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    • Dries007

      ATTENTION Forum Database Breach   03/04/2019

      There has been a breach of our database. Please make sure you change your password (use a password manager, like Lastpass).
      If you used this password anywhere else, change that too! The passwords themselves are stored hashed, but may old accounts still had old, insecure (by today's standards) hashes from back when they where created. This means they can be "cracked" more easily. Other leaked information includes: email, IP, account name.
      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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      This forum is now READ ONLY!   01/20/2020

      As of this post and forever into the future this forum has been put into READ ONLY MODE. There will be no new posts! A replacement is coming SoonTM . If you wish to stay up-to-date on whats going on or post your content. Please use the Discord or Sub-Reddit until the new forums are running.

      Any questions or comments can be directed to Claycorp on either platform.


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  1. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    I always spawn the books I need (unless they have an actual use other than info). I can look for the information on the books on the net, so it is just a matter of commodity. I would recommend following the "Living on the Edge" post by ciekma: As the creator of the modpack he knows the best way to advance and ways to obtain resources that may not seem evident from the NEI GUI. For example, for the grease for pistons you can use the bronze tub with lard and limewater, which is an easy recipe to over look because it seems more difficult than it really is.
  2. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    I noticed some leaves dropping in cubic form. But I insist leaves have physics. I changed the config of leaves and leaves2 from average to none (in stability) and the problem solved. Now the leaves have usual tfcgravity, where you also have to collect from the outer layer, but it will not destroy all leaves. As you can see willow allows the 17 pages of recipes that require just any plank while pine only give 7 pages, correspoding to recipes that specify pine. Idk how to replicate. Just pressed the recipe button of both willow and pine.
  3. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    Still loving the pack! Giving it another round with the new updates. Noticed that the leaves of trees have now gravity. This causes trees like willow to lose almost all leaves from breaking 1 block. It makes planting them almost impossible. EDIT: I have also noticed that most recipes that require planks instead of asking for any plank they need specifically willow. Is this a bug or is it intentional?
  4. Coconut and bamboo

    I think trees should have different properties to make them useful for different things, some trees should be very beautiful but almost useless for burning and take a lot of time to grow.Others may be normal trees that gives a lot of luber in short time, but you only get 6 planks and they burn slow, so they are perfect for charcoal. Maybe a really ugly tree useful for burning and give a decent amount of planks, for other things other than building... This way you would cultivate a type of tree for charcoal, other for building, other for burning...
  5. What the Heck is Redstone Ore?

    Also, for activating kegs, or tnt or whatever it is, make gunpowder placeable. It should act as redstone, like a trail that will be activated with a fire starter and run from where you are to the keg and then make it explode.
  6. Animal Spawning Mechanics

    Would love to see that when you kill an animal, a baby animal spawns in the same location of a grown wild animal of its specie,or even better, a random female gets impregnated, as Therigthon said. You can just kill all the grown ups, because the little babys would be an easy prey for other animals + you cant kill all the females of the island. Also, if only females can get impregnated IF a male is within a 50 block radius, you couldn't kill all the males.
  7. I dont like making this sugestión, but it seems necessary: make torches capable of burning wood. I know that it would be pain to lose them as lighting sources inside the houses, but it make sense (who is going to put a torch In his hut?!) and also make candels worth doing. Because of this, candels and oil lamps act as interior lighting. They are "expensive" and provide less light, but in a house you dont need that many, and also the spaces are smaller, so no great lighting needed. However, torches are available for easy and powerful light In the caves but are not reusable. Torches with tallows serve as powerful lighting that can be reused, although are more expensive. This will make them perfect for outdoor lighting for gardens or paths and Castles, made of stone and fire resistant. Any ideas?
  8. Scrap Metal

    If this gets to be a thing either make tools repairable or allow us to melt them at any point of its durability state, because there is no way I am gonna use a pick with less than 75% efficiency.
  9. Meteoric iron & materials

    If meteoric metal(please Iridum) is added I think it should be made to be part of the alloys, as an always-good metal. Maybe, as it has been said, make the tools easier to affect with magic. If you are going to make it a last tier metal that can be worked alone, make it so the ores can only be mined with the previous tier, so it is not a luck based metal. Also, it should be made completely optional. Once you are done with the steels you can go for the alloys, skipping meteoric iron in case you dont want to try to find it.
  10. Meteoric iron & materials

    If meteors were added they should be some kind of "biome". Bioxx is basing the world gen in "features" the islands can have, for example, a "valley". Maybe, one rare feature would be a pretty rounded depression in the terrain, sometimes filled with water, and others just taken over by nature. In the stone layer bellow this feature meteorite ores would spawn. This way you are making meteorite findings much difficult, as you dont just have to read "traces of meteorite". You have to study the enviroment to detect if a collision was possible, and then find the centre and start digging down. Also, if this were added, it mustbe purple and be called Iridium
  11. Millénaire for Terrafirmcraft

    I you can somehow make the evolution really hard BUT really worth it, this addon will be just as a DLC for TFC! It's awesome what you are doing, and if you can somehow integrate it nicely with TFC... GG Also, please make Viking for north regions, mayas for the middle and so...
  12. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    Yeah, it is bassically that. The dev can create a serie of quest to guide the player through the experience. For example, you could set up a main branch about TFC and its addons (Uddary, cellar...) Every quest can have a small description so you can explain why taking the next step, then a small reward, like: "Collect 64 charcoal" the description explains how to build the pit and how to lit it. The the reward maybe 16 more charcoal and 8 logs. The main branch could extend until reaching steel processing, and then opening branches like "Machinery" "Steam Power" "Moving around" (Trains and boats). This also supports multiplayer through a party system for sharing quests (or individual quest also) Loving the pack but those heavy machines are really difficult to get: insane amounts of iron!
  13. WIP [TFC-0.79.29] TerraFirmaProgressivePack

    I am enjoying the pack a lot! However, I get lost and I don't know how to evolve with this expansions. Would you consider making a guide or even including the HQM mod in the pack? Thanks for the pack again!
  14. When can we play tfc2?

    I dont know why the patreon page was never created... monthly donations would be a way of keeping the team motivated!
  15. Large mountain biomes suited for mining

    It wouldn't even need to have ore pieces in the surface: just mine stright down and you will eventually hitthat big vein! Also, once you have find one, GG EZ, the entire metal tier is available for you. Also, a question for the developers: How will the islands past the maxium tier be? More high tier islands? Islands with random tier but high difficulty? Infinite ocean?