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      I'm trying my best to find out more and keep everyone up to date. Discord ( is the best option for up to date news and questions. I'm sorry for this, but the damage has been done. All I can do is try to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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  1. Stats points, Skills and Item Names

    Hi Sercanis, welcome to the forums!(and don't worry, you speak- err, write-english well ) Now, about your suggestion, I'm not sure I got what you're trying to say. Are you saying that items and blocks should be level and "class" restricted? Like, you need to be level 5 in mining to dig an ore or use a pickaxe of a better material? Or you need to be a blacksmith to use an hammer? Because, if that's the case, I fear that I can't agree with your suggestion, as I think that the players shouldn't be limited by artificial restrictions. On the subject of skills, I think that a new skill is fine as long as there is a real use for it. TFC1's skills were few and specific to a certain area of playing : butchering gave you more meat, agriculture gave you more crops and seeds, cooking gave a taste bonus to your prepared dishes , the three smithing skills (tool smithing, weapon smithing and armor smithing) gave bonuses to the items smithed by the player and the prospecting skill removed false negatives from prospecting. So, I would like to ask you to give more example skills, as your example doesen't really seem to be useful (copper and bronze have very distinct looks, also I assume the player won't be able to make a vanilla anvil in TFC2 like he/she wan't able to in TFC1). Lastly, regarding attribute points, I would like a better explanation. From what I've gathered from your suggestion, you mean that each player has a set of attributes, which are "rolled" in each new world through dice. This approach seems quite similar to Dnd; while there's nothing wrong with that, I'd like to ask you: what would they do? Why would we have them? Can you please give us some examples? I feel that, if done right, this could be interesting, otherwise it would weight down the experience. Overall, I feel like you haven't explained enough, especially in regards to the attribute system. This suggestion could be interesting, but you need to explain a little more, while also keeping in mind that it would be best if new mechanics added to the gameplay rather than limiting it (take this with a grain of salt, as it's just personal preference: for me, it's limiting even the fact that iron is gated behind bronze, as in many places people actually never made their own bronze because of the lack of materials needed to make it, and either traded for bronze or worked directly iron).
  2. Counting Thread

  3. Alcohol

    Hey, it's me, TheSnarkyKnight, and I'm back with another unneded and overly complicated suggestion! Yay! While I did enjoy making alcohol in TFC1, the process always seemed too simple to me, and at times illogical (vodka from fermenting potatoes?), so decided to share my thoughts with the community. As many of you probably know, drinking alcohol (ethanol) is obtained IRL through fermentation of sugars by yeast.In some cases, that's where the process ends (beer, cider, mead and wine). In some other cases, the alcohol obtained is then concetrated in a much more potent form by means of distillation (spirits such as whiskey, scotch, vodka, rum, tequila...). Before talking about those, I need to say something: I DO NOT ENDORSE DRINKING LARGE AMOUNTS OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES! DRINK RESPONSIBLY!! DO NOT TRY TO SET UP AN HOMEMADE STILL CAUSE IT' S ILLEGAL AND WILL PROBABLY BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE! THE ALCOHOL LEVEL So, my suggestion is to make alcohol-making (or boozesmithing if you will) more life-like by dividing alcoholic beverages in two groups, fermented beverages and distilled spirits, with their different preparation methods and characteristics. Fermented beverages would be further divided into two categories, beers and wines, the first one including drinks made from grains and the other one including drinks made from fruit. Fermented beverages would act as "filler" for the player: ethanol tricks the human liver into thinking it's glucose, so drinking fermented beverages would give the player some sort of saturation effect, making it so that the various nutrition categories do not go down and the player does not get hungry. The older the drink, the higher the saturation boost. They would also refill some of the player's thirst, but the player couldn't drink too much, otherwise he/she would feel the various ill effects that come from excessive alcohol consumption . The process for making beer is different from the one for making wine, so they would be separate. One must pay attention when the fermenting process has begun, as leaving a fermenting wort/must unsealed for too long would produce vinegar. BEERS WINES DISTILLED SPIRITS Distilled spirits would be made by distilling a fermented (but not fit for consumption) sour mash or a fermented beverage in a still, to concentrate the alcohol. They would have high alcoholic content, and would actually lower the player's thirst level over time. As for benefits... I'm not sure. I'm not really sure if they should even have any. If a body temperature system is ever going to be introduced, then they could make the player ignore the effects of cold weather while actually further lowering the player's temperature (ethanol is a vasolidator, so while one feels warmer at first his/her temperature will slowly fall). Another possible use for them is as a liquid fuel, or at least as a flammable liquid (molotovs and barrel bombs? maybe if a barrel of high-proof alcohol is near a fire or heat source it could actually blow up). Another use would be to further distill a spirit until it's pure alcohol, then using it to produce elixirs or potions. To avoid alcohol poisoning and death, the player would be able to make small glass vials that contain exactly one shot of the distillate, and the old glass bottles would contain 5 (to be drinked singularly, one shot at a time). A jug would be equal to 10 shots. Nothing is stopping the player from drinking a jug of the stuff, however that will probably be enough to actually kill them. PLANTS AND TOOLS These are the new plants and items that would also need to be added. As always, let me know what you think and please share your opinions and ideas!
  4. Herbology/Pharmacology/Medicine

