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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. Neither. There are multiple reasons, e.g.: Pirate accounts are illegal in general, therefore server would be at risk of being punished for supporting them. The servers use various plugins for ensuring safety of players and general order. These plugins rely on official data from Mojang. In average players with pirated accounts bring more trouble for staff, not following rules, etc. E.g. they feel they don't have much to loose if banned. P.S. Oh, you are Brazilian? Man, I have been trying to buy mate (jerba) tea here in Russia for few months - no luck. It was popular few years ago, but now quite rare. How lucky you are, being in one of the countries where it did originate from and where it is abundant I am drooling over all modern types of the jerba mate in online shops. Some day will find a way to buy there, I am not that good with international shopping
  2. Adding the direct link to the HappyDiggers forum with the ban details and proofs: here. Wow, it was 1.5 years ago ...
  3. TFC in Harry Harrison's "Stonehenge"

    Found another nice quotation about metallurgy from a book (in addition to Jules Verne's one). This time - from Harry Harrison's "Stonehenge", which is actually about Greek and Atlantis warriors fighting over a tin mine to be able to produce bronze. " It was a war over a resource as precious as the one that names our own Petrochemical Age. Not oil, but tin. Without tin, there could have been no Bronze Age. For at the very dawn of metallurgy it was evident that copper alone was too soft to make durable tools and weapons. Tin was essential, but almost impossible to find. Yet when combined at a proportion of one to nine, it transforms the abundant, more malleable copper into hardened bronze. Too much tin, and the bronze is too brittle, like the raw hardening agent itself; too little, and the bronze is too soft, like the copper it melds with. But it is scarce; the more so for the ancients, who didn't dig deeply for it as we do, but who searched for nodules of cassiterite in naturally open tin streams. There are none of those nut-like nodules of tin oxide left anymore, the surface of the earth having been picked clean a long time ago. "
  4. Well, it's like in real life, quite believable for ancient times with all the hygiena issues, right? A more serious answer will follow soon
  5. There are several servers, so both nearly-vanilla TerraFirmaCraft server and TechNodeFirmaCraft server exist. If you want to play on TerraFirnaCraft server, you need only Terrafirmacraft mod. And some additional client-side mods are allowed. If you want to play on TechNodeFrimaCraft server, you will need the TNFC modpack in AT launcher and login to a separate TNFC server. Please note that TNFC is whitelisted for community donors only. Some more information on HappyDigger's site, Servers tab:
  6. [Solved] cart with chest?

    Lol, I was just reading that section and totally missed the sentence! Feel soooooo stupid! Sorry man! :))))))))))))))))))
  7. [Solved] cart with chest?

    Where have you found your quote from the Wiki ? Search doesn't show that. The only search result is the page which states that the chest minecarts are disabled ("Disabled Recipes").
  8. Let your life be red and fluffy! And your Factorio factories efficient and clean!

  9. My Village

    Lol. Guess he played old pixel-graphics games a lot?
  10. My Village

    Extremely delicious! In addition to beauty - usage of space including 3D, detailing, common style unity ... ahhh.
  11. Tips on fighting bears?

    I have met bears on plains only atm. Bow is the best. It takes about 3 full-drawn shots to kill a bear. They are weak to piercing damage. Sometimes when they get a shot, they stop their charge, this may slightly help in the forest - when hear a bear, walk with drawn bow, shoot and run away. Also cutting the blocking trees may help. Hi-tier knife could probably help, but I don't know if color steel knife is better than sword against bears - sword has higher base damage, but knife is piercing. Anyway with melee fight bear will win. This last mentioned update of their speed and hostility is awesome. Formerly when I met bears, there was the boring problem to kill all 60+ of them. I couldn't just leave their precious hides, had to get them all, but they were peaceful like cows. Now even with bow and on plains it is a thrilling gamble.
  12. How did you find out about TFC?

    o_O I am really confused. Where you guys see any similarity between Dwarf Fortress and TFC? Yes, mining, caves ... but it is just a setting, the games are completely different. No?Games like Gnomoria, Towns, StoneHearth, Craft The World, RimWorld are exactly "simplified DF" with good graphics, 3D or 2D. Gnomoria is already well-playable, others more or less ...
  13. [Solved] Wrought Iron Grill

    If you search forums for "grill", you can easily find several answers, e.g.:
  14. Red Bucket Capacity

    Oh, thanks for the trick It will save me some time occasionally