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      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

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  1. Introduction New Melinia is a MCPC+ server running TerraFirmacraft 78.17. This is a Co-Operative Play server; Players are encouraged to work together to found and expand towns, building infrastructure between to support rail, water, and even air travel. PvP is sanctioned only in Arena areas and theft is discouraged (and prevented in towns via LWC). Players are free to forge off into the Frontier on their own, but town charters and advancements are only available to those that contribute toward building up the world, first at spawn and later at other towns.The server has all teleportation disabled for standard players--even /spawn--so travel is by foot, or whatever vessel can be crafted. Our hope is that this will encourage folks to expand organically and build infrastructure to connect sites, rather than running off 12,0000 blocks to set up a private base. One can, of course, still do that but access to spawn will be critical for getting some items and blocks that won't be craftable. Mobs are also enabled by default inside Towns--build proper protection to keep them out... Concept The concept behind New Melinia is that the initial spawn site as a "base camp" where a team has arrived to explore a new world. Players work cooperatively at first to establish this site, then begin bringing resources back to develop additional technology. As such, the Players can have a direct hand in building spawn. Players can also explore out into the frontier not only to find new resources but to establish new towns, which can then be connected by roads, trains, rivers, and sea lanes. At some point, perhaps some groups might splinter off and start competing with the original settlers (possibly even via Towny Wars)...But this is all "flavor" to fill in the story of the server and is subject to change with your input. This is not a Survival from the Stone Age server experience. As such, it may appeal more to people that have already played through TFC from that perspective and are looking for a "what's next" game. If you want that, however, you can certainly forge off into the frontier without utilizing the spawn town features. Spawn has quarters for workers that want to stay close, including beds and chests that can be claimed and locked. It also has a fully functional TFC smithy, with forges, crucibles, 2 bloomeries, a blast furnace, and a blue steel anvil. While this infrastructure is in place, spawn has no resources other than what players bring in, so no endless Buy/Sell options. There is an open copper mine near spawn, and it looks like some gold is under town hall waiting for a good miner... Towns and Expansion Town Charters are granted based on accomplishments for supporting development of spawn, with Bronze, Iron, and Gold Coins representing progress toward the Diamond Coin that grants the final charter. Players can earn coins simply by bringing back resources to spawn; crop seeds are worth 4 bronze for instance for seeds in low supply, down to only 1 (or 0 if we have a full stack of seeds. Trades can include plants, fuel, ingots, and stone, as well as other resources like clay and peat. Trade Booths are located in the basement of Town Hall until such time as the Market Place is constructed. Players can also bring animals back to spawn, with the first 8 animals earning Coins. Post a screenshot to show your animal handling skills (and let me know how many Coins to award). Oh, and anyone bringing back a bear and building a suitable pen automatically gains a Town Charter. Because, it's a bear. Seriously. That's some skills, or dedication. Anyone can bring back a female bear, to be a mate for the male returned to spawn by Taseko. It should be placed near the zoo pen for the male bear. However, Players wanting to earn a Town Charter faster can choose instead to take on a spawn Project. Projects grant potentially hundreds of coins upon completion, and also establish the player as a Founder of that site. Once sites are built, spawn will be capable of providing more services. So, when a Marketplace is built, spawn can start selling the resources Players bring back to trade. When a Train Station is built, spawn can start selling train parts, etc. These sites will, in the future, be opened to further expansion based on progress in new towns. So, for example, once a number of towns are established with their own Train Stations (that can themselves earn the Players some Coins to start more Towns), the spawn train station will be upgradeable to the next Tier, thus providing Players more options to build up Spawn. Upgrades will lead to greater spawn services, such as more advanced trains. And