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    0.79.25 Released


    TFC 0.79.25 Changelog

    New Features

    • The knapping/clay forming/leather cutting interface now supports click and drag to remove pieces.
    • Added config option to enable finite water (two water source blocks will not create a third).
    • Added chat error messages for when players attempt to use items that are missing necessary NBT data.
    • Smithing bonus now also affects the tool's efficiency in breaking blocks. Tool heads now also display the smithing bonus tooltip.


    • Fence gates can now be opened and closed with redstone signals.
    • Wild crops will always die of old age, regardless of the config setting. This does not affect crops that are planted on farmland.
    • Angry untamed dogs (fed bones, but no collar) who are tied to a fence will now stand up to attack nearby animals, instead of attacking while sitting down.
    • The more familiar a dog or bear is, the less likely it is to attack other animals.
    • Adult animals who have reached their familiarity cap will have a yellow, partially-filled heart, and will no longer show the "Familiarized" check on the WAILA HUD.
    • Altered some block and tile entity updating to help prevent unnecessary loading of neighboring chunks.
      • Farmland will not search in unloaded chunks for fresh water.
      • Blast furnaces will not update when they are partially unloaded.
      • Fruit trees will not grow leaves or branches into unloaded chunks.
      • Mushrooms will not spread to unloaded chunks.
      • Grass will not spread to unloaded chunks.
      • Bloomeries will not update while they are partially unloaded, and will instead complete their processing once they are fully loaded.
      • Chests will not check unloaded chunks for adjacent chests to create double chests.
      • Fire pits will not smoke food on racks in unloaded chunks.
      • Forges will not check unloaded chunks for chimney validation.
      • Pit kilns will not scan for nearby fire in unloaded chunks.
      • Note: Both charcoal pits and sluices will keep adjacent chunks loaded while they are processing.

      [*]Fixed Red Steel swords and maces dealing 10 less damage points than Blue Steel.

      [*]Scraping leather will now only damage the knife when used on spots that haven't been scraped yet. Unfortunately this makes dragging across the hide to scrape it a bit more difficult, because lingering on a scraped spot for too long requires letting go of right click and clicking again to scrape the next spot. If you are quick in dragging across, it is possible to do it all with just one held click.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed crash caused by using a sealed empty large vessel/barrel to click on another large vessel/barrel.
    • Fixed barrel seal date showing years before 1000 in SMP if the server time is after 32767000 ticks. (May 6th, 1014 in default year length).
    • Fixed items being workable and weldable in the anvil regardless of temperature.
    • Fixed mod pumps not working with TFC liquids.
    • Fixed CodeChickenCore finite water config option also affecting TFC water.
    • Fixed lava flowing over water generating vanilla stone.
    • Fixed the water boost for crop growth being applied if the fresh water was on the same y-level as the crop itself, and not the farmland below it.
    • Fixed NPE caused by ceramic vessels used to smelt ore that have lost their NBT data.
    • Fixed not being able to disable food decay.
    • Fixed hoppers breaking cobble/gravel/sand/dirt blocks instead of being crushed by them if they are in the process of pressing olives.
    • Hopefully fixed render issue with food and enchanted items in the same inventory.
    • Fixed not getting straw if the tall grass is broken with the final use of a knife.
    • Fixed female adult cows that have not been familiarized that day instantly drinking the bucket of milk the moment you milk them.
    • Fixed attempting to shear a sheep with a knife increasing the familiarity even if the sheep couldn't be sheared. Fixed successfully shearing sheep with a pair of shears not increasing familiarity. Fixed shearing colored sheep with a pair of shears dropping wool that cannot stack with other pieces of wool.
    • Added a new block specifically for extinguished torches to fix burned out torches still providing light. The extinguished torch block does not tick, so it will help very slightly with performance for worlds with a bunch of burned out torches.
      • This change is not an immediate fix, and existing burned out torches will not convert to the new block until they receive an update tick, so there will be many worlds with both the old and new burned out torches existing at the same time.
      • Old extinguished torches that have converted to the new torches may need to be right-clicked with a torch twice before they will actually light. This should only happen the first time, and all following re-lighting should work on the first try.

      [*]Hopefully fixed double chest crash.

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    User Feedback

    I like it, hopefully this update helps the gf with her slower laptop. I also like the tool efficiency change.


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