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      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. [TFC 0.79.29] TerraFirmaCraft Reloaded

    I think you will find that policy is no longer actively policed.....nonetheless I will look into loading your modpack through Curse.......looks interesting.
  2. [TFC 0.79.29] TerraFirmaCraft Reloaded

    ....any thoughts to pop it onto Technic for easy access?....
  3. ...if yer talking old versions, that's us......Roanoke 6....
  4. Shoutout to Ludgar....yup, still plugging along! I will post our latest news for the TFC community. So....on we go. I am pleased to see that a few of our former players have joined us and are enjoying all the hardships we have cooked up.....more to come on that and perhaps some things that will help. The East Road has now reached the environs in which a new city will be established....I want to build this one all legit by contracting interested players for the builds....expect the pay to be substantial. I am also looking for a name....i thought we might continue the theme of abandoned colonies, a pertinent one as servers go so if you have an interesting name of some settlement that was abandoned please tell us here. Just so you know there are rumors of specifics but progress has been made....only 15 months and counting! An upcoming feature is the addition of a form of teleport.....not free of course and is predicated on developing a new block we shall call a "pay gate".....put a designated payment in it and it teleports you to the other side. An airship station has already been established at spawn and players may build their must be at the 225 meter level (mountains are handy) and be structurally rational (no 1x1 nonsense). For the mere fee of 1 emerald coin (1000 iron coins) per 10,000 meters from Roanoke City the admin will place a CustomNPC that can teleport you between the Roanoke Station and your location. By using land ownership it will be up to you whether you allow people to use your airship station.....perhaps a fee to leave the station!
  5. to see TFC getting some drama!.....maybe the energy will carry over to a revival that will help us all....I am currently building a road for no one on our
  6. ....carrots.....I found carrots! I had to fly in the airship for about 3 hours but I eventually found lovely only took 16 months! About farming....the many types of soil are greatly different in their can't just plant anything anywhere and expect it to grow at any decent rate. Additional to this complexity is that when you dig soil it drops as the poorest soil moving good soil from place to basically have to farm where the soil is good. To tell how the soil is you can right click with a hoeon tilled land and it will give you an idea how rich that soil is. You can also combine sylvite and bone meal to produce fertilizer which has a 50% chance to improve the soil. In the near future Aeroc will be making some sort of toll gate which will fit into the new airship teleport a fee and build a station at 225+ and you can have an airship station which can be used to fast travel......but there will also be a ticket charge to use the free rides.....I will continue to offer occasional updates and info regarding our server.....but also feel free to inquire for any clarification....cheerio!
  7. ....Ruby Tuesday....I had found evidence of a stratified bed of ruby bearing ore with my sluice and had spent several hours trying to find it....alas I had to give up in disgust. However, after a few days of getting my resolve back I vastly re-equipped and set out in my airship to find the damn stuff! I approached my mine I chanced a glance at the mountain right next to me where the telltale sign of ruby ore was blazoned plainly on the rocks!! the HELL did I miss In other news, we have had a few old players and a couple new ones drop by.....not sure if they'resold on our vision but we can only hope they come worries either way as it is not for everyone. What I do think we have is a very challenging system which rewards hard work and clever play.....basically "Tanstaafl"....there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. The east road continues to plod eastward to the location of a new server sponsored town....I hope to offer contracts to players to build server buildings....this will be by way of a competitive bid. We also have a new dynamic map up so people can have an idea where they are....I like the map as it is a good mix of oceans and continents. There is also a provision to now expand your town by buying wooden tokens from the land office. That's all for now and if you want a different (and tough) experience give us a look. Cheerio. dynamic map .
  8. Is there still development?

    I agree that TFC is the best but it seems to be on hold......maybe someday things will gel.....we are going to fill that gap by adapting TFC on our challenge server.....feel free to join us on Roanoke's not for everyone but we like it....cheerio.
  9. I thought I would post my little comment that I just made on our enjin'll keep the other lonely post company.... ...more speaking to the ether I reckon. I made up a post the other day for the TFC Forums that highlighted our unique and challenging server.....I am not terribly confident that there will be a large influx seeing as TFC seems a bit dead right now. If anyone actually sees this please feel free to chime in....even to tell me I am flogging a dead horse (not unlikely)....Aeroc made a number of changes to how farming works with the hoe having a new function and a new recipe for fertilizer....lately I have been mining magnetite from shale (which would induce eyestrain in an eagle) and will soon extend the east road further east (duh) to an eventual station for a north/south railway.....sound fun?.....probably not....feel free to join us....if we get enough players (lol) my wife (Eviljen) might devise some adventures for us with CustomNPC.......cheerio for now!!
  10. Roanoke 6......Challenge Server. If you are up for something very different and very challenging consider joining us on the Roanoke 6 Challenge Server. Using a tweaked Build 77 of the most excellent TerraFirmaCraft mod our programmer has adapted many new features that add to the immersion of the best mod in name a few: 1. Travel faster on cobblestone roads. 2. Find ore veins that expand, contract, branch, and fade out suddenly....they also sometimes have a few blocks of other appropriate ores embedded in them. 3. Use the sluice to find clasts (small insignificant bits of ore) to locate valuable minerals and ores. 4. Find zones of abundant ores and minerals and other areas that have doodley-squat!....(hint; the further north you go, the more chance to strike it rich)..... 5. Propick too op?.....ours only reveals the presence of minerals, not the type.......very tricky..... 6.Tool durability and speed are both reduced so no more building tunnels to avoid the surface....what are we, Morlocks?.....(fortunately tnt can be bought at Spawn for a few paltry coins)...... 6. More believable tree might take weeks of real time for trees to grow. 7. An in game server economy founded on a presumed external market......many things can be sold and the money used to buy land and helpful better boats and airships!! 8. No more smacking grass to find plants.....each different plant grows in a very few places and finding them is tough, but worth it. 9. Gems can be used to enchant items but they no longer drop willy-nilly when you are mining or pop randomly from a have to find the sedimentary beds where they lie, so we hope your favorite song is "sluicing in the dirt for diamonds"...... 10. Kimberlite can be found in distinct pipes, and other sedimentary minerals can be found in stratified beds. 11. Even the grass is against you as it slows your movement!.....the only solution is to build some roads or railroads….maybe even buy an airship….. 12. Have you ever wondered how a chest actually works without any hinges?....wonder no more because we now require you to provide metal hardware for many of the recipes. You can find the clay mold in the crafting screen….now you have a use for all that copper. Consider this....the server has been online for over a year and we are still using iron tools......there is graphite and kaolinite out there but where?...... Enjin SIte: Dynamic Map: Look for the pack on Technic.
  11. Retro Server

    Good day. Is anyone interested in a retro server based on build 77 with extensive modifications that make the world much more challenging?.......if I get some feedback here I will leave a longer and more descriptive post.
  12. Technodefirmacraft Server

    seems to be offline....and now it's online....
  13. Beyond Progression

    .....yup.....been banging on about this for years now.....I will discuss this more if you like....
  14. Acacia leaves disappearing

    ....figgered it out....CustomNpc had a config line that said something about leaves seemed to exclusively target the acacia leaves....