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      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Craft Seeds

    Hello players this is Terrafirmacraft addon (script) for Mine Tweaker 3 with this you can craft seeds example get wheat grain put it with axe on crafting grid and you craft wheat seed and get your axe back you must use only 1 oz grain chop it with knife to make 1 oz grain or you will lost the whole of it you can use TFC Scales addon to make 1 oz food if you have TerraFirmaPumpkins instaled you must remove // before recipes to add it Download
  2. Noone posts seeds anymore?

    Has this forum section died out? What the hell?! I can't find tmc seeds anywhere else except here
  3. Hello everyone. I've been enjoying this mod a lot lately and I came across what I think isa pretty awesome seed and its done me justice so far with starting out! (I'm no expert on TFC but this has been a great seed to me so far) SEED:4833932150374418897 SMALL DISCLAIMER- I am using the [TFC] TerrafirmaPack which can be found here: I only make note of this because the modpack includes flowing streams which there are a lot of around the spawn area in this seed so without using the "Streams by delvr" mod your terrain may be slightly different!!!

    I finally found it after a long hour of searching, the seed is "Mayan" or "74120242" (without quotations of course) spawn is a lovely granite desert covered with Cacti and pockets of freshwater! Enjoy you ultra hardcore TFCers!
  5. [0.79.15] Queens of the Stone Age

    The player spawns in an open field surrounded by hills and broken here and there by small groves of sycamores and sequoia. The peninsula is incredibly rich in food, featuring plenty of wild onions and wheat, with some potatoes, cranberries, bell pepper and even plum trees in full bloom. Plenty of wild animals roam this area, including pigs, pheasants and more. There's a freshwater lake, and the field opens up to the ocean to the north and west, while to the east an unexplored island is connected by a shallow bank. To the south of the peninsula lies a great forest of proud douglas firs and elms and even more of nature's sweetness; tomatoes, sugar canes and even soy. Here whole herds of deer roam, but also monsters - both wolves and bears have been sighted. But what would life be without some risk, eh? Seed: 2 (Yes it's that simple) Note that this area seems to be utterly lacking in exposed ores, though small bits of cassiterite and sphalarite can be found in some places, as well as less-useful galena and native gold. So you're going to be at the stone age for a long time, but it'll be glorious. So, this is a seed that ought to be nice for people who want a really royal stone age, though advancing beyond that point might take a bit of work. I just found this while looking for interesting seeds and am going to start playing some single player on it right away. Thought I'd share. 1: The field in all it's glory, and the border to the forest. 2: The coastline with cranberries, onions and a freshwater pond. 3: The unexplored island is just beyond this bank, which also serves to provide seaweed for that salt in your salad.
  6. B76 epic spawn!

    -4548710275246456823 Plans spawn near a river and a mountain range. There is a large Sequoia forest nearby, it spawns on a hilly area with a few steep bits overlooking the ocean. There are also numerous willows and other trees near spawn. The mountain range is on the other side of the river biome than the spawn, and could lead to some epic builds, or perhaps a good mine shaft, there are a few bits of sugarcane dotting the river, along with many, many animals. The river itself is largely floored in gravel, with more gravel along the coastline, this is common in TFC, but is worth mentioning as a player could set up a series of sluices to produce copper fairly easily here. As for the ore gen, I found copper and cassiterite fairly quickly and close to spawn, but I am uncertain if the ore gen is based on the seed or on plain dumb luck. I have so far found the cassiterite vein (not telling where it is), but not the copper one, however, just picking up the rocks gave me 2.5 stacks of copper. There is a truly massive amount of clay in the nearby stream, by the mountain range, and spaced randomly in the forest/plains area. I have found 5 different types of stone so far on the surface in the immediate area alone, the most common appears to be basalt, which all but dominates the starting zone area and which I like to use for construction, some of these rock types are convertible into flux, marble being among them. Like any seed, this doesn't have everything close to spawn... I have been unable to locate sand as of yet, however I am still exploring the landmass. Also, one problem I had early on was that the willow trees were so dense in some places mobs tended to stick around long after sunrise, however, this is to be expected in forests. I will attempt to post pictures, however there are a few problems with that at the moment, namely that am horrible at computers and new to the TFC forums, and have no idea how to do this... I hope nonetheless this post is useful to someone.
  7. Seed confusion

    It would appear that my TFC seed has absolutely no forests. There is nothing but plains and mountains, the only trees to be found are on top of those. Is this a generation bug or a seed issue? The grass textures for various forest biomes exist, but are totally bare. I've struck out on numerous expiditions but they've returned nothing. Any help or commentary would be greatly appreciated thanks! (I didn't know whether this should be in support or seeds) Edit: I forgot to mention, Jungles exist, but nothing else.
  8. Any good build73 seeds?

    So I've been creating worlds like crazy looking for a good seed for build 73 but I swear there is none! Either there's lots of ore but horrible terrain. No ore but fantastic terrain. Or there's the quite common horrible terrain no ore seeds... Somtimes im blessed with a good biome. So has anyone found a good seed for build 73? Incase your confused build 73 came out yesterday and its for 1.4.6 so if you didn't know that GO UPDATE! They brought back peat Edit: moved to the seeds area
  9. After a quick search here on the forum I've concluded that there isn't a seed threat where I could find some cool ones. I have been looking for a seed where I spawn next to some willow trees. I have sadly not been able to find such a a seed Does anyone happen to know of a seed where you spawn somewhat close to some willows?