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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. [64x][1.7.10] Nobody's Pack [TFC full support]

    Running TFC, but barrels aren't showing liquids I have two resource packs installed: Vanilla Nobody's pack for 1.7.10and theTFC resource pack. The barrels do not show liquids i.e. Tannin and limewater, even water doesn't show. If I remove both texture packs, everything is fine. If I only use TFC resource pack, then only water showers, but no tannin or limewater. Mods being used: [1.7.10]TerraFirmaCraft- fastcraft-1.23.jar journeymap-1.7.10-5.1.4p1-unlimited.jar Timescaler v1.33 (1.7.2).jar
  2. New Animals on Old World?

    For example: If I have a pre-horses world, if I play it again, now that terrafirmacraft supports horses, then will they spawn in that game? Also will it spawn up to date biomes instead of old ones?
  3. MCPC+ With TerrafirmaCraft Rendering problem

    how much RAM do you allocate for server? 1gb - 2gb I upped it to 3gb how much RAM do you allocate for client? Not sure how to do that, is that from the client side? does this issue happen on pure MCPC? haven't tried thisdoes this issue happen on Forge+TFC? never got this to work what other mods are in use in client? not mods, but pluggins, mcMMO, dynmap, and extendday Server view distance was 10, I dropped it to 7
  4. MCPC+ With TerrafirmaCraft Rendering problem

    I have a dedicated MCPC+ server running Terracraft and my players are experiencing serious viewing issues with the land disappearing about 30 blocks away from player view and then reappearing when close enough to it. It makes navigation extremely difficult. This happens to an area that a player returns to that they previously explored. Any known solutions for this? Server: 4x core 2.20ghz 4gb RAM 64 bit windows 7 TFC Beta 0.77.21 MCPC-Plus 1.6.x
  5. [Solved] Dedicated Server won't start

    Caveman's method worked. This thread is solved.
  6. [Solved] Dedicated Server won't start

    Some directions for making MCPC work would be nice. Is MCPC craftbukkit?
  7. [Solved] Dedicated Server won't start

    Correct vanilla jar? What the muck is that... No, my vanilla extract is in a small bottle, not a jar. Do you mean the 1.6.2 minecraft server jar? After your first post I did the minecraftforge-installer-1.6.2- (1).jar and all it did was install the same exact file that I originally dropped in there.
  8. [Solved] Dedicated Server won't start

    How do I install forge? What I did is dropped the minecraftforge-universal-1.6.2- file into my server folder and called tit good.
  9. [Solved] Dedicated Server won't start

    I followed the server installation, but the command window from the .bat file doesn't last long. Just long enough to get a screen shot of it: This is my first time making a TerraFirmaCraft Server, so I'll also apply the status of my server. 4x core 2.20ghz 4gb RAM 64 bit windows 7