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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. Official Website: - Apply here Server Details: On the site Teamspeak3 Server: Address: Pass:prv Whitelist Policy: The whitelist is now in effect. Please apply on the website to be added. Official Policy for Moderators: "It is not our policy to intervene in server matters. If you have an issue, take it to court. We will not replace stolen goods, or fix damaged homes, as this is outside of our power. We are here to provide justice in courts and that is all. We are otherwise normal players who want to play as well. Thanks." Slots: 40 Mods: TFC, Smart Moving, Rei's minimap is optional. New mods will be added soon, waiting on them to update to 1.3.2 Rules: These are on the site, read them there.
  2. Reflections on suggestions

    Cool ! I'm glad to hear that. I think some of the suggestions are genuinely great, but I can totally see from your perspective that you can't spend all that time programming in what are effectively requests Good to be back, haven't been around in a while
  3. Reflections on suggestions

    I was quite active on this forum for a while, I mainly posted in the suggestions. I don't really play the mod any more, though I do keep tabs on the changes. I've always wondered what impact the player suggestions have on the games development. When I look back on the effort I put into those suggestions, I realize that I spent most of the time because I found it interesting to think about the possibilities, rather than a genuine belief I would affect the course of the game. Any thoughts ?
  4. Reflections on suggestions

    I feel like I need to point out I don't mean this in a bitter way at all. I enjoyed the time I spent writing the suggestions, and I never expected any of the functions to be coded into the game. I think a lot of people are the same Sda, I've got a job, a social life and any single player games I want to work through. I think if this mod was a standalone game with better graphics, it would probably eat a chunk of my life, but I don't feel the same draw to play minecraft anymore. I also feel like there was never the community to fully draw me into the game. In the earlier days, we tried hard, I even hosted a server aimed at RP survival with factions, but there was never the population to sustain any really interesting interaction. I think if you could get a server running this mod with a decent number of players, you could have a genuinely interesting MMO, without it being any different from today. BUT back on track The question I posed was more directed at how much player suggestions influenced the game design choices, rather than if any of them were included outright, but I do totally agree with you and there were many times during my suggestions that I wished I could code to make them into an addon, though I don't think that was considered an option by Bioxx and Dunk at the time.
  5. The Wailing - An alien new dimension None of this is remotely set in stone. The name could still change ("Lament" or "The Withering" are current alternatives. I will add more that I deem suitable as they are suggested.) Also, please post any pics you think will inspire. The blocks section needs love, so if you have any ideas, fire away I will confess myself, this may be consigned to the realms of “would need to be an addon, way too big†but I want to get this out there ! I want to say thanks to Lumireaver (for helping to inspire this with his vision of the nether), EternalUndeath (for pushing me to do something far more creative than the original idea) and Justanotherguy (Because you're just so damn supportive !) Prologue: You are running, breathless but driven on by fear. Shadows lunge out at you, cast by the gargantuan pillars of rock which jut out of the otherwise barren landscape around you. You see an end to the claustrophobic walls of stone. A last burst of determination pushes you onwards and you break free of the oppressive landscape. You find yourself on a plateau surveying an alien, unfamiliar landscape, the sky is a dark hue of purple, a large bright moon sits motionless in the sky, casting an ethereal glow on all you survey. Gargantuan seas of teal, angry water, glowing mountains crackling with energy and in the distance, a mysterious, seemingly abandoned pyramid. Your reflections are cut short by the blood curdling screech of the creatures behind you. Basic Premise: Overhaul enchantment and add a new dimension The Wailing ! New Features: The Wailing A new dimension ! New Mobs Who are both terrifying and powerful. A real challenge for the end game players. The Scourge A new threat, or something we are all familiar with ? New Enchantment Mechanic To be elaborated on in another post A New Ore And it's in the normal world ! Use of existing features: Very very little :S Gold and clay, and that’s about it. The Wailing: The Concept: Black fear (as EternalUndeath put it). The feeling of being watched when the lights go out. The surreal and terrifying places our minds go to when we sleep sometimes. That time you took that really bad acid. The Wailing is meant to capture the feelings of discomfort, alienation and inexplicable fear we feel in these situations. It is the fear, not of death or fire or demons, but of the unknown, the unfamiliar and the unseen. It’s not hell, it’s strange and terrifying. It’s what the Ender should have been. Travel To The Wailing: Travel to the wailing will be done in two ways. The most simple of them is to smelt the Scourge ore down into a clay pot. As the ore will not have any stabilizing medium when out of the pot, it will allow massive amounts