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  • Kittychanley

    TFC 0.79.24 Changelog

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed anvil crash when the arrows are lined up but the rules aren't met.
    • Fixed crash with odd support beam placement.
    • Fixed a bunch of obscure crashes that were reported on OpenEye:
      • Ingot Pile NPE, Biome CCE, Fire pit input slot and temperature gauge NPE, Farmland NPE, Log Index OOB, Gravel NPE, Skeleton item drop NPE, Meal NPE, Farmland Highlighter NPE, Keybinding NPE, Oil lamp NPE, Lumber Index OOB, End Portal NPE.

      [*]Fixed a bunch of crashes related to going to dimensions other than the overworld. However, I still would not recommend travelling to other dimensions, as it is still quite buggy.

      [*]Fixed death in the end dimension respawning the player back in the end dimension instead of the overworld.


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