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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Cool biome with sheep, seed 79.25

    This seed puts you at about -9100 in a somewhat cold biome. There are sheep, onions and sugar cane nearby, and pigs (though I only had one and I killed it). You start on the South and East side of a very largefresh-water lake. No clay within 10 chunks, but there is some to the North East. Follow the coast until it starts to double back then go inlandtwo or three chunks. There is garlic here and a pond large enough to turn into a farm.Since it was so challenging to start, I have been fishing a lot and getting my butchery skill up. There are sheep on theland across the lake tothe north of spawnalso, and a possibility of cows and horses there too. I used the word superlative as my seed. The /seed command shows -1368177132. - update - Moved my camp to the pond on the east shore. Cows are to the east and some oats. Tomatoes are to the North. Copper ispast the opposite shore to the North-West. Eventually I have to move over there. Found Olives and Bananas. Killed lots of fish and pheasant to get to Adept before I killed a cow. Started the farm kind of late. I hope they mature before winter. I am growing onions, garlic, bell-peppers, oats, and carrots. I really like this seed. Have not found any saltwater though. PS I have set ravineRarity to zero so your results may differ.
  2. Seeds

    So it says on the wiki that if the in game year is longer than 360 days than crops will not grow correctly. Is this true? thanks
  3. Craft Seeds

    Hello players this is Terrafirmacraft addon (script) for Mine Tweaker 3 with this you can craft seeds example get wheat grain put it with axe on crafting grid and you craft wheat seed and get your axe back you must use only 1 oz grain chop it with knife to make 1 oz grain or you will lost the whole of it you can use TFC Scales addon to make 1 oz food if you have TerraFirmaPumpkins instaled you must remove // before recipes to add it Download
  4. Agriculture

    There's been a bit on this topic already so I am gathering the pieces and putting them here. This is strictly about the process of collecting, growing, and harvesting crops. If you have any ideas about cooking or how anything discussed here could be used to that end please post here. This is also not about animal collecting, raising, and butchering animals. Those subjects can be found here and here. The main things I found doing quick searches was two posts of Darmo's which I have combined into one, and one post by me. While bees are mentioned, for a more in-depth discussion on bees go here. Darmo Stuff by me Cliff Notes because not everyone will spend the time to read for 15 minutes. Wild plant spawning decreased by number of plants and animals in the area. Wild seeds only appearing in certain climates Reduced chance to get seeds/can only get seeds from mature plants/can only get seeds from produce. Bad seed that won't grow. Plants that are not harvested in time will die and regrow. Temperature,water, and light effecting the plants. pests and blightsneeding pest/insect/fungicide. Animals messing with your crops both grown animals and birds. Growing different crops together being beneficial. Leaving space between crop fields being beneficial. Crops breeding - various resistances. weeds. fields needing to go fallow without fertilizer. farming equipment - planters, seed silos. needing lattices for berries. needing supports for fruit trees. functional use for scarecrows/ bird deterrent. Having drops tied to farming skill.
  5. Nice Seed I'm using (79.10)

    Seed: -5880701240973401740 generated in 79.10 So I'm really loving the seed I'm using and thought I would share. I'm not going to give you all the locations and exact list of what it has, but will show you some highlights to interest you and list some of the pros and cons. So this seed spawns you on a small island, but you are surrounded by other large islands on all sides. I first travelled south-west and set up on the big island there. This island, and most of the land explored, has a lot of animals. So many cows that I don't feel bad killing a few wild ones. Plenty of pigs and sheep all around. Only animal I'm missing still is chickens, but have not got south far enough to find suitable conditions. On the Spawn and my home islands the top layer is mostly gabbro and marble with a nice amount of dolomite. On these islands you can find all the ores you will need and a few of the minerals. Being Gabbro you will have plenty of Nickel (I've found 4 so far) That includes this nicely accessible rich vein. There are some crazy mountains and high elevation. I settled down in the plateau just south of this amazing U shaped monolith, which holds my food storage, on the south end of the big island in map images. Pros: [*]lots of very nice terrain and resources within a days travel of my base [*]very large Graphite vein [*]Large Rocksalt area with expected minerals [*]Sequoia and Willow forest [*]lots of fruit trees Cons: [*]decently far north @ -13000 for spawn. [*]Rocksalt area is a decent trek and took me a while to find [*]Only found 1 Graphite, by chance off main island, but it is very very big. There is lots of area with appropriate stone at surface to check within the area.
  6. Looking for a seed

