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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Settlements and Human Mobs

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):Yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. I was thinking about the nature of Terrafirmacraft and I've always felt something was missing: Other Humans For those of you who have played Dwarf Fortress style games, one of the most engaging and often frustrating aspects of them is the ability to attract other people to your settlement. In this situation, there would be human NPC mobs with dispositions ranging from Friendly to Hostile based on historical and environmental factors. (eg. In winter and territories where food is scarce, an NPC may attack out of hand to prevent you from taking any of the limited food. Similarly, if you have attacked an NPC in the past they will not quickly forgive you.) You can befriend them by providing resources like food or water or alcohol and if they become positively disposed toward you you can put them to work on simple tasks, and slowly become more efficient.(You could also skip the assigned task thing and just make it that they act independently) Similarly, if you built a home that meets certain criteria, it would attract NPCs who would request that they be allowed to stay in your empty lodging in exchange for goods or services. These human mobs would be frail, like yourself, meaning that even with a small army of them, one would still have trouble fighting skeletons, giant spiders etc (which would be far less common) One may also be too afraid to lose this valuable asset by leading them into combat. In addition, adding humans and an abundance of realistic, hostile and neutral mobs would make the appearance of a supernatural mob cause for significant alarm as they would be far more dangerous than some chump with a sharp stick.
  2. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No): Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. Yes I touched on this in a previous post but I feel it deserves it's own. Playing TFC, I feel there is little connection between the super natural and it's world. Now personally I am a fan of an all or nothing approach to fantasy, as such the mobs present seem to be more like placeholders for a challenging foe to make TFC extraordinarily difficult over vanilla minecraft. That said I think the presence of these mobs could be greatly improved with a gradient in terms of their combat ability as well as a connection to some kind of overall lore. I realize this would be challenging but hear me out. In my ideal world of gaiety and wonderment, TFC would be home, not to the generic animated corpses and beasts of unusual sizes, but instead populated by horrors of cosmic design. There would be mundane animals, abundant and strong enough to pose a threat but surmountable. Then, at first night, a new threat would make an appearance: Humans. These men are not simple survivors however, no these men have been driven to madness by an unknown force.They are no more difficult to kill than normal men, a serious wound and they will die of shock, but they would be numerous and aggressive. Driven away at first light, the madmen reappear every evening. That is until the night of the first full moon. Dispersed among the madmen would hooded figures bearing ceremonial blades and the ability to strengthen the hoards. Some time after that things would get interesting. Periodically, probably on the night of the occasional full moon, no mobs would spawn, instead a single Cosmic horror of Lovecraftian design with strength enough to sunder the feeble machinations of the Survivor would appear and relentlessly attack until either destroyed or frightened off by the dawn. This is a fantasy of course but the idea of what I am referring to is not so fantastical. A gradient and variety in the mobs to allow for escalating challenge, theming for the existing supernatural mobs, a greater threat from nature to give significance to the supernatural.
  3. Settlements and Human Mobs

    I think at first it would be prudent to focus on creating these human mobs similarly to animal mobs, even with mostly the same behaviors. At first they could just wander around and attack on sight. Then using rules similarly to husbandry, allow for "Taming" them. At which point they could just act like dogs/domesticated wolves. Later updates would include them performing simple tasks and eventually they would be functionally people and no longer animals. I think trying to roll something like that out all at once would be prohibitively difficult.
