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      Server Move   09/13/18

      I (Dries007) have recently taken over as main developer and server admin. This involved moving servers to reduce cost. It's likely there will be some more downtime in the future but most  things should be sorted by now. This forum is in dire need of replacement as the software is quite old and can't be easily updated. If you wish to discuss or stay updated, join our discord: The forum will remain available to read, but will be locked in the future, when a new system is setup. The forum and wiki are now ad free. If you'd like to contribute to keeping it that way, you can do so via paypal or patreon.


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  1. FREE comic/anime/gamer webzine....

    My favorite anime is the one made by Hayao Miyazaki.I loved every movie i have seen of him. Other than that i don't see any anime at all.
  2. Make (your) custom Items in TFC!

    this looks cool, gonna try making some for my SSP world, if i have the items in TFC will i still be able to connect into servers which do not have the items i have? is it hard to code? or do i need a tutorial?
  3. I agree with you, this trees look awesome, and they should be implemented in the game, they make will make the game have a lot more immersion. But... i had already made a topic about this exact same trees in the suggestion sub forum.
  4. ridiculous damage on chisels

    yeah i find this incredibly unbalanced, they should make the chissel take 1/8 damage when slabbing and 1/512 of damage while destroying small blocks.
  5. [Offline] Open Forum TFC Community Server

    I really like this idea, and you can count on me for it. Some ideas i have that could be in the server: If you want to start a new town you have to do three things, first you have to establish the location of the town, two you have to show the building style the town will follow, just so we dont have horrible mixes of styles in the same spot, and three you have to make a road which leads to the capital. This could make the server feel like a true community. Hey i would like to build in this style,well come to my city, Great! where is it?, just follow the road
  6. [BUILD74] Golden Valley (great beginner spot)

    WOW, awesome house you have there, the seed is very good, but those kind of things are easily found in TFC(its magic XD) I would like to see more pics of the place, both your creations and the landscape. Its good to see people finally use this forum, people never share seeds here. Keep up the good work mate. PS: i see that you live in Japan, how is it there? i would like to go live there one day.
  7. well i had to wear a sweater this evening because its slightly cold .If temperature ever drops the 20 C its a weird event here in Mexico damn i wish i could go to russia(Siberia) and experience real cold
  8. good B73 seed ore and terrain?

    No problem, i hate how this part of the forums is the most inactive, no one ever shares seeds.The pack is JohnSmith, is the edit im making, you can get it here:
  9. Ceramic working, The Second Technological Tier.

    You could make things more believable, first get a mould and place the ink there, and then a feather, you have an ink quiver! now you get some paper(3 reeds in shapeless recipe)and right click on the paper in any block that isnt dirt , just like the meal table and then you get yourself the scribing table GUI and you will see a model on the block you in thaumcraft 3.Another small suggestion, in the clay shaping GUI you should be able to get back the pieces of clay you took of, not like in the knaping GUI. Loved this suggestion Welcome to the terrafirmacraft forums!
  10. [b73 bug] Bloomery is not working properly

    yeah i have the same problem, i input tetrahedrite and there only output is silver, but no copper =(
  11. good B73 seed ore and terrain?

    Well i use this seed for my SSP world (survival single player) and i have to say that the terrain is quite good, and it has a SHITTON!!!! of copper, and the occasional Cassiterite. The seed is "11010001101" and the coords of the place im currently in are x:8915 z:-9986 there you will find a nice clearing with a good mountain and douglas fir. If you would like me to tell you my mining spot just tell me and i will give you the coords, but i think its funnier to find the ores by yourself. Pics heres where you will get with those coords. place near the spawn. Not even half the tetrahedrite vein i have found
  12. Trees models

    I know what TFC is about, i know its about adding more believability to the game, make things as they should, and well im surprised no ones has touched the trees, the only few exceptions are willows, sequoias, and douglas fir.All the other trees are pretty much the same, and i have to say that mojang never did a good job on trees,i suggest new "models" to be made for trees, an small note, this guy has made some excellent "models" of trees, They are just astonishingly beautiful, when i walked trough that forest i felt much better than walking through a vanilla forest(not to mention forests/plains in TFC) it felt more inmersive. TL;DR trees need better models(shapes) like this ones http://www.planetmin...sitory-1779952/ some pics taken from this link(not mine)
  13. Can we get some love for Eldpack?

    I have just made some of the trees, im gonna see if i can make part of the blocks.png as well. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!
  14. Traveling far distances, memory leak?

