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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    TFC-Puritan is now open to all players, just come and join, no whitelist.
  2. Some Stone Tools Don't Need Wood Handle

    In nature a good place to find stone nodules is in rivers or streams. They get washed from up the mountains, so it would be a solution to either use flint or to have proper stone nodules spawn on the shores of rivers. I actually got sad when I learn that the idea for TFC2 is to have only one rock type for the whole Island from bedrock all the way up the Mountains. Is a step away from the Realism that brought so many players to this mod. One of the things I like about tfc is to see different stone colors on mountains, also to be happy when I find a hot spring, because it let's me know what is the underlying rock type.
  3. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    We are rebuilding the servers, We got a new Dedicated Server with a better processor and the servers are in test mode right now. TFC-Puritan is ready to join for testing. We are pre generating the world to minimize LAG. As soon as the world is Generated the server will be ready for real play. As for Darkagecraft we are tweaking the mods and addons, adding recipes and settings. It will be at least a few more days before is ready for testing. Once the server is ready I will come back to this post and approve you guys to the Whitelist.
  4. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    We reset our servers and lost the whitelist. I will try to get at least the people that submited applications on the last months, but if you reapply I will rush your name. As always TFC-Puritan is an open server, so no need for application. Both servers are in test phase. But actually it would help to have players around so I can be reminded of what settings we need for the severs.
  5. Bleeding / Weapon Tweaks

    Even though I can see where you coming from, I do not believe the Dev's would add something like that. It would go in the category of disgusting things. It's called Gore and children play this mod. You would have better luck by starting a tread as a suggestion for a Addon. Maybe if a modded like your idea they would create an addon like that.
  6. More Realistic Ore Veins

    Maybe a somewhat easy way to depict that in game, instead of having to introduce many more ores would be to have the center of the vein to be formed of rich ore and as it goes farther it would change to normal and finally poor. I am no mineralogist and not really sure how mineral behave in real life, that's just the way I imagine them, but I could be totally wrong. The way I imagine, when you are mining for ores you remove 1 cubic meter of material and after crushing and washing you have a percentage of the ore you actually want. The closer you get to the center of the vein the more of the ore you will get. Again, no idea if this is the way is done.
  7. Some Stone Tools Don't Need Wood Handle

    Well I will now have to insist that if something is more realistic it is also more believable. You cannot have one without the other. After all for something to be believable it means that people are able to believe it is real. Just read the Definition of the word. I agree also that the more realistic way to go about stone tools would be to make it so some sedimentary stones would not work for tools, but now we get into a bigger problem for gameplay. As if you spawn in a place with only that kind of stone you cannot survive. Like I said I do not Believe the Dev's will work stone age in progression the way I proposed, that's why I said maybe it would be a good idea for a Addon. For the little I know about code It does not seem like much and is something that many have asked before, specially the part about needing plant fibers to tie the tool to the handle. When I talked about the hand axe, the idea is that you need a tool to brake branches for handles. The sticks you can find under a tree are dry wood and not good for handles. But other than that, I think you are in your right to not like the idea and even consider it unnecessary for the game. Civilized people are able to disagree in a polite and courteous way. Peace and love.
  8. Some Stone Tools Don't Need Wood Handle

    I know is not going to happen. Maybe an addon? Who knows. In my opinion the sequence should be like this: Stone knife and stone axe no handle. Use stone knife to cut cat tails for plant fiber. Use stone axe to break branches for sticks. stone tools without a handle have a chance to hurt you and cause more fatigue. No way you can shop down a tree with the axe without a handle. Use the sticks, plant fibers and the stone tools to upgrade your tools. That would add a lot more belivability to the game. And make it in a way that makes sense.
  9. Decorative/Magical gems

    There is actually an updated version for Colored Lights Here
  10. Just Another Spawner

    One thing that may help you would be to analyse what modpack creators have done. So just look for a modpack that uses JAS download it and read the scripts.
  11. Decorative/Magical gems

    In the meanwhile the Decorations addon let you use Gems for Illumination . It's really nice. Not exactly what you suggested, as it sets the gems on the sides of blocks, but it's a use for Gems.
  12. Initial Island as Stone Age Only

    Haven't heard from the Dev's, One of the aspects I like more about this idea is because it would allow for more development of the stone age. The way I see players should have at least leather armor before they would venture to another Island.
  13. Initial Island as Stone Age Only

    Since the idea is to have tier Islands in a increased level of difficulty, I would like to propose the initial Island to be devoid of metal ores. The main idea is that the player would have to conquer the initial Island using only stone age tools and weapons.
  14. Animal Spawning Mechanics

    I like the way you think Darmo, my only point is that TFC needs a better Spawning system.. Using Just Another Spawner and Mob Properties I was able to make a server where no mobs spawn over artificial blocks. So in the case mobs only spawn over Dirt, grass, or raw stone. Mobs never spawn over wood blocks, smooth stone, bricks etc. This would make it so mobs spawn outside of the player buildings, but the player still needs to build fences and walls to protect his base. My point is that as much as I like your idea of having more wolves spawning because the player has a huge sheep herd, the wolves should not spawn inside the sheep pen.
  15. Animal Spawning Mechanics

    I agree. The only other thing that could be considered would be a developed chunk. So when counting the chunks, any chunk with buildings should be removed from the total. After all it makes no sense to have wild animals spawning in the middle of a town.
  16. Burning animal fat for fuel / Alternative light sources