    I think that having more healing options than just waiting it out or jumping in an hotspring would be nice, especially because in TFC 2 players will have to fight monsters if they want to progress. I don't think however that LARGE quantities of mundane items would be needed to make high end medicine, I think that one would need more "exotic" ingredients for that, either magical (i dunno, troll blood) or more grounded and realistic (penicillin, as an example, is a kind of mould). Being my usual me that can't shut up and fells the need to throw his opinions and ideas in the face of everybody else, I have a more specific suggestion. I think that the player (and maybe the mobs) should have a general health bar (the default health bar visible on the hotbar) to give him/her a quick overview of his status but that health should be split between different body parts. So, on 2000 total health you would have: Head - 200 health. Destroying the head would mean death for the player and most mobs. If the head is destroyed with a bladed weapon. it could also sometimes drop as an item (like vanilla zombie heads and skulls, not gory). Torso - 600 health. Destroying the torso would mean death for the player and most mobs. Left Arm - 300 health. Destroying the left arm would make the player unable to use his/her offhand and any two-handed weapon. Destroying both would make the player take a small amount of damage (50 health) when attacking, but he/she would still be able to open doors and use items without penalties. Right Arm - 300 health Destroying the right arm would make the player switch to their other arm, disabling the offhand (the player would be using it as a mainhand) and making the player a bit slower in his/her attacks. Also, he/she wouldn't be able to use two-handers. A high enough skill in fighting (more on that later) would disable the speed penalty from using his/her left arm. Destroying both would make the player take a small amount of damage (50 health) when attacking, but he/she would still be able to open doors and use items without penalties. Left Leg - 300 health. Destroying a leg would make the player slower. Destroying both would make him/her reaaaally slow (or immobile, if you really want to be hard on him/her) Right Leg - 300 health. Destroying a leg would make the player slower. Destroying both would make him crawl reaaaally slow (or immobile, if you really want to be hard on him/her; in that case I suggest adding some sort of crutch that can make a de-legged player walk) Destroyed limbs wouldn't have gory effects (even though I'd really like to see limbs fly off in the heat of combat...) so they wouldn't be disgusting, at most they could hang limp behind the player instead of being stiff. Or maybe they would just disappear from the model. The health of these different body parts would be visible in an inventory tab. This inventory tab would have the player's total health bar on the top, and then a silhouette of the player, with each different part being evidenced. At first, the player would be able to see only rough estimates of the health of each part: broken (self explanatory), hurt (10% to 70%), fine (70% to 100%). At high levels of medical skill the player would have more detailed information (broken, nearly broken, badly injured, severely injured, moderately injured, lightly injured, fine) and at max level the player would be able to see the exact health of each part. In this screen, the player would also be able to heal specific parts: other than natural regeneration and hot springs, there would be healing ointments and elixirs. Ointments would work as a zone-specific heal, and would be applied by clicking on the desired part in the health screen, slowly restoring the health of the part on which they are applied. This heal wouldn't be instantaneous, but would make healing decidedly faster, allowing the player to heal in a day (or a couple if he/she was in really bad shape) damage that would take several days only with natural regen and hot springs. Ointments would be of different potency based on the ingredients used and the medical skill of the crafter. Low-level ointments could be crafted with either oil or animal fat mixed with herbs, while high level ointments would require, on top of the old ingredients, pure silver (metallic silver is a natural bactericide) or "exotic" ingredients. Elixirs would instead act as a "general" heal, healing a certain amount of damage in the whole body. They would overall heal less than an ointment, but would make up for that with their faster heal and the fact that they heal all the body parts at once. They would require spirits (distilled alcohol) and herbs at low levels, while requiring magical ingredients at higher levels. There would also be "buffing" elixirs, which would have benefits but also negative effects if used too much, such as strenght (more damage, chance to knock enemy waaaaay back, chance to break shields- taking too much might make the player take damage with each attack because the muscles are too big and rip the skin with each movement), agility (better parrying, more critical hits- taking too much might make the player weak), and speed (walking and attack speed- taking too much might make the player nauseous and/or blind). They could also be drinked directly. without opening the health screen. Splints could be crafted with sticks (trash tier), planks and cloth (medium tier), metal rods and cloth (high tier). They would speed up the recovery of broken limbs and act as a "mock-limb", letting the player act as if that limb was not destroyed. They could be applied in the health screen and the recovery speed bonus would be influenced by the player's "medical" skill A doctor's bag would require a knife, some cloth and some leather (for the bag). It would allow the player to open another player's health screen and thus heal them directly, making players with a high medical skill useful for A transfusion kit would allow the player to "transfer" health from one player to another. reducing the health of the player using the kit and increasing the health of the player on the receiving end. There would be, however, a slight loss in the amount of health transferred, something like a 10% of the health total. This loss would be reduced by the medical skill, up to the point where a master in the medical skill would have no loss,. It would be crafted with two metal needles and something to act as tubing. Transfusing blood health would be a slow process, taking about a full minute to transfer 500 health. If either of the players take damage during this process, the process is interrupted and the players take some extra 100 points of damage. So, I mentioned two new skills, the "medical" skill and the "fighting" skill. The medical skill is raised by actively healing damage in the health screen with ointments and splints ,crafting ointments and elixirs and using the doctor's bag and transfusion kit. A higher medical skill would reveal more information on the health tab and would make the ointments and elixirs made by the player more effective. The fighting skill would make the player able to hold up his/her shield for longer and suffer more damage before having his guard broken, have a larger parry window and recover more quickly from a failed parry, make more critical hits, reload a crossbow more quickly, draw a bow faster and refill his attack meter in less time.
  5. Can't work bismuth bronze

