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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. A few things come to mind...that would be fun doing with explosives

    - Make a big cave....dig one-block holes, put dynamite or tnt in, wire it with red dust (or something else)....BOOM....bat cave done

    - Bring down a hill or a small mountain....same methode as above, just not so deep

    - Make a big sinkhole...

    - Underground mapping can be done with explosive

    - Zombie (or other) traps

    - Perimeter warning system

    - ...


  2. Great idea

    I could help in German

    imho...there should be a tutorial or a wiki page on how to do this the right way,

    and only one person should be responsible for one language, receiving help from the community.

    He's responsibility is to keep everything up-to-date and to coordinate everything that needs to be done.

    Then, i think, everything should go smoothly.


  3. I got one of the knap squares from a creeper explosion. I have not repeated this yet, but I am pretty sure that I got them from an explosion. Even if I didn't, I got them somehow, in survival, no NEI

    That happend to me also. The creeper exploded right next to a few rocks...not rock blocks

  4. I'll update my signature with the tutorial for server jars now :)

    I'm glad you like it :) ... and that it can help

    If I set this up on a windows 7 machine to then move onto a linux wachine, would I run into any issues?

    It should work just fine....the only difference is the path

    If my server hardware were any better, i would do it also...but last time i tried it, it could barly manage a few chunks

    then i fell into servers way of saying "i just cant handle it!" :wacko:


  5. OK, i will try to describe this as good as i can.

    I am doing this on my Windows 7 workstation, but on Linux it should almost be the same.

    1. Download:

    minecraft_server.jar from from

    MC 1.4.5 - Player API universal from http://www.minecraft...api-player-api/

    (i will also add SmartMoving)

    MC 1.4.5 - Smart Moving from http://www.minecraft...p-smart-moving/

    and (or newest version)

    2. Make a folder where you want your server to be. I will use C:TFC_Server

    3. Copy or Move minecraft_server.jar to C:TFC_Server

    4. Make a copy of minecraft_server.jar in C:TFC_Server for backup, if something goes wrong.

    5. Make a new folder mods in C:TFC_Server --> C:TFC_Servermods

    6. With winrar or 7zip copy everything from into C:TFC_Serverminecraft_server.jar

    then from MC 1.4.5 - Player API universal






    then everything from Smart Moving Server for Minecraft (this file is in MC 1.4.5 - Smart Moving

    It has to be in this order!

    7. Copy to C:TFC_Servermods

    Now you can start the server my double-clicking the C:TFC_Serverminecraft_server.jar which will start with a nice GUI.

    If you want to give the server more RAM you can make a run.bat file in the same folder as minecraft_server.jar

    Put this code in run.bat

    @echo offjava -Xms1G -Xmx2G -jar minecraft_server.jar
    or if you dont want to start the GUI.

    @echo offjava -Xms1G -Xmx2G -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui
    or if you only want the GUI with more RAM

    @echo offstart javaw -Xms1G -Xmx2G -jar minecraft_server.jar

    note: I used a newer forge version and that worked for me...but you should probably use the version listed on the TFC download page, that should work the best since that TFC version is using that forge version.

    I hope this helps :)


  6. Well i'm too late for your test, but have some interesting links... -> news about genetic breakthroughs -> a game about protein folding...could even earn a Nobel Prize with this one :) -> about DNA hacking -> Genome Browser -> Genotyping ... i thing Google is behind this -> Open source PCR Machine ... i started to build this one, it's about 50% done

    just a few links that i find very interesting...


  7. Haven't even thought about items like could be fun in multi-player mode though.

    Naming would be no problem, if only the town owner, region leader or the King (in his kingdom) has the right to name the coins... and the right to define/set how much can be produced by players that have some kind of treasury mods or admins... The coins could then be used for in-game economy... and you could toss them into the bloomery or forge and smelt them into ingots...wouldn't be profitable though, but if you hate the King...... :-))

    ok...i'll stop thinking thoughts are running wild...


  8. I understand what you mean, and maybe this is not such a great idea... but as i stated above, it's just a thought that "i think" would add a bit more to the realistic part of the game.

    At the moment we have a very smart inventory. You put something in, and it knows right away what it is. Not very Real-Life like :-)

    In RL you have to go to school to learn about different trees, rocks, plant life or whatever....if you have interests in such professions...such people would know right away what is what :-)

    I can go outside right now and chop a peace of tree, and i will probably have no idea what type of tree that was...and i would probably throw away a gold nugget because i wouldn't recognize it as gold...

    "note-to-me: now, that would be a real mineral tutorials."

    So maybe its not a book or tool thing, but a property of the player and you use the bookshelf, or something else, to learn or analyze unknown stuff....but i'm probably going in the wrong mmo.. or it's just a bad idea :-) ...


  9. Hi everyone,

    I'v been playing TFC for a few weeks now and i realy like the way it's going. For a Beta state, it's already very playable and fun.

    Playing TFC and thinking about the direction this project is going, i had a few thoughts which, i think, would add a bit more to

    the realistic part of the game.

    There are sooo many more items added to TFC that makes it a bit hard to know (graphicly) what is what. You have to brake/chop it to your inventory to find out what it is. And that is ok, but not very realistic. If there was some kind of tool or book where all new blocks could be put into, and then just by right clicking the block, the name of the already known item would be shown. That way i just take/brake/chop the blocks i'm looking for or need. There could be something like the Scribing Table where you bring the unknown block, analyze it, and put the info (name or other things) into a book or some kind of book(tool). It could be a lerning feature of the game. Then when you go out and rightclick a block (with or without the tool??) that you already analyzed, you get the info before you brake/chop/take it. That way you take only what you need. It would be a bit like in real life. This idea came from (me chopping all the trees) trying to find the right one for the planks i wanted. From the developer viewpoint, there could be some kind of user based database to keep track of known/unknown blocks. My Java is a "bit" rusty, but i'll try and make a mini mod for minecraft to get the feeling for this idea.

    What do you think about this idea?