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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. [0.79] Stacking support beams to maximize ore mining

    Meanwhile, my mining method can only be described as special. I ignore support beams and allow cave-ins to occur as they may, taking care that they don't crush any ore (or me). I do this by placing planks or chiseled stone above my head, and by mining out any exposed ore that would be vulnerable to a cave-in before digging more stone. I usually get lost in my own mines because they follow the rough shape of the parts of the vein that I stumble upon by mining out from the center of the vein, but am only rarely trapped in because I leave myself enough durability on my pick to dig my way out of the caved-in entrance. The only time this results in large-scale loss of ore is when I am next to a cave without knowing it, but that can cause problems even with support beams. I usually don't get all the ore, but I have a fun time trying to climb out of my tunnels. Mobs aren't usually a problem because I usually dig most of the vein at once, or in rapid enough succession that spawn protection has yet to wear off, and because even when they do spawn they can't move around in the mine either, and it is usually easy to exploit the terrain to kill them. Anyway, I might try your method on more valuable mines, because I like that it allows you to set up a framework for avoiding cave ins previously, and then not have to worry about them from there on out.
  2. Single player tweaks for casual players

    I personally like the Technodefirmacraft modpack for this. Not only is the value of ore is increased significantly, but once you get to steel you start to be able to create machines that save the labor of forging. It also adds a whole bunch of mods that you can progress through once you get towards the end of TFC progression. That said, the total amount of time it takes to go through the pack is longer than TFC, as there is simply more content, but less of that time is spent on strictly TFC progression, as it transitions into something far more reminiscent of a standard mod pack in the mid-game. It is not for everyone, but it is a personal favorite of mine.
  3. I seem to remember silk touch being kinda wonky, I don't believe armor enchants work, but I could be wrong. I am pretty sure fortune has no effect, at least on ores. Oh, and fishing rod enchantments probably don't work. Maybe for the power enchantment you should have it do a smaller amount of bonus damage, but make the bonus damage crushing damage? Not sure if that's possible, but that way it doesn't let you one-shot stuff that a normal bow can't, while still making it a more useful weapon. Doesn't really make too much sense logically, but you could argue that the increased force is crushing, and it would be interesting from a gameplay standpoint.It could also increase the arrow speed of lower charged shots, which is the bow's main weakness. Also, what are you going to do about Javelins? Will they get their own special enchantment, or will they be made so that sharpness works with throwing? I think it might be worth considering nerfing efficiency, seeing as this isn't vanilla MC where you progress from Iron->Diamond->Enchanted Diamond, but TFC where progression is more tiered. An iron tool with efficiency shouldn't be too much better than steel, I wouldn't think. Furthermore, if possible it should scale with how well wrought the tool is, though I suppose that should work fine already with efficiency since I think efficiency is a multiplier. Unbreaking is probably good as is, though it will need to be widened to be more universally applicable on things like chisels and scythes. Hammers and axes should both be able to receive sharpness, smite and BoA like vanilla axes. (If sharpness could be called something different on crushing weapons that would be nice, but obviously nonessential.) Since this is TC4 we're talking about, repair might want rebalancing with respect to the high durability of TFC tools. Fortune should be fairly weak on metal ores, not as strong as it is with diamonds in vanilla for example. Vanilla functions would be good for things like coal, clay and saltpeter, and for random rock drops though. It would be cool if it upped the chances of getting higher quality gemstones, particularly with diamonds from Kimberlite. Scythes should also be able to get fortune for sapling drops. If you decide to do the fishing rod enchants, then Lure could stay vanilla and Luck of the Sea could make the fish larger on average or allow you to catch squid or something. Don't forget to buff damage for thorns, and make it pierce damage so that it A. Makes sense and B. is weaker vs the ranged enemies. Do you have any plans for an anvil replacement? Perhaps one could combine two enchanted tools on a TFC anvil through welding/metalworking? You'd have to add heat mechanics for them though, and ideally make the tool heads detachable for the process. Maybe a second tab could be added to the TFC anvil with the vanilla anvil functions? That's all I can think of for the moment. Nice to see that you are still working on this project, and thanks for sticking with it.
  4. Armadillo

    I do like that 2nd body shape better, it makes it so that the head isn't such a big jump from the back and brings out the arch in the back. It also makes the proportions look a lot better to me and makes it look a lot like a box with a head. That said, the curve of the body is most noticeable when looking at it from the side, and in game you will almost always be looking down on them so it probably isn't a huge deal. I definitely like the new bands, but I think they could be increased in contrast to differentiate them from the rest of the body a bit more.
  5. Guinea (Jungle) Fowl

