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  1. As far as I read in the Magic (link bellow)thread the consensus seems to be the idea of having to research for spells and magic techniques, but I haven't read any pro and con of each system (research and innate knowledge). If magic is still on the table, what is the consensus from the developers about how we get it? Is it too soon to ask this? From my point of view, I see that the Innate knowledge is better than the research one, mainly because I feel that it is usually used to extend gameplay where is not needed. It is like wanting to research metallurgy before you start working with metals in TFC1. It makes that the progression stagnate and the actual usefulness of magic is diminished. For an example in the offensive side of magic, Thaumcraft, if my memory serves me right, you can start using "magic" as soon as you reach iron, but you can start to shoot fire after you reach and "beat" the Nether... where everything is immune to fire... where Ice magic would be an asset in dealing with the Nether (and you get Ice magic after you get fire, so). It feels like magic in Thaumcraft is a reward from defeating X objective instead of a tool to defeat X. Don't get me wrong, I like Thaumcraft, it is an amazing mod, but not a useful mod. Not after a lot of time and research (golems, for example). In this regard, and with the island progression theme in TFC2, I would rather have magic from Island 1 that would help me in defeating Island 2 than as a reward that would hadbeen useful to defeat Island 1 but kind of pointless in Island 2. Therefore, I think that Innate magic knowledge would be better for TFC2, or at most, a fast research system to encourage** the research of magic before dealing with the next Island/problem. What do you think? ** A system that encourage the use of it: As an example of a system that does not encourage the use of it would be World of Warcraft professions. At the moment, WoW has a professions system where you are encourage to train after you reach max level, ratherthan while you are leveling up. This is due the fact that in WoW, leveling is too fast for the profession to be useful at every level. In the similar fashion, thaumcraft magic system seems more like WoW profession, in which the progress is too fast for the research to be on par with it. As an example of encouragement, if thaumcraft had ice/water bases magic before reaching the Nether, it would encourage the research of Ice magic because, well, it would be useful.
  2. The purpose of this thread is to keep an updated log of topics covered in the suggestion pages, to help people find topics, andhelp keep information together. There is already one by Kittychanley but it hasn't been updated in some time. To find something, go to the category and expand the spoiler. The categories will be in alphabetical order and some may have sub categories. Some topics may find themselves under more than one category which is fine while others may not be included due to it falling under another topic. Topics will be evaluated by content on first page. It can be hard to know if your idea is close enough to a topic to be added to that idea. When indoubt skim closely related topics to see if it would fit in with the flow and then decide. If it fits into multiple categories your idea may need refining. A new topic should have no less than around 200 words. If you can explain it in less than there's probably already a topic it could fall under. If you can't find your topic using this directory then do a search by going to the suggestions directory, navigate to the top right of the page and select "This Forum".As always thank you for being polite and follow the rules outlined in this forum. Aesthetics(mostly), light, and sounds Crafting, Carpentry/Wood Working, wood and earthen building materials,and Glass Containers, weight, size,inventory, and transportation Magic, chemistry, gems, and Supernatural Mechanical, electrical, and steam power Pain, injury,illness, and fatigue Plants,bees, food/water, and Mobs Player skills, stats,professions, and progression Smithing,metals, mining, ore's and ore generation,processing, tools, weapons and armor Temperature mechanics Water management World Generation, weather, and NPCs Miscellaneousstuffthat doesn't fit in the other categories or really low interest
  3. Hi, Before I start, I want to say this: Hold your horses! I don't want to break the existing gameplay, but to build upon it, for better replayability. Now, the suggestions I have will be broken into pieces, so try to make sense of it, even if it requires multiple readings of the whole text. Sources of mana and the logic behind it First of all, what would be magic? Just like light, mana would be a property of each block to be processed, but unlike light, all the blocks will have to be processed, and nothing will have to be (graphically) rendered (just update the values in the memory). There would be blocks which generate constantly (mana sources), blocks which consume mana constantly (mana sinks), as well as blocks that consume, store or generate mana at times (magic tools). A mana tick (re-calculation of the entire field of mana in the loaded chunks) will be anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds, with the timer reset (for forceful re-calculation)when a chunk is loaded or unloaded (so the mana values can be stored without artifacts around the edges). Also, the mana will have 4 values, for the 4 states of aggregation: solid (ground mana), liquid (water mana), gas (air mana) and plasma (firemana). They will be reffered to as Ground, Water, Air and Fire mana, for simplicity and expressivity. The generated mana will be transfered from one block to another this way: you take the 3D field (3-dimensional vector/matrice) as a set of 2D fields, starting from top to bottom. I will explain how to calculate that a few paragraphs below.The top adds air mana at all times and somefire mana in daytime or water mana when it rains, both water and fire mana when