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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. My little apocalypse.

    nah, it's not failed just cause a few peeps didn't get it (nope i'm not going to rant about having too much people here with less brain cells than leafblocks on a vanilla tree :3) anyway, i got the joke and found it quite amusing, nice idea linking it to the creation story xP
  2. Jumping up and placing a block under yourself.

    i couldn't agree more, planks for example are a type of block that isn't affected by gravity, but it'd fuck up a good amount of wood just to make the planks to use as scaffolding.only way i see this as a nice implementation is if we can get an easy way to scaffold (and not just using dirt, removing it is a pain as well as just placing it)
  3. Woodcutting, and charcoal.

    true, but it would fuck up most opportunities to live anywhere else. you'd NEED a damn big forest to be able to survive, so no mid-mountain village, no tundra village,... i do get your point, but from an SMP vision, it sucks major ass for anyone /any settlement that isn't built near a big forest. yh true, a mountain village wouldn't use as much wood, but current TFC mechanics make wood one of the number one resources, in mountain villages for example: especially for charcoal and support beams. yh you have normal mineable coal, but it's not as easy to get as charcoal. and don't forget, you lose about 75% of your wood while making charcoal--> 4stacks of charcoal: say goodbye to 1/4-1/2 of the forest. so unless there are other things to counterbalance the longer grow time, this idea could very well mean the end of any and all villages that aren't near a forest (jungles don't count cause jungle trees don't give saplings--> can't regrow) as for the 'spoilered' idea (spoiled wouldn't really fit the situation :3 ): i agree with the need to break at least 2 blocks in 2x2 trees.
  4. Woodcutting, and charcoal.

    IMO the biggest problem with this would be: we use far too much wood. housebuilding,supports,(we need craploads for) charcoal,... making woodcutting more complicated would just make a lot of things more annoying, certainly with the longer grow times. i mean... imagine this: you arrive at a small settlement on a server you just joined, and they have to tell you that you can't live there cause they have not enough wood for you to even make a bed, "so come back in a month or 2 in game time, we'll have some wood by then" i mean c'mon... every settlement would need to be right next to a damn big forest to be able to accommodate for everything. and even then wood might still run out, if a lot of peeps need charcoal to smelt the ores they gathered... well, the wood will soon run out, i don't really like a scenario in which i only have 1-3 charcoal left and have no trees anywhere to make more. so as far as i'm concerned the elongating of the growing time isn't that good of an idea. as for trees being too easy to cut down, true, they might need to make them harder to cut down, but i don't think implementing some interface would be a good idea, it would just slow down woodcutting so damn much, i mean: you have to punch down the leaves in order to get sticks or at least get a sapling to replant, which already feels like a drag if you have to do it every time, but then... you have to do some other random stuff, just to get the tree down? well tbh, when you cut a tree you just stand in front of it and start punching with an axe, let's just presume our char is smart enough to hit the side of the tree so it 'falls' sideways and doesn't hurt him. problem solved, our char has the innate ability to not be stupid and to avoid being crushed to death when woodcutting. so i agree that they might need to make woodcutting harder, so making a metal axe would be a lot more useful instead of just using a stone one (which is what i do, since stone ones are more than fast enough atm) but i really don't think implementing a lumberjack-interface would be a good idea, we just need too much wood for it to be anything but a complete and utter annoyance.
  5. The Poles Distance Poll

    well problem is, you can't compare tfc leaves to vanilla leaves, tfc leaves are also pass through instead of just see through, so the leaves might just be the problem. "well tbh i don't want to be rude" and "but seriously", i did in fact try to make it obvious that i wasn't one of those douches that says: "buy a new one" as if it's the only solution. Anyway, glad you found the time to calm down ^^ so as far as i get it, a good amount of peeps have problems when around jungles or sometimes even just tfc trees? well since tfc trees have trunk differences i presume the trunks are a bit harder on your system compared to vanilla log blocks and same for the leaves, they're walk-through so as 'GCountach' already said, this might just be the problem since the jungle is like 90% trees and leaves with almost no clear soil. You could try to get the other peeps to come to the forum to report the 'issue' so maybe bioxx and dunk can find the time to fix it, i presume inputting an option to make leaves act like vanilla leaves could already help a lot, but well i really don't know, never had problems with trees so can't really say. as for the pole distances, i kinda agree with 'JSparrow' if there was an easy way to implement it, a toggleable 'equator to icewaste' distance could prove to be quite useful, peeps could use the smallest setting for ssp or if you like massive worlds you can use higher settings (but i presume a smaller world would be the most useful for ssp ) but more importantly, for servers: a smaller server could use a smaller setting, while a bigger server could use a higher setting, that way you keep the amount of players in comparison to the world. so on a smaller server you won't have to walk 8 hours to get a banana for your smoothie, but on bigger servers there would be enough traffic so the distance wouldn't matter (someone would take bananas with him and would come to trade them with your ... snowberries? ) anyways, since horses will be implemented i'm sure they will cut down on travel time anyway, who know we might even get a coal-powered train or something ^^ but again, i don't know if it's easy to do, since you need to redo the whole world gen anyway :S
  6. The Poles Distance Poll