of energy to seep in at once when thrown to the ground. This will cause 2 things: A rift to the wailing will open and some monsters may spawn. This temporary rift will stay open for the entire night, but no longer. This must be done outside at night. If you attempt to open a rift during the day, the ingot will explode like tnt. If you attempt to open a portal underground, the pressure wave caused by the tear will cause a cave in, even if the roof is supported. The other option is to find a portal in a stronghold. These are effectively the same as the “ender portals†in vanilla, but instead of requiring eyes of ender, they require Scourge ingots. These portals also only open at night, meaning if you spend too long in the wailing, you will have to wait till the next night to get back. For emergency returns, gold in a clay pot (which is unstable in the wailing unless alloyed) can be thrown down, to create a rift back through to the normal world. It is important to note, however, that other monsters may follow you back through either portal. With strongholds presenting enough of a weak spot in the fabric for more powerful monsters. The Landscape: Rather than try to explain this, I will show you the pictures that have inspired me, then go on to elaborate. I envision a landscape like those above. The sky would be a dark shade of purple, with a huge, unmoving moon. The surroundings would be more than bright enough to see in, but all the light cast would be a shade of blue/white (as it is cast from the moon). The landscape is barren, yet not boring, as it is filled with alien rock formations like the first picture, as well as large seas. There would be bogs with semi submerged trees, they would be horrible place, like the dead marshes of LOTR. As well as this, there would be mountains covered in luminescent blocks, as in the third picture. The mayan style pyramids play an important role which will be discussed later, however, they will dot the landscape in two forms, small individual temples and large, towering temple complexes. They look abandoned and run down, but are they ? The Blocks: There would be a wide range of blocks in the Wailing. I do not feel up to coming up with them alone though, so all suggestions are welcome and will be considered The Inhabitants: The Wailing would be a very dangerous place, suitable only for late game players who could handle the mobs here. I will not go into massive detail here, to avoid the thread becoming any longer. Thralls A light violet human like creature, twisted and malformed. Shorter than Steve, as their bent backs and stunted growth keep them around 1.5 blocks high. The Bone Lords Are towering figures at 3.5 blocks tall, wearing full plate and carrying a greatsword. They live in vast temple complexes. The Faceless Ones Porcelain white creatures, they have no facial features or hair, only mouths full of jagged crooked teeth. They are small and slight, slim and 1.5 blocks tall. They gather in groups of 2 or 3 Flesh Giants The second largest mob in this realm, flesh giants are huge, hulking abominations. They are not one being, but many, melted together by the energy of The Withering. Everywhere they go, the moans of suffering of it's many constituent parts travels ahead of them. They are 4.5 blocks tall Skitterer These monsters are twisted and contorted, bent over backwards, they crawl slowly on all fours. As soon as they spot you, they freeze for a second, then let out a screech and sprint rapidly towards you. Strider Towering insect like creatures, they stand well over 10 blocks tall. You are as insignificant as an ant to them and they will totally ignore you unless provoked. Black and chitinous, covered in razor sharp spikes with large, intimidating mandibles, they paint an intimidating picture. Inspiration for the mobs: The Scourge: Basic Explanation:The Scourge is an ore of sorts. It represents “seepage†from the wailing into our world. In my vision of Scourge lore it is the reason that zombies and skeletons rise from the dead to attack steve at night. It is not “magical energy made solid†but water from the oceans of the Wailing which has reacted, bonded and stabilized with rock in the earths crust. The presence of this liquid allows a constant trickle of energy from the wailing to spread out into the world. This is un-noticable during the daylight hours, as the energy rapidly converts into heat in sunlight (explaining why the zombies and skele’s catch fire as they are imbued with massive quantities of “wailing Energyâ€). However, at night and in the dark the energy is able to manifest itself, primarily by reanimating corpses.As The Scourge is a physical object, it can be found in the world. Every biome that spawns would have a small chance of spawning a “vein†of Scourge. This “ore†is the key to travel to the wailing. The ore: The ore would be found at great depths, close to the bedrock. It would be detectable with the propick. In addition, a ringing sound will play, which will change in volume depending on your distance from the ore. When the ore is exposed to air, a few things happen: The ringing sound stops. As does all other sound. This will happen for 5 seconds. After these seconds sound will return, accompanied with the ringing sound again, but slightly louder. From this point you have another 10 seconds to mine the ore. If it is not destroyed after 10 seconds, several monsters will spawn due to the Scourge destabilizing. Once you have the ore, you can return to the surface. Recent Edits: Changed inhabitants section to reflect the new mobs envisioned by Eternal and myself Uploaded a new inspiration picture for the mobs
  6. Total Ranged Overhaul