it rains and there's a thunder, the bottom adds earth/ground mana at all times, the lava and fire generate fire mana, water generates water mana, and the dirt and ores generate ground mana. living beings also update the mana matrice, but not once every (half a) minute, but every 3 seconds (so there's a small, finite number of updates per minute). Every block dissipates 10% of the mana it has, every cycle, with the mana source and mana sink blocks (such as ores, crops and trees, and machines created by the player)increasing their value with a certain ammount before the dissipation calculations are done (so we don't have too much of a spike in an mana after the dissipation calculations). Each creature has a mana consumption rate, as well as a mana pool capacity. That dictates how fast can they move, and how much mana they need to attack. For example, archers create arrows using mana, and use ground and air mana to keep their shape. Thus, their drops also should have a mana value, and through processing they shall be able to be converted/crafted/processed into something useful. Every 3 seconds, they take mana from the air, if there's any in the blocks they cover (so a skeleton would and player would take from the two blocks they overlap, while a rabbit only from the one block it overlaps / is possitioned in). This also explains why the monsters are attracted by the player: they see it as a source of mana. The mana one creature stores in their mana pool will be released into a cube of the size 5x5x5, with the center being where the core of the creature is (usually the head). Also, when a block is destroyed, it also releases the mana it's holding, and a block loses durability and quality the more mana it loses, and gains durability and quality the more mana it recives, but the last partusually requires the use of alchemy. The mana pool of a creature is directly proportional with the HP it has the mana consumption (per tick) is also directly proportional with the health, and the mana absorption is directly proportional with the health regeneration of the said creature. Also, the way the mana spreads is like this: the 10% it has is split into the 6 adjacent blocks this way: 4% for the block with the most mana (to create the so-called mana-veins, or rivers of naturally flowing mana), 2% for the block with the second most mana, and 1% (each) for the rest. If there are more adjacent blocks with equally big or low value, one is picked quasi-random (overwriting the variables which linkto the top2 values. If all of the surrounding blocks have equal amounts of mana, the last block to be checked will recive 5% and the rest will recive 1% (each). This concludes how mana flows naturally. Magic Circuitry Another thing to be noticed is that the mana-flow calculations happen between the other 2 stages of mana calculation (mana spikes, as generation and consumption, ending with mana dissipation). I mentioned it here, because it would be easier an extension of the core mechanic. There will be crafted blocks (some which will naturally generate into the wild) which force the mana to flow into a certain direction. And by that I mean that in a cube centered on the block in cause(ranging from 1x1x1 asfirst tierto 9x9x9 astop-tier) with the egde of the cube being of size N,having N^3 % of each block go into the N blocks in the direction the circuitry is pointing towards. So a 1x1x1 would move 1% into the block next to it, a 3x3x3 would move 1% of each block into 3 blocks, each getting 1/3 of the total ammount taken from the (3x3x3=) 27 blocks, rounded to ceiling, so 1/3 and2/3 would be 0, 3/3, 4/3 and5/3 would be 1, and so on,so the tool not need to store mana for usage, a 5x5x5 would get 1% of 125 blocks, divide it by 5 (resulting in an average of 1% of 25 blocks) and moving (adding) that values to the 5 blocks in front of it (the wait it's pointing towards). But making such high-tier mana vein engine (which should toggle on right click, being disabled when placed)should get increasingly difficult,while the current game gets easier the more the player plays, in order to increase the engagement time and replayability. Will you spend the next 30 irl hours getting one 3x3x3 mana vein engine,or to get five1x1x1 mana vein engines? Or adding 3 extra damage to one weapon, which will break soon? Or get some extra mana collected? Magic Tiers There are 7 tiers (7 deadly sins, 7 circles of hell, anybody?). I will list them in a way that's easier to understand: - Tier 0 (no mana) - Stone - (can be killed by a) player(without the use of mana or magic, with tools likely to be found around them) / solo threat /1-2 players (ganging on it) - Tier 1 - Copper - tiny settlement / camp threat /3-5 players - Tier 2- Iron - small settlement / village threat /5-8players - Tier 3- Steel - medium settlement / town threat / 8-13players - Tier 4- Silver - large settlement / city threat / 13-21players - Tier 5- Gold - big settlement / fortress threat / 21-34 players - Tier 6- Mithril - huge settlement / country threat / 34-65 players - Tier 7- Oricharium - superpower / worldwide threat / 65-99 players Mithril would be our world's Titanium and Oricharium would be our world's Carbon NanoFiber 3Dtweaked for maximum (3D)resistance. Mana processing/crafting, also known as alchemy Aside form mana dissipating, one will be able to flow mana through the use of mana vein engines (the natural mana vein flow is from powerful to second most powerful, then equally distributed, so from powerful to a less powerful), one will be able to collect more mana by meditating (with slightly higher hunger), to flow mana into items through flowing (mana crystals acting like batteries, for mana, unstackable into the inventory), each of those having their own buttons into the inventory. Each mana crystal will have a random mana pool (acting like an item's durability,with different tiers having different multipliers from the weakest one), as well as a random ammount of mana in that pool, with a crystal having 0 mana having that crystal break. The