations of it in creative.
  23. Sandstorms

    You'd need to do something about that, erosion doesn't work well, if you don't wholly simulate it. I guess what you'd have to do is make it work like snow, except it we call the sand's 'melting,' settling.
  24. Unstable Metal's

    When it comes to reflective matter, it has to be neutron reflective, which makes the reaction more efficient, and more likely to loop. [some of these involve things like deuterium, triturium, to a lesser extent, water. Steel, and Tungsten Carbide, and if I recall, certain other hydrocarbons, or something. And more basic approaches would be not to make blocks of refined uranium, but instead isolated sheets. Other than that, heating seems to be effective too.] Other than that, there are also reactionary processes that don't need enrichment, so with that, don't go deep sea diving with your full uranite plate, nor slather it in oil, or use it with carbon plating, or graphite, steel, or tungsten carbide, let alone place it near these objects.
  25. Unstable Metal's

    I'm not questioning how safe a nuclear reactor is, I'm questioning how safe a nuclear reactor is when it's basic. Other than that, it's don't screw with your uranite, by refining it, and putting it near something reflective [water, steel], and cause criticality. [Causing irradiation]