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  1. Rye is, in real life, a shockingly hardy crop. Some strains once they lay down root systems and establish themselves can tolerate as low as -30F, and can grow as low as freezing temperature, albeit slowly. When over-snowed, and on moist ground, it can not only survive overwintering but provide an early harvest. Some strains grow so well in frost climates that they not only are ready for harvest by the summer solstice, when most spring crops are only just beginning to Germinate, and can even act as an invader of wheat fields over winter. That it isn't marked as hardy in game strikes me as a very, very strange oversight. It is in fact capable of surviving much colder temperatures, much later in growth, than any of the crops currently there, except perhaps carrots. It's the only crop of those on offer that can survive heavy snowfall and harsh frosts after large sprouts, because it's capable of manufacturing a kind of antifreeze in its stem. Source;
  2. Biomes and Compatibility

    If I might make a suggestion on that. When making servers or personal TFC worlds in the past, and trying to configure sets of mods for enhanced variety/more 'living' worlds, feature additions, ect, one thing that always made it more difficult was the lack of proper biome/biome types in TFC. Caused, of course, by TFC deciding on how to populate areas based on its behind the scenes numbers like temperature and elevation. If biomes could be applied to their applicable areas, even if they aren't actually used to calculate TFC world gen, that would be really helpful for customization, like setting custom area spawning conditions for animals and other mobs. I don't remember the exact terms because it's been quite a while since I've set up a real overhaul world, but as an example... A high elevation, flat, almost permanently cold area in TFC, in the current system, can be considered 'plains', because the other information is separate. A biome label like 'high frozen plains' would allow much easier tagging for mob spawning within that specific area, such as an ice or snow-based mob. Frozen oceanic islands as gathering points for penguins...ect. Forge's Biome Types expand this usage further. This would also ease the usage of other mods that read area conditions, like Ambience.
  3. Ore vein generation

    Assuming that youdo add mining and ore into tfc2, getting it that ore would spawn in veins would be difficult but worth it i've been messing around with vein miner in tfc1 and i noticed veins actually spawn in tall towers in the ground the image is to large) To spice mining up a bit i would suggest getting ore veins to spawn in a cave like manner so it can even cover long distances this would be by no means easy but it would make mining more of a challenge when mining
  4. Make Stone Age Longer.

    Make Stone Age Longer. How to eat Ice Cream? Take your time, in small spoons and really enjoy, or eat all at once and have brain freeze. Some People play Terrafirmacraft Like is a Race, Going from new spawn to Iron Age in 3 days. If they are luck in finding all the metals they can even get to red steel in a week. But after Red steel you are basically playing creative on hard. There are no more challenges to the game. I like to take things slow and really enjoy the mod. I wish there was more content to the mod. But not just in the sense of adding things to do in the game. I want to have more to do in each age of the mod. Some limitations on the game are purely for game balance. Like the crafting grid. You need a saw and 4 wood blocks to unlock the crafting grid. So you only have access to a lot of things after you have a metal saw. I would like to have a limitation on the metals based on agriculture. Somehow it would be impossible for you to smelt metals until you have a base with animals, a full farm and orchard. The idea is to have a lot more to do in Stone Age, and then go into setting a place to live and agriculture. Only after that we would go into Pottery and all the metals. I have heard a few times that one or other idea would not be implemented because stone age is too short. So why not make it longer? I listed some of the ideas bellow. Have in mind that what I wish to discuss in this tread is the concept of making the mod longer. The merit of each individual thing is not the issue here. I also understand that this would require a lot of work so I don’t really think it will happen. v First stage: Nomadic exploration Ø This is the first part of the Stone Age. Here our hero will collect the seeds that he will need to establish himself. We need to be able to survive in the wild on this stage. Not comfortable but survive nonetheless. We need the full crafting grid early on to implement all this. Ø Straw work: § Straw hat to protect from the hot sun § Straw basket (it will only carry seeds, nuts, cones, pods whatever you want to call then). All trees produce seeds of one kind or another, eating the fruit gives you the seed) just have to right click the leaves on the right season to get seeds. Ø Stone Age tools: § shovel, axe, and Hammer, Knife, Hoe, Javelin, Bow, Mace, Wedge (new tool). Ø Leather work: § basic clothing for cold weather. § Leather strips, § Tent § Leather Water sac (a full water sac can refill your thirst bar for two days in very cold weather and 1 day on very hot weather). Ø Wood work: § Using an axe on two logs we can craft a canoe. § Using a wedge and hammer we can make planks. § Planks can be used to make walls and even a door. Using Leather strips to tie the planks together. § Planks cannot be used to make wood blocks. (You will need nails for that). Ø We need the ability to dry meat and fruits so they last to a minimum and maximum of 1 year. Also raw grains should last without any preserving method. Steve needs to survive the first winter without a House. Ø The camp consists of the tent, the campfire, and simple makeshift fence made of sticks. They are really ugly and not durable but will protect against night animals. Maybe another idea is to have 4 campfires together to create a bonfire that will keep animals away. Straw bed or a bedroll will set spawn. Ø We need changes on animal behavior. Animals should have two commands: follow (just like a dog does) and don’t follow, this would not be like the sit, they would be free and need confinement then. (For balancing we can have a limit on how many animals you can have following you, like 10) Ø Ancient nomadic civilizations would travel for thousands of miles with all sort of animals and they were not wearing a leach. Ø Hunting big game is a very dangerous activity especially if you are alone. An injured animal may attack back. v Second Stage setting a house: Ø Clay work: § Adobe is the first durable material to construct walls. Is not gravity free but it can be stacked to make walls ( The roof would be made of straw or thatch) § All clay jugs, pans, pots and molds are breakable § On This stage we can also have the clay oven. § Is time to start planting all those seeds, but you going to need to make saplings first by planting then on clay pots, only when the saplings are the right size you can plant then directly to the soil! § Clay is heavy and it breaks easy, it was not heavily used until people settle in farms. (nomads would not use many clay utensils) It was firing clay that people start to notice the metals and had a way to melt then. No Clay no Metal. § Once you settle you can start tanning leather. You should not need metals for Leather. Leather armor will make hunting a little easier, but not enough for the monsters underground. v Third stage: Copper Ø With metal tools we can start mining and finally make gravity free blocks, You need metals to do Stone work Ø Stone work will require a trowel and Mortar. Ø Wood blocks will require nails and a hammer. Ø The stone oven and stove. Ø Roads. Ø Metal armors will give a better chance against the underground monsters.
