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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Simple "playability" changes.

    Feast or famine scenarios are only bad if you are unable to overcome the obstacle such as at the beginning of the game. No matter how much work that is put into making sure there's a viable strategy no matter where you spawn is only going to be good for single player. In multiplayer servers since you spawn with nothing the immediate area usually gets stripped of the starting resources first. Also, new players will not know how to start and can become frustratedwhen they are both trying to learn and not finding the resources they need. I suggest a starting package that is enabled by default. This package would contain all the supplies to survive the first few nights as well as a starting guide to help new players out. I'd go so far as to tag the starting items so that players keep the items on death (not given new ones on each death). The benefits of this are that it requires no changes to world generation and is multiplayer friendly allowing players to travel far enough to find a suitable starting area. You can already see this approach being used in a lot of successful modpacks.
  2. TFC1 1.12+ port

    This port has generated more activity on this site than I have seen for a few months.
  3. Do you check the forum everyday?

    I check the forums once every week or two these days. Since TFC does edit so many things it may benefit by switching to something liketerasologyor other open source minecraft cloneswhere there is more control. It involves a lot more work but the benefits are a more stable and once progressing far enough a mod the size of TFC with an active community backing it could drive development for that project. Meaning it'll cater to the needs of TFC. The downside is attracting players and developers. First is attracting developers willing to take on the task. It's a largetask both because of the scope of TFC and there's more back-endwork which in Minecraftis handled by Forge. Thatmeans slow development. After developing for at least half a year, there's the issue of nurturinga community at that point. I found TFC through Minecraftlike many others and that wouldn't necessarily be the case if TFC broke from Minecraft. On top of that, there's the issue of what is TFC? Is it whatever Bioxx and friends develop? Is it a blocky version that mimics the real world? Does it mean absolutely no magic? If it's development drivensolelyby Bioxx, then that'll be difficult. Permission must at least be granted by him if this site were to be used to promote a non-minecraftversion of TFC. I monitor the suggestion forums a lot and have noticed a split in the community on the lines of "magic". Some enthusiasticallyembrace it while others lament that it will be the downfall of TFC. Either way, an identity for TFC would need to be agreed upon if the plan is to have more than one developer at some point.
  4. Roadmap

    Automated Message:This topic has been moved from Suggestions to Discussion Roadmaps generally come about as a need. Since there's only one developer, who develops what he wants, when he wants, at his own pace there isn't a need for a roadmap. If you check out the GitHub for TFC2, development has not been active since June. Will it start back up? No one knows. I'm betting when the first TFC got started none of the devs knew the scope of what was to come or how long it'd take. Now that they know better what they are getting into and changes in life circumstances, they're probably a lot more hesitant to do it all again. On top of that Bioxx doesn't want to just update TFC, he wants to take it in a new direction. A direction in which alienates some of the community. Which generates negative feedback sapping even more of a drive to develop. I completely get why people are asking for a roadmap or some proof that development is going on. They liked TFC and are excited about what TFC2 could be. I too was in that camp. You can find old posts from me and see the frequency, length, and content of what I posted in excitement. There are some posts asking what, when, and how can I help. Since then I have come to the belief that if TFC2 is to develop into more than what it currently is, then these people who still want it, need to make it. That waiting onBioxxis waiting for something that may never come. It could be done by one ambitious programmer. I see that as unlikely. A few enthusiasticprogrammers sure. What I'd like to see is an entire community coming together to help code and develop a version of TFC. Call it TFC CE, "community edition".
  5. Island Portals Clarification

    Automated Message:This topic has been moved from Discussion to Suggestions
  6. Island Portals Clarification

    What is planned is still not fully formed. What you see is more a test of what's feasible rather than a sketch of things to come. You've got some good ideas. I too was a fan of Dimensional Doors. There's a lot more to consider in this case then dimensional doors had to. First, this seems like it mightbe the primary if not only way to go between islands. Therefore anything related to travel greatly affects play. Something like mob and item transportation needs to be considered. Should players be able to move them? How should they move them? Will there be magical means of transportation/teleportation or summoning? If travel is both ways do you have to worry about people stripping islands of resources? Is that the dev's responsibility to think about or server's? If travel is one way and one person goes west and the other east can they ever meet? etc.
  7. Enhanced Movement

    eh, I'll let it slide.
  8. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Since TFC uses sooo many blocks it does make sense. There's sand, dirt, grass, and stone for each rock type. Several different leaves and logs. Won't need to do the workarounds that we currently do for blocks. I honestly hope he redoes the inventory guimore like baubles or tinkers.
  9. TFC Item Art

    Automated Message:This topic has been moved from Discussion to Discussion
  10. TFC1 1.12+ port

