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Welcome to TerraFirmaCraft Forums
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Rules for posting:


1. Read the Official Bug List before posting.


2. Read the Change Log before posting. Many of the questions being posted are already listed on the change log, and a few bug reports are actually new features.


3. Do not create posts for bugs that are already on the list.


4. Unless you have a basic question about how a mod feature works, use the template that is provided when creating a new topic.


5. For game crashes, follow the provided guide for including your report in the template. Crash reports should be given through either a pastebin.com link, or use of the spoiler tags. Spoiler tags can be applied by clicking on the Special BBCode button ips_bbcode.png?t=D03G5XL that is to the left of the Font selector.


6. If you have Optifine or Cauldron installed, uninstall them and make sure you can still reproduce the bug before posting. Optifine and Cauldron edit forge base classes, which causes bugs that TFC cannot fix without breaking forge compatibility.


7. If you are using an unofficial copy of TFC, such as the one that is redistributed in the TechNodeFirma modpack, make sure that you can still reproduce the bug with nothing but forge and an official copy of TFC obtained from our download page installed. TechNodeFirma has edited TFC's source code and is distributing this edited code instead of the official mod, which causes bugs that we cannot fix since they aren't in the official code.


8. Contact Kittychanley to report duplication bugs or other exploits. Posting them publicly in this forum will result in your post being hidden or removed with no notification. If you are currently logged into a forum account, you can click here to send Kittychanley a private message.


Failure to do the above will result in the post being locked.


9. If your issue has been solved, please edit the title of the topic to contain [Solved]. First click on edit on the bottom right of the original post, then click on Use Full Editor. The button looks like this: V1Ml9Pg.png


Note: Due to the way that vanilla Minecraft handles shift clicking, as well as pressing hotbar numbers, any bugs resulting from using these methods will simply be "fixed" by disabling the use of the method.

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