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    • Dries007

      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. Trenix's Farewell

    This is something I keep hearing over and over. Please tell me a single mod which is restricted from the public. Also please tell me what mod charges people to use it, because I know you wont find one since they will be breaking mojang's terms of use. I'm well aware that people make mistakes. We're all human, but Kitty doesn't even care about apologizing or taking responsibility for her mistakes. That's the problem. Where does it show hatred? Where does it show that I'm egocentric? I'm up for a discussion, please bring me some proof and evidence. I'm well aware that I could of said things slightly different, but what do you honestly expect from someone who's been mishandled by an admin? How would you feel if an officer pulled you over, thrown you against the car, and then took you in for a day because you were "loud". I'm only asking for a simple apology and apparently that's too much.
  2. Trenix's Farewell

    Unfortunately it does seem that many people here do prefer being controlled by someone who's impulsive, for the fact that they've generously made the mod open to the public. What they don't understand is that it's open for the public for a reason, which its to get some quick cash on a mod they're not making for the community, but rather themselves. It's a pretty much a win-win situation. Obviously I can't be making that up when they're giving flat out no's to things they never want to implement without any feedback from the community whatsoever. Surprised how no one gets offended by that, even after they assisted the devs with wiki updates, bug reports, and ideas. The devs get both the credit and donations for things the community had a part in but the devs leave them out entirely when it comes to decisions, unless they're required. So who's really the one that's ungrateful? But hey, I can see it and I'm sure many others did before they abandoned these forums as well. Like I said, I do enjoy the mod, but if we have a forum admin treating people this way, I rather keep my distance in contributing to anything.
  3. Trenix's Farewell

    Don't think you quite understand what I'm trying to say. I don't just want to rid of Kitty, but from the problems I've already encountered from her, I feel like I'm being dominated and silenced by her in a very abusive manner. I say my opinion, I get suspended. I make a suggestion, I get my thread locked. I clearly tried to talk to her on a personal level so we can resolve these problems and stop them from happening again, but instead I got generic responses and a lack of care. It's the equivalent of a police officer who's abusing their authority to get the upper hand of things. Seriously, I couldn't even get an apology at the VERY least to make all this history.
  4. Trenix's Farewell

    Thank you Bioxx for your input and I'm actually glad you brought my e-mail toward kitty. I really don't feel embarrassed of what I said, I could of been a little more nicer but getting a cold shoulder without a full explanation tick me off a little, as it would anyone. As for a professional and respectful way of handling a suggestion that a developer has no interest in changing or implementing, this is how you should handle it. It could be for future reference down the road, possibly when I'm gone. "Interesting suggestion, however a code rewrite would take too long to make it worth the while. Maybe in the future." Green: Give the person some credit for going out of their way into making a suggestion that will benefit your mod. Saying something as simple as "interesting" is enough to act in a respectful manner for their contribution. Blue: Give a simple explanation of why you're not going to add it rather than an excuse, that's unprofessional. Red: This is the nicest way to say no, even though you're most likely not going to add it in the future, it gives a person some hope and satisfaction that your suggestion was recognized. When a developer says a closure such as that, the discussion usually ends. Locking a thread however, is just simply abusing a power. I didn't do anything wrong, just invested time to put together a well thought out suggestion, only to be told no in a disrespectful manner and then be punished by getting my thread locked. Sorry but my morality says that was out of line and cruel. Really, how do you expect me to act after something like that happened? You may think that telling people no for suggestion isn't a big deal, but it is for someone who put a whole lot of effort into their suggestion. From what I've seen, people have already complained and got fed up with that type of attitude. It's not really about giving people false hope, but rather recognition for their contribution. The type of response I received made me not want to contribute ever again, put yourself into my shoes, you're honestly going to tell me that you wouldn't feel the same?
  5. Trenix's Farewell

