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    0.79.26 Released


    Edit: If you downloaded the mod within the first 5 hours of release, please re-download. There was an issue that has since been fixed that would cause the game to crash if CodeChickenCore and NEI were not installed.

    TFC 0.79.26 Changelog

    Upgraded to Forge

    New Features

    • The prospector's pick now works with all blocks put into the TFCOres.cfg file in addition to TFC ore blocks.
    • Added config option for crops on farmland dropping seeds when they die of natural causes such as old age, freezing temperatures, or not enough sunlight.
    • Added clearchunk debug command used to strip the surface blocks off of a chunk to reveal the raw stone below.
    • Added tree layers to debug info overlay.
    • Added WAILA support to distinguish between the different water plants.
    • Barrels and Large Vessels now have grayed out slots when sealed to make it a bit more obvious that the slots cannot be interacted with until the container is unsealed.
    • Added localization support for "This item has been worked" tooltip.


    • Completely cooled, completely full, unshaped ingots now stack to 32.
    • Blueprint Cleanup
      • Added help tooltips to blueprints.
      • Removed "BR:" prefix from blueprint item names.
      • Added chat error message for attempting to use a blueprint without having a hammer or chisel.

      [*]Snow can no longer accumulate on top of pottery blocks

      [*]StripChunkCommand will not remove any blocks found in the TFCOres.cfg file, in addition to TFC ore blocks.

      [*]Ore that is mined without the proper tool will drop nothing. Hammers can be used to break ore blocks, although it will take the same time as breaking the block by hand, and will only drop the nugget version of the ore. Minerals will drop nothing, as they do not have nugget versions.

      [*]Kimberlite will now always drop at least a chipped gem when mined with a proper tool, instead of often dropping nothing.

      [*]Fruit Tree Cleanup

      • Growth is now based on year length. Trunk blocks take 1.5 months to grow (at least 6 months from planting until first branch appears), and additional branches take 1 month to grow. Leaf blocks can grow every 2 days regardless of year length.
      • Growth cannot occur during winter months regardless of temperature, but will catch up for the lost time in the spring.
      • Branches will not grow unless the trunk is at the maximum height of 4 blocks.
      • Newly generated trunk and branch blocks are more likely to also generate with a few leaf blocks.

      [*]Food and Thirst no longer deplete while debug mode is enabled.

      [*]WAILA display for smoke rack now uses verbs instead of nouns to make it more clear that the smoking and drying is in progress, and not complete.

      [*]Firepit input slot has been restricted to only items that it can heat up, as well as firestarters and flint & steel.

      [*]Ingots, Double Ingots, Sheets and Double Sheets cannot stack if they are heated, or have been worked.

      [*]Bears are now 10 times as likely to attack a nearby player, and move twice as fast.

      [*]Tweaked cloudberry and cranberry bush generation.

      • Increased the max bio temp for both by 5 degrees.
      • Generation now works on peat grass blocks in addition to peat blocks.
      • Cloudberry now has higher priority over cranberry for generating on top of a peat deposit.

      [*]Tweaked code for animals to help increase addon compatibility.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed NPE caused by last blueprint of stack not being properly deleted.
    • Fixed blueprint GUI so under the correct circumstances the title displays "Change Rotation" and there is no blinking cursor in the text box to make it more obvious what the screen is for.
    • Fixed wrought iron knife blades providing their own ceramic mold when melted in a forge.
    • Bugged leather racks will no longer cause block updates when they delete themselves.
    • Fixed torches extinguishing early if there is a desync between the client and the server.
    • Fixed javelins losing their NBT data when thrown.
    • Fixed javelins not applying the smithing bonus for attack damage when thrown.
    • Fixed unknown/incorrect dirt blocks generating underneath pine and sequoia trees that spawned directly on top of clay, clay grass, peat, or peat grass.
    • Fixed time variables not being updated when creating a new world until after world generation was complete.
    • Fixed spawn chunks being covered in snow if the world was created immediately after leaving a world that was in the winter months.
    • Fixed food stack hotkey combining cheeses with different infusions.
    • Fixed food stack hotkey combining food with different smoke profiles.
    • Fixed crafting grid output showing incorrect NBT data for refining grains and making dough.
    • Fixed not getting straw if grain is refined using shift-click.
    • Fixed WAILA header for some ore blocks not using white text.
    • Fixed smoke rack string not always updating and turning black when smoking is complete.
    • Fixed off-by-one error for WAILA smoking timer display.
    • Fixed some big trees not properly generating branches in the leaves.
    • Fixed player inventory/crafting grid not respecting slot and item max stack size when shift-clicking.
    • Fixed vanilla bug where shift-clicking a crafting output that results in a stack of multiple items will consume some of the items if they cannot all fit in the player's inventory.
    • Fixed wooden buckets not posting the FillBucketEvent

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    User Feedback

    Am I the only one being kicked out of my server as soon as I pick up some food item?


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    Am I the only one being kicked out of my server as soon as I pick up some food item?


    Okkay, This has nothing to do with tfc update. My bad.

    The crash is due to TFC-Tweaks.


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