upgraded sites can also lead to new sites, like an Air Dock for building zeppelins. The full Tech Tier advancement for towns is handled in the second post below. Current Spawn Building Projects: [*]Tree Farm (completed and open to residents) [*]Farm (completed and open to residents) [*]Charcoal Burn House (completed and open to residents) [*]Train Station(completed and open to residents) [*]Shipyard (completed and open to residents) [*]Market Place (partially completed and open to residents; tavern chunk unclaimed) [*]Machine Shop (completed and open to residents) [*]Machine Shop Warehouse/Factory(completed and open to residents) [*]Stable (completed and open to residents) [*]Lighthouse (completed and open to residents) [*]Native Training Area (2 chunks, example by the zoo. Must train new players on TFC basics. Erian can place NPC natives; unclaimed) [*]Library (1 chunk, unclaimed) [*]Zoo (9 chunks, unclaimed) [*]Special Projects (e.g, like the lighthouse and zoo, completing a tunnel through the mountain from the docks to the tree farm, whatever you can think of) [*]Monuments (statues, fountains, etc.) Server Status The server is now open to the public, though we are still in Beta stage for ironing out the details. abdyman has been working diligently to get MineTweaker support in place for items and blocks to be crafted using TFC materials, while I've been focused on configuring the server to work fully with Towny, CraftConomy LWC, etc. We also have Essentials, Prism, WorldGuard, WorldBorders, and WorldEdit in place for server-side needs. And we now have a fair number of folks logging on to help us test things out. We're open both to bug reports and to feedback on the overall approach and concept. Installation/Configuration The mod and config folders areavailableupon request. Please PM me and I will provide a link and password. Themodpack is private and may not be redistributed or posted publicly per licensing requirements from several included mods. This pack contains both MapWriter and Rei's Minimap as I use them both at the same time by repositioning their placement in the GUI. You can alternately remove either if you just want to use one. Note that theTFCOptions.cfg is set to I:yearLength=144. I believe all clients will need this set as well. IP Address: Required Mods and Add-Ons (showing the current file loaded on the server--for all be sure you're getting the 1.6.4 version except where noted, as many have 1.7.x versions as the default) [*]ExtraFirma(extrafirma-universal-1.0.4-1.6.4.jar) [*]BuildCraft(buildcraft-A-1.6.4-4.2.2.jar), via theBC TFC Crossover Add-On( [*]Note that the main.conf file at.minecraftconfigbuildcraft must be edited so that Items are in the 17### range rather than 19### [*]RailCraft(Railcraft_1.6.4- [*]TrainCraft(traincraft-4.2.1_011.jar) [*]SmallBoats(smallboats.0.10.6.jar) [*]MineTweaker(MineTweaker3-1.6.4-3.0.6.jar) [*]ModTweaker(ModTweaker-1.7.X-0.5.jar - be sure to get the older v0.5 and not 0.5d; yes, it says it's for 1.7.x...) [*]Trade Booths( [*]Custom NPCs( *Not exactly required, but recommended and support might assume you have these installed. Recommended Optional Mods (showing the current file loaded on my client--for all be sure you're getting the 1.6.4 version as many have 1.7.x versions as the default): [*]Not Enough Items(NotEnoughItems;requires CodeChickenCore (CodeChickenCore from the same link) withNEI Plug-Ins(NEIPlugins-* [*]SmartMoving(Smart Moving Universal for ModLoader or Minecraft Forge or (extrat fromMC 1.6.4 - Smart Moving;requiresPlayer APICore 1.2,PlayerAPI.jar)* [*]CraftGuide(, and be sure to get the 1.6.4 version as the 1.7.2 version is the same name; allows viewing machine recipes with TFC items). [*]Dynamic Lights(DynamicLights_1.6.4.jar) [*]Inventory Tweaks(InventoryTweaks-MC1.6.4-1.57-dev-b84.jar;client-side working viacompatibility fix) [*]HUDs such asDamage Indicators(1.6.4 [*]MinMap such asMapWriter( orRei's Minimap( Voice Server A Murmur server is available for player use with the Mumble client. (currently broken...) Here is a teamspeak server u can use while mumble is down. Pass:mobbywood
  2. Heh, yeah I'm okay with the bills, as we got into the surgery (which was an amazing success from a world-class cranio-facial surgeon) and out in no time with minimal hassle. I'm a federal employee, so health coverage is actually pretty good. It's just that 5 surgeries in 2 years starts to stack up
  3. Thanks. Our daughters last surgery for (hopefully) a while was 12/03 and she's recovering well. Now we just have to beat down all the medical bills...
  4. Hey man, glad to hear you'll be home soon! Unfortunately, I had to let this server lapse after some family medical issues. I did manage to save the whole thing off to an archive if I can ever get the time/resources to boot it up again.
