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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • Claycorp

      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.

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  1. TFC settlers is a community server where you can start your own settlement with your friends. Join the discord and follow the instructions toapply for whitelist: All informations including IP address are on the discord
  2. Kalankor est désormais Live! C'est le grand moment, le serveur modpack TFC Kalankor ouvre ses portes. Venez nous rejoindre dans un environnement stimulant, coopératif et Semi-RP. Avec Towny, créez votre ville, bâtissez votre nation et imposez votre volonté! Commercez avec les autres joueurs afin de faire fructifier votre économie, ou déclarez leurs la guerre afin de d'obtenir le monopole commerciale! Le serveur fonctionne avec divers plugins, tel que Towny ou ClearLag. Nous avons également de nombreux mods en plus de TerraFirmaCraft, principalement des addon de TFC comme TerraMisc ou TerraFirmaStuff. Kalankor est un serveur Semi-RP. Il n'est pas demandé de jouer un personnage, mais nous tentons de nous rapprocher de la réalité. Il n'y a par exemple, aucune téléportation entre villes ou joueurs ni de porte-monnaie virtuel. La whitelist est actuellement active, il vous faudra donc faire une simple candidature afin de nous rejoindre, mais ne vous en fait pas, rien de bien méchant! Notez tout de même que nous sommes dans les premières phases du lancement du serveur. Il se peut donc que vous rencontriez des bugs ou des soucis techniques. Si vous avez des questions ou un souci, n'hésitez pas à contacter un membre du Staff! Nous vous remercions de votre coopération dans ce processus, et n'oubliez pas, amusez vous! =) Site: Discord:
  3. Together We Thrive Server (New/Old)

    Hello there Terrafirmacraft Community, just wanted to state out that we have a Terrafirmacraft Server out with Town Plugins and some mods! Feel free to come check us out and enjoy your stay on the server. Also feel free to come and check out our fourmpage about the pack. Server:
  4. Hi there, We've just recently opened our very first TFC server and are trying to build aMinecraft centered gaming community, as well. We use the TFC version, and a few extra plugins (like Towny, ChestShop, etc.) to add depth to the game. If you'd like to check us out, you can go to our website at, or simply hope onto the server at! Update (July 10, 2018) We have expanded our map size to 10k by 10k! We have also added several mods to our server, such as: TerraFirmaStuff (latest version) Merchants Add-on (latest version) Cellars Add-on (latest version) TerraMisc Add-on (latest version) Automated Bellows Add-on (latest version) Update (August 25, 2018) We have twonew staff members! Welcome, Feliseda and DutchMango! We now have a functioning Dynmap Trading outposts are only $150! TFC Scales, BiblioCraft, and BiblioWoodsAdd-ons havebeen added to the server! Hope to see you around!
  5. Crafting The Ages This server will be PVP based and have as few rules as possible feel free to raid pillage until you cant anymore i have increased the allowed plots per town in towny to allow for as much expansion as possible for players, thus allowing their empires to grow exponentially larger with more players. Features This server will include the following features- Terra Misc Automated Bellows & + TFC Guns Hardcore Darkness Custom NPC's Towny Dynamic lighting (hold glow stone to light up around you, this may not be placed) FireArms Guns will be an end game thing requiring end game materials and a wide range of materials. Firearms and their ammo will require things such as Lumber, Metal Sheets, Flux, Sulfur, Leather, Tuyere's, and Lead.To craft firearms one must go to the anvil at spawn. The recipes will be in the upper right hand corner of the UI that the anvil opens up. Current FireArms include: Flintlock pistol 2 Flintlock rifles 2 Revolvers 3 Lever action Repeated rifles similar to old west style rifles NPC'S There will be a coin currency system used by NPC's that will allow you to buy and sell things such as seeds leather and other trade goods(excluding metals). I may or may not implement a companion system such as NPC's that follow you around helping you kill things or heal you. If the player base grows enough i may also allow players to have custom NPc's put into the spawn village to give out information about their town to new players. Mail System There is currently a mailbox in spawn. With this mailbox players can receive letters and items from other players. To send these thingsplayers must go to a courier which is conveniently located across the path from the mailbox. At a later date big enough towns may have the opportunity to have a mailbox installed at their location or a crafting recipe may be made to allow players to build their own mailbox. Commands /set home (will set home at your current location current limit is 1) / home (will teleport to your set home) /spawn (will teleport you to server spawn) Setup Here is a link to a download that has everything thing you need. To Set up everything follow these steps- After installing the correct version of forge. Drop the mods from the folder labeled "mods" into your mods folder. Then drop the folder labeled "flans" into your .minecraft directory then launch game! Server ip- Rules: 1. No Racism 2. No abusing glitches 3. It is pvp so no complaining about being killed 4. No teleport killing 5. Give everyone respect Discord I have created a discord for this server which will allow players to communicate with each other as well as help connect the community link is as follows- Individual towns may get their own chat and voice channels made for them on request. Questions If anyone has any questions concerns or suggestions for the server please feel free to contact me on here or discord whichever is easier i usually respond within an hour depending on what time it is for me this server is hosted and located in the US on the east coast i am connecting from germany and have no issues in case anyone is connecting from anywhere far from the hosted location.