    How much RAM do you dedicate to minecraft, and how? i give it 1gb and it goes smoothly, and i never had that kind of troubles. try giving it more RAM either through a BAT file or through a launcher, i use magic launcher.
  15. Trees models

    Well, what can i say, i love trees XD but i know that i have made 3 topics about it, one got locked due to derailing and growing bigger and bigger, the other one was actually useless( i made a mistake with that one) and the other one was to clear a doubt.I posted this just because i found this models and i wanted to share it with you guys and give the devs some ideas about them.
  16. The OLD Roanoke Thread

    hey Bob, how much would the santas workshop be there? till 25? or just today?
  17. NOTE:This is not so much of a suggestion, but an idea i had and wish to discuss with you guys. I had this idea for a while now, first for vanilla minecraft, then for TFC! The idea is to make mob spawning something more believable. Little story -Ho! what a beatiful twilight this is!time to go home to bake some bread. i approach the walls of my town and open the gates, its all very dark and spooky,but i know i will be safe in this incredibly large and well protected city. A zombie band appears out of nowhere and attacks me -WTF! how could they get pass this gates! its impossible I attack them and win the battle -Whoa! that was weird. As of now mobs will spawn on any chunk that doesnt have protection nor light.But this is unbelievable.You have a big walled city which is 10x10 chunks so not all the chunk will have protection, even though you have a walled city mobs will spawn inside there. My idea is to make caves/dungeons of mobs, this will have the function of spawning mobs, and those mobs will come out of that cave through various entrances hidden in a big area(not sure how big) and then will search for light and movement(similar to zombie awareness mod) Thus in your first nights you will have to be very quiet and get a shelter which does not gives of any kind of light to the outside,inside its fine. Now this will make nights incredibly dangerous,so to balance this,we have the moon, when the moon is at new moon there will be a bigger amount of mobs around, and when its full there will be less mobs. This will give you a mission to gather metals and get a full set of armor, first while gathering metals you should explore and close all the entrances to the caves where mobs will come out of, you could enter the cave but it will be suicidal to do so whit low tier metals and no armor(or leather).Then once you got your metals you will make a full set of armour and weapons to slaughter all the mobs in that cave and get rid of them once and for all, once you have done this you will have conquered that area, and the only way for mobs to enter that area will be when the mobs of another big area get to your area ,which will take them at least two days to get to due to the sun, and at day they will hide in small caves or any place with shadows dark enough for them. Tell me what you think of this idea/suggestion, im not sure if this would fit the style of TFC, thats why i would like to see your opinion before saying this must be implemented.
  18. Idea/Suggestion about mob spawning.

    yeah thats pretty much what i've said, except for the compiting thing and the winter.but i didnt understand the last part, why wont you die if theres another competing nest near? And about the winter, i think it will be far to easy to survive in winter, there should be something to make winter not as easy.
  19. Planks first toughts

    I open this topic so we can discuss what you guys thought about planks. I'll start saying that i love this new addition to the game, it has some thing that have to be polished, for example, they cant be destroyed with an axe or a saw, you have to use a pickaxe.Also the amount of planks needed to do something is freaking huge!! i wanted to build a fancy wall on stone-age and i had to clear almost an entire forest, a saw will only make that half a forest,not that much difference. I think this feature is really great, im really happy with it but it still has some minor flaws. Tell me guys, what do you think about this feature?
  20. The OLD Roanoke Thread

    Hey bob, can you fix my spawn, im still spawning at the island incredibly far from the main city, remember my name is cama797,or if you can move me to the city would be cool too. thanks.
  21. Planks first toughts

    Well they are better for the aesthetics, but the thing is that the plankblocks are going to be removed(dont quote me on that , pure speculation) and having planks that are 1x1x8 is a horrible thing to make shelters with, it will take so much trees and so much time that it will take away all the believability TFC has now.
  22. Wayukian please!!!

    I can tell what each thing is, just send me a PM, an perhaps a i could help with textures too.
  23. The OLD Roanoke Thread

    If we are to start over, i will prefer the suggestion of Amanlu, give us some basic equipment so we can start, it would be cool to have two settlements connected by a road system. About the white-list, i totally agree with that one, just remember me, cama797. EDIT: how do you know it was ICTON entertainment, i mean they do look like dumbasses but they got no videos of they destroying the server.
  24. Build 72 great seed

    mmm... pretty cool but, pics please, unless you want this post to be deleted.
  25. I need Dynamite!

    For what i have tried, it doesnt work.