four types of mana, solid (ground), liquid (water), gas (air) and plasma (fire) can be combined to create other effects. For example, combining earth mana with air mana creates pressure, which can be used, for example, for the following: enchant an item to hit harder, condensate/distill potions/mixes into other items, (for example creating your own crystals). On the ground, crystals will spawn the same as the rocks, but with random proprietes generated for the item, when broken/taken. The mana capacity will be in units (so it will be treated like a minecraft tool), but it would have 4 numbers representing the percentages of each mana type (100 mana points, into 4 categories). The crystals that spawn on the ground are rare (about 1/20 of the frequency of the sticks on the ground).and have a variation of up to 5 mana points from being balanced (so from -5 to +5, being adjusted to sum up to 100 points). (So 20 in each category, with the rest of 20 points randomly split into 4) The mana flowing will require the use of an alchemical table. The same as with the crafting table, everyone have one in their inventory (the flowing button), which allows up to 2 items (to the sides) having their mana flown into a thrid one (in the center). There will also be variations of those crystals. For example, if you have a crystal with (ground-water-air-fire) 25-23-28-24 and 30 durability and a mix of dirt, rocks and sand (crafted in the default inventory, from those elements) you can use default alchemical table (the flowing table from the flowing menu, in your inventory) to send mana from another crystalto that mix (which is crafted with 100% durability, and loses durability the more mana recives, and when reaching 0 is consumed), resulting in the mix beingreplaced by a man-made crystal (in this case, it will get 1 mana point subtracted from each mana type and have 3 mana points added to the type of the mix; different mixes might have different changes in mana points; in this example, 28-22-27-23 and 1 mana, and the more you keep it in the flowing table, the more it will transfer mana, and if you use ground and air mixes a few more times, it would be best for pressure spells, which can be used to make better crystals). The more mana you send it, the more it can increase it's mana pool, and if you flow both mana and another element (such as having 2 crystals like that and one of that mix), you will recive an item with modified stats (in the example of this case, you would lose the mix andcrystal in the center, have it's mana added to the new crystal, which would deviate from the previous crystal in the center by the ammount that mix is using, without having to lose mana. Also, if you want to send mana of one type, you will dissipate around you mana of the other types. So you would need to spend more time to meditate, to get that back. And you will need to spend a certain ammount of mana, in order to change the attributs. For example, 100 mana would be how much the stone-tier mana crystal can hold, and to level up one such crystal you would need 20% of that. So one full stone tier mana crystal, by recieving 20 more mana through alchemy, can become one copper tier mana crystal, which can hold 2 times as much mana, capped at 32 000. The difference between Mithril and Oricharium tier being that the Oricharium would be the next tier because processing something can increase it's level. Next, by having more mana vein engines, you can move mana, but there shall also be blocks which can absorb mana from the enviroment, 1% of each block from the cube they're in (same, with N one of the following: 1,3,5,7,9, the N=1 being for Stone and Copper,and N=2 being for Iron and Steel. Summoning & Golems Alright, I know some of you might be against this, but I think one shall be able to make golems at Silver level. What exactly? Using porkchop, bones,zombie flash and lots of hide, one shall be able to create a Goblin, which can be a re-purposed dog (which accepts all kinds of food) and which, if given an axe will chop trees, if given a weapon will fight alongside, and if given a vessel will hold it (be it normal, or large) and follow you. Also, if given a crystal, it will meditate and flow mana into the crystal (1 mana point flowing every second). Given a random number between 1and 100, bothincluded, you get that number, and subtract the ammount of eachtype of mana, andif the result is negative, that's the type of mana type to add, if positive, continue with the next type of mana. It would be easier to immagine it has having 4 ammounts of distinct mana, which are converted into one type and remembering the percentage of each type. And the opposite can be done for when fusing crystals.Example of meditation with a crystal (one tool can be used for meditating by default, different constructions a plater can make can be used for using more than one tool when meditating):72 obtained, the crystal is 28-22-27-23. So 72-28=44>0 so it's not ground mana, 44-22=22>0 so not water mana, 22-28=-6<=0 so air mana point added. You keep your mana in 4 "meters", but an item holds the total ammount of mana and the percentages of each type of mana. The summoned Goblin can use weapons and be healed with food and carry things, but you can also summon a Golem. Both the Goblin and Golem require lots of loot to be prepared before hand, as well as an Alchemic Summoning Table, but a Golem is cheaper and easier to create, but more expensive to maintain. A golem can be made out of sand (weak against air attacks), dirt (weak against water attacks), water (weak against fire attacks), stone (weak against water) for the Copper tier (so a Stone level player cannot create it), all of which require a core, which acts as a random piece of (invisible)armor. Also, a golem can carry things, but cannot use a weapon. However, it has more HP than the Goblin, and the Goblin would be Iron tier, the Steel tier would have your won Skeletons (same as the goblins, but they only accept bows as weapons, and they won't break them). The Silver would let