  5. TFC and Towny Configuration

    Version #: 78.17 SSP/SMP (Single/MultiPlayer): SMP Suggested Name: Towny Configuration Suggested Category:Not a Bug Description: Have you deleted your config files and are still able to reproduce this bug?: Yes Do you have any mods other than Forge and TFC installed?: No If yes, which mods? link of the Crash Report: No crash. Hi all. I'm working on how TFC interacts with various mods and plug-ins and am hoping someone has already solved this problem. As I'm sure many are aware, the default installation of Towny only supports Vanilla blocks for protection, e.g. in a claimed block you can restrict Outsiders from opening Vanilla wooden doors, but Towny doesn't recognize TFC doors. The Towny config file has a section for defining what blocks are protected, but I'm so far not successful in adding TFC blocks. Does anyone have a list of how the blocks should be defined to work with Towny? Here's the relevant section from the config.yml found in the Towny settings folder: ############################################################# +------------------------------------------------------+ ## | block/item/mob protection | ## +------------------------------------------------------+ #############################################################protection: # Items that can be blocked within towns via town/plot flags # 259 - flint and steel # 325 - bucket # 326 - water bucket # 327 - lava bucket # 351 - bone/bonemeal # 359 - shears # 368 - ender pearl # 374 - glass bottle # 385 - fire charge item_use_ids: FLINT_AND_STEEL,BUCKET,WATER_BUCKET,LAVA_BUCKET,MINECART,STORAGE_MINECART,INK_SACK,SHEARS,ENDER_PEARL,GLASS_BOTTLE,FIREBALL # Items which can be blocked or enabled via town/plot flags # 25 - noteblock # 54 - chest ...etc switch_ids: DISPENSER,NOTE_BLOCK,CHEST,FURNACE,BURNING_FURNACE,WOODEN_DOOR,LEVER,STONE_PLATE,IRON_DOOR_BLOCK,WOOD_PLATE,STONE_BUTTON,TRAP_DOOR,JUKEBOX,DIODE_BLOCK_OFF,DIODE_BLOCK_ON,FENCE_GATE,TRAPPED_CHEST,GOLD_PLATE,IRON_PLATE,REDSTONE_COMPARATOR_OFF,REDSTONE_COMPARATOR_ON,BEACON,HOPPER,DROPPER,MINECART,STORAGE_MINECART,POWERED_MINECART,CARROT_STICK,EXPLOSIVE_MINECART,HOPPER_MINECART
  6. TerraFirmaCraft and IndustrialCraft 2 Compatibility

    We took a similar approach in adding BC and Railcraft/Traincraft on my server, using MineTweaker to cover the gaps. We entirely replaced some item requirements with appropriate TFC items instead. It's working fairly well so far, and I'd love to see what someone could do with GT.
  7. Grandia is the closest--jHampster built it up considerably before having to leave and has given permission to hand it off. I can point you that way if you just want to check it out. I certainly wouldn't complain about you staying on to work at New Melinia, as there are still lots of projects to do there as well. You can certainly set up a trade booth in the blacksmith (or other locations) if you like. I'll PM you a link to the file...