    First, I want to appologise to the community at large for my (extremely) frequent posts. I am full of ideas as I have been playing this mod for a long time and have wanted to say a lot of this for a long time. If anyone feels I am being too forward with my ideas, please tell me and I will calm it This is a comprehensive ranged overhaul, complete with images of intended recipes etc. The images are not great (because I am no artist) I was going to wait till all images were complete but want to see the community response first. I will be updating the images as I go. Anyone who wants to help can message me/submit images to me for the OP Ranged Combat Overhaul Appologies for the awful artwork Basic Premise: Ranged combat is currently a weak area of the game. With only a few extra items, this could easily be changed. New Features: Removal of the vanilla bow (anyone familiar with archery will know 3 sticks + string does not make a bow ) Addition of a composite bow (replacement for vanilla bow) crafted with sinew, horn, sticks, fish glue + string Addition of the pilum as a short - medium range metal age skirmishing weapon Addition of crossbows crafted with any kind of steel (higher grade=more durability + red/blue steel increase damage by 1 heart) Use of existing features: The horn used in any recipes is a new drop from the cow The sinew used would be a new drop from deer Fish glue would be made by cooking already cooked fish (not ideal but seems the easiest solution) The composite bow: The composite bow has been added to replace the removed vanilla bow. It is the same in terms of fire and damage rate as the vanilla bow (should this be increased?), with a higher durability. It is the ranged weapon with the longest effective range, being effective from short to very long range. It is crafted in the crafting bench in steps as shown: First the horn, sticks and sinew are combined in the crafting table as shown. This gives unfinished bow 1: See below post Next, the fish glue is combined with the unfinished bow to give unstrung bow: See below post Then the string is crafted in two steps, first by using a hammer on sinew and then combining three sinew strands to make a bow string: See below post The string and unstrung bow are combined as shown, giving a composite bow. See below post The composite bow fires one arrow type: Broadheads (stone + assorted metals tbd) Broadheads are effective against fleshy and unarmored targets doing reasonable bleed damage over time but do ¾ damage against armoured targets and do not cause bleeding. The heads are made on the anvil, using this plan a single ingot for 6 heads (better metals improve recovery chance, red/blue steel add .5 heart damage): These are then combined with sticks and feathers in the traditional style to give broadhead arrows. The Pilum: The Pilum has been added as a technological advancement from the javelin. It is a short range projectile, intended to be thrown just prior to engagement in melee combat, or to take down a fleeing opponent. IIt has the same range as the javelin. It is crafted in two steps: First, the pilum head is crafted from a double ingot of the desired metal, using this plan (better metals improve recovery chance, red/blue steel add .5 heart damage): This pilum head is then attached to two sticks in the crafting bench as shown: It is made from any metal that swords or armor can be made from. The Pilum obviously does not have ammunition. It is more effective against armored targets than the bow (doing full damage and ignoring 20% of armor), but does not cause any additional damage, making it less effective vs. unarmoured targets. The Crossbow: The Crossbow is an advanced game weapon, which can only be crafted from steel or steel alloys. It does more damage than the bow and fires two ammunition types, but has a much lower rate of fire and a shorted range (better metals improve durability, red/blue steel add .5 heart damage) . It is crafted in the steps below: The crossbow limbs are each made from a double ingot and this plan: The crossbow trigger is made from a single ingot and this plan: The crossbow stock is made by placing hardwood logs in a crafting table in this shape, along with a knife: They are all combined in this shape to form an unstrung crossbow: A bowstring (crafting method above) and unstrung crossbow are combined as shown, giving a crossbow: The Crossbow fires two ammunition types: Barbed bolts and Piercing bolts. Barbed bolts are effective against fleshy and unarmored targets causing extreme bleed damage over time but do ¾ damage against armoured targets and do not cause bleeding. The heads are made on the anvil, (using steel+) using this plan and a single ingot for 3 heads (better metals improve recovery chance, red/blue steel add .5 heart damage): Piercing bolts are highly effective against armored targets, doing full damage and ignoring 40% of armor, but do not cause any additional damage, making it less effective vs. unarmoured targets. The heads are made on the anvil, (using steel+) using this plan a single ingot for 3 heads (better metals improve recovery chance, red/blue steel add .5 heart damage): All bolts are crafted with their relevant head, a hardwood log and feathers, using the general pattern below, where the knife can be placed in any empty slot (this produces 3 bolts): See below post Just_Another_Guy_ has been very active in helping support/develop this suggestion, and has now compiled a list of different "classes" you could be in this suggestion. It's worth noting that you aren't forced to pick any of these, as you can change "class" with a simple equipment change, no skills, no attributes, no grinding Link:
  7. I just found this game and it strikes me as a great example of tactical melee combat. Just something to look at for anyone who needs some inspiration or anything It looks awesome
  8. Combat Overhaul final (3/3)