    I've seen plenty of people get fired from being impulsive. We have a wiki editor who's left it outdated for months, an abusive forum admin who never takes responsibility for their actions, and a community manager who is flat out rude to it's community. If she did mess up, all she needs to do is apologize. The fact that she clearly doesn't want to, shows that she's not good enough for the job. Kitty has some real issues when it comes to authority. Never have I seen a community manager who did the complete opposite of building a community. If she's really the lowest status then I'll just wait for the other developers to replace her after they find out the person they put in charge. That's when I'll return.
  6. Trenix's Farewell

    The problem is that there is no room for improvement of a particular idea. Ideas that are suggested aren't always good which is why the communities responses are needed to further refine it into a great suggestion. Saying no is not only rude, but it's not allowing room for improvement. Maybe during the discussion we could of instead talked about slightly tweaking the current UI into being more understandable. I can't say what would of came of the discussion, because it wasn't allowed to happen. It's one thing to say no to an idea, but it's another to abuse your powers as a forum admin and lock a thread that has broken no rules. This is practically tyranny. Forums aren't there to be used in this kind of manner, this is a place of discussion. Many people keep talking about this mod like it's some kind of company or product, it's not. I'm simply saying that it doesn't matter who she think she is, you simply just don't act like that in the real world. Also people need to ease up with criticism sounding so demeaning, it's not. It's there to help not hurt, you're not going to impress everyone and everyone needs to understand that. Suppressing people who you don't agree with is flat out screwed up.
  7. Trenix's Farewell

    It's all "mine" mentality with Kitty. People give ideas and report bugs, only for all that to be claimed by someone who isn't even grateful for it nor believes that anyone had any part in it. We're doing the work of an average game tester and we're not even asking to be paid for it, just asking for some respect. You're either building the mod with the community or without it, if it's without it, then there really is no purpose of this forum. I honestly would love to go on the wiki and fix it from the ground up, so it could be understandable and finally up to date. But Kitty doesn't appear to be seeking help, she just wants to do everything on her own and it's taking a toll on her work. I'm also not going to put any effort in something that will be removed shortly afterwards or be taken without any gratitude.I wouldn't mind coming back if my suggestion was reopened and I stopped getting rude responses such as, "No, this won't be added". Not sure who you talk to but that type of attitude isn't acceptable anywhere in the real world. If you're still in school, then when your teacher gives you feedback about your work or a even presentation, go and tell them, "Yeah, I'm not going to change that" and you'll see what they'll say afterwards.
  8. Trenix's Farewell

    I honestly didn't want to single out Kittychanley, but I mind as well do it since it doesn't seem fair to the other developers which really had no part in it. She really is giving TerraFirmaCraft a bad name. This is such a great mod with so much potential and it's a real shame to have someone's egocentrism ruin the game's reputation. Take note that I'm not singling her out because she's a girl. I've seen her bring that up before on the forums so I'm telling you right now this has nothing to do with it. This has to do with being professional and respectful. I know how coding works, I've used to do it years ago but I was never afraid to scrap my work and I never got offended when people criticized me. It's not insulting and I'm not being ungrateful, but you can't expect to always be perfect.You need to be more open to other’s opinion, otherwise don’t make a suggestion section on your forums. That type of mentality is very corruptible, as you can already see by the abusive actions that have already been taken place. I’ve recently scrapped $200 of clothing because people didn’t like my designs. Now I can get angry at them for not liking my clothes or I can blame myself for making designs that people weren’t interested in. I honestly would love to blame them but let’s be realistic here, or should I say believable? How can I move forward with that state of mind? You see none of that would have happened if people were actually truthful and told me that I need to do things differently. Yet I welcome failure, because without failure you can never learn from your mistakes.But no hard feelings, I really don’t care. I got a whole pack of suggestions stored on my computer which were intended for vanilla Minecraft and could have been possibly adopted by this mod. Yet, what’s the point when the forum admin isn’t accepting of ideas? I’m not leaving because I’m hurt, I’m leaving because whether I’m on the forums or not, I don’t think it really matters. Kittychanley is narrow minded and isn’t capable of arguing with, it’s her word and that’s all. Once again I can careless if you're going to add my idea or not, but the community really didn't even have a say and we weren't even capable of discussion this feature like adults. That is the problem...
  9. Trenix's Farewell