  6. [0.79.29] DarkAgeCraft Off Line

    All good things must come to an end. It's time to take Darkagecraft Off Line. When TFC2 is released we may revive the server. I had lots of fun and will miss all of you that made us into a community. Now with 3 Servers and a Central Hub: Main Address: This is the hub. We plan on adding mini-games to this area. Mumble Server: use default port, the password is : Terrafirmacraft Dynmap in the Forum., just click on the server banner Server features: External host: up 24/7 Exclusive forum website. : Skype on the forum. Modpack, each server uses a different modpack. TFC-Puritan: Darkagecraft: DarkPunk: In Development Whitelist Application. Please one application per player.
  7. Intro: EternityTFC aims to create a pure TFC experience and we will keep the server updated with the latest stable TFC version. We are a whitelisted server, but due to serious time constraints we are not actively seeking new members at this time, we will change this post the moment we are. Please be friendly to other players and the staff, read through the information and follow the rules. As a server we cater primarily to builders and players who prefer to keep playing for a longer period of time. We will keep a map reset at bay for as long as is technically possible and we have set up the server in such a way that progress is more in line with SMP. This does not mean you can not play regular survival, we have vast empty planes and many unexplored forests! Server: Website: Server IP: Useful pages: Dynmap: Rules: Price list: Gallery: Guides: Server Guidelines and Information Protecting your stuff: Towny and Lockette Features: - Large 15.000 x 10.000 pre-generated map. - No limitations on animals, farmland, bushes, trees or anvils. - Use Towny to protect your builds. - Your Towny town will never be deleted. - Use Lockette to protect your things. - All block and inventory interactions are logged, griefing and stealing is pointless. - A very dedicated, loyal and experienced crew. - Protect an area outside of town with an outpost. - Use Dynmap to plan your builds or routes. - Many lag-reducing measures. - Absolutely no pay-to-win. - And much, much more! Some more pictures: The city of Illian My village (Baerlon)
  8. [Closed] [0.79.28] FeudalFirmaCraft OPEN

    Help us to improve the server answering these simple questions: SURVEY HERE minecraft serveur terrafirmacraft, Сервера майнкрафт terrafirmacraft,Minecraftサーバー terrafirmacraft, 我的世界服务器 terrafirmacraft No Whitelist DynmapHERE Vote FeudalFirmaCraft HERE Francais: FeudalFirmaCraft est neé pour les amateurs de la mod TerraFirmaCraft, la tranquillitée et l’armonie du joueur vive avec la nature sauvage e cruel. Pour entrer vous devez tout simplement avoir installé la dernière version de la mod TerraFirmaCraft. English: FeudalFirmaCraft is born for lovers of TerraFirmaCraft mod, tranquility and harmony of the player coexist with the wild and cruel nature. To join you just need to have installed the latest version of TerraFirmaCraft mod. Italiano: FeudalFirmaCraft è nato per gli amanti della mod TerraFirmaCraft, la tranquillità e l’armonia del giocatore convivono con la natura selvaggia e crudele. Per entrare ti basterà avere installata l’ultima versione della mod TerraFirmaCraft. Join now! No racism or sexist remarks; Respect ALL players; No offensive symbols; No spamming; No asking for Op; Abandoned towns will be auctioned to the highest bidder after a week of their failure; It’s strictly forbidden to steal resources from towns just because they fall into ruin, because towns can have an owner whois temporarily offline; It’s forbidden to kill animals of other players;
  9. -- Rules -- [1] Don't bypass pvp in towns that dont allow pvp[2] No harassment of any kind[3] You ARE allowed to destroy outside of towns[4] Treat all players and staff members with respect[5] No hacks of any kind[6] Do not advertise any other Minecraft servers[7] Do not take advantage of any glitches to benefit yourself or others[8] No afk machines or Autoclickers[9] No spawn or town camping-- IP -- Required mods --TerraFirmaCraft version NPC's Latest-- Optional mods --Any kind of mini mapNEI