    Problem solved: the two arrows apparently need to perfectly coincide. Herp-a-derp. If a moderator wants to lock this thread, please do.
  6. Can't work bismuth bronze

    So, I finally got around to making a bismuth bronze anvil. I then set up a forge next to it, made a chimney, set up bellows and all that. I heated a bar of bismuth bronze up to bright red and started working it to make an axe head. So I completed my set of instructions and looked in disbelief as the bar remained there, even if the three rules had been followed and the green arrow was close to the red arrow. So I made a bronze hammer using casts and tried working the bar with it. Same results. Wat do now? EDIT : It seems that I can't work anything at all. I can weld stuff, but I can't smith anything. I tried making a sheet out of a double ingot and the double ingot just sat there, with its arrows really close together and the three rules followed.
  7. Beyond Progression

    If I'm not mistaken, the idea is to have big dungeons of different kinds controlling various parts of each island (except the first) and the player would have to "conquer" each part of an island (by defeating the boss) before placing or breaking new blocks in that part. I assume that the dungeons are going to have special pieces of l00t that can't be obtained normally. I also assume that there are going to be "minor" dungeons that aren't of fundamental importance to the conquest of the island but are still there for you to explore and plunder. I don't know if there are plans for mob invasions or raids (even though I'm sure I've read it somewhere), but I honestly think that having those would be great fun. Or FUN, if you catch my wind. Then again, take this post with a grain of salt: I've not been active on these forums for quite a while and so I haven't followed the discussion closely.
  8. Weapons, sheats, and ranged weapons

    It's been a while, huh? Anyway, I've got two ideas and would like to hear what you think of them: Deployable Weapons "Grenades"
  9. Weapons, sheats, and ranged weapons