  4. Nutrition: picking up where meals left off

    Thanks for the welcome, the community here seems really great. I had no idea there was going to be a nutrition system being added and now I feel like a bit of a tit (Bird not anatomy) formulating a system what is now vestigial. I am a little disappointed to see that it's based on food groups. I have a few gripes especially in regards to having a lack of dairy being essential enough to have a drawback without it. Many cultures, before widespread trade and commerce were able to survive fine without Dairy, re Japan. In actuality dairy is, by and large, non-essential and is usually a supplement for communities who lack easy, regular access to fat soluble vitamins which can often be acquired by local hoofed ungulates (ovines, bovines all that) as they can break down the cellulose in grasses and tougher plant material on account of their multiple stomach chambers. Another main purpose dairy serves, at least before pasteurization, is to replenish gastric and intestinal bacteria which can assist in the processing of food. This however is usually only necessary for communities that are regularly plagued with purgative diseases (dysentery, stomach flus etc.) as these deplete bacteria. That said even that purpose is unnecessary as that is exactly what the appendix is for and why the appendix is such a ticking time bomb: The appendix stores a small supply of essential bacteria which are released after a massive dangerous purge to recolonize your intestine. This, however, can become unbalanced leading to appendicitis and ultimately peritonitis, sepsis and death. Dairy is also high in calcium as well but that is easier accessed in nuts and vegetables, though lacking the extra lipids (fats) that can encase the calcium as calcium is not often water soluble. Though as long as you eat calcium in other things high in good fats, eg almonds, or eat fats with your calcium rich veggies. Also Fruits and vegetables by and large serve the similar purposes (Kale, Broccoli and Cauliflower being even higher in vitamin c than even oranges) which is usually why they are often lumped together, not only that but many vegetables are actually biologically fruits so I would be concerned about the accuracy of these meters. For example Zucchini and Cucumbers are biologically fruits as they are the ova of plants containing diploid cells for reproduction. The primary purpose of these is for vitamins and minerals which are hard to come by in Grains and animal byproducts. Mainly what my issues come down to is that a person could survive without any health ramifications eat only animals and the occasional vegetable or nut (Liver being crazy high in vitamins and minerals, as well as blood being nutrient rich when cooked). Other communities subsist fine on nothing but fruits, vegetables and grains completely abstaining from meats and animal byproducts. To say any of these are essential enough to merit a 20% loss in health should they be found lacking is not only inaccurate but does a disservice to vegetarians and the Inuit tribes that survived in Tundra with minimal Vegetables and no fruits to speak of. Obviously beggars can't be choosers so, if the powers that be decide to stick with a food pyramid, I'm not in a position to stop them nor will it ruin the game for me but I would really like to see a nutrient dependent necessity system rather than a food group based one.
  5. Nutrition: picking up where meals left off

    This is my first post on this forum so please be gentle.Introduction: I have been playing TFC for some time now and have fallen madly in love with it. As someone who has always had a fondness for survival, wilderness and otherwise, it should bear some weight when I say that TFC blows all its competition away in the subjects of Geology, chemistry and Physics. However there is one subject that I feel TFC tragically lacks in and that is Human Biology. Now, I would love an advanced disease and complex injury system in addition to complex nutrition. Obviously, however, I understand that the gods of Terrafirmacraft work with obvious limitations, Java and the architecture of Minecraft being the most insurmountable. That said, and admitting that I have very limited coding experience and have only dabbled in game design, I have constructed a basic outline for the core of what a Nutrition system would need to add some challenge to a problem we still struggle with in this day and age: Food and the Lack thereofA nutrition system should be based, at least loosely, on the most fundamental aspects of human digestive needs. Calories, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals, and Fats. For the purposes of this proposal and the purposes of dramatically reducing complexity and difficulty, lets assume the human body will get enough fats through the consumption of these other nutrients.That said, we are left with three basic things: Calories, Proteins and V&Ms. I will be the first to admit that lumping V&M's into one simple category does the study of biology and chemistry a great disservice but for these purposes the tracking and monitoring of the dozens of Essential vitamins and minerals a human body needs would be prohibitively difficult and would add almost nothing to the experience.What follows is a very general outline and all facts, figures and math should be taken with a grain of salt. That said I have also done a fair amount of research on these subjects