    If you'd like something to happen faster, by all means, step up to the plate and code it yourself. As Tony pointed out it is a massive undertaking. Each small code segment would need to be ported separately or you'd end up performing shotgun surgery. Also unless you are very familiar with making mods for minecraftand TFC code, it'd almost be easier starting from scratch. At that point, you'd have to ask yourself do you want to spend all that time and effort recreating something that already exists or want something new and fresh to put your name on. My personal philosophy is I live for the new and don't wishI had last seasons flowers this year as well, for the beauty of a rose is that it is fleeting. There is no sight I could be perfectly content with staring at forever and no sound I could listen to for eternity.
  11. Realistic Mining is difficult

    I totally agree that a mine should last almost the entirety of a play. Many mines IRL have lasted multiple generations.
  12. Realistic Mining is difficult

    Thank you, Tony. It's really nice to hear another opinion. I like the idea of different hardness of stone as well. I could see the over-encumbered effectworking, even if I dislike the idea of ever moving slower in Minecraft. Players would definitely need to plan out their mining better. It does involve a mining mechanic, a container, a lift, and a cart pulled by an animal. As far as the lift goes, that's no easy feat. It'd have to have the same sort of functional support that boats have. A cart Bioxx is already working on so that'll probably be a thing. I do like your idea of when damaged it instantly drops what ever is on your back. Doesn't require the player to think and has a nice element that can be played around with. You are right that in order for infrastructure to be at a mine there must first be infrastructure so that the miners can spend time mining instead of working toward food, water,shelter, and materials. If that is needed then either multiplepeople need to be involved or need NPCs to trade with.
  13. Realistic Mining is difficult

    Since there are 9 islands running north to south what if harder stone never showed up in the center, but had a higher chance the furthernorth or south you went? That way if you wanted to avoid them you could. That along with the temperature extremes will also have a natural effect of funneling people closer to the middle islands creating a higher chance they will bump into each other. Players could then choose how hardcore they want to be by moving further north or south knowing that they may encounter these harder stone types. I also like your idea of encasing ore's in veins of harder stone because it lets you mine through the softer stuff quicker so you can get to the ore faster while also being another indicator that you are getting close to the good stuff. Since the veins of ore snake around the harder stone also letyou know the edges of the vein. If you also increase the hardness the further down you dig it would slow the progression of the mine which would extend its life allowing mining techniques to change with depth. It'd also make modifying dungeons more difficult to modify after an island has been conquered. You may be right about the hushing, but players have wanted aqueducts for quite some time. Even if it's not an optimal solution, itstill gives players another choice. I just played the age of progression modpack some time ago and it hurt you instead of being harvested when you tried punching through wood with your hands. I think the same thing applied to stone would be amusing and fitting.
  14. Realistic Mining is difficult

    Since all the islands slope up from the sea to the center you may find hushing to be more effective than it is with other types of worldgen. I don't think the hard stone will be that big of an issue either since you can always go back to the previous island and try a different portal. I guess the stone and hushing would need to be tested. Hushingprobably depends on how much time and effort it takes to make aqueducts and how useful it is vs how easy it is to dig.
  15. Realistic Mining is difficult

    In this scenario, I imagine clay buckets. I actually got so used to clay buckets in various modpacks that for awhile I thought it was a vanilla feature. As the hardening stone till no one wants to mine it anymore. That's a little bit of the point. You may want to soften up the stone using other techniques so that it can be mined easier. Rubble and smaller would be easier to mine than raw stone. Gravel would not wash away and the water must be flowing to wash away dirt. If it's a source block next to dirt it wouldn't wash away the dirt. I think this limitation would prevent the creation of "picturesque flowing streams ". Air being filled by water I am including the diagonals on the same Y level. That may be overkill now that I'm thinking about it. There would have to be gold bearing blocks as you've stated. You've also got the idea for the extraction right but I was thinking less linear more like 20% raw, 40% rubble, 70% gravel, 90% powder, with the last 10% needing specialized processing such as mercury for gold or magnets for iron. Don't want to get too much into the processing but I'd like to see specialized processing for each ore. I dislike how in nearly all ore processing in mods is treated the same. Starting off with a mallet and quern, then moving to an animal, water, wind-powered grinders would be great. Could also be used for making flour and other productsas well. I imagine if crushing decreased weight and size you'd want to at least do that at the mine. I get that getting to the next island and discovering it's a hard stone could be disappointing but it's those disappointments that makes TFC what it is. Most would be bored if there weren't disappointments. I wouldn't want the game too easy, plus I'd take a large vein in a hard rock over a small vein in any rock any day. I also didn't like the powder barrels as they seemed too difficult to make for how useful they were. I'm thinking more like immersive engineering explosives that mine the blocks, but instead of turning them into items drops like immersive engineering does, places the blocks back down as gravel and rubble with a high chance of filling in the air spaces with bonus rubble and gravel from random blocks that were mined. Basically softening up the surrounding stone to make it easier to mine and generating extra ore in the process. You'd still need a pick and shovel to collect the debris. I'm imagining some stone types you wouldn't really want to mine through with just a pickaxe. The harder stone would also make good walls.