you summon rabbits, and gold would let you summon a pig, mithril will let you summon a cow and a sheep, and oricharium will let you summon a bear (to defend your base; you will have defensive gear, by then). Leveling up the player Every player starts as a Level 0 Stone tier, and requires to meditate for certain ammounts of time. Once the level 9 is reached, a certain set of conditions should be reached, in order to level up to the next tier. Also, to level up from a tier's level to the next, one needs to meditate for a certain ammount of time, and each next level and next tier increases the time required to be waited. And I mean without moving. After a while, it will get difficult to not die of hunger, but this is where the items you make come into play, since you can enchant both armor and weapons and tools, so you would need to enchant some armor with regeneration, to beat the hunger. After leveling up, you can finally move, and that includes eating, to satify your hunger. To give you an idea of how much one would have to wait, the each Nth level of Mth tier takes M^2+N*3+10 minutes (rounded by floor), so to reach the last level of Mithril (the level at which you can make Oricharium items), from the level below it, you would need 96minutes. For you to reach Stone L1 you will need 13minutes, and to reach Stone L9 from L0 you would need 10*9+3*(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9) = 90+3*(9*10/2) = 90+3*45 = 5*45 = 225minutes of waiting, in total. You probably won't spend that much time unmoved, since the game is harsh in itself, and you will also need to eat and drink and, for leveling up, you will need quite a bit of items, so a few more hours of gameplay, for the test to pass the first tier, into the second. That would increase your mana pool by the number of tier times 10, and the mana absorption by the number of the tier. Also, each level of the tier increases the mana absorption and mana pool by 1 (one). And at Stone level you can hold 1 mana and regenerate one mana per minute (tick). So if two people meditate on the same block, and have the same level, the first one to arrive there would absorb the most. Also, by moving around, you consume mana from the blocks you're on, everyseconds (same goes for the other cretures), and that mana is not absorbed, and is equal with your tier (so you don't drain the block you're in, if you're at a high level), but you also lose mana every one tick (minute), as every other mana source out there. Beacons And what better way to use the Minecraft beaconsthan actually using them? They would work like the normal area-of-effect blocks, but be powered by mana, and the more mana they receive, the higher the radius or the better the enchantments (the menu of the beacon). Also, multiple types of beacons should exists, with the lower level ones (Silver and above) allowing up to one effect. Dungeons and Spawners Every 10 ticks (minutes), one mob is spawned, in a random location from the loaded chuncks, in the by picking a random loaded chunck and picking the air block with the most mana, and subtracting the mana, in order to summon creatures. Each creature that can be summoned passively, should have their own mana requirements. Also, spawners would use the mana in the block they are in, and with the Mana Vein Engines, one should be able to create self-defending dungeons, which would have the mana the creatures lose when dieing be directed towards making more creatures, and if you add a mechanic of having loot drop on the ground as a block (like the stones), and have to be picked up by hand (not all loot, just one of the bonus loot for that mob), a dungeon would be profitable not only to explore, but also to make. Because with that much mana around your base and the meditation block/square/seat (acting like a seat, and if you're seated while meditating, you get a bonus mana absorption, and it can also store a bit ofmana, so it is more profitable than not having one). You can even have a whole village's economy centered around the players fighting in a dungeon, and maybe also building it. And since the Mana Vein Engines would also be disable-able, one can leave them on a wall or on the ground, so one can disable them while working on the dungeon, or while working on clearing the dungeon. of course, naturally generated dungeons would have a variation of the Mana Vein Engine which cannot be picked up, and is hidden (usually behind the walls, but not sure which one). As for the entrances, and generation, it could be procedurally generated, starting with an entrance which can be anything, from a simple hole, with or without a ladder or stairs, to a shack, a house, a villa, or a whole castle, which also acts as part of the dungeon. Also, the summoned mobs should try to stay in the area of effect of the healing beacons, which should also affect them, no matter the level, so one does not get followed outside the dungeon by too many mobs (we all know how scary the mobs in FTC can be; I, at least, do know that). Because by hiding beacons in the walls, which would be powered by the (Natural or not) Mana Vein Engines, and send a few seconds' buff ot the mobs,, one would limit the mobs from leaving the area of effect of a beacon (if a buff effect dissapeares, they should go back on their path of the last 10-20 blocks, until they get in the area of effect of a beacon), and if you're unlucky to have taken them too far away, they would roam the surrounding areas, like any mob, and aggro whatever it's hostile towards. Now back to the generation. You have the entrances procedurally generated (i.e. SEED%100, with a vector in which you hold all the possible results, with their percentages, and subtract from the result each percentage, and if lower than zero, that's what spawns), then from that you have a series of possible continuations, including hubs, corridors, treasure rooms, their trap version, spawner version, and trap + spawner version (the spawner can bespawning a few blocks above, so we can hide it into the ground), with gaps, like