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      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. b72 server joining failure

    do you double click the server you're trying to join or click it and clock "join server"? i get this error when i double click, or when the connection times out, but usually when the connection times out it gives me an error.
  2. [B72] Stuttering framerate below surface.

    Well, I don't have any advice then, other than maybe changing the amount of RAM MultiMC uses when launching TFC. Sorry i couldn't be more helpful.
  3. [B72] Stuttering framerate below surface.

    What are your settings like?
  4. [B72] Stuttering framerate below surface.

    In my opinion, it's just because its a Notebook, and the mod still needs to be optimized, do you have a desktop that could run it better? or a newer laptop?
  5. [B72] Stuttering framerate below surface.

    do you know what your mobo is? so i can see which chipset it is and what integrated GPU its using.
  6. [B72] Stuttering framerate below surface.

    Computer specs? remember, it's still in Beta, so it's not optimized.
  7. Sounds like a laggy server to me, used to happen on vanilla with my friends server back a few months ago, check your signal strength to him, and what are the specs his server is running on?
  8. [Build 72] Saw bug

    "Saws may no longer be used for felling trees. Axes were being made obsolete by saws." Read the change log, build 70. EDIT: made it more polite.
  9. "The purpose of wedging is to remove all air pockets and holes which would cause a piece to explode in the firing; to eliminate foreign matter such as nails, cloth, and leaves; and to secure an even consistency. Never use un-wedged clay." and the way he explained it, there are consequences for failing (EDIT: not failing, but forgetting, or neglecting to wedge) to wedge your clay in game. In real life, the result is not so dramatic, but in game it would cause a real penalty, though i think it would be better to reduce the destruction to the 4 pieces touching the un-wedged.
  10. Smart moving

    I've been playing without SM, but as i said before, i built my house on a mountain, but i guess until tfc 70 im going to have to use ladders.
  11. Smart moving

    anyone have any alternate solutions?
  12. Smart moving

    thank you, waited all night for a response, can finally climb back up to my house which i put on a mountain.EDIT: didn't work. used player API 1.0 And build 69 and tried 11.9 first, then 11.8, neither worked.
  13. Smart moving

    elaborate a bit on how you installed and which versions of mods you used please?
  14. Smart moving

    That's what i feared, not sure which version SM is currently using, but it seems likely that that is the issue. Thank you guys for your time.
  15. Smart moving

    the mod doesnt even show up in the mods section when i click the mods button in my minecraft, it should say i have 9 installed and active, it only has 8, smart moving doesnt even show up on the list of mods, but the zip file is there.