  8. yellowbandit: Sorry about that. I didn't realize the PM limit on here was so low. Cleared my queue and also forwarded the ZIP file to you. solider1234: As Dano noted, we've got several dependencies before the server can upgrade to TFC 79. I do have a test server running now, but as anyone that's been watching the changelog can see, it's a bit early to even be trying TFC 79 as a "stable" server, much less one with the number of mods we have. I can confirm that all of the available 1.7.10 mods are playing nice with 79 so far. BC is generating oil (though only in oceans without an update to the BC-TFC Crossover mod). I'm also waiting to see what happens with ExtraFirma, since it's got a lot of nice features and affects world gen. The big issues on the non-TFC mod front right now are Traincraft, which does not have a 1.7.10 version and may never have one, and Smallboats, which has an experimental version but it only has the Punt active. Neither of these are critical to the server overall since we don't use them for any world generation features, and so could be added at a later date once all the other pieces are solid. Another major effort will be in updating the MineTweaker scripts since we'd shift up to v3 of the scripting. Once all this is ironed out, transition to a new server would be done with care and planning. It will mean a full restart, since 79 changes world gen behavior, so we'll work out a good approach for that. At present I favor current players being able to "take over" an inventory of goods (no containers of even more goods). This would represent the player's hard work on the current world leading to a head start when beginning exploration in a new world. I'm open to ideas on this front. owloctogons: I'm very hesitant at present to reinstate you. We've had player issues in the past and we could work through those, but you broke the smithy at spawn and stole those items. There's a sign right beside that spot that says "don't break stuff here or you can get banned." That's not something that can happen accidentally. Heck, we've had people accidentally break spawn--they reported it, we fixed it, and everything was good. Then you went on a deception spree with the moderators. It's not clear to me why, exactly, you'd be a good addition to the server at this point. Work that out for me, and I'll consider the request. For all, we've got Prism on this server for a reason. If you break something, steal something, etc. we can find out. If you want to play in my sandbox, follow the few rules we have in place. Don't get all foul-mouthed--I invite kids to play on this server for a reason, and I will boot you. Don't grief or steal people's stuff--this is a co-op server and there are plenty of resources to go around.
  9. Yep, when I increased the server size, I forgot to reset the auto-payment amount to the new cost. Should be up now.
  10. Thanks for all the hard work, Rhapsodyman! You've been great to have on the server and I look forward to your return. Safe travels and service!
  11. You mean for New Melinia? That would certainly be a challenging project given the hilly terrain, and spread out nature of the town. Might I offer a counter to that, and suggest the town needs a castle...Also, still looking for folks interested in finishing the tavern as well as upgrading the general buildings in the market area as they are mostly basic builds at present. The embassy is also open for anyone to spruce up. And it looks to me like New Melinia may be right on the cusp of having all the tech tiers complete to build the Air Docks... Also, we've got some towns that are "abandoned" at present and so I'm looking for new mayors. I've got permission at present from jHampster to grant Grandia a new mayor until he has time to return. PM me if you are interested. On items for sale, presently New Melinia takes all types of wood and stone (whether cobble, smooth, raw, or bricks) as well as various minerals. I'm trying to get food working, but Trade Booths and TFC don't like each other apparently in that regard. I'm also always open to more suggestions from folks for items to add. Also, sorry for my absence of late--having some health challenges with the kids, so got to prioritize. However, I get email notification for any PMs, so do use that method if there's something you need in particular. A general note for folks--this is a Co-Op server, so do try to respect other folks' items and such. I am trying to figure the best way to ID abandoned homesteads and such, as those should become open for plundering after some time frame. If, however, you are out in the Frontier and want to ensure your goods are protected, be sure to use the LWC /lock command. That let's folks know you are at least paying attention...if there are problems on the server, I (and now the mods) can use Prism as needed to find and correct any issues. If you break something at spawn, let us know and we can fix it. Breaking it and not reporting it will likely result in a ban (had our first one tonight...).
  12. Thanks for the TS access, especially while I try to figure out why this Murmur server isn't allowing access... We now have two Moderators, Xeno in Southshores and Rhapsody in New Melinia, that can assist folks as needed, pay out cash for coins, and get any of the uncraftable blocks towns gain by working up the Tech Tiers. They cover different time zones, so I think we'll have good coverage overall and they are also split between the northern and southern continents. While we don't have a ton of rules on the server (/rules will show you: Be respectful, No Foul Language or Slurs, Be ethical, Use Common Sense, Have Fun!) these guys are also empowered to enforce these if needed. Basically, if everyone remembers this is a co-op server and we've got younger kids on sometimes we should be good to go here.
  13. Looking good bcg17. You guys are progressing nicely. I'll bring some trade booths by when I see you online. The_Revanchist, the IP is on the first post, in the Installation/Configuration spoiler. I'll also send you the modpack in case you need it.
  14. Still no word from jHampster and no one has seen him on line. Any current residents of Grandia able to assume the Mayor role for now (I believe SashHQ and DeadAggressor are in the town)?