  5. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No): Yes I would like to suggest an option to allow the indicator 'tool mode' for hoe, chisel, etc. to be: 1) Hidden (You can really tell what mode you're in by what is being highlighted on the screen). 2) Moved (For example, beside the Health Bars, rather than beside the inventory hotbar). I am specifically asking because I use another mod (dualhotbar) which extends the hotbar to twice its width. But there is precedence for mods that have 'additional heads-up displays' to allow those displays to have a configurable location, like what is available for the quiver-hud. Thanks for your attention
  6. ProPick Change

    I want to suggest a change to the prospecting pick. As it is right now the propick spits out a text message in the chat how high the concentration of an ore is which is quite boring - I want to improve this: If you use the propick it opens a GNU user interface (GUI) and the player has to search him or herself for the ore. Now here comes the main problem: TFC would have to generate this with some sort of noise texture and intersperse the ore pixels depending on the concentration of ore. I'm not a (minecraft) coder so i'm not sure if this is even possible and if you want to make all the effort to do this. But it is just an idea. I made some examples in 128x128 pixels. (It's a bit small here and would be ingame nearly fullscreen of course.) Traces: Medium Amount Very Large Amount: The rock around the ore would be the same color(s) as of the stone layer(s) in the area. Current problems that would be solved by this suggestion: - Chat spam - Prospecting as a boring practice - Ore conflicts Another thing that would have to be changed is how the skill influences this. Some ideas: - If your skill rises, at the bottom of the screen there will be displayed what kind of ore it is. - If your skill rises even further and you hover over the name it will highlight all ore of the kind in the picture. - If your skill reaches maximum there will be displayed the exact amount of ore you have found. - or: The higher your skill is the larger the picture will be (from 16x16 to 128x128) Let's hope my english is understandable and feel free to post your opinion (but pls don't rage :-))
  7. First, I want to say that it's been a while since I last played TFC (back at the begining of the year), and the wiki, as we all know, is... "lacking" in certain info for version 79... So I come to you all, the forum followers of TFC, to ask my question. I was recently watching Ethoslab's Terrafirmacraft season 2 LP, and he was talking about the Large Vessels, and how they hold 5000mb of fluids and that their a bit harder to make than Barrels, which hold 10000mb of fluid, and have 12 storage slots, an then it hit me, "Well... their made of clay, and you use regular vessels to do early game smelting, before firepits and Crucibles... can you fill a Large Vessel with a bunch of ores and smelt it?" The most a Ceramic Vessel can hold is 2240mb of liquid metal (Rich ore, 16 in each slot, 4 slots), thats 22 ingots, and a little bit left over... by that logic, a Large vessel should REALLY be able to carry almost 6000mb of fluid, as 35 * 16 * 9 = 5985mb. What I'm getting at, is you should be able to, in the early game, use Large Vessels for mass production of tools, as well as hold quite a bit of liquid metal (could provide a way of galvenizing your iron and steal, as you could put sphalerite into the vessel, then your iron/steal tools, and sealing it, coating the tools in steal, which would give them a bit more durrability, as the zink protects the metal from oxydation). So, i guess in a way, this is both a question "Can you use Large Vessels for melting metals" and a suggestion "LV's should carry 6000mb, and be used for galvenizing".
  8. Surveyors, and other things

    so, i had a really great burst of thoughts the other night on the server i have been playing on. i have no clue if it has been mentioned already or not simply because there are just so many posts to try and go through. The first idea i had was the Surveyor. it would be either a place able block or a hand held item. i personally see it as a item block. this could be a very handy tool in later stages of the game as a way to explore the land to get an idea of what is near bye. without having to hop into creative mode and fly around drilling random holes in the ground to see what kind of stone you have beneath you. its functions it would act like what surveyors use today to take core samples. when placed right clicking on it will open a cui that gives you a list of information about the biome you are in, while it wont tell you what kind it is, it would tell you basic information about the area you are in. such as what the layers of rock are near you and what order they are in, as well as a relative list of the ores near bye. i imagine you could utilize the same scan criteria that is used in sluices and small rocks to give you a general idea of what is there, except with this block i would give it a wider search radius. now i honestly cant decide if it would be better to have it be a crafted block only, or to make it similar to the bloomery, where you make the item, but you need to build around it in order for it to function, a high end component for this would be a forged item called the drillbit or whatever you want to call it. this would be made the same way as all other things at the anvil with a pattern like this O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O my thoughts for a crafting pattern for the surveyor are this. O O O O = Plank O = Air O O O O = Drill bit O O O O = Stick as far as how to place it, im still a bit fuzzy on the details. my first thought is to simply make it stand alone. like an anvil something that can be placed and picked up relatively easily. the second thought is to make something that you must place this block in to make it work, such as the method the bloomry uses. but i really cant think of any good patterns to work at the moment. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Idea Two my next idea was to simply make gems a placeable block. the best idea i can think of for this would be to make them take shape depending on their size, the smallest being 1/10 by 1/10 the largest being 5/10 by 5/10. no i am absolutely no coder. nor do i pretend to understand how all that mumbojumbo works, but looking at it from a logic stand point i think the best method for this would be using the same setup as the chiseled blocks use. im not sure how easy this would be to make them set sizes but if you can, then i think combining that with how the torches and levers have place specific patterns. like if you place a torch on the wall its slightly slanted and if its on the ground its straight up and down. if you could figure this out im sure you could apply this to ingots as well. this would be a fantastic way to show wealth on servers and open up the door to even more creativity. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ i know this mod already exists but i think it would be fantastic to have something else to keep you company in single player, as well as serve function in mp. i dont know if it would be possible for the two of you to chat a bit to see if the mode might work together. this is only a simple idea not one that i would really press a lot of energy for.
  9. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No): Yes Suggestion: make it possible to drink from containers filled with fresh water. It is more believable than thirsting in a desert having full barrel / vessel of fresh water in your back slot or bucket of water in your inventory when all your jugs get broken suddenly. Upd: Maybe, it cold be done by right clicking at air with filled barrel/bucket/vessel in your hands. Just like blowing a jug.
  10. I don't say you have to implement it but when I seen the news I was thinking to Terrafimacraft...
  11. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No): Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. Yes Based On Season: I had an idea a few days ago that I though would be a great addition to TFC. Would it be possible to change the length of days and nights to correspond with the time of the year? ie, during the summer, days are longer and nights are shorter, and during the winter days are shorter and nights are longer. Based On Location: Change how long days and nights are based on where you are located. ie, when its summer and you are far north, days last for very long peridos of time, sun doesnt set for several days, and if you are far south in the summer, nights last several days and vice versa during the winter.
  12. Mammoth in terrafirmacraft

    When I started to play terrafirmacraft, I always imagined myself like playing in stone/bronze ages. I was wondering, why not add large animal like mammoth for a challenge? There are no boss mobs, but mammoth would look somehow like a boss, and this huge mammal would fit perfectly without ruining terrafirmacraft style. So my suggestion is to addmammoths: They would be found in the cold biomes -/+20 000 blocks from equator.They would be found in large amounts (10 - 20 mammoths).They would be huge ( 6-10 blocks height).They would do large amount of damage to player, so you need some strategy to kill him.You can kill him only with special traps, or with many spears only (sword/mace dont do any damage).They would drop: huge fur, huge amount of meat and their tusks (maybe some tools, or only for design, maybe trophy, dont know really).Mammoth would be a challenge for player, huge animals that would look astonishing, thrill while hunting them.Hunting him also would be a lot of fun.Of course, if this is possible for mod creators. Here are some models for them Links Removed P.s. sorry for my english.
  13. Support beams and lights

    I have an idea of making support beams able to have lights put on them. Another thing you could do with this is put immersive engineerings wire connectors on the support beams and wire between the connectors and then power lights with the wires. Heres an example of electric lighting. Here is an example of an oil lamp in a mine.