    Rewritten the weight values to represent the materials used. I think that this way it's still balanced, but let me know ;also I realize that these values rely heavily (heh heh heh) on how much an ingot weights, but as Konlii said, they are far more intuitive than an abstract "2 kg". I personally feel that an ingot should be pretty heavy, as irl ingots are usually made to store and transport big quantities of metal.
  10. Various items

    Nice ideas ! As for number one (greenhouses and bamboo tubes), I don't know how to feel about it. On one side, it would be awesome to just grow all crops regardless of outside temperature, but on the other side I feel that there should be a significant "resource gate" that stops the player from making it early in the games and thus removing all the challenge of living on a hot or cold island. So I think that it could be this powerful if you had to put a lot of effort in it, such as having to use special insulating glass and frames, or having to do something else #cough#magic#cough# to prepare the structure. Other than that, a greenhouse would be great. I have no qualms whatsoever with the bamboo tubes, and think it would be a pretty useful earlygame - and lategame too- solution for moving water around. The still is a pretty good idea, and I would absolutely love to see detailed alcohol-making, however you do not make you booze by distilling wheat. The idea of making fertilizer from spring water is good too (not as good as the booze but eh, good anyway). I think it should be available after the player can work iron. I know this might sound stupid, but I'm fairly certain they didn't have distillation in the bronze age. Nevermind, apparently the Egyptians made distilled beverages from cider and wine in 4000 b.c. The more you know... About dulling and sharpening, I think it is better the way that stone tools can be repaire now: you work it together with its base material and repair its durability, however its max durability is lowered. Wasn't there already some other way of making charcoal more efficiently? It there isn't/it isn't planned then there should be, even if its just an oven designed only for that. Overall, your suggestions are good, however you could put more depht in them: what would make the greenhouse balanced? wwhat is needed for a still? why should anyone want booze? We all know why anyone would want booze.
  11. Weapons, sheats, and ranged weapons

    That would probably be for the best, however I'm not sold on the vanilla crafting guide. I don't even know if further recipes can be added to it, and even if it is possible no mod has done that yet... It would be really useful however if the recipes were displayed that way. Would save the devs the effort of coding an in-game guide. In light of how the weight system works in the current builds, I think that your "ingot" measurement system is the best option and the most intuitive. +1 to you, mah friend.
  12. Ore prosessing

    Hmmmmmmmm......... I think that different ways of making steel steel are an excellent way to offer the player , and I like that you looked up many different methods of making steel, really good to see detailed suggestions (even if this is an oldie). BUT there's one thing that really triggered me in this post No..... just no. The reason for which Japanese smiths folded the metal over and over while beating it is because the iron present in Japan was lower in quality than the one in europe. The smiths hammered the metal to remove impurities, just like its done to turn pig-iron into steel. Japanese "folded" steel is NOT, in fact, unbelievably tough. It's in fact a technique called pattern welding. The Japanese smiths mastered this in 1200 BC, while in Europe pattern welding was mastered in 800 AC by the Celts, 2000 years earlier. By the time the Japanese mastered this technique, in Europe other, more effective smithing techniques had caught on. This doesen't mean that folded steel is bad, but it is NOT, by far, the best steel that one can find. That said, nice suggestion . As long as you don't cast steel, then you're right. Casting was used estensively for bronze, copper and other soft materials (you probably know this already). Cast iron was used historically for other things: cast iron has high compressive strength (a cast iron pillar would hold up really heavy loads) but ridiculously low resistance to impact (I can't remember if it was called tensile strength or something else), meaning that a cast iron tool or weapon would shatter at the first heavy blow. It would be awesome: casting one ingot at a time was a pain in the side, but using a system similar to tconstruct would make things wonderfully easier.
  13. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Hi! I think you're using harvestcraft for 1.10.2. You see, TerraFirmaCraft 2 is for minecraft 1.11.2, so you need both harvestcraft and forge to be for minecraft 1.11.2. You can easily see the minecraft version next to the file on Curse Mods. I hope this helps.
  14. [0.2.4] TFC2 Prerelease

    Do you remember what you were doing on the server before it originally crashed? Or did it stop normally only to start crashing later each time you try to boot it up? From the crashlogs it seems that the crash is still caused by the server trying to load client data. You can see it here: I highly suggest you open a new Issue ticket on the official TFC 2 repository. I'm sorry I can't do much more :(. Best of luck to you, and please try to remember if you did anything in particular that made the server crash.
  15. Fearsome Critters