  10. My friend and I are looking for a small close knit community to play in. Preferably with Towny or something like that, without PVP or Raiding/Griefing. A group of people who can take a joke and maybe throw one back. Give advice and help out each other out but still allow the other to be independent in their actions. IGN: zacktothemax789 Age: 14 Time playing MC & TFC: I've played minecraft since late Alpha, and 3-4 weeks of TFC. Things enjoyed to do ingame: I really love the smithing and general metallurgy in this mod. IGN: thekingguy Age: 16 nearing 17 Time Playing MC & TFC: 3 years of MC and about 2 weeks of TFC Things enjoyed ingame: He seems to love farming, husbandry and general farm work. We've both gotten about into the Iron age, and can pick up new ideas and concepts fairly well.
  11. TFC and Towny Configuration

    Version #: 78.17 SSP/SMP (Single/MultiPlayer): SMP Suggested Name: Towny Configuration Suggested Category:Not a Bug Description: Have you deleted your config files and are still able to reproduce this bug?: Yes Do you have any mods other than Forge and TFC installed?: No If yes, which mods? link of the Crash Report: No crash. Hi all. I'm working on how TFC interacts with various mods and plug-ins and am hoping someone has already solved this problem. As I'm sure many are aware, the default installation of Towny only supports Vanilla blocks for protection, e.g. in a claimed block you can restrict Outsiders from opening Vanilla wooden doors, but Towny doesn't recognize TFC doors. The Towny config file has a section for defining what blocks are protected, but I'm so far not successful in adding TFC blocks. Does anyone have a list of how the blocks should be defined to work with Towny? Here's the relevant section from the config.yml found in the Towny settings folder: ############################################################# +------------------------------------------------------+ ## | block/item/mob protection | ## +------------------------------------------------------+ #############################################################protection: # Items that can be blocked within towns via town/plot flags # 259 - flint and steel # 325 - bucket # 326 - water bucket # 327 - lava bucket # 351 - bone/bonemeal # 359 - shears # 368 - ender pearl # 374 - glass bottle # 385 - fire charge item_use_ids: FLINT_AND_STEEL,BUCKET,WATER_BUCKET,LAVA_BUCKET,MINECART,STORAGE_MINECART,INK_SACK,SHEARS,ENDER_PEARL,GLASS_BOTTLE,FIREBALL # Items which can be blocked or enabled via town/plot flags # 25 - noteblock # 54 - chest ...etc switch_ids: DISPENSER,NOTE_BLOCK,CHEST,FURNACE,BURNING_FURNACE,WOODEN_DOOR,LEVER,STONE_PLATE,IRON_DOOR_BLOCK,WOOD_PLATE,STONE_BUTTON,TRAP_DOOR,JUKEBOX,DIODE_BLOCK_OFF,DIODE_BLOCK_ON,FENCE_GATE,TRAPPED_CHEST,GOLD_PLATE,IRON_PLATE,REDSTONE_COMPARATOR_OFF,REDSTONE_COMPARATOR_ON,BEACON,HOPPER,DROPPER,MINECART,STORAGE_MINECART,POWERED_MINECART,CARROT_STICK,EXPLOSIVE_MINECART,HOPPER_MINECART
  12. LiteItUp TerraFirmaCraft is one of the most recent servers that has come out of our gaming community. LIU-TFC is uses just a few plugins to keep the server light, while still being rich with the TFC game play individuals have grown to love. We strive to give people the gaming experience they need and also to create an even stronger gaming community. The server currently has: LocketteTownyLockette: Towny will protect your town from people who aren't members. This includes, barrels, chest, doors ect, and will keep your items protected. However, should you want to protect your stuff from others inside your town, you just use lockette! Protect your items by placing a sign on a chest (or whatever item you're trying to protect), and you're all set! To add others, do /lockette 3 (playername), or /lockette 4 (playername) Towny: Claim land for your town and invite others to live with you! With the ability to create plots, there's no limit to what kind of town you can create! To see in game commands: /towny To create a new town: /town new (townname) To add someone: /town add (PlayerName) To see the map: /towny map To go to town spawn: /t spawn For each one person in the town, an additional 10 land is able to be claimed. Start forming those towns, inviting people, and try to become the number one town on the server! Each individual has three (3) /sethomes The ability to /tp , /tpa, has been DISABLED