  14. Maize Tortillas

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):YesAnswering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted.Maize in Terrafirmacraft only is used for making bread or in salads/sandwiches. Maize/corn should be used in making tortillas, which I think could be a huge new food item in the game. Corn/Maize tortillas could maybe be fried and used in things such as tacos and dip, as well as eating it just like that. Flour(wheat) tortillas can be used to make burritos just like sandwiches. Tortillas are prepared in many different ways, and the comal would be a great way for stone age. A comal is used over a fire and the tortilla dough (corn or flour) is flattened and placed on top. I got this idea from where I live and the Mayans that used to inhabit here as well as seeing people make them. The way the Mayans used to crush the maize was by 2 stones; 1 with a cylindrical shape and the other a Flat and slightly curved stone. The comal used in the stone age would be made of a flat rock or manually-made and the metal comal is also an option. Tortillas have been kept fresh and hot in clay pots and stone pots. I don't know if this would be hard to implement but it sure seems that way to me, but I appreciate you reading this anyway.
  15. Skwer/Stake:Can be change cooking by:all food excluding grain needs a stake.The stake is a weapon used to hunt and of course,cooking. can made from wood or either,metal.metal stakes can be used to impale mobs and players.impaling deals damage immobilise can move impaled entitites(including players,course) by looking around and course,moving.Craft food with a stake to skewer it to cook. Throwable weapons:Yeah,the Shuriken/throwing blade,the Dagger,and the boulder.The Shuriken is the best,but expensive.the dagger is more cheap.Course!Boulders!Boulders laying on ground or can get by mining! They're useful,because unlike throwing blades/daggers,this baby does blunt damage,but a lot!They're can be throw or dropped(change it with mode cycle key).Instead you can use bricks,they're not the best to throw,but the best at dropping. +1:Bones can be requires a rock. +2:Wires are made of metal,and used to make some things such as a needle,etc. But if cannot get that baby,you can make it from bones. I hope you guys like this suggestion.Bye!
  16. TERRAFIRMA+ Be sure to Follow this post for updates! Episode 4: Medicine & Health Redone 5-16-2014 Other Episodes Episode 1: Animals and Carts Episode 2: Botany & Food Episode 3: Storage & Furniture http://terrafirmacra...rage-furniture/ -Medicine- -Respawning- *The quality of your health before you died will affect your skills when respawning *If you died of a fall or damage with perfect health prior, you will lose no skills, and start mostly well-fed and healthy *The worse your condition, health or otherwise, prior to death, the more you lose *If you had a 100% trauma/wound, and a major disease, and decide to simply hop into lava to re-set, you can lose as much as 50% of your skills in one or more areas. -Medical Skill- *New level chart, like the others *Leveled by creating both medicines/bandages, as well as using them >Much faster by making them *Higher levels increase both the effectiveness and quantity made for the material used. -Physical Health- *The body has a number of ways to be hurt, and a number of cures *Health meters, in the same way that nutrition and XP will increase health, injuries will decrease them *If both meters are full, the player will lose a total of 300 health from his/her max -Injury Meters- *All physical damage the player incurs will cause a % increase in this meter *Arrows at max charge will cause a 3% increase >Swords 1-6% to wounds chart, depending on tier >Maces 2-5% to trauma chart, depending on tier >Fire 5%/15% per second, caused by fire/lava *Various healing techniques to each chart *Each tier of injury comes with different debuffs (Feel free to post your own chart!) (Note: Wound/Trauma/Burn >00-20% no debuff, slight loss of health >20-40% Mining and damage is lessened >40-60% Slowness I / Bleeding I / Weakness I >60-80% Slowness II / Bleeding II / Weakness II >80-100% Slowness III / Bleeding III / Weakness III *Below 50% will lessen over time, anything above will need medicine/bandages -Illness Meters- *Different illness' will cause a % increase based on the severity * the amount of time you have it. (The debuff chart is universal between the charts) >00-20% no debuff, slight loss of health >20-40% Nausea and slowness I on and off >40-60% Nausea and slowness I often, Nausea and slowness II periodically. >60-80% Nausea and slowness I constant, II often and III occasionally >80-100% Nausea and slowness II always, III often. Wither can occur at 80 and will occur at 100, this will kill the player if not treated promptly. *Below 40% will decrease over time if the player has no active infections and is out of the rain/cold *Above 40% will increase without treatment, with medicine the player will suffer no effects and can do most anything *Above 70% will be deadly without treatment, and the player must stay inside and warm to make the medicine work -Wounds Chart- *Caused by slashing damage *Cause bleeding >Fixed with bandages -Burns Chart- *Caused by lava and fire *Anything above 30% can become infected, causing an increase to the infection chart in illness *The more severe the burn, the better lotion needed to counter-act it -Trauma Chart- *Caused by blunt damage and falling *Falling damage to the trauma chart is increase by 7% per block fallen past 3 -Infections- *Caused by untreated wounds or trauma *Have the same effects as a bacterial disease, but cannot be treated until the wound/trauma causing it is healed >Treated by antibiotics and rest -Bacteria- *Caused by eating rotten food, or drinking dirty water. *Same effects as an infection, but can be treated immediately. >Requires more/better antibiotics than an infection -Virus- *Most dangerous of the diseases *Caused from being in bad air (mining), or out in the rain for extended periods of time *Can only be treated with rest and warmth *A balanced diet will cause the illness to fade more quickly >Note: If the player logs out near a fire, or laying/sitting the illness will fade while they are not online, but much slower. (1/2 speed) -Bandages- *Basic *Advanced -Salves- *Aloe Lotion *Numbing Lotion -Splints- *Wood *Metal -Noobrtoast's Post- simple bugs( you will get over it eventually): the common cold: can be contracted when in cold temperatures character will cough and have a slight slowness debuff over the duration of it, no rememdies but your character will eventually get over it, barking cough: not sure about the technical name but a barking cough which drastically affects the characters stamina but eventually goes away can be managed by drinking tea (explained later), contracted from drinking dirty water, spoiled food, and cold temps just a runny nose: pretty self explanatory, can be managed the same way as a barking cough, contracted solely from cold temps like c.c. harmful if not treated: pneumonia: what I have right now can kill the player by suppressing the ability to breathe can be treated with mint tea, low activity and antibiotics (gone over later in the post) influenza: killed over half the population in a large pandemic back during ww1 you can treat it by taking menthol (obtained by processing mint plants In a quern), drinking lots of tea, and lowering the amount of activity your player is doing as well as making sure he stays warm you would have a very very very low chance of contracting this don't worry. can be managed but not cured (your chance of contracting one of these is extremely low like 1/500000 chance against): malaria: give the player a permenant "wither" debuff which you can get rid of by taking antibiotics every day or so if you miss a day you will have the wither debuff until you take antibiotics again contracted from dirty water, and spoiled food, and zombie encounters parasite infection: random virus that takes away 1 heart every 2 minutes, can be managed by taking antibiotics, menthol and drinking tea incurable viruses that insure death to your player(1/ 1 million chance of contracting) black death: everyone knows what this is can be slowed by antibiotics but will eventually kill your player, contracted from mobs, spoiled food and some animals h1n1 deadly variant: everyone also knows this one, can be slowed but will eventually kill you contracted the same way as black death zombie infection: it wouldn't be me not to opt for something that will eventually zombify your character resulting in you having to respawn and fight your former self for you stuff, this is the only virus with no cure plus nothing that slows its advance, contracted from zombies of course even lower chance of contracting than other incurable viruses remedies(gets rid of most things):tea( boil some water than add some fruits, veggies, mint plant, or menthol to it and boom you have the most effective cold remedy around) antibiotics(weak antibiotics made by grinding up 2 fruits or veggies in a quern add 2 more fruits/veggies to make strong antibiotics) menthol or straight mint: menthol made by grinding mint leaf in a quern, mint leaf obtained by finding mint plants around the world which yield 0-4 mint leafs when broken, can be turned into seeds and grown. pandemics: have a 1/400000 chance of happening during a pandemic your chance of contracting incurable but manageable or incurable/insures death diseases drastically increases so watch out! infections: infections which can kill the player if not bandaged and given antibiotics( bandages made from wool) can be contracted via wounds from combat. -Credits- Noobrtoast for his post
  17. I'd like it to be possible to plant non-TFC seeds on TFC farmland. It would not need to care about nutrients or temperature. Looking at how other mods (BOP long grass) implement it I think using iPlantable and implementing canSustainPlant in similar way as how you have reeds check for water. I'm sure it is more complicated than that, but it would be a nice addition for inter-mod compatibility.