    I'm not going to leave in a rant but I will just calmly leave with a few words. Hope you can understand rather than take me as an aggressor. Anyway, I truly feel the attitude of the developers is a little over the top. The best way to describe it is stubborn and conceded. You guys truly don't know how to build a community. When I or anyone else criticizes your work, you shouldn't take it so personal. That is a very childish way to act, you're supposed to welcome it even though you may not agree with it. It's there to help you not hurt you.This:’t acceptable and it's pretty much the final straw for me. I put some effort in that and to just say no and lock my thread, was a rather harsh thing to do. It's just a flat out lack of manners and extremely unprofessional. Why bother even attempting to find bugs, suggest improvements, or even new ideas when you can do something so obnoxious. I don't think it's necessary for me to tell you how you should of acted, because I'm not here to be a parent. I've already been suspended before for something that wasn't even intentional, such as editing a post that the admin was in the process of editing, resorting in bringing back text that were supposedly against the rules. I was then read the policy like your mod is some type of big cooperation. Really?I also don't want to talk about the whole believability concept. As soon as I replaced realism to believability, no one questioned that aspect of my suggestions anymore. I'm sort of surprised how a simple manipulation can really turn the tables on here, it could be that maybe some of the developers are too young. I'm even more surprised how you could create a wiki that's been outdated for months and still ask for donations. Well anyway, good luck and you should really look into what I'm saying because it's only for the better. People will always criticize your work, unfortunately that’s the real world and if you’re going to block out every single criticism from people who aren’t your friends, you’re going to become a failure in life. Also please don’t get cocky with your mod’s popularity, it has unknown lag and the animals can't even walk properly. Wish the best! ~TrenixEdit: I'm actually extremely surprised that I wasn't suspended nor locked by posting this.
  10. Food: Soups/Stews, more recipes

    Why would they provide little reward? They should be better than all the meals we currently have because stews and soups would not only replenish hunger, but also thirst. No meal or food does that currently.
  11. Food: Soups/Stews, more recipes

    We could have both ceramic cauldrons and metal ones. The ceramic ones should take much longer for them to heat up before the water starts boiling.
  12. Food: Soups/Stews, more recipes

    The way I want stews and soups implemented...We would have to make a cauldron that's made out of metal. It would be able to contain a fuel source, water, and items. You would have to put water, the items you need to make your stew/soup, and a fuel source in the cauldron and then light it up. Once the cauldron boils the color of the water will change to looking like the particular stew/soup you made. To take the stew/soup out of the cauldron so you can eat it, you would need to hold an empty ceramic bowl and right click the cauldron. Each finished stew/soup will be enough to fill up 3 bowls.Here is the suggestion I've made for Minecraft to have a similar mechanic be added. Minecraft Suggestions Reddit:
  13. Food decay based on food type / container

    Keeping code very simple isn't the best way to go, it's why Minecraft is so boring. Majority of Minecrafts features either feel incomplete or lack depth. This type of change would be well worth the wait, even if it takes months. I know there are impatient people who want things updated as soon as possible so they ask for very simple things, but those things get boring very fast. Major releases is what keep games fresh and fun.
  14. Water From Seaweed

    I was thinking the same thing. If foods starting doing this, then when soups or stews get implemented, their purpose would be to replenish both your hunger and your thirst.
  15. Agriculture and farming ideas

    I'm just relying on online sources, if you have some sort of evidence that crops will mature faster if watered then I'll believe you. I've been looking all around the internet and have found nothing so far. Yes the crops will be bigger if watered, but that's because of all of the water you gave them, they're simply absorbing it. That's just what plants do, they suck up the water and store it for later use when days get dry. The only time water will matter is when the crop doesn't have enough of it, so it begins dying. However it'll still technically continue to mature as it's dying.