so take that as you will (I will be using Work to refer to speed with which blocks are broken when exerting force):Calories: The core of the bodies needs, Calories act as fuel required to operate cells, muscles and damn near everything else. A loss of calories would have severe ramifications inevitably resulting in death.Caloric Restriction: To have the body continue to burn calories at the same rate when dying of starvation as when full of hot delicious goodness would be not only game-breakingly unbalanced but also woefully inaccurate to real life. When the human body loses enough calories and has not received new caloric intake it activates a slew of signals to slow metabolism and to burn fat to prevent its own destruction.As such we the players calorie count would reach below, say 40%, the body would begin burning fat to keep itself functioning, it would also activate such things as sirtuins to increase mitochondrial development and slow the metabolism.Caloric Abundance: Conversely to the restriction mentioned above, when humans and most other animals are inundated with food and caloric resources they begin storing fats for later use when food sources are not so abundant. That said the rates of Caloric consumption should look something like this as the percentages shift from 100% (Full and Fed) to 0% (Starving to death) and burn rate changes from 4x at overfed to .1x at starving.200%-101%: 4x |Fat Growth at 1% of Calories burned until 100%100%-81%: 2x |Minor Increase Heal Rate80%-51%: 1x |No Benefits or penalties50%-31%: .5x(.75x w/o Fat) |Burning fat30%-11%: .3x(.5x w/o Fat) |Minor Slowed Speed, Work, Damage and Stop Heal10%-0%: .1x(.25x w.o Fat) |Minor DOT, Major Slowed Speed, Work and DamageFat: Representing stores of energy for later use, fat has a number of other uses such as insulation against cold weather and cushioning from impact and other external damaging forces.As a general outline fat could be stored in the players body when the caloric intake exceeds the 100% mark. While the excess is being consumed, 1 calorie for every 10 burned would be stored as fat for later use.When the body would begin burning fat it would do so in addition to existing calories, for example when at <40% calories the body would burn calories at .75X it's normal rate. However if you have body fat it would burn that at a rate of .25 and the remaining calories in the body at a rate of .50. In this way fat would act as a mitigating factor when starvation begins to occur.Fat would not be without its drawbacks, however. At 30% or higher Body fat content the excess weight would cause slowing of movement speed, at above 40% would reduce work and slow speed even more as well as increase the rate of Caloric burn.As Body temperature has yet to be implemented Fat's effects would likely need to be determined in later releases after the kinks have been worked out of the basic system.Proteins: Proteins are chains of amino acids which make up massive stores of energy and can be used to a small degree in protein synthesis, building new muscles through exercise.A lack of Protein would likely result in weakened muscles and physical strength and endurance.100% - 91%: Minor Increase in Work, Speed, damage and Heal Rate80% - 71%: No benefits or Penalties70% - 51%: Minor Speed Debuff50% - 31%: Stop Healing30% - 11%: Major Speed Debuff, Minor Work and damage Debuffs10% - 0%: Major Speed, Work, Damage Debuffs, Can't HealV&M: On the more wild and interesting spectrum Vitamins and minerals, or the lack thereof can result in some fascinating ramifications from losing of teeth to reduced immune system (did I mention I really want to see disease in TFC because I REALLY want to see Disease in TFC) to even hallucination and a massive range of other mental and physical issues.Unfortunately with this level of variety in the importance of V&Ms it would be hard to nail down a specific result from a deficiency and as such I have little to offer other than examples of ways in which a loss of V&M could affect players.In my mind the easiest way to affect the player would be to have 2 major types of V&M: Mental and Physical. A lack of Physical could result in odd visual effect and filters on the players screen, inability to sleep in beds from insomnia, sudden change in directional controls or simple drifting off course, even hallucinating mobs would be an interesting way of showing the mental degradation from a loss of essential vitamins and minerals. As for physical it would likely be done in the same way as Protein or Caloric deficiency unless of course Disease were to factor in.UI: As for Representation, it was brought up that a person doesn't know when they have less than a certain percentage of a given nutrient in their System. However, this can be easily corrected by have a general description of one's wellbeing:You are feeling strong and energetic but a vague sense of being unwell cannot be shaken (For a lack of V&M)While healthy enough when working you feel weak and sluggish (For lack of Protein)Or in more specific terms, categories of wellness can reflect ones nutritional wellbeing:(Cheesy Example)Vigor: Poor (For Protein)Vitality: Fair (Calories)Vim: Good (V&M)Constitution: Lean (Bodyfat Percentage)In any case there you have it. A General outline of a very basic Nutrient system for TFC, as you can see it wouldn't be too terribly different from the system that's already in place, adding a bit more complexity and challenge.