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tfc2 TFC2 Desert Expansion

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Hi all, here's a short* Longlist of ideas based around desert survival i wanted to share for tfc2. Yeah anyway, short disclaimer just below.

Deserts have always been blan and boring. The idea here is to make deserts a functional part of tfc2 unlike in tfc1. Not only making them a real obstacle but also making desert survival a real possibility.



Alternative source for gathering water.

Suggested uses, an alternative source to gather water besides collecting rain water or if you aren't near a water source.

Effects, similar to a quern. The well is placeable but once placed unmovable with out destroying it. Using the well will result in a waiting animation before the water is shown in GUI.

Item Details, Circular in shape. Two blocks high, the base being cobbled bricks and the second half being the bucket and wooden pools to left and right holding it in place. With a visible black hole  in the center of the well.

[Recipe -Well-]


[P] = Plank  [R] = Rope = Bucket  [BR] = Brick

[P]       [R]        [P]

[BR]           [BR]  

[BR]    [BR]    [BR]    



[Dowsing Rod]

Used to locate an underground water source.

Suggested uses, an early age tool  used for searching potential water sources. Limited to certain lengths *Chunks/Meters/Blocks* Like 40-60 blocks down or a couple chunks down.

*Potential future uses, locating gems/oil, this part i only mention because the wiki mentions it, so yeah =/. I Can't say it will work or is even feasible in a practical sense*  



Protection from the heat

 Suggested uses, used while in the desert.

Wearing any metal armor will effect the turbans usability

[Recipe -Turban-]


[C] = Cloth

[C]     [C]     [C]




Desert: A generic variation of desert. Containing a bit of everything, Hilly outcroppings of sedimentary stone with scattered tree life/bush life.

Extreme Desert: A mostly barren desert with large sand dunes and small outcroppings of sedimentary stone.

Shrub Desert: A generic variation of desert. Containing abundant shrub life/cactus life with plentiful small and varied tree life.

Mountainous Desert A mountainous desert similar to the American South West Grand Canyon. With variations of similar mountainous terrain found in deserts around the world. Medium shrub life, medium tree life with a low chance of possible rivers.


Windy: Deserts/Extreme Deserts

Sand Storm:  Deserts/Extreme Deserts

Dry Storm: Deserts/Extreme Deserts/Shrub Deserts/Mountainous Deserts

Flash Storms: Shrub Deserts/Mountainous Deserts



Including but not limited to. General Moods like feeling good or bad. Buffs/Debuffs and Weather/Climates.

[Moods/Satisfaction Meter/Effects]  


[ Satisfaction Meter]

Fulfilling Your Needs are important. From Sleeping in your Bed once every 24 hours. To making sure all your Nutrition bars are met, including Preferred Taste . Also if you are not to Cold or Hot. Clearly for practical sense, filling your basic needs like Nutrition and sleep should keep you above average. So you wont have to constantly worry about debuffs like being fatigued. Fulfilling none basic needs like preferred tastes or buffs from Food Stuffs should raise you over above average. In result, positive moods come with bonuses. 


Exhausted: 25-0% Bad Debuffs[Unknown] 5-0% Possible Instant Death

Tired: 35% Fatigued

Normal: 55% No Debuffs

Feeling Good: 75% Bonuses[Unknown]

Refreshed: 90% Bonuses[Unknown


[Buffs/Debuffs]  Desert Edition]

Tying thirst debuffs to desert biomes/moods.

Hot: Thirst meter drops at 1.5x While in deserts

Sweating: Thirst meter drops at 2.5x While in deserts but exposed to sunlight

Heat stroke: Thirst meter drops at 3.0x While in deserts and Tired*Mood*


[Weather] Desert Edition

Windy: Sandy winds

Sand Storm:  Sandy winds with low visibility

Dry Storm: Thunder storms with out rain

Flash Storms: Thunder storms that come and go quickly with rain fall



[Animal Life] Desert Edition]

Coyote: A source of food and fur

Wolf: A source of food and fur *Wolf Rework, including other varieties like brown/gray. That are larger in size and more threatening.

Jack Rabbit: A source of food and fur

Quill: A source of food and materials

Roadrunner: A source of food and materials

Owl: A source of food and materials

Snake: A source of food *Poisonous*


[Food Stuffs] Desert Edition

Prickly Pear Cactus: An eatable cacti

Agave: Harvesable and fiberus cacti

Honey: Harvesable from bee hives found in deadfall or trees. Seasonal all year long unless already harvested. Refresh[Unknown]

Pinyon Pine Nuts: A nut grown from a pinyon pine tree. Harvestable while in season.


[Tree Life] Desert Edition


Pinyon Pine :



Plant Fiber: Collectable from certain plants. Uses, making rope or string.

Fur: Skinable furs from animals. Used in crafting fur armor for protection from cold weather.  

Edited by MrBadboy
Fixing stuff

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Sorry for the strike throughs, in most of the text and a lot of missing high lights. + the iffy recipes, i had to remove the dowsing rod recipe completely. I have a virus that keeps reverting my text everytime i try to fix it. Besides that its okay


If a moderator bothers to check this out. If possible. It would mean a lot to edit out the the strike throughs or anything else you notice.


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This is a great suggestion for TFC 1 but with TFC 2 being island based. I have not seen an island big enough that this would be necessary. If reeds weren't on the coast line of some islands then I could see a desalination method being a thing. Course this assumes custom liquid rendering gets working else we'll just have vanilla water. 


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