  15. Note that I now have a Murmur server online for general use (came free with the hosted server account).
  16. For the residents of Grandia, I sent jHampster a PM to check on his status. Y'all can of course do the same. If we don't hear anything in a bit, we can take some actions to get the town moving again. I don't intend to generally take a town away from anyone in general, but also don't want residents "locked down" if a Mayor goes missing. Perhaps we need a poilcy to always appoint at least one Assistant that can help if the mayor is out. Thoughts on that?
  17. Got the scripts loaded. Still looking to log on later tonight.
  18. Looking fabulous Rhapsodyman, thanks for all the hard work! I got the recipe updates from abdyman and will be posting them tonight and will get all the BC Tier V stuff in as well. On the mod front, abdyman is actually an Admin already, so can do most things on the server. Still looking for a few mods (or thoughts on making Mayors mods)...
  19. Yep, I can add that to the trade booth in New Melinia that sells the sulfur. I'll keep that option in as well for anyone that otherwise needs sulfur. And for those that haven't seen it, that booth also trades lignite/bituminous coal for useable coal to get around the problem of the BC mining well/quarry returning otherwise useless ore for those two.
  20. Okay, so there seems to be general consensus for a recipe change. My suggestion is to use Gypsum, as it currently has no other use and also in RL actually has some relation to sulfur. We can make recipes that currently require sulfur use the gypsum ore instead. For the output increase, it does seem very low to me right now for any large-scale use of pipes to move liquid. Given our focus on more Industrial Revolution then Iron Age survival, I believe we can increase the output without any significant impact to the game overall. The target Rhapsodyman proposes sounds reasonable to me, so we can use a multiple of 8 on all current recipes producing rubber. For the Rubber Tree, note that we'd have to do a world refresh when that's implemented to get it spawning. I won't take that step without some careful planning to ensure player work is properly saved, so no one needs to worry on that front.
  21. Hey Maxames. Good to see you around. I'll shoot you the link for my modpack with the mod and config folders. That should fix any issues not directly related to a client-side problem. For all, note that v1.1 of the modpack has the Year length set to 144 to match the new server settings. You can just edit the TFC config file to do the same. Finally, I'm getting the Trade Booths set up around town as they should be, so the Carpenter trades coins for wood, the Mason trades for stone, etc. The centralized trade area in the Market will be for Players to set up booths, and I'm also putting a booth there to sell sulfur since TFC has a sulfur generation issue at present. I'd like some thoughts on perhaps using alternate materials to get the waterproofing for pipes. At present, it takes a whole lot of flowers, plus a resource players can't readily get with the sulfur issue. I'm thinking perhaps we could stay with the flowers = latex and perhaps mix that with gypsum instead. I'd like feedback on the craft rate - right now Rhapsody and I are discussing that perhaps the flower requirements are way too high.
  22. Ah, excellent work! I was hoping to be on some today with the holiday, but no luck. I should be on tomorrow to check things out. EDIT: And I can get some of the town supply of materials to help with some of the buildings, to. We've got stuff for coke ovens, and of course I can place the un-craftable machines.
  23. Please note we are setting the year length to 144 to see if that gets us a good balance of harvests. EDIT: Ah, and sorry to hear that shovelbob! Now I'm going to need a new major projects guy at Spawn...barring some interest, I'm going to finally switch into Survival after finishing up the Trade Booths and tackle them myself.
  24. Hey guys. Long work week for me so I haven't been on as much. And that brings me to a next goal for the server--I'd like to get some Moderators set so that I'm not a bottleneck to things on the server. Moderators will be on to help new folks with how the server plays (especially understanding the Tech Tier concept), distributing cash for coins (until such time as I get that reliably working automatically; cash dispersal is tracked in a log, so we don't have to worry too much about inappropriate funding for self or friends), and serving as the first line for any problems that pop up. One idea I had was that every Mayor could serve in this role. Also, as we've had it goind for a while now, I'd like some feedback on the Tech Tier approach, specifically for the requirements (too much, too little, too vague, etc.), pacing for advancement (this process can take weeks in RL), and benefits (should more free stuff be granted, are the town/player benefits appropriate, etc.). All feedback is considered and worked into the process, so make this the game you want to play!
  25. It kicked into Emergency mode for some reason. Restarting now, and I'll dig through the logs to see what happened.