    This one is going to hard to sell I fear :S As per usual, art coming when it comes, probably tomorrow I can’t believe I finished this one so soon after the last o.o Nonetheless, here is the third and final installment of my combat overhaul. If you’ve just got here, here are links to parts 1 and 2: Part 1: Part 2: Prologue: Armor has been an important component of combat since time immemorial. Armor in history is also FAR more complex than most people know. Not every soldier on the medieval battlefield was a knight in plate armor. Most wore whatever they could afford, whether that was chainmail or linen padded jackets (known as a gambeson). Similarly, armor is limited by practical concerns, such as the need for mobility and also personal concerns, such as body temperature. I aim to simulate these issues, and widen the choices available to the player for protection, in this suggestion Basic Premise: Currently in Minecraft, everyone is running around equipped like a medieval knight. I am to change this by moving the focus away from “wear as much as possible†to “wear what suits your requirementsâ€. New Features: Armor Categories ! Explained below Chainmail ! Chainmail will be added, because plate and chain are not interchangeable (as will be revealed) ! Consequences ! Because plate isn't dainty, and being dextrous in it is impossible Use of Existing Features: Plate! It's not changing at all anymore, kind of The 2 Armor Categories: There will be 2 “categories†of armor, classing them by a combination of the weight, restrictiveness and bulk of armor. I will be doing this based on personal experience, so I appologise if you feel these are misplaced. Note: This is not a mechanical difference, this is just 2 categories I can use to explain the differences Light: Light armor will include chainmail. It is intended for skirmishers, versatile fighters, and ranged fighters, who value adaptability over raw power. You can use all ranged weapons in chainmail. It's armor value is 3/4 of plate. Heavy: Heavy armor is full plate. It is designed for the “juggernautâ€. The guy who wades into battle with no shield and a two handed sword, cutting guys in half while their puny maces bounce off his hard metal shell ! (hopefully not, otherwise we have some balance issues )It's armor value will now remain the same. You will not be able to use ranged weapons in plate. Crafting: The fun bit ! ¬.¬ Light: Chainmail: Chainmail would be crafted by using a double ingot with this pattern to give 16 Bundles of Links: These links would then be placed in the same patterns as old plate used to be to give Chainmail. Heavy: Plate: Nothing to see here. Crafting of plate isn’t changing Other Suggestions Relating to this: I’m afraid there will be a bit of shameless self promotion here. In my previous combat overhaul (2/3) I mentioned possibly implementing stamina. If this was done, swings with weapons in heavy armor would cost more than medium which would cost more than light. This would also apply to blocking. I also posted the Hardcore Mode thread on the forum, and feel that there could be much better implementation of this system with that suggestion. Here is a link for those who are curious: I will give you some examples of what I mean: Temperature would be greatly affected by armor choice. Armour is quite warm to wear. That being the case, heavier armor would generate more heat. This in turn would speed dehydration. Aditionally, it would be possible to make armor change the rate at which you lose “energy†meaning a hard day in plate armor could end in hallucinations etc. Just a thought Just_Another_Guy_ has been very active in helping support/develop this suggestion, and has now compiled a list of different "classes" you could be in this suggestion. It's worth noting that you aren't forced to pick any of these, as you can change "class" with a simple equipment change, no skills, no attributes, no grinding Link: http://terrafirmacra...combat-classes/
  9. Huge Mountains