in order to provide a more realistic feel to the game. This forces players to use areas such as spawn, or player made towns in order to do the trading. Money is disabled on this server. All trades are done between player/player, and is completed with items. Players will create their own economy with the prices and trading values of all items fluctuating depending on the demand at the given time. This creates a more dynamic game play as an "admin shop" isn't dictating how much items are worth. Also derails the drive to make "money money money" but instead creating items which helps out the server as a whole. Rules Keep chat clean (no spamming)Be mature aboutlanguage(swearing to a minimum)Respect everyone (members and staff)Have a great time! Server Information: IP: YOUR BEST FRIEND (TFC wiki): Here Don't forget to vote and give us a +1 if you enjoy the server! Please report any bugs, glitches, errors or complaints to staff members! If you're interested in checking out our gaming community, click here
  13. Looking For PVP server

    Me and my other faction mates are looking to join a pvp server. So far of all the servers I have went through most server post on this forum most of them seem to be offline, PVE or non PVP or complete vanilla with no protection for items. We are looking for the following in the server -Towny, MyTown or Factions type systempreferablyTownythough - Able to raid enemy bases when declaringwar
  14. Hello and welcome to Nightfuries epic minecraft server! This is a small lil server with some active players, mostly betwhen 3-6 it is a friendly server so pvp is disabled, the server is also set to "easy" mode so it means that evry noob out there have a fair change to survie You may also get kits for free! basic survial tools and water jug make it easy for you to survie, you also spawn far south where there is mildier climate for better survival! *Basic information about server No whitelist, Open for all! Easy mode, Easy to survie Friendly, No pvp Towny, make towns and live with your friends Starter kit, Gives you basic tools to survie! Chest shop! create your own lil market stall to sell your apples. and ear monies to build your town! Rules 1. NO griefing 2, No stealing 3, No raiding 4, DOnt be a jerk basically 5, Have fun! Also download the Extrafirmacraft addon for better expierence!
  15. *UPDATE* I am not currently accepting new apps this weekend as my whitelist has reached what i consider full. this may change so look for new updates if i decide to replace absent players/ can justify adding moreHello to all my fellow TFC players, I decided to start a mid sized whitelisted server and i'm looking for new players. This will be a mature (Age 18+) server and my whitelist will reflect those who wish to play as a communityThis post may seem excessively long, but I want to answer any major questions for applicants prior to whitelisting/ build the best and funnest community I can with the resources the server has (also cut down on whining if something doesn't go your way)The rules are as follows:No Griefing/StealingNo Racism/ Excessive Swearing (I don't care if you swear but if it becomes disruptive i reserve the right to deal with it as i see fit after i give you a warning, if someone asks you to stop in general chat, you are expected to do so or I will warn you)No Spam or Advertizing other serversNo Use of Exploits/Unfair Advantages (everything on this server will be done legit, the only exception is me for 1.testing plugins 2. testing for lag 3. undoing any grief)No Harrasing Other Players*If a player is disruptive to the community such that a large majority want them gone, they will be removed even if they have not technically broken an above ruleCurrent Plugins on Server-Towny (will be used as anti-grief and /t spawn and /t outpost will be the main teleport system)-World Border (for pregenerating terrain mostly)-CoreProtect (Block logger, files purged regularly to cut down on lag)-EssentialsSpecial Notes-I will be making this a 20 slot server, the initial whitelist will be at most ~30 people (because not everyone will be on at once)-I will give priority to whitelisting people that apply with others and people that have prior staff experience should there be more applicants than slots-I do