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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Boats/Rafts

    What if you were teleported to shore with a message like *you awake, pushed to shore by the currents* it would be pretty poetic and cool and have the player understand what happened
  2. Ore prosessing

    I've been told that my reasoning was off with folded steel and discovered this is in fact correct. Folded steel of contained impurities and brown spots (rust pockets) however jewel steel which is very recent compaired to every other steel process we listed is considered a much stronger blade steel and tool steel than most other forms. It takes a lot of work to make and is only made in a handful of mills in Japan modernly for a large price. If we used this method than steel could be made with much less machinery but lots of work. I think all the steels should be pretty even stat wise but have their upsides. Machines needed cound be the largest upside to oriental steel as in just needs a clay bloom smelter and an anvil. European steel/ celtic should need very little work compaire to other steels and work similar to tfc1 but be able to be made quickly in mass Damascus/ middle-eastern should be cheap on materials and need a little more work than euro but less than oriental. This would give players advantages based on which area they live in for each steel similar to history
  3. Magic!

    Terra firma is set with player freedom, this means that instead of making it impossible to do one thing or another, it is simply made undisireable. So, if everything had a counterpart in the other camp so to speak, that would make it so people followed either tree. So, instead of limiting the player, he should simply choose a path based on its desireabilty not a set in stone rule. So, my original up and down sides may not make sense but if you make magic more environmentally based and metallurgy constant, that would make both paths that could be chosen. What I mean by this is some spells could be more effective in certain temperatures or biomes than others and metal has a constant strength. basically; metal is stable, magic is variable
  4. Fish, invterabrates, and other search and shore animals

    You could use specific bait to catch eels in order to make them more end game
  5. Magic!

    I feel like magic and metallurgy should be opposing yet equal forces that when combined, create super strong weapons or tools. one idea is to have them both come from similar sources or looped effects, for example heat. Since metal is melted from fire, and fire was seen as magic early on. This crystal idea is really cool however they should be heated by the sun, this makes magic better mid day then at night, this means that mages could beat metallurgist in the day and be next to worthless at night (unless they are dark mages). This means that metal is consistent and magic is better depending on the time of day. Dark mages can use obsidian obelisks for power that consumes moonlight to create mana and feed spells however it should be extremely complicated and very in-efficient, requiring covering crystals in obsidian (conversion to darkness) that would make them balanced and seemingly opposite. Magic should also be and alternative method to creating metal forms, example: steel. Steel is made in a blast furnace with coal however magic could use another substance such as souls or crystals to create soul metals or mana metals. now to allow for conversion. When put together you should double the effectiveness of these items. For example, if a metallurgy blade is enchanted or infused with souls, it should gain magical effects (similar to vanilla) Also can we have golems? They exist in vanilla but suck so we need better ones that do a programmed task and can be made of any metal and some materials like wood or rockfor different uses and multiple sizes for strength bonuses (bigger is stronger but slower)
  6. Tameable, 'milkable' giant spiders.

    This is the greatest idea I've heard in my life. I feel like the spiders should be breedable and function like wolves, the second generation stays tamed. Also the males should be smaller and un-rideable and consumed in the breeding process. Basically, to breed them, you feed the female a male spider. they should also get awesome spider armour made of their silk (as it as strong as steel cable of the same width if not stronger) and metal plates
  7. On Anvils, And Metalworking In General

    I'd just like to say that if you melt steelit looses iron content and become simply iron. But these ideas make sense and make the game less Grindy and more realistic in one move. Also, there are hundreds of ways irl to make iron and steel.
  8. Ore prosessing

    Our ore system is currently a lot simpler than it is really. Here is a few ideas to make it more accurate Crushing; ores should be first crushed to remove rock from the ore and leave fine metal powder. This should be done with a hammer and later a possible crusher (mechanical or magical). You will then be left with raw ore dust. melting methods; the current (tfc 1) start game method makes sense and I like it (hopefully so do you). However steel is sometimes much easier to make, however the steel made in these ways are used differently. Example: katanas are made of a multi part billet made from iron dust poured into a clay tube full of burning coal or charcoal. The tube is then tapped at the bottom to allow the metal to flow out. This creates a clump of slag and metal at the base, similar to a bloom however containing steel. The steel is grade separated then arranged into the katana ingot which is worked into a sword. this is one of many ways to make steel however it creates a different form. These different types of steel are interesting and could have their uses in tfc 2 (like a katana). So we could have many metal tech trees if you will. Like Damascus (in the Middle East), oriental (east Asian), industrial (European) and magic stuff (bone steel?) point is their are many ways to create metal from dust but we can only have a few: Damascus (mixed metal steels) mostly alloys made the current way however, including a casted "steel" made of bronze and iron and charcoal dust, this type can be the easiest to make and the cheapest however is not as strong as the other methods. Oriental (most expensive) lots of work, little output however, the strongest product with out spells. European (blast furnace (current steel)) most efficient way to make steel however has lots of setup and is meant for mass production of an okay product. Magic (magical?) its magic so its different and should envolve death and sacrifice and such. rolling and sheets: rolling machines can be used instead of forging to create sheets late game by using mechanical power or some magic motor. basically you run a double ingot into the machine cold a few times (make it a worked item with a progress bar, 10% each time) this just makes things faster thanks for reading, now discusse please
  9. Trains