the ruins. However, I think the entrance should dictate the type of the dungeon, with only a small percentage (5%? At 80 such parts generated, there is 50% chance of having a change in the type, and at 95 blocks there's 103% chance of one change) for the part generated to be of a different type than the current one. Why? because people don't always follow the same building style from one end to another, and there are times when two civilisations (in this case dungeons) meet, planned or not, and the rest is history. Oh, and there should be enough dead ends for the dungeons to not be too big. As for the area that connects to the next one, a 3x3 should be enough, I think. Fauna and flora We currently have many plants (even through more would be welcomed), and not many of the flowers have a utility (aside the aesthetics and making dyes), so I think they should be able to be used for mixes, which can be then flown (recive mana, requiring an alchemical table), brewed ("cooked"), and/or used for healing, repairing, or buffing either the player, equipment, or both. And to add more to it, those plants should be mana sources, so that mobs have a chance to spawn there. Note:There should be more I can say about this. I will come with more details, but in the meanwhile, feel free to post your opinions about and suggestions for this type of implementation of magic in-game. I have still not covered the item enchanting, since there is much that can be done, such as using a water jug as the target item, a water mix (as a consumable, but a water crystal can be used instead, repeatetly, while the mix would be consumed, but is cheaper)and a mana crystal (as a mana source) to create a water jug with infinite water. Also, maybe a flower pot with a crop inside (use a pot on one side and a crystal on the other, to "enchant" it, then the enchanted pot on one side and a seed on the other, to plant the plant, which cannot be separed from the pot, unless destroyed)which uses mana (flowing) to grow crops (the mana crystan on one side and the potted plant on the other, and after some mana you get a 90% chance for a product and 10% chance for a seed). Reasoning -Appealing to a larger demographic (Because it's Magic) - Aesthetics (crystals, more blocks and buildings) - More depth (by increasing the paths of gameplay one, or a group, can take, as well as the buildings and tools and weaponsthat deviate from the norm, and more types of mobs, including biome-specific, and dungeons) - More replayability (by increasing the paths of gameplay one, or a group, can take, and allowing role-playing a wider rage of types of characters / classes, without being class-locked, just level-locked in a class) - Relatively easy to implement (I'm a programmer, I should know) - What do you think? Do you have other suggestions? If you do, I'd like to hear them. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. Potions, magic beams, redstone,and enchanted weapons, these are some of the things that must to be "terrafirmated". My idea is to add these "magic things" like realistic things. For example potions, formally, potions really exist, but these aren't magical substances (well, the magical prefix is relative by the level of knowledge), potions of the past was actually drugs, obtained by the destillation of specific plants and organic substances. Green fire? Fire that burns underwater? Invisible fire? Exists!, These are (al)chemical mixs. Primitive explosives... steam machines, optical ilusionism... "these can look magical for the poor primitive Steve that lifes inside of the game." Redstone (mercury?), in the other side, should be replaced totally by copper, primitive batteries and vacuum tubes... okay, this can seem too advanced, but aren't really so advanced, these can be created with the technology of a medieval town (?). Potions Drugs (concept): This has been viewed sometimes in the past, but it stills being a need if terrafirmacraft can be fully realistic (well, with a basic realism). The idea is simple: to add machines, destilleries... machines for viticulture and alcohol production. Alcohol is a very common drug, easy to produce, its effects are depressant, sedative, disociative, somnifer and hallucinogen, but little amounts can act like a kind of "minuscle temporalstrenght potion" for the player, since it increases the reaction (although badly)and decreases the dolor sensation. Next there is others drugs as coffee, coca, opium, cannabis, tea, tobaco, each one with negative and positive effects (mostly negative). This branch could be extended to anabolizant steroids (obtained from the concentration of hormons of animals) that would have a very long and progressive strenght/speed/haste/jump increasing and decreasing;and strong nootropics (from special plants) that could to improve the accuracy, speed, night vision, etc. Alternatively, poisons theme can be extended and variations can be created (neurotoxic, cardiotoxic, and citotoxic or wither) each one with different speeds of affection and different lingerings (for example, citotoxic is slow but lingering and very dangerous at big place, while neurotoxical is almost instant but its effect can disappear fastly); from plants and animals. Redstone Electronics/physical mechanisms(concept): Copper andzinc or silver; copper and iron... and some of acid juice. Batteries can be obtained with low technology easily, simply connect different metals to a potato, and you will obtain energy for do work a clock. Steam machines also are easy (technologically speaking) to obtain, and generates lots of mechanical energy that can be transformed into electrical using a iron fragment surrounded by copper spiral (an electrical transformator). So, you can create toothel wheel systems and electrical systems... Do you want light bulbs? Use carbon or graphite bars inside of a vacuum bulb. How to obtain vacuum bulbs? Technologically speaking, these also are easy to make. And speaking about bulbs, you can to create primitive electronic displays using vacuum bulbs... you can to build