    I'm looking for a seed that starts with Rhyolite OR Andesite OR Limestone Sequoia Huge mountains Either plenty of plant food OR access to the ocean
  7. Seed request - Maple

    Only one request: Build 79 seed which spawns you near maple trees. Thank you.
  8. [79.17] Whispering Willows

    Whispering Willows Seed: -7280377208745535969 Description A gentle rolling landscape greets you as you spawn into this seed. The forest that is spread across the hills is sparse enough to allow for beautifully cast rays of sunshine to dance across the many scattered lakes and ponds that dot this landscape. Each rich with nature's bounty. In the mild climate, you will have wonderfully productive summers and winters that are comfortably survivable. The forest itself is teeming with flora and fauna which will delight you at every turn. Visit Whispering willows for the scenery, stay for a lifetime! Surface Rock Conglomerate Major Tree Species Birch Aspen Willow Surface Ores Malachite Platinum Spawn Coordinates -52 x -8400 Points of Interest This seed is graced with beautiful beaches to the north, mountains to the south and a large freshwater lake to the east of the spawn point. There are many hidden gems in the form of ravines dotted across the landscape.
  9. Seed: 1425196598454339417Near spawn:Pigs, cows, sheep, feasants, deer.Copper, Tin. Lots of high hills where you can see the ores sitting in the walls.Also found lots of Kaolinite.Head North/East from spawn to find all the nice things!Version 0.78.17 / 1.6.4Resource locations: copper:4648:152:-8571pigs:4566:153:-8286feasants:4335:155:-8194wolfs:4344:162:-8160limestone:4313:147:-8128iron:4313:134:-8128:falsecasserite:4313:112:-8128cave:4313:85:-7996bismuth:4305:81:-8012hematite:4354:88:-8030sand:4431:147:-7978clay:4549:142:-8158hematie:4567:140:-8150Gold:4588:142:-8139Deer:4617:156:-8132Cows:4808:156:-8096casserite:4968:123:-8216horses:4806:169:-8314Tetrahedrite:4798:99:-8317deer2:4910:152:-8678cinnabar:4919:137:-8744Tetrahedrite 2:4897:151:-8850Pigs2:4956:149:-8865:falseTetrahedrite in wall:5230:176:-8840Native copper in wall:5277:177:-8942Sheep:5270:221:-8925Hematite2:5384:142:-9036feasant 2:5319:214:-8964sheep 2:5411:169:-9087Coal:5336:132:-9176Deer 3:5276:124:-9304Bituminous Coal:5034:158:-9427Lignite 2:5000:142:-9467Magnetite:5038:144:-9503Salpeter and Jet:5051:141:-9499Deer 4:5341:150:-9357Limestone:5448:150:-9223Bituminous coal pit:5600:140:-9139Limonite Malachite:5601:156:-9139Jet:5631:154:-9185Big trees:5711:163:-9243Platinum:5725:169:-9228Coal and Malachite wall:5921:176:-9243Tetrahedrite 4:5959:154:-9314Sphalerite 2:6103:99:-9281Sphalerite 3:6204:158:-9454Bismithinite 2:6046:151:-9815Giant cave:5899:125:-10006Casserite 5:5906:101:-10032Big trees 2:5901:198:-10251Sheep 4:5950:162:-10512:falseNative copper:6131:157:-10523Cows 2:6003:167:-10652Kaolinite:6078:134:-11065Native Copper and Koalinite:6129:125:-11135Bituminous coal3:6095:128:-11180Gypsum:6173:128:-11192Limonite in wall:6113:136:-11247Native Platinum in Wall:6118:154:-11247Kaolinite in wall:6073:152:-11260Magnetite in wall:6091:145:-11396Cows 4:6063:161:-11454Lignite and Coal in wall:5595:162:-11546Lignite in wall:5585:127:-11625Kaolinite 2:5650:148:-11613Kaolinite 4:6434:173:-12074Rock salt:6561:138:-12169Sheep 5:6691:153:-12050Kaolinite 6:6765:184:-11916Kaolinite 7:6809:174:-11869native copper in wall:7421:195:-12100Casserite and gold in wall:6608:158:-11381Death Point:6748:177:-11560Death Point:5271:218:-8922
  10. Ok, my last seed request was a bust. I found igneous rock, but it took me a while to get away from spawn. Here's my updated requirements(although I'd like to have someone delete my previous request, or archive it for posterity, idk). Ok, the requirements for this seed: Tons of copper/cassiterite close to spawnPlenty of wood near spawn for a charcoal pit(Either a Douglas Fir, Willow, or Sequoia forest)Must be relatively flat land at water level. Speaking of water, I'd like a pool of fresh water nearby for easy thirst-quenching.Need igneous rock for an early anvil, and fluxstone for double-ingots.
  11. [78.14] sheep seed