  18. Some fruit related ideas

    Personally (although knowing on my luck I am the only person in the world with this opinion) I think that despite the fact that TFC has a lot of food, some revisions could be made to the fruits category. Also some of them need tweaking. For example: the ability to grow multiple types of fruit on one tree could be added, and removing blooms from a tree could result in a higher fruit yield. Fruit tree varieties: will update list with blooming time and other info Apricot Asian pear Avocado Coconuts Dates Fig Grapefruit Kumquat Lime Mango Mulberry Pear Persimmon Quince Sorbs Bush suggestions: Bearberry Blackcurrant Dewberries Grapes (would grow as either a crop or a vines-like bush, placeable on fences and walls) Aside from the soybean, the only source of protein is from meat products, and I think this should be balanced out. Some of the fruit higher in protein content, like apricots, avocados and coconuts, could be eaten for a relatively weak protein source. The same goes for calcium: the only way to obtain it is through milk and cheese, while some fruits and vegetables also contain a decent amount of calcium which could be used for this purpose. Also, if possible, they could simply mainly refill the fruit bar and also give Calcium/Protein in small amounts as a bonus. Bark from a mature mulberry, birch or aspen tree could be harvested and crafted into paper. Certain trees could possibly be grafted onto each other by placing a sapling onto another tree. These would decrease the fruit yield, but would give multiple seperate fruit types from one tree. Only fruits from related species could graft (pome fruits: red and green apples, Asian pears, pears and quinces, citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and kumquats, and other groups, such as peaches and apricots). Alternatively, one type of tree could produce multiple types of fruit. For example, one apple tree could mainly produce red apples but have a rare chance of producing a green apple, or vice versa. A similar rule would apply to other fruit, such as grapes (red or green). Grape could also be used to create wine After eating a fruit, you have a chance of getting a fruit seed. Depending on the fruit type, it can be rarer for example banana seeds, definite in the case of stone fruits like peaches and avocados, and certain fruits such as lemons may have multiple seeds. If you right click a block with this it will plant a sapling of the respective tree or a baby version of the bush which will grow into a normal one. The seed will only become a sapling if the climate is correct. I will update this thread with more suggestions. Hope you like. (I've been thinking of lot of suggestions lately, and this was just one of them)
  19. Ye Olde Scrap Bin

    I'm pretty sure the common thing to do about discarded items is to throw them down a pit or into a fire so that you don't accidentally pick them back up, however I thought itd be cool to have an item such as a crate without a lid that sucks up items dropped around it. Once the item is in the container it will decay and vanish but only after a period of time so that if you accidentally drop something you can retreive it.
  20. So I have read the mod idea "believably" That is the theme of terrafirmacraft and you know what I do not find believable... a building full of Chests Full Of gunpowder And Powder Kegs not exploding when they catch on fire so my suggestion is make storing gunpowder more dangerous if a chest full of gunpowder or that contains gunpowder catches on fire and is not put out in time will explode and when a explosion happens next to gunpowder or other explosive items they explode so a chest full of fireworks and gunpowder and powder kegs those chests near a fire source not a good idea so plan were you store your explosive items maybe have buckets and water ready and keep creepers away from your explosives sheds and maybe add special iron chests which store more but are also fireproof to add to the game play and rewards for taking precautions and adds danger for going the easy way That's My suggestion
  21. More Dangerous Minning

    I have an idea for mining I think it needs to be more dangerous In real life mining has many more dangers than cave-ins there is gas pockets co2 from humans and lighting if you use torches water seepage in mines does rot the support beams and they need to be replaced after a while so here is my idea of adding new features you need to make ventilation shafts to vent out noxious gasses. to keep your mine from exploding, igniting and collapsing from chard support beams use lamps that don't have a open flame example oil lamps will be added with a glass cover to prevent the ignition of methane gas if you mine into a pocket of it also the vents also help get rid of the gas hard hats to protect your head canaries and a cage to warn you of high gas level for idea the need to change support beams in certain fashion example place new support beam than remove rotten one what will happen without proper safety features high gas levels will not show any affects until extreme stage when death is near at that time you will get blindness slowness and weakness than you get the wither affect this will be stopped if you get out of high gas levels and into fresh air canaries will get this effect before you do giving you time to escape without the debuffs happining. if methane reaches a open flame example torch fire lava or oil lamp without safety cover will ignite and will explode and or ignite the entire mine causing support beams to fail and cause possible cavein ventilation shafts will lower gas levels and bring in fresh air someone tell me what they think of this idea
  22. Something I thought would be kinda cool was if you could put down a gunpowder trail as a fuse for a powderkeg. This would be a cool feature and a more believable way to ignite powderkegs as it is highly iconic and works. You could make it so that igniting a powderkeg without a fuse would make it explode instantly giving you no time to back to a safe distance. The trail would be a black redstone trail basically.