    SLIMES Yay, slimes!!!! I always tought slimes were cute when I was a kid playing my first video-games, and I still think they are. I think that slimes however should not be able to swim in deep water, while they should be able of "oozing" trough spaces that are smaller than their actual size and down (or through) grates and bars (dunno how hard that would be to implement, probably too much effort for such a small thing). I think also that slimes actively seek out food, incorporating everything smaller than them: this would mean that slimes would actually grow over time and split, making the slime population grow in the process. This would also mean that sometimes you could find slimes with visible undigested items floating inside, such as rocks, coins, or remainders of the slime's last meal, such as bones, skulls, clothes... pretty much anything that isn't organic or easily corroded. About them being edible, I'm okay with that as long as there are different varieties of slime. Otherwise, how would you explain the fact that you're now eating -maybe even without cooking it- what is essentially a glob of corrosive mucus? I think that either you would have to "treat" the slime in order to make it edible or there should be different varieties, each one with different characteristics. We could go with the "classic", ie the green slimes that attack by body-slamming you, or we could take a different approach. For instance, in Elona, the role of weak "slime" monsters is occupied by putits, weak slime-like monsters that can be easily be killed en-masse even by low level characters. True slimes are no joke, though, and will easily kill low level characters, and they also leave acid puddles upon attacking or taking damage, damaging the gear of the player. I would personally like slimes to have different varieties, and would like even the weakest to pose at least some kind of threat and not be just cannon- well, sword- fodder. Here are some possible slime varieties : Green Slime, AKA Corrosive Slime. This slime would be omnivorous and found in most temperate, cold and hot islands (not in arctic and tropical ones). It would be highly corrosive and attack by slamming against the player, covering him/her in corrosive ooze. It would absorb and try to digest anything that's smaller than it, but would also be quite aggressive against creatures that aren't much bigger than it. It would have a minimum size of 0.5x0.5 blocks and a maximum size of 1.5x1.5 blocks; after it has reached a mass of 1x1 blocks it would be able to split and turn into two separate slimes half the size of the original. At 1.5x1.5 blocks, critical mass is achieved and the slime always splits. Because of its small size, it would use its corrosive power and numbers to overwhelm larger creatures. Its caustic ooze could be harvested and used as a reagent or to coat weapons, giving them bonus acid damage at cost of durability. The jelly, however, is too acid to be eaten, even after many treatments it would still burn through the player's stomach. Red Slime, AKA Jumper Slime. This slime would be carnivorous, actively predatory and found exclusively in hot and tropical islands. It wouldn't have any fancy effects to apply to the player, but would make up for that by being phisically tough and capable of jumping with great force, closing great disances in little time and inflicting great damage. Its minimum size would be 0.5x0.5 blocks with a maximum size of 2x2x2 blocks. Once it has reached its maximum size, critical mass is achieved and the slime splits into 2 smaller slimes of the smallest size. Differently from the other slimes, these would live in a "pack" of max 5 individuals, with all the others breaking off and forming another group. Since its jelly is so tough and elastic it can't be eaten without being treated first by being submerged for a day in saltwater, and even then it isn't that nutritious. Blue Slime, AKA Blossoming Slime. This slime would be carnivorous and photovorous (eats light) and would be found in cold and arctic islands. It would apply weakness and slowness to the player when attacking. You see, the blossoming slime's life would consist of waiting in a place where its presence isn't obvious and wait there. For part of the year- when the temperature is too cold to let it move freely (all year except from april to september)- it waits where it is and produces slimy "blossoms" that produce nutrition from sunlight, that can be used as a powerful reagent in slowing and weakening potions or used directly to make powerful sedatives. In this stage the slime is in a state of lethargy, however attacking the slime will provide an abrupt end to the slime's sleep and often to the attacker's life. This process of photovorism however produces just barely enough nutrients for the slime to survive, and once the weather is hot enough they have to feed themselves with something far more nutritious, i.e. live prey. This means that the slime will lie in waiting and spray passing prey with sedative liquids, causing most creatures to fall over asleep and leaving them to be consumed with impunity by the slime. This of course is not the case for the player, that will receive "only" weakness and slowness. Their minimum size would be 1x1.5x1 blocks, with