transistors (better said, tristors), diodes, decators... Analogic computing, that is very similar to redstone computing. Giant machines able to move walls or impulse doors... Primitive tanks... imagine the utilities. Mechanical mechanisms, not related directly to electricity and steam machines, also could be used for build catapults,etc Alchemy: from the fire that burns underwater, passing tothe powder that explodes, until the nitrical acid. You can to mix things forobtain fire that burns underwater and powder that explodes, but mostly important, you can to obtain nitrical, sulfuric, chloridhidric acid, when you has electricity. Can you to obtain a "magic sun torch"for burn zombies with a blinding flash?, create some of magnesium via alchemy. Invisible fire? Wood alcohol. Etc. Magic beams: Build mirrors, parabolic mirrors and the previous light bulbs, and you will able to create since deffensive mechanisms able to burn monsters, until "magical spectres with you shape" that are actually holographic illusionism. Yes these are only concepts and should be extended, and will be extended progressively. But now is the timeof discuss about its viability, and next, if it is viable, maybe be developed more in detail.
  5. So when I hear Island progression it made me really excited! It lends it's self well to a pirate-ish theme. That being said this quote is the inspiration for this post. Gibbs: So the Pearl. Any idea on how to get her out? Jack Sparrow: We shall need a crossbow, an hourglass, three goats, one of us must learn to play the trumpet, whilst the other one goes like this. Gibbs: I know a man with a goat. Jack Sparrow: Good. I can go like this. I think it would be awesome for two paths to develop. First everyone starts the same. Sticks and rocks. As people become more settled after the basics of food, water, shelter they now have time to sit and stare into the fire getting ideas. Some chop down trees anddig into the earth topull out precious metals which through heat and tools shape armor andweapons. They build rails for transportation of goods, they construct wind or river powered mills. They sow seed and raise crops which they store in silos for when winter hits. Eventually they build ships and sail to other lands to do the same. Then there is the second set of people. They stare into the fire and eat herbs that given them visions. They carefully go out and collect odd and random things. A bone from a chicken, tooth of a bear, skull of a human skeleton, wax from bees, and wool of a goat. They construct totems in precise arrangements and throw things into the fire while wearing ceremonial robes made from bear leather and goat wool. Just as day breaks the ceremony completes and enchants the head band on the altar with the ability to breath longer underwater. They then put on the head band and go to a cliff, they pick up a heavy rock and jump off the cliff with the rock in their hands. They land in the water below and the rock makes them sink fast. They get to the bottom and let the rock go. They pull out a knife and gather an oyster or two before swimming back up to the surface. They then Gather a bunch more stuff. Certain types of stone which they carve on the beach. After gathering tons of pearls they finally find a black one. Then they spend weeks upon weeks finishing the altar on the beach. While they toil they preform more ceremonies strengthening their armor made of bones and leather with powerful enchantments and infusions.When all is ready they do a ceremony there on the beach under a full moon. They sacrifice a rare white crab they fished out of the ocean, that has been cooked in a stew made from roots found in a cave, liver of a deer, a flower that only blooms at midnight on the north side of the mountain, and the hair of a rabbit.Agiant turtle gets summonedthat allows them to travel to another land where there will be stronger animals to kills, different items to collect, new ceremonies to discover andpreform. So that's the pitch. Now to the break down. So the first set of people, well call Sam, would work on skills such as prospecting, smiting, wood carving, and agriculture. The second set, we'll call Conan, would work on cooking/brewing, butchering, stone carving/gem cutting, and fabrics. Samwould strengthen his weapons and armor through different alloys, ores, and smiting practices. Conanwould do it through different bones\shells, hides, carvings, and enchantments. Sam gathers ore, processes it, and shapes it. Conan gathers various stuff, processes and carves it, then assembles it. Sam builds forges, bloomeries,blast furnaces, and docks. Conan builds various altars and temples in fairly precise formations and locations. Sam builds boats using wood, and metal, and pays his "crew" with each crossing. Conan summons his mount with a sacrifice of rare things he's gathered. Sam has swords, axes, and metal spears. Conan has toothed blades, spiked clubs, and bone tipped spears. Sam has to sharpen his weapons over time. Conan reapplies poisons on his. So far pretty even, now how they differ. Conan gets his food while gathering resources, risking dangerous mobs. Sam risks nothing with his crop fields and but does rick cave in when mining. Conan looks up in the mountains, in caves, and all around for herbs. Conan fishes and dives. Sam cuts wood, digs, and manages crops. Now it does benefit Conan to have a small herb garden and it benefits Sam to raise some animals, but they can trade. Conan could useprecious metals and gems for boosting his stuff. Sam could use special leathers and ivory for his stuff. It all is fairly balance-able while offering two unique styles of play that go well together. What stops Sam and Conan from crossing over. Conan would need to work his ways up the metal tree while developing new skills. Sam would need to develop the skills to get the drops he needs. So Sam could spend time fishing but that doesn't help him progress, and Conan could smith, but that doesn't help him with his progression either. Can't wait to get some feed back.