  23. Sleepy animals

    sleeping in minecraft was a feature added in 1.3 early with the redstone repeaters. however, animals and monster do live all days and nights long whitout sleeping. so why not making animals able to sleep too? cows: cows are animals that like to take a nap in the afternoon under trees. so why not making them actually do! well, that is what i'm about to explain. the cow would sleep with the legs stretched foward. the head facing the ground. criterias: -need to be atleast near a tree from 1 block from the last leaf. -time need to be set at afternoon (im not sure the time it is in minecraft) -if not under leaf pile, it needs to be in a little cave near the exit (the cave must be 3x5x4 at least for it to work) -(in a cave) the cow will sleep at afternoon. -the cow will only have 25% of sleeping with all the criterias shown up -cow WILL sleep when it's night time -cows can sleep if they are fenced in chickens: i've never seen a chicken sleep but i guess it sleep like it's laying an egg. so why not putting it in a sit way with the legs on the front with the head down. -chickens can construct thier own nest in the wild -chickens will sleep on the nest box -chickens will sleep if placed under trees even if it'S one block away from the ground. -time needs to be at least noon -chickens will lay an egg when they wake up -a possible effect of sleeping on chickens is feather falling from the body. (10% it happens during one nap) -chickens WILL NOT sleep in a cave. (because it's scary) -chickens WILL sleep when it's night time sheeps: -sheeps will sleep just like the cow does. -sheeps will sleep if placed under a tree -when sleeping, a sheep WILL regrow it's wool -sheeps WILL sleep during night time -sheeps will sleep when placed under a tree -sheeps will sleep if placed in a field during afternoon -sheeps have 5% chances of droppig whool on the floor during sleep time. -if all criterias are met, the sheep has 25% of sleeping pigs: pigs are little lazy and likes to take naps during the morning when it's still cold on the ground. they are not really usefull but for the same thing as every animals will specially have during sleep time (ooh, have i said that too early? naah, you'll see later). they sleep the same way as cow, sheep and mooshrooms. -pigs will sleep if placed under trees -pigs will sleep if placed in cave (3x5x4) -pigs will start running if woke up by -pigs will sleep when raining -pigs WILL sleep at night -pigs will sleep during morning -if all criterias are met, the pig will sleep at 45% of the time ocelot: what is cuter then kitties? your right! sleeping kitties <3. they sleep like all other does. -ocelot will sleep if near a bush (jungle minitrees) -ocelots WILL to sleep on a player's bed -ocelots will sleep near water ponds 1 block away -ocelots will sometimes sleep on player's stuffs: chest, workbench, furnaces (dont let them do that!!!) and bed. -ocelots will sleep if placed in plain during afternoon. -ocelots will sleep after a good meal -ocelot WILL RARELY sleep during night (they are nocturnal animals) wolves: "you little puppets is sleepy uh?" dogs likes to sleep with their master and they will be more healthy after a good nap on the wool floor -wolves will sleep if placed near fireplace -wolves will sleep if their masters sleeps too -wolves will sleep if placed on wool -wolves will sleep after a good meal -wolves will sometimes have nightmares and will wake you up during the night by howling (annoying) -wolves will sleep on player's bed -wild wolves WILL RARELY sleeps during night time (they are nocturnal animals) -wolves WILL sleep if forced to crouch (2 click on him) well if tfc staff wont make this into the mod anyone fell free to make an addons to tfc also all animals can't be interacted by anything [feed dog or milk the cows or shear the sheeps] while they are sleeping and you can wake them up with 1 punch and i they waken up in night they will take about 60 sec before they go back to sleeping
  24. Archery Overhaul

    This is an updated OP. The first version was trying to be redundantly realistic, hopefully this is better focused on quality and not just random detail overload. In real life crafting a quality bow can be done with little more than a knife and a straight piece of wood but it wont last long and it won't be very powerful. Right now the recipe for a bow is a huge let down. Close range weapons have a levelling system and the only long range weapon in the game is nothing but a vanilla item with “longer hold = stronger shot”. I would like to see bow making take on some similar qualities to metal working in this mod (things like scaled tiers of weapon, a unique GUI for crafting, skill with associated benefits ...etc) If you are wondering why this is such a long post... It would be easy to make a short post that says “Buff archery!”, in fact many posts of this nature exist for various aspect of the game. Instead of simply complaining loudly about the current state of bows and arrows I prefer to be more solution oriented and actually propose a detailed system to fix the problem. If you think this is too much detail, perhaps you are right about some parts but overall I would disagree. Look at the level of complexity that goes into metals in TFC in contrast to Vanilla Minecraft. There are the basics that you see but loads more details in the background. What we currently have is more or less the vanilla mechanics of archery. Instead of proposing a half-baked idea I have chosen to flesh it out and display a possibility for what archery could (and I believe should) be in Terafiirmacraft. Mechanics of Archery •When drawing a bow, any length of draw will shoot an arrow (this makes sense but is currently not the case) •The velocity of the arrow is determined by the type of bow used and whether or not it was drawn back fully •Holding an already fully drawn bow for a longer time will NOT increase the damage done by the resulting shot •Holding a fully drawn bow can only be done for a certain amount of time before your arm tires and the shot cancels -The time limit is determined by the draw weight of the bow and the archery level of the player -A bow that can only be held for 5 seconds by someone who is level 0 might be held for 20 seconds by someone who is level 50 and indefinitely by someone who is level 200 (numbers are random to illustrate progression) -Gaining archery skill adds time to the limit for low level bows faster than it adds time to high level bows •Quiver HUD will show quantities of each arrow type and which is currently selected (hotkeys to rotate selection) •In real life, firing an arrow results in the bow tilting forward after the arrow is loose -This would also be added to prevent people from grinding targets with no challenge once they find an angle that works •There is a brief reload time between shooting an arrow and starting to draw the next one (mimicking the time needed to nock an arrow in real life, high level archers would be able to nock new arrows faster to increase their rate of fire just a bit) •Shooting an arrow will spook nearby passive mobs if the arrow -does not kill the animal instantly or -hits the ground near the animal(s) •The factors that affect the damage of a shot are -The velocity of the arrow -The type of arrow (Damage is determined by the base dmg of the arrow type multiplied by a value that is influenced by velocity) •The draw weight of the bow only loosely reflects the damage increase, it does not directly influence damage •The draw weight only determines the strength of the bowstring needed Archery skill •Archery skill would be gained by -crafting bows (highest, variation depending on type of bow) -crafting arrows (lowest) -hitting targets (none-high) -hitting players (medium) -hitting passive mobs (medium) -hitting hostile mobs (high) •Archery skill would -increase durability of bows when crafting (similar to smithing) -slightly decrease the time it takes you to draw any bow -give you more time to aim before your arm gets tired -slightly decrease the time it takes to nock an arrow (time between firing and starting the next draw) Target Practice •Targets are created by placing thatch in a 3x3 wall and firing an arrow into the center block. The thatch becomes an immovable entity with 2 hitboxes, the outer ring of thatch is a separate hitbox and the middle block which turns red in color and serves as the “bullseye” •Arrows must hit the bullseye to gain archery skill •The amount of skill gained would depend on the distance from the target -at close range (none) -at mid range (medium) -at long range (high) •The definition of close, medium and long range would be different for each bow Stone age arrows •Stone arrowheads are made using the existing knapping interface •Each stone is knapped into 1 or two arrowheads using this pattern (or mirror images/rotations) 1 arrowhead 2 arrowheads •Stone arrows -have the lowest base damage value -will break when they hit anything except a target, dropping