the maximum size being 1x2x1 blocks. Once they have reached this max size, they will enter a premature blossoming stage and release 2 to 8 "seeds". These slimes would be solitary, and could be worthwhile farming because of the narcotic and weakening properties of their ooze. The ooze could also be used to coat weapons and ammo, giving them a weakness and slowness effect. A concentrated form of this tranquilant extract could be used to make tranquilizer darts. The meat can be eaten but it lacks nutrition, removing thirst instead. Yellow Slime, AKA Boiler Slime. This slime would be herbivorous and could be found in deep caves in all islands near lava sources,where firemoss grows. This special moss requires magmatic heat to grow and is useful itself for potions of fire and heat resistance, or light-but-tough-and-insulating apparel. By feeding on these heat-reliant plants, the slime boils and shakes, with visible steam bubbles inside of its body. This slime attacks if it feels that its food source or itself are menaced. It does so by spraying jets of scalding steam, dealing damage and heating the target, possibly causing heatstroke (if the temperature system gets implemented) and broiling armored opponents. It would also be able of lashing at the enemy with its boiling, rock covered body. The jelly is too hot to be eaten, even days after the slime's death. It's a good combustible however. Purple Slime, AKA Swarm Slime. This slime would be omnivorous and would be similar to the green slime, living in the same kind of islands. It wouldn't be as corrosive (half the damage) but would have another nasty ability: instead of splitting when it has reached maximum size, it would split into two slimes half the size when damaged, making the act of clearing a colony of these slimes quite an hassle. To keep the splitting process going, this slime would have many different phases in its life: rather than min, med and max sizes this slime would have a minimum size of 0.25x0.25 blocks, a tiny size of 0.35x0.35, a small size of 0.5x0.5, a medium size of 0.7x0.7, a big size of 1x1 and a max size of 1.5. Not being as corrosive as its green cousins, the purple slime's jelly can be eaten after being submerged in milk for a day, and is actually comparable to very stretchy meat once its done soaking, while having the same nutrition value as bread. Because of its nutritional value and the great number of slimes found in purple slime colonies, this might be the only reason to risk getting submerged by a swarm of purple slimes. Rainbow Slime, AKA Potion Slime. This slime would be omnivorous and could be found near places that would logically have an ample supply of potions, such as a wizard's tower or a potion distillery. It would have many different colors in its body because of the large amount of potions ingested. It would be the size of a green slime and have the same attack power but less health. Instead of being corrosive, it would have the chance to apply a random debuff to the player. The amount of potions ingested also highened its intelligence to dog-like levels, thus making it able to be tamed by the player. Once tamed, it would be possible for the player to "milk" the slime with a bottle, giving the player mistery potions and reducing the slime's size by 0.5 blocks. If a small potion slime is milked, it is killed. The player would be able to make the slime grow by feeding it. The mistery potion could be drank for a random potion effect or "distilled" into pure potions or used in other ways for magic. They could also be created if the player foolishly (or purposefully) let some green slimes absorb a lot of potions. Pink Slime, AKA Ranch Slime. THis slime would be omnivorous and could be found only in temperate islands. This slime would be basically a green slime, except that it would lack the acidic properties and the aggressive temperament, making it ideal as a (non-combatant) pet. Its "flesh" would also be tasty and nutritious both raw and cooked, and this, along with its friendliness and capability of digesting most organic compounds, would make it a great farm animal, easy to feed and care for while worthwhile to "breed" (they still split once you feed them enough). Its size would be the same as the green slime (both min and max) but it would split into 3 slimes instead of 2. For balance's sake, it would be either really rare or only obtainable through applying magics to a green slime. Giant Slime. More a variant than a species, this slime is the result of a slime (any species) gorging on a lot of food, far surpassing its critical mass and thus being unable to split. This huge slime would have a minimum size of 2x2x2 blocks and a maximum size of 5x5x5. It would posses all the abilities its normal sized kin has, but because of its mass its base "slam" attack would be really fearsome, causing huge damage because of the great force that it applies. Once such a slime reaches the size of 3x3x3 blocks, it would also be able to completely absorb the player if he/she is against the wall and the slime keeps pushing against the player. These would be rare and would work as a sort of miniboss (man, I would hate having to deal with a 5x5x5 rock-armoured steam-spewing body-slamming behemoth... jk that would be pretty awesome imo).