    Main website page
  10. Combat Overhaul final (3/3)

    Well put ! .. Ok then To be fair, it would be awesome to have overhaul looked at again ¬.¬ ... I'd really like some more varied ranged combat ¬.¬
  11. Dynamic Ecosystems

    Can't wait to see this when it is done ! .. Your signature is ...... Obtrusive :L
  12. Combat Overhaul final (3/3)

    Guys, if Bioxx shot this down, that is his business ! :L .. I don't want my suggestion forced on him .. Ultimately, it is his mod and he should stick to what he thinks is right By the way, I am honoured that a thread this old of mine was deemed worth rezzing :')
  13. Lock Me Please

    I don't fear noodles :L ... I don't understand why anyone would :P
  14. Making metal weapons and armor more usefull!!

    Course you are, I just feel like everyone is less active than they used to be :L .. Maybe it's a perceptive issue on my part :L
  15. Making metal weapons and armor more usefull!!

    I wouldn't say so .. If anything you appeared during the peak of the forum, but I would say it lasted til after your arrival .. After all, you were part of the beautiful dream that was terra .. After that, it just seemed like the forum activity and quality dropped a notch .. Does eternal still post here much ? I always decided his departure would mark the death of "suggestions" :L .. This isn't meant as a slight to the new guys by the way .. You've posted some awesome ideas, I'm just reminiscing
  16. Walls of text

    Ah enough modesty JAG .. I've basically disappeared while you're still here :L .. Between the two of us, you're definitely the experienced veteran now
  17. Making metal weapons and armor more usefull!!

    If you wanted realism, put on some boots and head out into the big, bad outdoors for a game of "real life" .. This mod (if anything) is intended to give a delicate balance of believability and enjoyable gameplay .. On the subject of forum vets, we seem to be a dying breed
  18. Rip-off?!

    It's not about what people think of you. It's about being a decent, respectful and contributory member of the community. Your view that "I don't give a fuck and that's why I'm being an ass" is so childish. I know you don't care what we think about you, but there's no point in even posting here if you're not going to contribute anything and spend your time aggravating members of the community.
  19. Rip-off?!

    British accent .. I can see none of you are from the uk :L .. The concept of a "british accent" is as ridiculous as an "American accent" .. I am british, but I assure you, I sound nothing like them. The accent they use in their videos is an English aristocratic accent, not cockney, which is far less focused on proper enunciation and more on rhyming slang (apples and pears = stairs).
  20. Weapon/tool 'finishing'

    Yours .. To be frank, dunks post pleases me as confirmation of the idea, but your post impressed me as one of the few excellent ideas I've seen in a long while :L
  21. Weapon/tool 'finishing'

    The activity in general has died down a little :/ .. How has the community been going in general, I feel I need to play catch up :L
  22. Rip-off?!

    Yeah, not going to lie. I can't talk about respecting copyrights .. I'm a filthy pirate :L .. With some things anyway :L
  23. Weapon/tool 'finishing'

    All of it. This has been the first post in a long time to impress me so much I felt I had to chime in and show support :L .. There seemed to be a bit of a dry spell
  24. Rip-off?!

    It's not the same at all dunk, so you won't have to argue against evolution .. The difference is that the idea of TFC belongs ( to an extent) to Bioxx. No animal owns it's species. No animal is deprived of the recognition it deserves because another comes along. The difference is that you guys have worked hard on this mod and have built up a dedicated fan base. To come along and copy the idea, yet claim to be a fan, is a betrayal of Bioxx and dunk and everyone else who has worked to make this mod what it is.
  25. Weapon/tool 'finishing'

    I approve. I approve so much.