consider play schedule when adding people (so there is some player presence at most times of day)-The main language used on this server is english, though I don't care if you occasionally use others in chat, provided its not in order to violate one of the rules-Should it be needed I reserve the right to alter players work for the sake of lag with little or no warning (ex. delete corrupt chunk, slaughter massive herds, remove laggy structures)-You are expected to take the time to protect your things with the protection available (i will undo any structure damage i can discern, but if there are missing items such as chest contents, that's on you)-PVP is on, though i expect mutual consent to it between players involved-You better know what a wiki is b/c there is no guarantee that someone can/will help in game with a question-TFC 0.78.17 is the current versionHow to Apply (make a post following the example)Age:22 (I will go a few years younger than 18, provided your ban history is clean)IGN:Big_Bear91Server Staff Experience: ~3 mo. Admin (console level), cumulative 12 mo. as assorted forms of moderatorBan History (Within the last year only): NoneTypical Play Schedule (Please convert to EST): noon-3:30 weekdays, 1pm - 1 am or later weekendsPlay Style: BuilderMinecraft Experience: 2 years of mostly modded minecraft, (tekkit, several ftb packs, TFC, hexxit, AotBT, probably others i don't recall atm), some vanilla to satisfy my redstone addiction(if you plan to play with another person, make a note here with there ign, they must apply separately)
  16. Hi All, News: * Server is now reset and OPEN as of June 1st!!! * Quest content coming soon Some statistics: Over 400 Unique Users with about 40 of them being regular users. Looking to beef this number up. 8 moderators so most of the time there should be a mod online. Places to meet with the community: TT's TFC Sever Facebook Page: https://www.facebook...158873894256864 (Post pictures and discuss server/community related issues) TeamSpeak Server Address: Enjin (Apply for Whitelist here: ) TT's TFC Server Custom Recipes: Server Information: The IP is: TFC Build: 76 (usually running most current hotfix) Mods (other than TFC): Forge Player API 1.5 Player Render API 1.7 Smart Moving for 1.5.1 DanageIndicators (optional) 2.6.4 Bibliocraft 1.1.6 Custom NPCs 1.5.1 Simply Horses 1.5.1 pre 6.3 TradeBoothMod 0.3 Terrabow 0.7 Terramobs 0.2 Leather Water Sac 1.4.b76 Sorcery beta 1.0.1 (this is for healing features mostly) Click this link for a mod pack (some of these mods are no longer available to download): <link to come later> This Server is Greylisted. You need to apply in this thread to become "Whitelisted" but you can join the server immediately until this happens. Here are the steps to get on the server! 1) Connect to the server at least once. This makes sure that your mods are configured correctly and also creates a player file for the mod to access if you are OFFLINE while we whitelist you. 2) Apply for white listing here: 3) Once we approved you, you should be able to have build access. 4) We can't white list you until you've connected at least once. Role Playing on the Server: * It would be a good idea to NOT home stead as your valuables and home are not guaranteed to be safe. If you still wish to do this, by all means go for it. * Choose a trade and make an economy based on this. Like a certain aspect of TFC? Master it and be that tradesmen. Towns will be looking for vegetable farmers, Animal farmers/Hunters, Metal Smiths, Builders. * Maybe you like building? Good! We'll need help leveling earth for laying down property as well as wide/nicely maintained roads for traders to travel with their horse drawn carts. Towns will pay big money to builders willing to carve out road systems! Server Rules: 1) Anything goes! If you are attacked, attack back! Griefed? Collect a Posse and retaliate on who you think did it! 2) Economy is Player based so if you want to set up shop, you need to provide inventory to sell. 3) Currency should be able to switch between coins and server cash (for towny stuff) 4) Coin values are as follows: 1 Wooden Coin = $0.01 1 Stone Coin = $0.10 1 Bronze Coin = $1.00 1 Iron Coin = $10.00 1 Gold Coin = $100.00 1 Diamond Coin = $1000.00 1 Emerald Coin = $10000.00