    In vanilla we have minecarts. They are useless and look cool. That is basically what they do in tfc. In this tread I will think ofsome ways to change this. currently we are limited to a few ways to make trains. 1 kind of rail, 3 carts (furnace, open and chested) and tfc has no furnace so... kinda lame I propose 3 types of track, 2 types of cart and new variations for each 1st type: casted rails; these rails will be made of copper alloys (so basically bronze). The cart that will run on this will be considered a light cart. It shall be made of wood and bronze and have 4variations: bucket(holds items), flat(holds "back slot" items), people/mod, and finally powered. These carts will be powered by the powered cart and pushed from the back, like in mc vanilla however, they will be slow and hold very little and be kind of expensive to run yet cheap to set up. The powered cart will require a boiler. This will be forged from copper and has durability. It will burn coal, charcoal and wood (however wood will be burned extremely fast) and is generally fast to burn up stuff making it very in-efficient yet faster and more productive then on foot. 2nd type; forged rails; iron rails (like we are used to) go the current speed and have coupled cars now. This means the engine is in the front and the locomotive has no replaceable parts. It will have a box car for barrels and other back slot items, a flat bed (alternative to box) which carries less however is smaller, a bucket car (items), cattle car (animal car), human car (for people) and finally a locomotive. The locomotive will be expensive however faster and way more efficient than the copper equivalent and will be able to pull its cars. These cars will basically be faster and have much better capacity. 3rd type; cable rails; (not required) these will use the prior mentioned cars however will work like powered rails but, use some kind of realistic power source; a pulled cable that will be powered by a massive structure that is powered by either mechanical power or simply magic, depending on devs and input ideals. So basically; you can have magic cars or powered ones. The puller (the pre-mentioned structure) will have a input space that can either have a mechanical shaft or a magic motor of some kind (lol). Basically these will be the most expensive to set up however will be the most efficient and (hopefully) can be programmed to make a automatic route. cool idea I had. Happy to hear your ideas about it (hopefully polite)
  10. Mechanisms and Mechanical Power

    another cool thing could be a power hammer that could be used to form your tools faster (or be a requirement for stronger metals)
  11. Animal AI / Behaviour

    i agree with everything said prior
  12. Magic "anamotronics"

    Have you read, understood, and followed all of the rules listed in large text at the top of the suggestions forum?(Yes/No): yes Answering "no" to the above question will result in your post being deleted. with the idea of having metallurgy and magic as progression routs, i have an idea to combine them. Similar to golems in vanilla, anamotronics would be a forged bodied magically powered robot. stronger alloys allow for more strength for carrying, lighter would allow faster movement, and durability would determine the health. Magic could determine the attack strength, and AI of these robots. so you could make a iron-man with a pig AI (soul) making it dumbly do the required task, fall of ledges and never really listen. every animal could have its soul harvested to be placed in these shells and the would all have different traits ex: wolves could be used for it's intelligence, loyalty and ruthlessness. these robots would be bound to man and only attack monsters (can't fight in army's) so they would not be OP for pvp. sorry for the bad English, please comment where you see fit
  13. Water Purification, Plumbing system and stuffs

    this idea would add a lot of wanted complexity to the game please add it, also it would be sick if we got mechanical solar boilers. they would be massive metal vats with a glass sloped down top full of sand and the sun evaporates the water out of the sand leaving salt behind and bringing the water vapor to the glass and the drips follow the glass to a collection dish with a pipe bringing clean water out. the mechanical part would be a flood gate that lets in water when in runs out and every so often you would need to shovel out the salt (when it adds up to about 20% of the internal volume).
  14. Zone Based Wildlife

    Another cool normal climate large animal would be a Gomphotheriidae as it fits the theme of using elephant like animals in the large class (also means you can slightly re-skin rather than code a new animal shape! i think it would be really cool going around and running into beasts like these!
  15. Zone Based Wildlife

    thanks mate for the support and knowledge