  6. Enchantments for TFC

    Has anyone considered reworking enchantments to work in TFC? I have been trying out some of the vanilla enchantments on TFC tools and armor and have found that almost all of them are next to useless.I have also thought it might be possible to add special enchantments to tools and weapons from other mods to give them TFC equivalent stats. I would love to hear if anyone else has looked into this or has any other ideas for TFC enchantments.
  7. Decorative/Magical gems

    Hi Everyone! I've been playing TFC both alone and with friends for about 3 months now, and it's become the best minecraft mod I have ever played. so much I enjoy it more than vanilla itself. I love immersion in games, and this mod brought it to me. however, there was always one thing which bothered me: Gems. sure, they look pretty, but really, the only thing they're good for are protection meters, and that's only the chipped gems! I found myself wishing that they were useful in some other way, and when i saw that TFC2 was in development, i jumped on the opportunity. so, without further ado, Igive you my ideas for gems. First up is some decorative purposes. You could now set gems in chiseled stone blocks by chiseling out an accordingly sized area and right clicking on it with the gem in hand. when the block is broken, the gem(s) drop for you to collect again. this would be awesome for fancy buildings and showing off on servers/LAN worlds. PerhapsExquisite gems could be set in armor as well? maybe only metal armors and only the chestplate? and finally, maybe there could be a way to use them to stain/color light sources? for example, using a garnet would make red light, and using amethyst would make a purple light? this would add some customization and just be a cool effect. I've heard rumors that magic was going to be added to TFC2. this opens many possibilities and Ihave some ideas how gems can play a part. Gems can be used to make staffs. the higher tier gem, the more powerful the staff. for instance, a staff with a Chipped gem will not be as powerful, whereas one with anExquisite gem will be more powerful. also a random suggestion for staffs. two factors depend on the staff's durability/power. the material (i.e wood, copper, iron) depends on it's durability, and the gem (chipped, normal, flawless) depends on its power. Gems can be imbued with magic, ranging from healing to offensive to defensive powers, which can then be released by right clicking with the imbued gem in your hand. again, the better quality the gem, the more powerful magic can be stored inside. Going along with the theme of storing magic in gems, perhaps you could place gems with offensive magic down as traps. well that's all for now, please leave feedback!
  8. Pagan Religion/Sacrificial System

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No):Yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. Let me preface this by saying KEEP THE IRL RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION TO A ZERO. I remember how quickly the last religious thread turned into a crapshoot over psuedo-intellectual bs. Okay, so I'm super glad to hear that there's going to be a little more wiggle room for the fantastical in TFC2. So my proposal is a very basic animistic style of religion. I'm not sure if I fully understand the new hexagonal worldgen, but perhaps if multiple hexagons happen to be, say, predominantly forested, perhaps in the middle there would be a special tree, or statue possessed by a god. Now again, these gods have nothing to do with real life religion, and are more like the old gods from GoT. The gods are merely primeval protectors or spirits of their territory. Now, TFC could scan how much of a good, wheat perhaps, you have in all of your possession (including inventory, vessels, chests, or any other container that's in TFC2) and if you brought a large percentage, maybe a minimum of 25 or 33%, of that good and sacrificed it to this statue/tree/monolith and you'd get a buff in return. Hopefully, these rewards would be balanced and proportionate: give half of your harvest and your soil is depleted half as quickly, or your crops can survive in wintertime. I'm not talking "give a little and gain a lot", I'm talking "give a lot and gain a little". Perhaps there would be different castes/classes of god that had jurisdiction over different types of livestock/crop. Perhaps also the sacrifices have to be performed by the winter or summer solstices. Gods that offered greater benefits, but greater sacrifices, reside on islands further away. That would make for a cool adventure, trekking over dozens of islands trying to make a specific due date on time. It would be even cooler with the implementation of a punishment system. See, these gods are fickle, and offending them or forgetting to sacrifice to them on time can lead to some nasty effects. If you had already entered into a covenant with a god, and didn't give the god the amount it required, the opposite effect could occur, i.e. crops consume twice as many nutrients, or your crops start to die of cold in the peak of summer. Or, say you started harvesting wood too close to a god's sacred grove, and it summons a small army of forest sprites to attack you. This is just an idea I've been thinking about for a while, and I don't think that would offend the sensibilities of any players, or be too sensitive of a subject for a developer to deal with. Thanks for reading, and feel free to add input!