a fletched stick at the site of impact -have no effect on metal-armored players and mobs -have a strong debuff against leather-armored players and mobs -can be crafted in a 2x2 grid using a stick + feather + arrowhead (Yields one arrow, 4 arrows from one head is silly) or -crafting a fletched stick with a stone arrowhead •Flint arrows -have a base damage value slightly higher than stone -will break when they hit the ground or a metal-armored entity, dropping a fletched stick at the site of impact -have no effect on metal-armored players and mobs -have no debuff against leather armored players and mobs •Flint arrows could be made crafting a single piece of flint, yields 2 arrowheads (or it could be done using the knapping mechanic for stone, or the flint could be used as an arrowhead the way it is currently) Metal age arrows •Same recipe as stone age arrows (feather + stick + arrowhead = arrow) •Metal arrowheads of copper and bronze can be cast in a clay mold -one arrowhead mold can be cast into 4 arrowheads -one arrowhead mold consumes 50 units of molten copper/bronze (net yield is 8 arrowheads per ingot) •Wrought iron, steel and black steel must be worked on an anvil to create arrowheads - First you must work an ingot into a pile of small ingots, this is made using Punch, Last Punch, Not last Punch, Not last -Working one pile of small ingots gives 8 arrowheads (same net yield as casting) •There are 2 types of metal arrows: Broadhead and Blunt Broadheads -The clay mold for casting broadheads would look like this -Making broadheads on an anvil would be done by working a pile of small ingots using Hit, Last Hit, Not last Shrink, Not last •Broadheads do piercing damage and cause a bleed effect for an additional bit of damage 1 second later •Broadheads have a chance to break if they hit a metal-armored mob or player. (chance decreased with better metals) Blunt Heads -The clay mold for casting blunt heads would look like this -Making blunt heads on an anvil would be done by working a pile of small ingots using Upset, Last Draw, Not last Any, Not last •Blunt heads do crushing damage but are only effective against skeletons and birds, they will stun larger (non-skeleton) mobs for a brief moment (time increases with better metals) •Blunt heads do not break Bowstrings •To make a bowstring hold at least 8 string in your hand and alternate left and right clicking (simulates plaiting) •After 8 right clicks and 8 left clinks the string is consumed and you will have a bowstring with a 8 pound draw strength. •Hold the bowstring in your hand and for every following 4 sets of left and right clicks following the initial creation of the string, 4 string is consumed from the inventory and 4 pounds is added to the draw strength of the bowstring •In order to string a bow, the draw strength must be equal to or greater than the draw weight of the bow. Stone Age Bows Basic Self Bow The staple long range weapon of the stone age. Specs -Draw weight 16lbs -Draw speed 3s -Draw hold time 8s at level 0 -Durability 300 uses Crafting •Splitting a log with a stone axe (by crafting together) gives a Rough Wood Stave •Right clicking holding a Rough Stave and having a stone knife on your hotbar opens a GUI to tiller the stave into a bow Diagram of tillering for stone age bows (brown section=wood and is 1500x100 pixels thick, everything is proportional, 1 unit = 10 pixels) -The Rough Stave is displayed across the screen as a long rectangular shape with a slot at the top right hand corner that takes the knife from your hotbar automatically (to help players know they need to use it) -The faint shape of a finished bow could be displayed above the visual of the stave to help the player know what to do -A Rough Stave has a max thickness of 10 units and a minimum thickness of 8 units, wood in the sections outlined in red may or may not be there. -This means that there is always 6 units of thickness that goes through the center of the entire stave •Left clicking with a knife in section 1a will remove a unit of thickness from the top of section 1 •Left clicking with a knife in section 1b will remove a unit of thickness from the bottom of section 1 -If all the wood is gone in 1b then clicking in 1b will start to remove the wood at the bottom of 1a •To successfully turn the Rough Stave into a Basic Self Bow (unstrung) you must thin the Rough Stave so that there is -1 unit in section 1a -2 units in section 2a -3 units in section 3a -2 units in section 4a -1 unit in section 5a (The shape of the bow is what matters, the sections with wood in them can be translated vertically up or down so long as the shape remains intact) Diagram for shape of finished Basic Self Bow •If any segment is left too thick when exiting the GUI the item will remain a Rough Stave and the tooltip will display Item has been carved •If any segment is thinned past the point of being able to create a bow, the Stave will show Ruined on the tooltip when the GUI is exited •To string the bow -make sure you have a bowstring with the correct draw weight in your inventory -hold right click with the bow in hand (like you were firing) and the unstrung bow will bend back -when it reaches full draw the bowstring is consumed and you now hold a Basic Self Bow Bamboo Bow Not as powerful or durable as the Basic Self Bow but much easier to acquire. Specs -Draw weight 8lbs -Draw speed 2s -Draw hold time infinite -Durability 120 uses Crafting •Harvesting the bottom block of a 3-tall sugarcane with a knife takes 10 seconds and drops a Bamboo Stave (similar to breaking grass with a knife yields an intact resource while punching will destroy it) •A bamboo stave only needs to be strung using the same mechanic for stringing the Basic Self Bow and it is ready for use Metal Age Bows (Work in progress) Other features I can’t decide on -Multiple bowstring materials (string, jute fibers, sinew…etc) -Bowstring durability (based on material & draw strength) -Sights to help aim (a use for gems) If you want to read the original post for quotes, references or just to see where this idea started here you go. Hi, thanks for coming over to read this, it means a lot to me. I'll start off by acknowledging that I'm totally new to this forum, so none of you will know me. I hope that doesn't affect your opinion of my ideas too much. My first time making a bow in terrafirmacraft was a bit of a let down. It's such a delicate, long, time consuming and skilled process in real life that I expected something fun and challenging in game. My goal for this thread is to show you how Archery in TFC could be something that takes time to master, has good rewards, takes effort, patience and ads to the immersion of the game as well as adding another dynamic to SMP where players would become skilled bowyers, serving their communities and making high quality weapons for their friends. Having a good bow would be a point of pride on a server, where crafting the best bow can take a full year to do it properly. I couldn't get this archery business off my mind so i threw it into words on a page. Nearing the end of my venting I realized I wanted to make a suggestion thread, so I made a forum account but to my horror (Should have seen this coming a mile away) a fellow by the name of Jed1314 already asked for an ranged weapon overhaul. No disrespect to him or his ideas and please know I wrote all of this before I found his thread. Here goes. I think everyone was happy when they saw the quiver added but the sad fact is that Archery is currently a 2 and a half tier system. Tier 1- You have no bow. You have no arrows. Tier 2- You pluck 2 pheasants and kill 3 spiders. You now have the best bow and more arrows than you will use in a year. Tier 2.5- You kill a few pigs, make your first saw, hammer and find a few flux stone for making leather. You now have a quiver. Tier 3- There is no tier 3, you have everything you will ever have. That's it. You're done.... good job. Go mine some copper. As you can see there more than a little is room for improvement. I am sure that the developers are well aware of this but nevertheless I would like to voice my opinions in hopes that I am not the only one who would like to see this aspect of weaponry fleshed out in the near future. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will even agree with the specifics Bow-making is a highly complicated art form, many people devote their lives to it and are still getting better. Obviously metalworking is the current focus of complexity but I think archery could be a great runner-up. Am I suggesting a ridiculous amount of detail? Yes. Would it take a ton of code? Yes. Could it be simplified? Absolutely. This is just to show what it COULD be. As always it's up to the devs to determine what it actually WILL be. First I will give you a nice list. Then, if you're interested, there will be more detailed explanations of the logic and rational that went into the the things on the list. That will go under the list. Have a nice day :3 Condensed list of additions to archery Archery skill- Become a Robin Hoodlum! Multi-step bow/arrow creation- Get crafty! Different bows/arrows- Upgrade your gear! Comprehensive list of additions to Archery New Blocks/Items/Thingies Straight Stave The first step in making any bow above bamboo is to acquire a straight stave of the needed wood type. Straight staves are worked on the bowyer station to create bows. They drop from breaking logs that were not placed by a player and can only be dropped from the log block you are breaking, not from any logs above it that will fall when you chop below them. They are an uncommon → rare drop. (Higher level archers get a better chance of a straight stave dropping) Tiller Crafted using 5 planks (must be from hardwood tree) fill center column and place a plank in both bottom corners Used when crafting higher tier bows, after stretching unfinished bow on it you can see where more wood must be removed to progress to the next stage. Contains a slot for a string. String must be equal to the draw weight of the bow to use it on the tiller Drying rack 3 planks on bottom row and a triangle of 3 sticks, can hold 1 bow (and possibly a certain amount of food) for drying Horn/Antler Mob drop from rams or deer, respectively Used in crafting composite bows Sinew Rare drop from pigs, cows & sheep Consistent drop from deer Used in crafting composite bows Collagen/Glue Collagen is a by product from scraping soaked hides, it is the connective tissue on animal hides. Every 4 collagen (stacks to 32), kept very hot*** (or hotter) in a fire pit for a full 2 minutes with enough empty bottles in one of the output slots will produce a bottle of glue. Bottles of glue have a multiple use durability and are used to fasten different parts of higher level bows together. Linseed (Crop) aka “Flax” Harvesting flax yields flax fiber and 3-6 seeds. Cooking 32 seeds in a fire pit with empty bottles in an output slot will produce bottles of linseed oil. Flax fiber is processed the same way as jute. Osage Orange (existing tree) Tier VI Osage orange is one of the best woods for bow-making irl. Since we already have an orange tree i decided it would be simpler to use it for this. When harvesting the trunk blocks of an orange tree you will get either a bent, warped, knotty or straight stave. Straight staves make up 5% of drops and are the only stave that can make composite bows and stocks for crossbows. The other staves are useless for bow making but can be cut into lumber and crafted into orange wood planks to make the Bowyer Station (new multi-block structure) Lemonwood (existing tree) Tier V Same mechanic as osage orange but using lemon trees. This wood is good enough for a recurve bow but not composite. Chance to get a straight Lemonwood stave is 8% Yew (new tree) Tier IV Spawns like any other regular tree (not tfc fruit tree). It is required to make longbows. A straight yew stave has a 10% chance to drop but only from the block you are cutting, none of the tree that falls down above your axe cut has a chance to produce a stave. Maple/Oak/Ash (existing trees) Tier III All these trees already exist. Harvesting a straight stave is a 15%chance. These woods are needed to make shortbows. Bamboo (new item) Tier II Bamboo staves are harvested by breaking the bottom block of a 3-high sugarcane that grew on its own. The higher archery level you are the faster you can successfully harvest a bamboo stave. You have to be careful, so breaking the block at low levels will take about 45 seconds. Big Stick (new item) Tier I Crafted with any 3 sticks diagonal in the crafting table along with a knife in any empty slot. This is used to make beginner’s bows. Chromite (new ore) Contains chromium, used in making spring steel Spiegeleisen (new alloy ore) A natural iron alloy ore with 15% manganese, 85% iron. Ideal for spring steel because the manganese content is already the right amount. Mix 92% Spiegeleisen and 8% Chromium in a crucible to obtain stainless steel alloy (new crucible mixture). Spring-Tempered Stainless Steel Made by repeatedly working stainless steel ingot on an anvil. Every Hit, Hit, Hit finish has a 10% chance to produce spring tempered stainless steel Bow Strings (new item) Instead of spiders dropping string they drop silk threads. Hold silk threads (at least 16) in your hand and alternately left and right click in the air (8 right clicks and 8 left clicks). This will plait the threads together into a bowstring with an 8 pound draw limit. In order to make stronger bowstring for higher level bows, repeat the process while holding a bow string in your hand, silk threads in your inventory will be consumed and for every set of 8 left clicks and 8 right clicks (still alternating) 16 threads will be used and the string will gain 8 pounds of draw limit. Target (new placeable item) Large targets are made by crafting 2x2 thatch with 2 planks underneath. Hitting a large target adds to your archery skill. Distance to target is factored in. Small targets are made with thatch overtop a plank. Hitting a small target adds more xp then a large one. Distance is factored in. Poison (new item) It would involve 2 new poisonous crops, golden poppies and cassava and appropriate steps for processing the raw plant material into poison. Higher level poisons could be created using other mechanics involving poison dart frogs or abalone shells, to name a few possibilities. (More on this idea if you guys are interested) Addition of archery skill -Archery skill increased by -hitting targets (skill increase based on distance to target, size of target and where you hit) -hitting mobs (skill increase based on distance, size of target and how clean the shot was) -hitting players (skill increase based on distance and where you hit) -Archery skill will influence 8]-how fast you draw ANY bow 8]modifies the base value for a faster pull 8]-how steady you are with ANY bow 8]crosshair waivers while holding a draw, this affects how quickly and how much your aim will stabilize after drawing a bow (different from bow accuracy) 8]-how fast you can nock another arrow 8]this is obvious, an experienced archer can rapidly draw and fire arrows but a beginner will take more time to grab for his quiver and nock the next arrow 8]-how long you can hold bows at full draw 8]Bows with heavier pulls wear out your arm faster and holding at full draw for too long starts to make your cursor move erratically until you are forced to cancel the shot 8]-what types of bows and arrows you can use 8]If you attempt to use a bow that is above your level you will get a message saying “Maybe I should practice on something a little easier first.” and you will not be able to fire an arrow 8]NOTE At lower levels the archery skill provides more of a boost per (x number of levels) 8]For expample: (using random numbers) getting to level 100 might take 0.4 seconds off your draw times but getting to level 1000 might only take off 1.3 seconds. 8] Bow attributes Draw speed (in seconds)** Base draw time to a max velocity arrow, holding a bow at full draw for 10 seconds doesn't make the arrow fly any further then holding it there for one second, but it will make your aim a little more steady. This should be a mechanic, it takes only a few seconds to reach max potential energy at full draw but in order to steady your aim you must hold it there while you line up your target. Hold it too long and your arm will get tired (at higher skill levels you can hold bows full drawn much longer as you increase in strength) Draw weight (in pounds) ** Main factor in determining the resulting velocity of the arrow at any given stage of the draw. In combination with the arrow used and the skill level of the archer this helps determine damage. In conjunction with archery skill this attribute also determines how long you can hold a bow at full draw before your arms gives out. Accuracy (max angle variation in degrees)*** (low-high)** When the arrow is loosed it will fly at an angle slightly off what was aimed. Higher tiers of bows will fire shots with less and less deviation from the crosshair. ONLY THE WORD VALUE is shown on when shift+hover cursor, the decimal value is the max angle it can deviate and is used only for calculations. Durability (uses, numerical) * This is not what breaks the bow. When a bow reaches 20% of it’s durability it starts to lose it’s spring and fires with 5% less velocity for each additional percent of durability lost until it reaches 0% durability and the bow loses its spring entirely. A bow below 20% durability can be re-tillered at a bowyer station to get it back to 50% of it’s original durability, the 50% becomes it’s new max durability so when it reaches 20% of that it can be tillered again if the player wishes to get a few more shots out of it. Bows can be re-tillered no more than twice, after that there is not enough wood left and it becomes a decorative item. -Decay (dry >>> rotten)* Historically the composite bows that had sinew, horn, bone and wood