    ah c'mon.. so i write about 2 paragraphs on this and start off with a joke... and for some reason it seemed like you had the attention span of a fish only read the first 2 lines and decided to deliberately misunderstand me... (stop smoking weed before coming to the forums xP) well, since you probably just didn't bother to read the 2 paragraphs i'll try to keep this short... i'll quote myself here: nuff said i presume... so exactly why are you responding this agressive? i wasn't aggressive towards you in any way (and i actually reread the end of my post a few times just to be sure...) anyways. did you ever wonder that i can't magically know how strong/weak your pc is? did you ever bother to think that i was in fact NOT psychic and i can't passibly know that your pc can run state of the art games with no probs but still lags in a jungle? have you ever wondered if you have a psychological problem, since you can't understand humor? (wether or not peeps think that the wooden PC is good or bad humor i'll leave up to them) P.S. to all other peeps out there, can someone please explain me what i do wrong? both in my first post to sdbaynham and in my first one to darkladyphoenix i wasn't aggressive in any way (i did make a joke in the one towards darkladyphoenix though but it's pretty obvious that it was a joke IMO...) but both of them still decide to have a ragefest on me... does my username make peeps go total psycho? or did i just have the bad luck off talking to 2 peeps that are currently in a frustrating situation at home or something...
  7. The Poles Distance Poll

    too bad, guess i'll have to do it myself then... when i find the time... and the energy... well get back to me on that one in a few months... or maybe years... university live doesn't leave much time for other stuff you know... partying 24/7 etc ^^ (not really 24/7 but well... more than enough)
  8. The Poles Distance Poll

    woot, i'd like myself a bamboo hut... oh and is it just me or are we actually kinda going towards a stereotype here... living in bamboo huts and walking around with javelins as weapon... nah drop the stereotype part, let's just wait for the bamboo and start a tribes-server :3 you can just start advertising TFC like a madman, lure even more players and hope they'll all join your server... that way you could start the biggest TFC server yet ^^
  9. The Poles Distance Poll