    Now I am forced to reconsider, I could agree with steel, but at the same time, let's consider the Decorations addon. Even though you are able to make copper lanterns, they are still Expensive and demand some work. Is not just because you unlock metal that suddenly your lights are permanent. You have to work the lanterns in an anvil and have enough extra ore to justify the expense. If you pay attention to I am proposing, I prefer to make things harderon the start of the game, but I really think blue still and lava to be too expensive for permanent light. I think if we had candles as an upgrade for the torches we could have metal lanterns as the next upgrade. What kind of fuel they should use is another discussion. Historically it should be whale oil and next petroleum.
  17. Burning animal fat for fuel / Alternative light sources

    Pit kilns burns for 18 hours. But I agree light sources need a rethinking and re balancing. If we make torches burn for only 8 in game hours, for example. enough for one night. We would need something else that we can use for mining. Right now the 2 days that torches burn are good for in home, but not really enough for mining. every time you need to go out of the mine, specially in early game when you do not have access to a lot of food and your clay jugs do not give you enough water, when you go back to the mine the torches will be off and the mine will be full of mobs. within my vision of what stone age should be, the player should not go mining until he/she have a steady source of food and thus enough animal fat to make candles. Those would also burn for let's say 7 in game days. Making the game more believable would require to make sticks on fire ( Torches ) to burn for 8 in game hours. Also make candles available in stone age and burn for 7 in game days. I also do believe that once the player have access to metal they should have access to permanent light. They already proved themselves by surviving through the whole ordeal of stone age and mining metal. At this point, light sources are more a decoration item.
  18. Encumberance Inventory system

    Mine carts for mines, with tracks, really heavy stuff ores. Bringing a load of stone from 1000 blocks away because you want marble for your palace. that's where hand carts and animal pulled wagons would come.Was not suggesting mine carts for long distances, although they could be used for faster traveling.
  19. Encumberance Inventory system

    One of the things I like about Encumberance, is the possibility to use mine carts the way they were originally envision. Can you imagine actually having to use carts to haul ores out of the mines? What about the fact that you would have to build the mine in a slope so carts can travel up and down? As for construction materials, they should be limited just enough to be an incentive to use hand carts and wagons. For example suppose the maximum you are able to carryin your inventory is 9 stacks of stone/cobble/smooth/dirt. Is enough that no one can complain about building, but at the same time it makes it so when you are collecting resources you will want to be able to haul more material.
  20. Clay working

    As a wood carving myself, I always wonder on how forgiving clay is in comparison. So as in real life I say, if you make a mistake just press reset and start again. Like if you are making a pot and something goes wrong, there is no reason to make the clay go puff and disappear. All you have to do is start over.
  21. Burning animal fat for fuel / Alternative light sources

    As much as I really love the idea of 3d building, I would not be opposed to just make the firepit as a recipe , thus requiring rocks, logs and sticks. I would of course prefer if there was a way to make it as a construction. The main point for me is that campfire was the main light source for primitive societies. I just cannot justify have to burn 3 or 4 whole trees just to have a campfire burning for 1 night. Somehow the mechanics of the campfire need to change to allow us to use a clay pot or container on top. Something to cook soups and boil water, and of course melt fat for candles. As for the fireplace, it is just a construction around a fire with a chimney to Carrythe smoke outside of the house. Gotta remember that maybe we will have body temperature add to the game, so a fireplace would server multiple purposes. They were also used for cooking.
  22. Burning animal fat for fuel / Alternative light sources

    The rudimentary candles we are talking about here would be inside a clay bowl. We call it candle, but is more like a lamp. Agree, and that is the reason I propose we have changes to the campfire. 4 logs should last for the whole night and emit a lot more light. Also we should be able to build a rudimentary fireplace using rocks and clay. It would be the main light source until the player have access to fat to make fat lamps.
  23. Burning animal fat for fuel / Alternative light sources

    I really believe candles should be available early on in game. A bowl with animal fat inside a bowl with water on top of a fire. Dump the melted fat in a ceramic bow with a wick and that's it. I like the idea of having torches burning houses. It would create a division on the use of torches, so they would be used primarily for mining. One of the things I believe should be changed is the campfire, 4 logs should be enough to burn for a whole night. For the initial nights the campfire should provide all the light needed. One aspect of the game that we need to remember is building decoration. I always use the Decorations addon, even though I do agree that alcohol lamps are not realistic, but with all the metal and work involved in making them the player deserves a permanent light source. With the game mechanics we have now even if we set torches to burn wood blocks people would still be able to use it inside as long as the building is made of stone. What if torches would burn for 2 days and candles for 10 days? Not sure about those numbers, just throwing themin the discussion. One way or another we need permanent light sources. Lava lamp are so to the end of the game that by that point I usually am ready to start another world.
  24. Clay working

    Don't think the pottery wheel should be dependent on metal. In it's origin, it was just a surface that could be rotated instead of the craftsman having to go around the pot. If we ever have mechanical power introduced to the game we could then have an upgrade that would make the job faster. That would be reason enough as time is the most important aspect in a game.
  25. Burning animal fat for fuel / Alternative light sources

    One of the things we are missing in TFC is the ability to heat containers. As long as there is a process involved in making candles they would not be OP. I have no idea what steps are involved in making a candle from animal fat, but I am pretty sure it involves more than grabbing fat and string together and the candle magically appear in your hand. For starters you need to melt the fat, best done in a double boiler. You also need a container and off course the wick.