in them were used in dry regions because of the higher risks of decay. With the exception of the crossbow, bows will become progressively wetter when they are taken outside in the rain, when taken swimming or when stored on a tool rack that does not have a solid block over top it during a storm. While exposed to water the bow progresses from damp → wet → soaked → musty → mildewed → decaying → rotten. The rate of progressions increases a you go along Here is information on each stage Water-proofing of bows can be done by crafting the bow with a bottle of linseed oil (new crop) and a wool cloth (cloth not consumed, empty bottle returned) Each waterproofing lasts 3 days. Damp No effect on using the bow, serves as preliminary warning. Wet 25% chance to use 2 durability per shot Soaked 75% chance to use 2 durability per shot, velocity decrease 10% Musty 2 durability per shot, 25%chance to use 4 durability per shot, velocity decrease 20% Mildewed 5 durability per shot, 30% to use 20 durability per shot, velocity decrease by 35%, 4% chance to break on use Decaying 30 durability per shot, velocity decrease by 50%, 20% chance to break on use Rotten Bow breaks. Drying To dry a damp, wet or soaked bow more quickly you must place it on a drying rack (new block) with one air block in between the rack and a lit campfire or 2 air blocks from a lit forge. (This could also be used as the mechanic used to dry fruits, vegetables and meats) Note, if the bow is in the musty, mildewed or decaying stages a drying rack MUST be used, air drying (in the inventory or on a tool rack with no fire) may only be used to dry a bow that is damp, wet or soaked but will take significantly longer. -Brittleness (supple >>> brittle, affected by temperature)* This attribute only affects the crossbow because the part that bends aka, the prod (or lathe, in this case because it is made of steel) is metal and so becomes much more brittle when cold. Along with 2x rot progression on the composite bow this mechanic serves to reduce power-creep in archery. 8]Supple Ambient temp above 0º, no debuffs. 8]Cold**** Ambient temp between 0º and -20º, 1% chance crossbow lathe will shatter when both winding or firing 8]Brittle Ambient temp below 20º, 10%chance crossbow lathe will shatter when both winding or firing * indicates information displayed with hovering cursor over item** indicates information when shift+hover cursor ***(Note that deviation should be randomized to fit WITHIN the max angle and should not always BE the max angle. ie: a bow with terrible accuracy might shoot right where you are aiming, but it’s unlikely) ****Realistically this is the brittle temperature of high-carbon steel, stainless spring-forged steel would be fine well under 100º celsius. For believability though I think it’s fine. Different bow types Beginner’s bow 6s 12lbs Dreadful accuracy (1.4º) 120 Bamboo bow 7s22lbs Poor accuracy (1.1º) 220/220 1.5x rot progression speed Short bow 5s30lbs Fair accuracy(0.6º) 410/410 Can be fired while riding a horse Long bow 6s45lbs Fair accuracy (0.55º) 440/440 Recurve bow 4s60lbs Good accuracy (0.2º) 710/710 Can be fired while riding a horse Composite bow 3s80lbs Very good accuracy (0.025º) 1300/1300 2x rot progression speed Can be fired while riding a horse Spring-Tempered Steel crossbow (fires steel bolts) 16-Draw speed150-Draw weight ca Very good accuracy (0.1º) 1200/1200 susceptible to cold CONCERNING ACCURACY If you are wondering about the accuracy values I will briefly explain. Using basic trigonometric ratios you can determine how much an arrow can go off course. Assuming all arrows fly straight lines (no gravity) and every bow was capable of shooting 100 blocks. A bow with a max accuracy variation of 1.5º COULD hit roughly 2.6 blocks to either side and up or down of where you aimed. (Keep in mind the bows with the more terrible accuracies will not be able to fire great distances anyway so this will be diminished) A bow with 1º COULD be up to be 1.7 blocks off center at 100 meter distance. A bow with 0.1º COULD be up to 0.175 blocks off center at same distance. Remember that I say COULD because it will more often hit somewhere between center and the max variation. Your shooting won’t ALWAYS be off. Fewer mistakes when crafting a bow will be able to make the accuracy slightly better (and visa versa), more on crafting later (if you guys are interested) Crafting Arrows Too many arrowheads spoil the broth… Not sure who makes arrowhead soup but I’ll keep that in mind. All arrow recipes are shapeless and involve the arrow head, a stick and a feather. ​Crossbow bolts are crafted with a bolt shaft on top a feather. All arrows have 0% chance to break when fired into a target (right clicking target will pull arrows out one at a time starting with the most recent addition Stone age arrows Stone arrowhead Lowest Damage Crafted using the existing knapping interface Created 2 arrowheads at a time using this technique (requires some finesse, horizontal and vertical mirror images also viable) All arrows with stone heads will break on impact unless the arrow hits a player/mob/target in which case igneous extrusive arrows have a 60% chance of dropping when the animal/player dies. Igneous Intrusive have a 40% chance to do the same. Metamorphic rocks are at 20% chance and sedimentary stone cannot be used to make arrowheads. (IMHO it shouldn’t be used for any tools… who ever heard of stone tool being made from chalk?) If the arrow is not retrieved then the animal broke it off and it is gone for good When hitting the ground with a missed shot only the head of the arrow breaks or all the birds would be dead in a week. Simply recraft broken arrow with a fresh arrowhead and try again. Flint arrowheads Same dmg as stone (but can cause bleed, can add poison) I don’t think the current recipe has anything wrong with it. If you added flint knapping and used the same knapping recipe as stone to double your arrowhead output that would be appreciated by people who keep firing arrows at the ground and breaking them. Flint arrows would use the same breaking/repairing mechanic and percentages as igneous extrusive rock, but they have a 30% chance to cause a mob or player to bleed for an additional 50% of regular damage due to being sharper than their stone cousins. Flint arrows are the only arrows that can be treated with poisons to create poison arrows. (poisons contain compounds that could react with metals and become useless, also serves to prevent OP arrows with both high damage and poison) Metal age arrows All metal arrowheads are produced by working metal ingots in an anvil. Start ingot with a process that ends in Punch, Punch, Punch (punch ingot 3 times = 4 joined pieces) This creates a metal item called “small joined ingots” This item is immediately worked again with a process ending in Draw, Any Hit, Punch (pull out shape, flatten to broadhead, punch to separate 4 arrowheads) Allow arrowheads to cool and craft as before mentioned to create arrows. All metal arrows are retrievable when the animal they are shot in is killed. Broadhead Arrows -Effective against naked players, leather armored players and mobs (except skeletons) Copper Broadhead Lower dmg, 15% chance to break if arrow hits the ground Bronze Broadhead Medium dmg, 8% chance to break if arrow hits the ground, 10% chance to “bleed” an additional 50% dmg Wrought Iron Broadhead High dmg, 3% chance to break if arrow hits the ground, 20% chance to chance to “bleed” an additional 40% dmg Steel Broadhead Highest dmg, will not break if hits the ground, 25% chance to “bleed” an additional 35% dmg Steel Bolt Shafts Made by working “Small joined ingots” with a final process of Any, Draw, Punch (pull shape and punch to separate, no flattening needed) Only effective against armored players/mobs. (Bolts don’t have the internal bleeding effect of broadheads and so are not used in hunting, they existed solely to punch through armor) Crafting Bows This is where I have to figure out how to explain the visual in my mind about the interface for working staves into bows. It would require multiple steps, drying in between, tillering, bending with hot oil and some other stuff in a unique GUI but at this point I feel I should slow down and ask what you guys think before writing an almanac on bow making. Let me know if you're interested in my ideas for actually crafting the bows! And questions, criticisms and general feedback are welcome! PS, If you made it this far I am truly flattered. Thanks!
  25. Rare Meteoric Iron ore

    I Have A suggestion for iron I read that some of the first iron tools were made of meteoric iron which was almost pure iron so my idea was to add rare very rare cluster of meteoric iron ore as rocks on the surface of the world Also It would never be found in veins meteoric iron being almost pure iron would yield 100 units of iron but would be very rare to keep it balanced and not over powered I found this out on Wikipedia link for iron age and how they used meteoric iron