    well at least you don't sound so aggressive in this post well... in some... a few... a tiny bit of the post you sound less aggressive that is. anyway: firstly, on the aggressive part once again... I'M..NOT...ONE OF THE PEEPS THAT REROLL ALL THE TIME... i already told you twice that i try to make do, if i'm bored with the world... well it's still a game, i'm allowed to reroll so i reroll. and since i do in fact just start a game and then look around for the most suitable place to live instead of just rerolling i'm pretty sure i fall out of the group you just mentioned... so based on what? on the false statement that i reroll my world untill i see damn unicorns and dragons flying all over the place? and i actually wait till i either spent 5 hours trying to get enough metal for a metal tool, or till i actually make my first metal tool and try to probe the area first to check for ores before i reroll (i mean if an area sucks but is full of ores,what nutjob would leave, just build your mine and house 5 mins apart and look for a better spot to live) i started playing TFC a bit before build 46 came out, i hardly know what working with a flint tool was like. i played build 46 and if i recall correctly its the one with the deep/huge ore veins right? well tbh i knew crap about the propick then and the wiki wasn't updated so i just mined like a madman, stuck in the stone age working with my stone pick.(took me a while to randomly stumble upon the plans for tools and decided to try those in knapping) once the wiki was a bit more updated i started learning how to use a propick, and although i'm still not that good with it, i still managed to find some massive veins (mind you, this was on the very first TFC world i ever started... just sayan... your arguments against me are shit since i fall out of your intended group in which you always try to put me^^ ) ok, next: if the server chooses to set up spawn in a place that you don't like, well that's your problem, but in the end, someone did in fact choose the spawn... just as i said before. also, you forget the cardinal part about SMP... namely... MULTIPLAYER, you are NOT (i repeat... NOT) alone, meaning other peeps can help you and throw a few rocks and stick your way, hey, they might even give you some food, wouldn't that be nice... so.. problem solved. and honestly, what bastard would set up a spawn in the middle of some desert with at least a 3-6 hour walk to each side before you get to inhabitable spots.... then.. probably most important part of this post... GET YOUR DAMN HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS...(sorry jsut had to say it, your false assumptions are really bugging me) i never said it needed to be changed or was okay the way it was, i just said that jungles are an equatorial area too, meaning... wood: not a problem..sticks:you serious? there's leaves all over the place.stones:well been a while since i saw a jungle, the world i started doesn't have a jungle near my current house nor near my previous ones,so can't remember if there are rocks or not (why yes that would be the very first build 48E world i started, no i didn't reroll...) .. but well, if not, the devs will probably notice that the equatorial area is uninhabitable due to the lack of rocks and either mix in other biomes... or bioxx just gathers some pebbles and throws them in the jungle... problem (once again) solved. i was merely pointing out that you had some major holes in your post. and again (return to the head+ass part) i never said that it wasn't my problem, i was merely saying(in a friendly way, something you apparantly can not do) that jungles are also equatorial and can be changed a bit to be a better place to live and thus significantly downsizing your walk to inhabitable terrain. i'm never asking for the devs attention, i'm merely commenting on what others say, if you check all of my posts, i'm never bugging a dev about a suggestion i make, if they say it's not going to happen i just accept it, if they don't care about my posts, then sucks to be me but can't do anything about it. (except some stuff that'd get me banned from the forums ) you're really overreacting mate, i wonder wether you even thought about anything i said or you're just plain stupid or you're just failing at being a troll. how hard is it to calm down and respond in an orderly way: "well a jungle would still leave me rockless and i kinda need those to survive" cause that's actually the only real point you made in that whole post of yours... sorry well tbh i don't want to be rude but only thing i can think of is... burn that wooden PC and get a decent one :3 but seriously can't you just switch some options for it? i mean i'm usually on 'far' and have all things turned on but i've never had any problems with jungles before.. like...actually... never and my pc isn't really that good... i mean it's a decent thing but it's not the beast i want/expect it to be ^^ only time that i really lag is when i play millenaire...cause i always go for the village wand and place 3+ villages very close together xP but i think that's just asking for it ^^ anyways, bioxx and dunk can't just go "O a few peeps pc's lag, let's remove this feature" when most of the players don't have problems with it, i mean i haven't heard of anyone that has problems with the jungle before, you're the first one to tell me that people actually have problems with it. so i might be wrong but i suppose most peeps can travel through jungles just fine. it sucks that you can't but i'm sure that there's something that you can do to at least make it significantly better (other than buying a new pc) that is inless you have like 512MB RAM and a 64MB visual card, then you're jsut screwed and do in fact have a prehistorical pc :3 (sell it as a fossil, might make millions off of it ^^ ) P.S. to all others, sorry for the meaningless disputes with sdbaynham, but it's pretty annoying when people misunderstand you, don't take the time to even think about what you say and act obnoxiously aggressive towards you. and since i know that most of my arguments are solid .. and i just like 'debating' (although i'd rather do it in a more friendly manner... oh well) this might go on until one of the devs tell us what their current plans are for the equatorial areas (hint hint.. --> TELL MEEEE)
  10. The Poles Distance Poll

    tbh it is an option for SMP players... people who play SMP get a map that was chosen by the host, if the host doesn't like spawn he just flies around and chooses a new one or just get's another map.. so your SMP argument kinda sucks. secondly, i said i tried to make do but if i'm bored with the area i'm in or am having trouble finding the right ores i'd rather just reroll than spend countless hours to move all of my stuff to a new home. and lastly... although you said you weren't judging me, your post sounded quite judgemental.. do i need to remind you that most peeps seek out specific seeds or reroll untill they find a good one, at least i try to make do with what i get, if i feel like it won't work out then i reroll but at least i try first. so why the hell is this post directed to me? anyways you 'tactically' (i presume) cut out the most important part... the one in which i said as for how the maps turn out eventually ... i'll leave that to bioxx and dunk i'm sure they'll find a nice way to implement this feature as for you... i suggest you start accepting other peeps visions, since your first post was nothing but a rant, you usually don't reroll but try to make do... well good for you, i just don't get why you can respond so aggressive about it... other peeps have their own way to play the game, why do you need to dislike them for it. that's like judging someone cause of his/her belief.. just useless and egocentric P.S. i usually sound a bit aggressive too but my last post was quite friendly... so: nice way to respond to my friendly post mate... good job on sounding like some agressive redneck that only accepts his own vision and can't stand those of others. anyway, i felt a bit attacked there so let's get back on topic. should agriculture be affected by climate then i really join the 'pro-transportation movement' some things might grow in the frozen wasteland but especially for smp factions that have a base there things really won't be easy and unless some form of faster transportation is invented life will remain to be extremely hard for them since the nearest 'hotter climate'-area might be a 2-3 hour walk away from them, but since i heard that horses will be implemented i presume those will be a lot faster and could provide a solution. only problem being, the areas that need them the most are the more inhospitable ones, meaning that no horses naturally live in deserts and on the poles xP so maybe implement some other forms of transportation like camels and dog/wolf-sleds (pulled by one or more wolves, i presume that scripting it for one wolf will be easier?) or just have some form of mountable frostwolves, kinda like the forest wolves' big brother ^^
  11. The Poles Distance Poll