  9. TFC2 Enchanting

    I'm curious if this will be present in any form in TFC2. It's not on the banned items list, so I figure it's kosher to ask about. Vanilla's mechanics don't mesh quite right with TFC. The immediate thought is "blood sacrifice, either personal or from livestock" but that feels too edgy. I'm thinking amulets made from hard-to-find materials, sacrifices of same into a specially prepared 'altar' with fire in the center (providing a use for Rotten Flesh and excess Bones, perhaps?) with Gems as a prerequisite-perhaps set into jewelry, with power or duration depending on the quality of the gem-with powerful effects like Oresight limited to only Perfect gems. This would provide extra uses for Gold and Silver, as well as ornamental-only jewelry and decorated weapons. The idea with Enchantment is to provide an additional tier beyond Red and Blue Steels-and while that niche is filled with new alloys, a touch of the fantastic wouldn't go amiss. Jewelry alone would be pretty great-allowing for obvious displays of allegiance in clans, for one.
  10. Magic "anamotronics"

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No): yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. with the idea of having metallurgy and magic as progression routs, i have an idea to combine them. Similar to golems in vanilla, anamotronics would be a forged bodied magically powered robot. stronger alloys allow for more strength for carrying, lighter would allow faster movement, and durability would determine the health. Magic could determine the attack strength, and AI of these robots. so you could make a iron-man with a pig AI (soul) making it dumbly do the required task, fall of ledges and never really listen. every animal could have its soul harvested to be placed in these shells and the would all have different traits ex: wolves could be used for it's intelligence, loyalty and ruthlessness. these robots would be bound to man and only attack monsters (can't fight in army's) so they would not be OP for pvp. sorry for the bad English, please comment where you see fit
  11. Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No): Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. Yes I touched on this in a previous post but I feel it deserves it's own. Playing TFC, I feel there is little connection between the super natural and it's world. Now personally I am a fan of an all or nothing approach to fantasy, as such the mobs present seem to be more like placeholders for a challenging foe to make TFC extraordinarily difficult over vanilla minecraft. That said I think the presence of these mobs could be greatly improved with a gradient in terms of their combat ability as well as a connection to some kind of overall lore. I realize this would be challenging but hear me out. In my ideal world of gaiety and wonderment, TFC would be home, not to the generic animated corpses and beasts of unusual sizes, but instead populated by horrors of cosmic design. There would be mundane animals, abundant and strong enough to pose a threat but surmountable. Then, at first night, a new threat would make an appearance: Humans. These men are not simple survivors however, no these men have been driven to madness by an unknown force.They are no more difficult to kill than normal men, a serious wound and they will die of shock, but they would be numerous and aggressive. Driven away at first light, the madmen reappear every evening. That is until the night of the first full moon. Dispersed among the madmen would hooded figures bearing ceremonial blades and the ability to strengthen the hoards. Some time after that things would get interesting. Periodically, probably on the night of the occasional full moon, no mobs would spawn, instead a single Cosmic horror of Lovecraftian design with strength enough to sunder the feeble machinations of the Survivor would appear and relentlessly attack until either destroyed or frightened off by the dawn. This is a fantasy of course but the idea of what I am referring to is not so fantastical. A gradient and variety in the mobs to allow for escalating challenge, theming for the existing supernatural mobs, a greater threat from nature to give significance to the supernatural.
  12. Thaumcraft compability/crossover

    Is there any possibility of using TFC with Thaumcraft? I went away from TFC some time ago to play tech mods for a while, but some of the tech mods have moved into a more hands-on design and I got interested in that again. Watched the b77 update and was intrigued, haven't really played heavily since like b62 or something... But I still sometimes feel TFC is a bit too limited for me, I like to be able to do a bit more. One mod I feel would fit quite well with TFC and that I enjoy is Thaumcraft, which is kind of half-way between a tech mod and a hands-on mod, though "magicky" in feel. But since it relies heavily on vanilla and mod metals, and I'm unsure how TFC works in relation to the ore dictionary, do you know if it's possible to get them to work together? :3
  13. I'm curious - what mods have you found are successful/play nice with TFC? Right now I'm using Rei's minimap - but was curious if anyone's gotten anything else - possibly something like thaumcraft, computercraft, runic dust, etc.