    The texture looks like a chess board. It needs to be less regular so that you can tell it is white spots on a black background, and more importantly so that it looks natural. I continue to not like doubling the texture size, because it looks out of place in game, but I think it will be alright with this model. I think it would be better if the bottom part of the neck was on the same pixel scale as the rest of the neck though. The head needs some shading as well. Aside from the texture though, the shape looks right, and I like what you did with the tail.
  6. Armadillo

    It feels too tall, and have you tried curving the body in any way? I feel like the latter might be overcomplicating it, but at the same time it just doesn't look quite right as a box. Maybe the head could be curved down more? As for the texture, having double the resolution in the middle doesn't look good, and will look super noisy if this is going to be scaled down. And sorry I haven't done anything for TFC2 in a long time, but I have been busy and uninspired.
  7. Pretty sure Silverwoods spawned semi-rarely in vanilla forest biomes. Played a 1.7.10 pack a long while ago, and they cropped up quite frequently in some areas. That said, TFC is a mod built around exploration, so it is acceptable to make people take some time to find magical biomes, I would think.
  8. Crocodile

    Made this a couple days ago, but didn't have internet. Remembered it again today, so here we go. The teeth are currently made of boxes, but if it is deemed necessary I will make them into planes. I am pretty happy with the shape of the body of well, but of course I am always open to critique and suggestions. Crocodile.MCModel
  9. For the fruit base aspect, maybe Victus or Fames. Could be Permutatio as well, as that is traditionally used for seeds, but since TFC doesn't technically divide its food groups biologically, that makes less since. And you are already using that for milk anyway.
  10. More Flora

    Playing Plant Mega Pack as part of TNFC is part of what gave me the idea for TFC2. I like the mod, and think plants are great for adding atmosphere. And, if TFC2 ends up having alchemy, it will be good to have a large variety of plants and flowers.
  11. The lava is part of a multiblock structure, so you could build the furnace in the lava and it would work, though I haven't tested personally.
  12. More Flora

    yeah, I think that would be a good solution. I am not sure if you would want to use a generic model for a 3 block tall plant, as I for one think that large plants using the cross model start to look like cardboard cutouts. We could have another Google doc for any plants that would require custom models, like bamboo, or ferns that grow on the side of trees, or for that matter ferns that look like ferns and not like horsetail. You would maybe want a model option for vine varieties and one that lies flat like moss.
  13. More Flora

    It seems pretty obvious at this point that TFC2 is going to feature a lot more animals than TFC1. But what about plants? One thing that I have always found lacking in minecraft and TFC is the lack of interesting plantlife. TFC1 can pull off a grassy meadow look with its grass and wildflowers, but falls apart in forests and jungles by using the same plants. Even when plants are supposed to look different, they often look samey because they all use the cross model, and can just be walked through heedlessly. I propose that we build a list of plants that would fit within various biomes, and allow the community to help texture and model new plants. Perhaps Bioxx could add a way for MCMC to export to .json block models, to make it easier for people who want to help. I for one don't know any programs as good as MCMC, and model by hand usually, which most people probably wouldn't want to do, and takes too long.
  14. Too Much Time is one of the most popular mods to play with TFC based on modpacks I have seen. But, it is a mod that is very limited in scope. It doesn't respect latitude, meaning that equatorial days vary as much as polar ones by season. Of course, realism in this respect isn't really attainable in TFC 1, because you would end up having to divide the world into thousands of regions, and probably add timezones in order to avoid walking into a night region from a day region without ever passing through a twilit region. The island system of TFC2 presents a simple solution. Since islands are probably only going to be reachable by portal, the abrupt change in time would be acceptable. Therefore, you could split the world into nine different regions corresponding to the nine different latitudes of islands. Each region would follow their own schedule, allowing polar nights to stretch on for months, while at the equator days wouldn't vary between seasons in the slightest. More temperate regions would vary more similarly to TMT, and the southern hemisphere could be respected. Additionally, the sun could track different courses through the sky based on island and season, either as an aesthetic thing, or as a way to calculate the season if TFC2 sees the removal of our internal calendars. Furthermore, there should be auroras visible sometimes during the long polar nights. These changes, while not being realistic, unless the islands of TFC2 are spaced a lot farther apart vertically than horizontally, would add a lot of individuality to living on different islands, and make polar survival in particular very cool.
  15. I like the venenum better, personally, as it makes more sense than ordo. But, if you don't have many other sources of ordo, then it could be really useful to have it give ordo, and the same could be said of venenum if you don't have many sources of that. But if you already have pretty good sources for those, then I would say it comes down to personal preference. I kind of like Venenum better, but there is definitely value to be had in keeping it true to TC4. Also, it would be easier to transmute stuff into lead using ordo, assuming ordo is available from the chiseled stone in TFC like it is in vanilla with stone and the sandstone tiles. Lead is pretty much useless in TC4 and TFC both, but it would play better with other mods if you use the easier aspect to obtain.