    well tbh i think that most peeps just reroll their world if they don't like their immediate surroundings. i myself try to make do with what i have but when i notice that it's going to be a real pain (for several reasons) i sometimes reroll as well, that's just the way it is. anyways you don't need to worry cause even in vanilla MC there are already 2 biomes fit for the equatorial climate... jungle and desert so no you probably won't have to walk more than an hour to get to at least a jungle or any other livable place even when biomes get massively upscaled.
  12. Quarries

    well... even since before the 17th century people had hammers... stones... and managed to beat the stones with hammers... just saying even though your first idea as to how it works might need some kind of technological innovation, you can just use some kind of advanced windmill the first types were used since the 1th century if memory serves me right but i'm not that sure, think some greek one invented something windmill like but instead of using a massive stone to grind up grains to make flour you could just combine it with let's say... 4 metal plates, drawback being that it'd be very slow etc. anyways i suppose that it's a bit obsolete since we already have sluices, i'd like sluices to be a bit more productive though so this might have a lot more chance to contain ores but take a crapload of time to gather enough to make an ingot?
  13. Discussion: What is your first tool? :)

    well i never found borax either but i'm still not making a hammer as my first tool if you already have your chisel, pick and propick you can go mining,dump the ore you get into the bloomery and then make a hammer, making a hammer first sounds quite useless to me since you'll need a pickaxe and propick to get sufficient ores anyway , and you'll need to start out with tier one tools anyway since you'll need to make a hammer in a tier 1 material to make flux (if you don't have any of the minerals that craft directly into flux which is only borax right now and borax needs to be mined) to make a better anvil which you can then use to form the tier 2 metals. just think about how much time it'll take to gather up all the ores for the anvil, 14 ingots are needed to make an anvil and you'll need about 16 (?) small ores to make 1 ingot so that would be 224 small ores to make 1 anvil and then you'll need another 16 to make your first tool. and after you gathered them... don't forget the crapload of time it'll take to melt them all in a firepit since you don't have a chisel yet. as opposed to finding 16 small ores to make a pick and then, if you don't have any surface ore, another 16 for a propick and for some peeps another 16 small ones for a chisel so in most cases you'd need 32-48 small ores to be able to make your bloomery and/or start mining to gather more ores. meaning that if you find a decent deposit of copper you'll spend a lot less time to get a hammer and an anvil to start using tier 2 materials. i really just can't see a decent reason why anyone would choose to make a hammer first.
  14. Living Ground Cover

    well speaking off... an enchanter. there are some who call me....tim Tim the enchanter is damn epic xP anyways, to get a bit more on topic, the cover of leaves might be seasonal, leaves will randomly die (and regrow i suppose since MC trees are kinda ugly, with no branches etc xP) and leave dead leaves on the ground. would be pretty nice ^^ and i agree... i want... a shrubbery. well actually, i'd much rather have berry bushes etc :3
  15. Cave ins

    just make sure to use supports if you're mining upwards, as long as you're mining downwards... don't bother (in small tunnels ofc at max 2x2) i've spent a lot of time mining and never even once had a cave-in, i automatically mine the upper block first (just the power of the hobbit ...erm i mean the power of habit ^^ ) and tbh i've NEVER seen a cave-in happen in a 2x1 tunnel, i've triggered a few on purpose but those were all in 2x3 areas (at least) so i presumed that everything up until 2x2 was safe and never had any cave-ins till now. but that could be because i always start by mining the upper block first ^^ as long as you do that all of your tunnels should be safe unless you're making them too wide^^