    One of the most annoying things in the game is having to hide all night in a straw hut like a little pansy while zombies gnaw at your doorstep. No longer! This seed plants you right next to sheep. I know animals are not locked in place like trees etc. but the area must be so conducive to sheep that every time I've loaded this map, sheep have been right there. I know this is a spoiler but it's pretty hard to miss as you also spawn right next to about five copper (just head north/north-west a little bit). The grass area just north of the spawn location is rich in copper and zinc, a river and trees. Great place to play (even though there are no chickens). -1896312605 p.s. I don't know how to upload a screenshot. p.s.s. ha ha, I thought I try one more time just to be sure and there were not sheep (just a cow). It's worked about six times out of seven though so the odds are pretty damn good. Either way, the temperature, altitude and rain conditions are clearly perfect for sheep spawnage.
  12. quasi chicken 'seed'

    I went on an epic quest across the ocean to find chickens... only to discover that the distance of the ocean was equivalent to the Atlantic and I died of thirst in the endless blue.... So I tried to find a seed that would start me closer to chickens and this is the best I could come up with: Start with this seed: -733111584353527055 This is actually quite a nice place. Lots of trees and salt rock... but this is not a place for chickens! It's something like 5 degrees which is way too cold for little chickens. So, now that you're here, press 't' and little dialogue box at the bottom will come up. type in /tp 9095 149 315 This will take you to a dense jungle where lots of chickens roam. Enjoy! p.s. you will need to enable cheats for this to work. you can do this either at the start when you create the game or in the open to LAN option in the pause menu.
  13. Good starter seed

    I'm looking for a good starter seed in a forest with lots of trees and grass, plently of rivers around containing squids, high amounts of native copper and tetrahedryte at spawn, plenty of breedable livestock, wild plants, and fruit trees.
  14. Help me, my canadian friends!

    I'm looking for a seed which is located near a water body, and more or less mountainous, that has to be located in latitudes -/+15500 up, or nearby, yes, I'm looking for positive zeds as well. It of course has to be densely or normally forested, with a high rain level(2000 up), as I like green grass and cold areas :3 The rock has to be preferably igneous, but I accept: Marble, Chalk, and that. The forest hast to be between this trees: Maple, Birch, Pine, Oak, Sycamore, and White Cedar. They're in order of importance, I accept any of this mixed. I don't care about anything else, so help me
  15. [BUILD74] Golden Valley (great beginner spot)

    Howdy all! I've been playing this mod since early November, and I'd like to thank the dev team for reinivgorating my intrest in MC. I figured with my first post I would share a seed I randomly mashed in, but eventually fell in love with. I created it in Build 72, but I've regenerated it in B74 with minimal differences. Seed: 6349834152 On spawn, I started on the coast of a shale and sycamore hill forest with the ocean to the South. I decided to head East with the rising sun. Soon the shale turned to andesite, and after topping a large hill, I was greeted with this: From this pennisula there are shale hills back to the West. To the South there is a dacite/willow swamp with loads of clay. To the North the andesite mountains and hills turn into chalk plains. I haven't explored much into the East, but I can assume more andesite mountains. In this little convergance river valley there are great deposites of cassiterite, copper, and some sphalerite. The only basic metal I haven't found on the surface is bismithinite. Exploring the deeper depths has uncovered more valuable metals, but I'll let anyone who tries this seed enjoy finding them. The pennisula itself has a small stand of oak and hickory trees that I've nurtured with care. Here are a few shots of what i've done with the place. Thanks again, and enjoy!
  16. Very good building seed

    Hey guys, Looking for a good seed to just build on. Maybe something with just a flat plains biome? Or a very scenic mountain biome. Really, I just got bored and wanted to see what I could build in this. If you know of any it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  17. After a quick search here on the forum I've concluded that there isn't a seed threat where I could find some cool ones. I have been looking for a seed where I spawn next to some willow trees. I have sadly not been able to find such a a seed Does anyone happen to know of a seed where you spawn somewhat close to some willows?
  18. Good Lord Almighty pre 39

    3163588344787025356 Huge walls around the initial spawn point as well as towers of rock. It took forever for my older pc to generate the world so bee warned.